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Developer: CAPCOM
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Version: 1.06.03


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A new warrior has entered the ring!

Take control of 31 world warriors and test your mettle against players from around the world. Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition perfects the winning gameplay formula by offering higher resolution graphics, three new characters (Rose, Juri and Elena) wide screen support for newer iOS devices and a host of updates and refinements. Long time Street Fighter fans can jump into the action and have an instant familiarity with the controls. For more casual players Street Fighter IV features numerous settings and tutorials that put you on the path to victory.
• Fight as 31 Street Fighter characters
• Higher resolution graphics and wide screen support
• Intuitive virtual pad controls allow players to execute full move sets including Unique Attacks, Special Moves, Focus Attacks, Super Combos and Ultra Combos
• Take your game to the next level with a MFi controller like the Gamevice (MFi controllers do not work in menus, they fully function in multiplayer and single-player gameplay.)
• Battle head-to-head against players from around the world via Wifi
• Single player “arcade” and multiplayer modes.
• Unleash super moves with a tap of the “SP” button.
• Four levels of difficulty.

Please check [Supported OS and Devices] in the lower part of HP.

Version history

What's New

- Change of provider
- Corrections to rights notation
- Revision of Terms of Use
- Revision of privacy policy
What's New
- Fixed a problem that made it impossible to progress in versus games.
What's New
- iOS13 compatibility
- iOS14 compatibility
- Fixed user interface issues
-Fixed a bug that the button size of the game screen is displayed small on some mobile devices.
What's New
- iOS12 compatibility
- Compatibility for devices with notch on screen
What’s new in this update:
- Fixes bug that deleted play history
- All icons and titles will be unlocked for those who lost data
- Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued support
What’s new in this update

A new fighter as entered the ring.
Welcome Dan to the game Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is better than ever.
We crushed some bugs and made some improvements behind the scenes.
◆ Updated Privacy Policy and End User Licensing Agreement
◆ Bug fixes to address known crash issues on certain devices
What’s New In This Update
- You can now connect your Youtube account to Street Fighter IV Champion Edition and stream matches live! iOS 10 and above required and 100 subscribers or more on Youtube.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
What’s new in this update:
- Three new warriors have entered the ring. Rose, Juri and Elena are now available for FREE!
- No more rage quitting! If your opponent drops during a match the AI will take over and you can finish your victory.
- Play balancing and match making enhancements.
- Bug fixes and performance optimizations.
What’s new in this update:

- Three new warriors have entered the ring. Guy, Gouken and Evil Ryu now available for FREE!
- Play balancing and match making enhancements.
- Bug fixes and performance optimizations.
We have fixed few functions.

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4.8 out of 5
18.8K Ratings


Wow! this us great!
This is an amazing fighting game and honestly probably the best one ive ever played on mobile🤩 i saw that you guys haven't updated it since about 6 months ago but hopefully you guys didnt give up on the game just yet and hopefully you guys keep adding new amazing updates to the game! i love the graphics because they give an arcade feel to this mobile game but i believe it would be better if you guys could make the background more 3D like if thats possible like maybe make somethings look further than others and maybe add more edges to objects and make the background seem more alive like maybe the people in the background cheering and moving and could you possibly add more maps and maybe hidden characters in which you haft to do some weird thing to be able to unlock it or so🤷🏽‍♂️ and the commands are somewhat hard to do because if you move the joystick one way it might hit one of those little yellow arrows that u didnt mean to hit Other than that this game has so much more potential and its so fun to play! best five dollars ive ever wasted on a mobile fighting game! hopefully you guys can look into my request maybe do something! well thank you guys so much for ur time and reading my message! have a good day
Please Read, Capcom!
Dear Capcom,
First of all, I’ve so far loved all your games, especially this one since this is the first new-school Street Fighter game I’ve played, but there’s just a few problems. First, since my WiFi hasn’t been working well, I get disconnected from a fight in Battle so many times, but I’ve just discovered that you apparently lose BP just for getting disconnected. What?!? I really would like it if you please get rid of that in the next update. Speaking of updates, in the next update I’d also love it if you guys add Decapre. I love Decapre! Plus, I also would love it if you guys add the rival scenes, please. One more thing, can you please, please add Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the App Store/Google Play? Alpha 3 is literally my most favorite game of all time! And please make it free, I will get a heart attack if you do. I know I am asking for a lot, and if you really are reading this Capcom, don’t go onto another review, please! I know I already said “one more thing” but sorry, this is truly my last request. My last request is that I’d like if you add Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers on mobile, please!

Ok, now that I’ve said all my stuff, bye!

