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Hack&Slash! Blade Action RPG

Developer: SuperPlanet
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 4.14.491
ID: com.superplanet.swordmaster


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You, the one and only Sword Master in this world, fight for peace after the betrayal of the empire.
Gather allies to help you and join forces for endless adventures and battles!’

With a really fast attack and brilliant skills given by the Dual Blade, Enjoy an action RPG that never gets boring!

■ Hack & Slash

• Double the pleasure and fun thanks to brilliant skill animations!
• Exciting Action RPG that can be enjoyed even in idle mode!
• A fantastic combination of attractive illustrations and unique pixel graphics!

■ Adventure and Story

• Gather the goddesses as companions to participate in endless battles and earn rewards!
• If you clear stages faster, you can get better rewards!
• Discover the hidden truth through a new story every 10 stages.

■ Character Collection RPG

• Summon 40 unique heroes from mythology and legendary equipment.
• Strategically deploy heroes of 4 different classes and 5 different attributes to win the battle!
• The more characters you collect, the more the Buff will go up! Complete your character collection!

■ Growth and equipment

• Characters can become stronger through 'Level Up', 'Rebirth', and 'Transcendence'!
• With a variety of costumes, they not only look more glamorous, but their abilities will also go UP!
• Acquire more than 50 types of weapons and armor, and explode your potential with ' Reinforcement ' and 'Transcendence'!
• Open the 'Ideal Stone' to increase the additional stats and 'Magic Resistance' of all characters!

■ Guild System

• Protect your territory from outside forces with your guild members!
• Clear the Guild Dungeon and challenge the Guild to a higher level!

■ Various contents

• Explore “Endless Dungeons”, such as the Dark Dragon, Dark Lord's Tower and the Gold Dungeon, that will stimulate infinite growth and challenges!
• Catch the strongest boss with Sword Masters from all over the world in “Boss Raid”!
• Challenge other users in ‘Global PVP’ and become a true Sword Master in another world!
• Once a week, go to the “Demon Tower” to rescue Cain! Don't forget to take a break in the 'Spa'!

