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Fast-paced stickfight game

Developer: Lam Dao Thi Thanh
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.26
ID: com.skygo.stickfight2


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From the creator of Stickfight: Legends of Survival, now second game is out!
Stickfight Infinity is a physics-based fighting game.
With new game mode, this version of Stickfight will give you best experience.
- Endless level campaign
- 18 new weapons
- 60 levels
- Again explosion EVERYWHERE!
Pick up a weapon and start fight!

Version history

Fixed some bugs with weapons
Fixed bugs with game physics
Fixed some AI bugs
Optimize game
Fixed tutorial cannot end on sometimes
Improved performance
Reduce bot's HP for better low level gameplay
Improved Performance
Fixed player cannot stand on some maps
Reposition buttons ingame for better view
Fixed user purchased remove ads still see banners
Added 50 new levels with new traps
Added Throw Weapon button
Balance AI behavior
Closer camera for better control
Fixed overflow bugs with currency
Optimize game resources

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove Ads
(Remove Ads)
BA099695404✱✱✱✱✱ B587F5D✱✱✱✱✱
Purchase 2000 coins
(Purchase 2000 coins)
BA085918596✱✱✱✱✱ 79F3A6F✱✱✱✱✱
Purchase 45000 coins
(Purchase 45000 coins)
BA581577111✱✱✱✱✱ DC54F72✱✱✱✱✱
Starter Pack
(Unlock Starter Pack)
BA933505411✱✱✱✱✱ 793004E✱✱✱✱✱
Purchase 12500 coins
(Purchase 12500 coins)
BA317066474✱✱✱✱✱ D6F27B9✱✱✱✱✱
Purchase 30000 coins
(Purchase 30000 coins)
BA628691142✱✱✱✱✱ 540DF6F✱✱✱✱✱
Purchase 160000 coins
(Purchase 160000 coins)
BA232906213✱✱✱✱✱ D2BAD22✱✱✱✱✱

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4 out of 5
1 640 Ratings


Maybe a few more updates
Ok, so I was checking the updates I saw that it said that you guys fixed the us getting stuck in the walls thing I was SUPER EXCITED but then after a few more minutes of me playing I got into the map with lasers on its right, left, top, and bottom and it spins and i got stuck in the walls AGAIN it’s a super annoying glitch please fix it. Also the first thing I saw once I got into a game was the buttons the buttons got way to small plus what makes it worse is that I am on ipaaaaad so with a big screen amazing game but very small buttons it makes the game a little more difficult please can u make so that in the setting u can resize the buttons and maybe even move the buttons to were people like it
I love it but I have a major issue with it
I love the game. The graphics are great, but I HATE having music in games. And that brings me to my first issue I can turn off the sound but I can’t turn off the music. Another issue is that sometimes it’s not possible to get a victory on a map. There was one map where I could barely move and got so close but since I could barely move the computer had gotten every minigun and I went to shoot it but I couldn’t get the shots I needed because it had a minigun! My final issue is I fell off the stage and I watched a video to revive, but it brought me back where I was out of the stage still and the ad ended up not helping me at all. A major way to counter these, and make the game more entertaining would be to make it a bit easier to earn coins. As these issues get resolved I will change my rating. If I find more glitches and errors I will change this to include them and/or increase/decrease the star rating.
Well game not too shabby
I got into this game ever since I seen you tubers play the original on pc or console. It was a pretty nice experience except on the levels when either I or the blue cpu got stuck in the wall. I also want to know if you can add a sandbox mode or something. A mode that is just like the original. Everyone gets infinite lives and once one remains the map changes, the previous winner earns a point then it continues on from there.

Also on some maps if you spam left arrow you can get on screen and into action. It mainly depends on the distance between fighters for instance. Look at the map and the green and yellow cpu. If they are close but you are not on the screen try spamming left arrow or jumping while holding left arrow if they are farther even both might not work. But yeah this is a way that I did it. Looking forward to better updates and so far the game is not too bad just having problems with agreeing to the dang thing.
This game is amazing…
This game is amazing but it would be 1000x better if if was multiplayer. For example you could play with other people online or hop in multiplayer lobby’s. I also think lobby’s should be a thing where you can play with friends. I just think this game would be so much better and so much funnier if you could play with your friends. I also think ads should be free to remove. This game would draw so much more attention if ads were removed for FREE, can play with friends, and can have lobbys. If you guys did that everyone would start playing this game. But other than that, great game.
I can make glass in mc,
Great game but just this part
This is the most annoying glitch ever, the glitch where you get stuck in the walls. The AIs won’t just run into the lasers or spikes or just run off the map just like that, and just. Shoots at the wall instead. That’s how I knew I was stuck in the wall and what encouraged me to write this review, so please fix this before I have to not pay money for in game purchases so you can get the money I payed for a thing that’s in a broken game. So just please please PLEASE fix this bug, otherwise no money for you! And if you fix this I’ll buy no ads so more money yay. =I oh wait it sounds like I’m bribing you.
Good kinda hard but not good enough for me and my friend is just annoying
I love this but I want updates on this game but it will not be my favorite app ever and it was so fun I was going there for my second birthday this morning but my brother and dad got me going out to eat at a friends and then we saw a friend who lives around a friend and he is trying so hard to talk and he said no but I don’t want him in there so I’m not out of my way but I’m just going out of town for the next day but I’m going out there until about like even yet you up until the big thing I’m getting married tomorrow
Mrs. G. A.,
Needs some work but fun
I was playing it for 10 mins and got stuck in the walls like 2 times so try to fix that . But something you should add is multiplayer because the ai is kind of wonky but it’s fun just consider adding multiplayer. And also try to add a better shooting mechanic because I have the real stick fight game on my pc and it has a normal point and shoot button instead of a shoot button that hits the closest ai. All it. Needs is a joystick to aim and while your aiming I shoots. You don’t have to keep it permanent just be able to change it in the settings thanks
Epic win 200,
There’s Bad in the Good
Ok, I’m gonna get this straight: I LOVE the ways the stick people move, it looks very clean and fluid. But there are WAY too many advertisements in this game, and the cost to remove them is kind of expensive to be honest. Maybe charge 2.99 instead of 4.99? Also, the costs to upgrade guns is kinda expensive as well. Those are really the only complaints I have, other than that it is a really good game. I have a recommendation: Maybe add a multiplayer or team mode? I feel that would make this leaps and bounds better. (Also I want the ability to change our names!)
Something’s missing...
Great game overall and amazing quality compared to the pc versions plus its free! Great selection of weapons(only just realized you could start with one) but maybe add the snakes? Sure there annoying and I’ll probably regret asking for this but hey, this is still technically the same game so snakes would be great also making a crouch and/or lie down function. I’ve recently told a friend about this game and that when it hit me! There’s NO multiplayer! So yeah great game overall just missing some pc features.
mr guy with a cat matun,
Add multiplayer and so much more...
I love the game but there are some issues I want to explain 1# I want you to fix the stuck in the wall problem 2# add multiplayer so all your friends can play #3 add creator mode where you can make your own maps. 4# add more guns and skins and skin creator it will make gameplay awesome. #5 make god mode so you can rekt all those noobs. #6 add area mode. If that is to much to ask you can go with #1 #2 maybe #3 but overall it a amazing game.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