Almost perfect, missing some crucial things
Best fighting game on mobile by a huge margin, really fun despite wonky touch controls. The touchscreen does not benefit from the joystick function nearly enough and directional finger slides would allow for easier execution of moves not intended to be excruciatingly difficult to input.
Online has far too much lag to play seriously, I’m fine with being bodied by the same guy 15 times in a row as long as the fight is fun and fair, which the INSANE lag does not make for AT ALL.
But if your just looking for a somewhat deep fighter on your phone and are fine in practice mode most of the time this will be a gem for you as it is for me.
Lastly WHERE IS LOCAL MULTIPLAYER? I’ve seen Bluetooth connection for local fights utilized well in the past, why not implement it in a game with such a god awful multiplayer network? Laziness or just trying to cattle prod people to play online which isn’t working except for serious players of this game who are prepared for the massive technical issues; either way the result is the same: this game as it is OVERPRICED at 5$. Add local multiplayer and this game would be worth even more than 5$
Just something to think about if you ever end up making SFV Mobile
This is hands down my favorite game on iOS. I would easily give it 5 stars, but comparing it to Volt, I can only give it 4 at the moment. I mean, why did you remove some important features? Here's what could majorly improve and perfect this already amazing game, (most of what I'm about to mention was already in Volt):

1- Please. I mean PLEASE bring back the screen orientation option back in the settings. It's the most simple/helpful feature to a lot of players, who are used to a certain orientation in the previous game, or other games generally.

2- Bring back Free Sparring mode. Why was such an important mode removed from Champion Edition? A quick fight with the CPU could make players learn a thing or two. Or just have a quick match while they're on the go.

3- Probably the most important point. Where's Bluetooth multiplayer mode?! I mean why would you remove that sweet golden mode?! 😭. I used to challenge my friends whenever we hang out without the need of Wi-Fi or Cellular.

Those were, in my opinion, all the features that could make this game superb. And personally, I don't think it'd be hard to implement all these features, since they already existed in Volt, you could just carry them over with a few adjustments, right? :)

Thank you very much and keep up those awesome updates! 🙏🏼🎮👾💙👊🏼
Road dart,
Ios 13 support pls
Love the game to death been playing since the previous version SF volt and I still enjoy playing SF CE to this day! This game is seriously a hidden gem I’ve met many great people in the fighting game community, but now for the real reason I’m here the game runs fine on iOS 12 but as soon as you go to iOS 13 the game starts running into problems probably due to it not being supported which is a shame! also the stability of servers can be questionable at times if maintenance could be done on the game bi-monthly then that’s more than enough to keep everyone happy I’m sure. I hope you guys see this and know that there’s still plenty of people that care about this game
War robot lifesaver,
Stree Fîghter iv CE
First off game name is CAPTAINELIJAH1997 I mess with Dudley. I don’t write reviews for the games I just play them. I love this game so much y’all, it doesn’t drain my battery, the ranked battles are amazing, and the public chat is entertaining ALWAYS. And the replays from different parts of the world are nuts. Currently we are trying to get players to either comeback or stay on here. Look SF warriors I get their are spammers, hadoken abusers, etc. but please get this review to the owners of capcom PLEASE UPDATE AND IMPROVE THE SERVER! Their are people who still play and love playing sf iv ce, and the people are also asking to fix the problem of fights constantly disconnecting. THIS IS A CRY FOR HELP TO KEEP THIS GAME GOING LONGER PLEASE I PRAY U GET THIS AND HELP US. the stay alive
David Z-,
The only real option for fighting fans on iOS
If you like old school arcade game fighters, your only other option are the abandoned king of fighters games still on the App Store. The only gripe of have is the game doesn’t support light medium and hard punches/kicks for people with physical controllers. It would make the game a lot better if it supported all of those, but it was dumbed down unnecessarily for mobile. They could have made two modes, one with six button support and the other a lite mode for people with touch screens. There is no iOS fighting game that supports six buttons at the moment as far as I know. A shame.
Capcom please fix these 3 issues
I’ve been playing this on iOS since day 1, great game. Capcom really nailed it with the controls and show how to really make the game fun with touch controls but theres 3 issues with the game.

1.) fix Makoto walk animation, its super jerky. Capcom add some more frames to smooth it out. It hurts to watch her walk.
2.) Deejay machinegun upper breaks the character. Mashing punches doesn’t work as a way to pull off the move. Forward + punch or down + punch. Fix this please!
3.) fix the widescreen for iPhone. The notch really gets in the way. Either give option for correct screen size or add borders so notch is non-instrusive.
multi-player horrible

I uninstalled this game. Changed my handle in Game center, and reinstalled the game. That got my ranking reset to 0 wins, 0 losses. That is what I wanted.

Started playing again. I was hoping to see improvements in the multiplayer ranking system....


I wait F O R E V E R for the system to pair me with a player. Even if I change the setting to where it's searching for a player, regardless of rank, it takes forever to find a match for me.

Also there still a lot of false ranks where the win vs Loss is lopsided. All wins and no losses. These are players who are somehow cheating the ranking system. You can barely beat them if at all.

Sooooo come on Capcom.... time to fix all of this.

All of the characters in this game are nice. Plays well. BUT (and it's huge) the RANKED multi-player matching system, even after this update is horrible! slowwwwwww and 3/4 of the time will not match me with equal or slightly higher ranked players.

Also, I'm still getting pared with "players" with zero rank, and yet the play like pros. Soooo this aspect of the experience is VERY frustrating and really REALLY needs to be addressed.

Other than that, it's a good game.
SP button no longer works and other complaints
Hello developers, I’m not sure if my version has a glitch but oddly, i can no longer use my special move button. I can see the responsive faded colour change on the SP button when I tap my screen but nothing ever happens. I have downloaded and re-downloaded and nothing changed, what’s going on?

Also $5 is a little too much for this game to be honest. There’s no story mode, I often randomly get disconnected when playing multiplayer (despite having good internet) and the local fights get a bit repetitive at every level of difficulty.