Version history

Let the 3rd anniversary festivities begin!
From the Attendance Event with special rewards every day for 14 days to the X3 Event when you can get thrice the amount of emeralds and awakening cubes!
Amazing events with great rewards await our players!
In addition, special rewards will be appearing on specific dates so run to Elgrad and enjoy the 3rd Anniversary Festival!
Minor bugs have been fixed.
Kneel before the goddess of death, who rules the underworld!
A new dark attribute mage, 『Hades』, the goddess who rules the Netherworld, has come to Elgrad! Head to Sword Master Story to find out how she will fit in with Cain's party!
In addition, Mia reportedly got a new swimsuit costume just in time for the end of summer. Who's up for some fun in the water with Mia at the beach? See you in Elgrad!
"May the grace and love of the vast ocean be with you!"
A water attribute mage has finally appeared in Elgrad! Thetis, the goddess of the sea, joins Cain's party. Aren't you curious about how she'll do in Elgrad?
Furthermore, Eros changed into a swimsuit to enjoy the last bits of summer and the Vacation Event with everyone. Go meet Eros, who has become more charming and powerful!
But wait, there's more! The new content 「Ghoul's Chest」 and the new Raid Season are waiting for you in Elgrad!
Fixed some bugs and translation errors.
The Vacation event continues in August! Are you ready for more fun?
When you think of a vacation, the sea comes to your mind. So what comes to your mind, when you say sea? It is.. Poseidon, the god of the sea!
The new hero Poseidon has finally appeared in Elgrad! Let's have great battles with Poseidon, the bearer of the power of the sea!
Not only that, Efreet changed her swimsuit to go to the beach with her friends.
Let's go to Elgrad now to meet Efreet, who is prettier and stronger in swimwear!
Minor bugs have been fixed.
Fixed some bugs and translation errors.
Summer is here!! Cool summer has arrived in the Kingdom of Athens!!
The Vacation Event has begun to welcome the exciting summer. A 7-days Vacation Attendance Event, a vacation Event Dungeon with time-limited rewards, and even a Vacation Event Shop with a wide variety of products await our adventurers.
Come to Athens NOW for the Vacation Event before summer is over!
Fixed some bugs and translation errors.
Minor bugs have been fixed.
There is a goddess who was originally a human, but rose to the ranks of a God after performing Aphrodite's four tasks as the price for doubting Eros?!!!
Have you heard of 'Psyche'? The quiet and calm goddess 'Psyche' has doubted Eros in the past, but loves and idolizes her more than anyone else.
That's why, when they are part of the same party, it's said that the two create tremendous synergy.
Aren't you curious about Psyche? Go to Elgrad now and meet 'Psyche', the goddess of heart and soul!
Fixed some bugs and translation errors.
Spring has come to Elgrad!!!
To celebrate this occasion, the Spring Event Dungeon has been opened under a rain of flowers!
In addition, the Spring Attendance Event full of rewards has started so hurry up and get your rewards before it ends!
Go to Elgrad and enjoy the warm spring breeze!
Minor bugs have been fixed.
The bug has been fixed.
"If my arrow hits you, that's it for you!"
Light attribute Archer 'Eros', the master of the bow with the power of light, joins Cain's party!
Eros has the ability to assist allies by using her Golden Love Arrows and Lead Arrows of Hatred.
We're looking forward to see how the addition of Eros will affect Elgrad.
With the appearance of Eros, Season 2 of Cain's second journey begins.
New products are also available for your new adventures. Don't forget to collect your items before going to battle!
HOT ISSUE!!! Lugrant and Efreet transform into idols!!!
The first idol costume release in the history of Sword Master Story! The owners of the fancy idol costumes are Lugrant and Efreet, who have great strength and good looks.
Shall we go straight to Elgrad to meet the two heroes, who become stronger and more beautiful wearing the new costumes?
In addition, the new equipment 'Blade of Condemnation, Ardvar' will also be updated. Make good use of 'Ardvar' and become the strongest adventurer!
The bug has been fixed.
Minor bugs have been fixed.
Let's all work together and defeat the enemy!!! The weekly collaborative content 'World Boss' is finally back!
Defend Elgrad by fighting against the stronger boss attacks! Various REWARDS are waiting for brave adventurers~
In addition, new packs with attractive rewards have been added to welcome the new year.
Have a great adventure with Cain again this year!
Ymir's Bunny Girl Costume released!
Aren't you curious? Come see Ymir and her new awesome Bunny Girl costume!
Minor bugs have been fixed.
The blue dragon Ariel, daughter of the sea god Nereus and Doris, joins Cain's party as a water warrior!
We're looking forward to see how the addition of Ariel who has the ability to control the weather and the power to rule the sea will affect Elgrad!
Go and check it out right NOW!!
While you're on your way to Elgrad to meet Ariel, why not stop by the Year-End Festival Dungeon?
New REWARDS are waiting for you in the dungeon!! We wish you a happy end of the year with Sword Master Story!
Minor bugs have been fixed.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Starter pack
(Starter Package)
HA711150374✱✱✱✱✱ 075F419✱✱✱✱✱
Welcome Pack
(Welcome Package)
HA898866956✱✱✱✱✱ 1253064✱✱✱✱✱
Growth Pack
(Growth Package)
HA553534174✱✱✱✱✱ A34E284✱✱✱✱✱
Ruby 270
(ruby 270 package)
HA145054346✱✱✱✱✱ 8A3F38C✱✱✱✱✱
Rookie Pack I
(Rookie Pack I)
HA998477551✱✱✱✱✱ 66BC55E✱✱✱✱✱
Ruby 950
(Ruby 950 package)
HA504326897✱✱✱✱✱ 3075249✱✱✱✱✱
Summon pack 2
(Summon Package 2)
HA446801346✱✱✱✱✱ 668A918✱✱✱✱✱
Ruby 460
(ruby 460 package)
HA314783113✱✱✱✱✱ 93CE757✱✱✱✱✱
Summon Pack 1
(Summon Package 1)
HA044665997✱✱✱✱✱ B2270BC✱✱✱✱✱
Rookie Pack II
(Rookie Pack II)
HA778541179✱✱✱✱✱ 8C3AC86✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
15.9K Ratings


This game is amazing, but...
Let me start by saying that this game is fun and amazing. It has plenty of things to do in it with the story aspect to the grind to make your characters amazing. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting to continue to go farther so see what happens next. I personally love upgrading games and if you do too this is the game for you, it's not impossible to grind for anything in this game easy to get stamina and easy to get money. The only issue is that it's very difficult to get rubys unless you purchase them, there are daily missions to get these rubys but it's a heavy grind to get new characters, and if your a free-to-play player and do get enough rubys to summon on the new banner I personally feel like you have a higher chance to get a new weapon then a new character. I feel like the weapons should have their own banner instead of being combined with characters. I'm not trying to trash on the game, again it's a fantastic game that has kept me addicted at home, work, and on travels but I thought I'd give some feedback and if the developer would get back to me maybe telling me an easier way to get these rubys, would be amazing.
First time playing the game
First off I’ve seen this game being recommended to me numerous times because the only games I play are SAOARS and SAOMD on mobile. But sadly my SAOMD account was lost because of forgetting my ID and other user information. I started to look for games that would take my interest, then I’ve encounter SwordMaster Story. I’ve downloaded the game like a few days ago and I gotta say I love the game! Like the character designs are outstanding, gorgeous, and cool looking! I wished I would of download the game sooner to start collecting more of characters and especially the collab going on with KonoSuba (I like there anime and the characters too, but I think it’s ending pretty soon if I’m correct or not). But this game has taken onto my interest and will definitely be playing it when I’m free of business. I hope I can still get the KonoSuba characters before the collab ends! There are so many other collabs I want you guys to do (like e.g. That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, SAO, Akama ga Kill, My Hero Academia, etc. ) but that’ll come for another time. Keep up the great work for your game, if there’s any problems or recommendations we want to say point me directly to where to say it! Thanks again for letting me play your game!
Have a good rest of your week!!
Fun, Amazing Story, Lore & Characters. Speechless
On my 3rd day playing and have already gathered a 5 star team, Caine, Ares, Lilith, Gaia and K... I can’t remember, lol anyways the Gear is farmable unlike some other H&S Games the swords you can swap with Caine are both Ornate and Destructive. Game play is just as fluid and seamless whilst being able to annihilate spiders, orcs, and even green and red blobs of ooze, the game mode selections are plenty from raids to pvp to a unforgiving campaign, this game is phenomenal with unlimited potential my only problem isn’t even with the game it’s with the chat, which is a fixable problem and also I might be the only one phased by it lol however, I have an extremely hard time commuting with other people in English, would seem most of the chat is in Russian or Spanish, maybe if there’s a way to use the language you have set in your settings as a way to group people in chat..again something that doesn’t really matter until you take into consideration the guild recruitment. Yes they do have a discord link ingame but not everyone is willing to use it. Anyways that’s my 2 cents
the only real bacon,
Definitely not bad
This is the first game I have found that you can easily supply yourself with in game currency and supplies like exp and weapons. The gameplay is fun, the characters are well designed, and it is so easy to get right into the game. The f2p score on this game is ridiculous, I haven’t spent a cent in the three days I have been playing and already have a super powerful team. There is so many modes and quests and stories on this game that there is no way to get bored of it. Whether it’s fighting a black dragon to get weapons, squishing ugly spiders to stop the rebels, or simply grinding out exp to fight in the pvp tournament, this game will have you hooked and playing for hours. Did I mention the character design? Your allies that you summon in the game are absolutely stunning. And there is so many of them! The possibilities of your team comp is endless. There is so many cool features in this game that I don’t think I could even fit them in this review.
10/10 would definitely recommend if your looking for a fun game to play.

(Goodness, this sounds like the script for an ad... really went overboard on this one)
ပခ စမ,
Awesome game!
I usually dont write reviews that much but this game is just amazing i have no complaints. The animations are smooth and better than anything i could EVER do! Its f2p friendly and you can get characters easily its just so sasifying when my charcters just wipe out every enemies with a blink of an eye, the characters seem endless theres just so much to summon and so much to do i absolutely love the the storyline (or whatever you call it ) i wish they would tell us more about the lore, i dont exactly know whats going on but i still like it the backgrounds and color pallets are very pleasing i totally look forward to the next update (if there is one) this is my first time playing a game and getting so interested in it- i also have a suggestion i think more events would make the game even more interesting! kinda like the events in genshin impact y'know, anyways besides the long paragraph what i was tryna say was i really like the game i look forward to its future and stuff!
Sneaky Kitsune,
It’s really amazing
Look most gacha games have lots of things to but you get that everywhere you go. But this one looks so good I like the splash a lot. Don’t change what this is in the sense that I like the movement and animations of the pixel art it’s so beautiful it reminds of metal slug but it has its own charm. I’ve seen Zeus oh goodness he looks good combat splash art I mean good darn it’s really amazing. The gods I’ve seen so far I’m very much a fan the of the gods hopefully you come out with nyx and rhea Zeus’s mother would really like to see what you do with that. They might be in the game have looked all over yet I’d like to only really look at characters I pull. I hope this game lives long and prospers. This really I mean I love pixel are that looks this good I know I keep saying this but it’s because yeah I’m infatuated with it. I’m on the edge of my seat to see all the cool things you do with this lovely game.
Digi waifu’s
Devs: can we get a skip button on non story boss levels if we have a one sided chance of winning?? The animations seem amazing so along with the skip feature could you consider more speed options? .25 to 5x would be something for everyone. Last, consider a 0.99 product even if it doesn’t count towards your reward system.

Noobs: Ngl I mostly skip the story to get right back in to seeing how my adjustments keep pushing me to new levels. If there is a paywall it’s likely hidden in pvp. I haven’t spent a dime and I’m on level 90 taking a break from a game I just downloaded about an hour ago. I got a 5star demon chick and a 5 star sword about 30mins in just by being patient for the bulk deals when using gems and summon items. Despite not needing to spend I’m tempted on the growth support in consideration of late game pvp. Max out Cain and your healer first. Then max out your 5str side chick if you get one. Reinforcing seems to be the real struggle because you have to max in order to ascend your character. An ascended character knocked out my team 4v1 in pvp.
Kinda buggy
This game has a lot of potential as an idle game. Should probably get rid of the back&slash tag because this isn’t considered a true hack&slash game since it’s just an idle game. I love the battery saving mode that you guys implemented when you do decide to farm up some stages!

The character designs are great but I hope that the home screen character that you choose could be animated like the default Athena instead of the current static pulsing effect. The way the home menu is organised also isn’t very intuitive and takes some time to get use to and can be a hassle; such as selecting a certain party to go into a dungeon.

There are also some connection issues here and there which is kinda annoying. Also there is a bug that I just experienced that in the summons. I used my daily free 1 pull summon and got a 4* weapon but it never registered into my acc. The weapon isn’t in my inventory and the pity bar didn’t increase either but I no longer have that daily 1 pull summon. It’s not a huge deal, since it’s a free summon, but it does feel bad to see a golden circle and then lose out on it cause of a bug.

I know this is a fairly new release and that the team is working hard to squish all the bugs in the game ASAP. I’ll wait a bit longer to see if this game can live up to the hype that reviewers gave during the time that this game was only pre-register phase.

TLDR: Great ideas and character designs but could use some improved menu navigation and a bit buggy
Gladiator landry 222,
It’s great at what it does.
First of all, the English translations are absolutely awful. You can kind of understand what they were meaning to say but for the most part it goes beyond broken English and feels more like they just used Google Translate. There’s some insanely overpriced things in the shop and it can be a bit P2W, but even with only spending 2.99 USD I have a really strong team. You can easily build some great characters without paying irl money, the game is quite generous with things like Gold Dungeons and EXP dungeons. The gameplay itself while nothing special, excels at what it does. The character models are great (though maybe toss in more males and some Lolis because the diversity is terrible) and the animations are nice as well. It’s one of those games that’s super easy to get into and easy to pop on and just farm some stuff even if you only have 5 minutes.
Decent start
Games fun and easy to get into. Only two complaints one is fairly simple to work with the other isn’t
1.a good handful of the translations aren’t good and sound very broken
2.a lot of the in store/real money purchases you could make seem like a waste of money.
For 100(rounded up about 95 after tax) you get 12,000 Ruby’s, a single 5 star summon guarantee and 1,200 diamonds. The Ruby’s isn’t a good selling point as you could easily make 100 to 1000 Ruby’s if you grind the right things. The 5 star isn’t worth it as you get 5 star hero’s and items fairly easily and I’ve never seen anything worth the diamonds, hell you can’t even get a second 5 star guarantee voucher. You could buy like 3 4star vouchers or some items but that’s it.
Final note: I’m glad that the store isn’t heavily pay to win but for a lot of the purchases I feel like I’d regret paying more then 20 bucks on this game. Give us something like long term boosters or indefinite boosts