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Block Puzzle - Tap Master 3D

Developer: Onetap Global Limited
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.5
ID: onetap.game.tapmaster


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New Tap Master 3D puzzle game! Simple, addictive with 3D graphics, the classic gameplay will keep you playing all day without getting bored! Be Tap Master with this ultimate Rubik's puzzle game!

1. Simple, addictive, puzzle game, IQ brain
2. The difficulty increases.
3. Both challenging and satisfying.
4. 3D graphics visual, great sound and effects.

How to play:
- Tap on the boxes with the arrow pointing outward to free the block. If you tap correctly, the block will disappear.
- You can rotate the cube to select the correct unlockable box.
- Shape of the box can be changed with many different sizes and shapes.
- The higher the level, the more difficulty will increase gradually. The more difficult it is to help bricks escape!

- Classic 3D puzzle game with a tap, rotate and solve the cube! Simple gameplay with swiping blocks.
- The Rubik changes with many different shapes and colors.
- Relax as well as the challenge. There are many levels to train your brain but in a fun way.
- Colorful and captivating 3D graphics.
- Suitable for all ages. Children, family, and friends can play together.

Let's tap the block away!

Version history

Fixed some minor bugs
Added more 200 levels
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed bugs
- Added more levels
- Fixed bugs
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Added more levels
- Fix some minor bugs
- Fix some UI bugs
- Fixed bug in-app purchases
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Improved performance
- Added more levels
- Fixed bugs
- Improved performance
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Bugs fixed
- Fixed bugs

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Remove ads)
CH597701997✱✱✱✱✱ FD15D92✱✱✱✱✱

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4.4 out of 5
19.6K Ratings


Game Lite,
Tap Master Pros and Cons
I’ve been playing this for about two weeks. It is VERY addictive, challenging, and frustrating. The 3D format is a great challenge, but also really hard on my eyes. I have to limit myself to about 20 minutes a day now. My biggest complaint is that every so often while I am playing, a 15 second advertisement pops up without warning. This is annoying, but more than that, I lose my concentration. At level 60, this happens about forty times per puzzle. As the puzzles get larger and harder, I found myself using the Hint button more often. Watch 30 seconds of advertising and it will remove 3 blocks. Eventually, that became 75 seconds of advertising, which isn’t worth it to me. Really fun, clean programming (no glitches), easy to learn, but also very frustrating.
Best tap game out there
I have to write this review, because I played a few tap games before I found this one. All the other tap games I played, still showed a bunch of ad’s even after I payed to not have ad’s They also give you a certain amount of taps for each game you play.
This game doesn’t do that. Once you pay to have no ad’s, you do not get anymore ads at all, unless you want a bigger reward, but thats your choice! Plus this game allows you to have as many moves as you need. There are still some challenging puzzles, but there is no stress, since you have as many moves as you need to solve the puzzles!
This game is fun, relaxing, no ad’s if you pay a very small fee to not have any, and all the moves you want. What else can you ask for! Thank you for creating a great game without being greedy! I’m finished with all my puzzles. I hope you add more. I am gonna go back through some to try to fill up all my puzzle pieces! Thank you for the best relaxing game out there!
Frustration master!
Frustration master should be this this games name! Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game. On the other hand there are so many ads. I have played this game every day. An ad pops up about every 10 blocks I click away. As the puzzles get bigger it becomes incredibly difficult to maintain your place in the game and clicking the help is not worth it. I get 2 ads every time I do. One longer ad followed by a shorter one as it is removing the blocks so half the time you don’t even know which blocks have been removed. It’s become so irritating that I’m taking time to write this review. I’m not asking for ads to be removed I’m just asking that it gets dialed down from a 10 to maybe a five. I’m signing off the the game for now and I’m Really not sure the game is worth the effort anymore. I might get back on again in couple of days. But when there are so many ads that it ruins game play on a fantastic game is frustration at it best!
Jfraissi us,
Unethical company
The game itself is addictive and something I’ve been playing every day but I have never been so stressed out and annoyed by how a company presents ads. There are two types of ads. Those which you need to watch when stuck so they can remove three blocks. The second is just random popping up right in the middle of a game. When you are in a larger puzzle the three blocks being removed need to be removed continuously for you to get to a point where you can advance again. No lie it took watching more of an hour of ads to just get back to make a move. Because I wanted to comfortably play the game without being so angry at the ads I paid the $6 to remove ads. Wrong! It only removed the random pop ups not the ones that are needed to remove pieces. Those ads are still there. The remaining ads are still there and they took up the most time. This is deceitful and unethical. If you pay for no ads you need to get NO ADS. Don’t deal with this company.
Very addictive game but I can’t turn the music off
This game is a lot of fun, much like untangling a knot. Beware, it is very addictive! There were a LOT of ads as I moved up levels but when I paid to remove the ads, they went away. I thought that was fair. I have a few small complaints: first, there’s music that plays in the game but I haven’t found any way to turn the music off. I like to be able to listen to music or a podcast while I’m playing so I can’t just mute my device. My other suggestion is that the button for a hint is in such a bad place. I’m constantly moving the puzzle around to avoid hitting it. Finally, the ability to move the puzzle around is good but I keep trying to move it with two fingers and that only enlarges the puzzle. The movement of the puzzle isn’t that intuitive. Hopefully these will get updated in later versions!
I hope the developers see this review. Like other reviewers, I love this game, but got so frustrated by the constant ads that I finally paid to go no-ads. Nevertheless, I’m still getting ads— maybe not as often, but my game got interrupted twice today, out of nowhere. I mean, I understand that if I tap “Remove three blocks,” I’m going to have to sit through an ad. I understand and accept that. But I had NOT tapped “Remove three blocks.” In fact, I was on a roll. And then an ad popped up. That happened twice today. Granted, I play the game a lot because it is addictive. But I paid not to be interrupted by ads, and got interrupted anyway.

To the developers: I’m not asking for my money back. I’m asking to not be interrupted by ads after I’d paid to play without interruption. If that glitch can be fixed, you’ll get five stars from me in a heartbeat. Thank you, Carole Berlin
I love this game, but I wish that the buttons on the side were either put away or at least had a Are you sure? Step. Because it is so small, when I make it bigger and I am in the zone, I sometimes accidentally hit these buttons. Not only does the restart button restart the level (which obviously it would, but like I said I wish it had a Are you sure step to save me from accidentally losing my progress just because I was trying to hit a block in that corner), but two of the other buttons also end up restarting the level. I really want to keep playing this but I am getting frustrated with the amount of times that I accidentally hit one of these when I am trying to get blocks and lose like 2 hours of work.
Absolutely horrible
This would be a pretty fun game to play….but my GOD, WHAT IS WITH THE BILLIONS OF ADS THIS IS LITERALLY SO RIDICULOUS!! It’s one thing to have to watch (or rather suffer through) watching ads in games every time you beat a level or something, I hate them so much but I know they need them for like ad revenue or whatever so idk it is what it is, but every time you do or tap on like literally anything in this game!?!? Absolutely NOT!!!! I already play a fair amount of games that while very enjoyable I unfortunately have to sit through so many ads while playing but at least I get a break and am able to play them a good amount of time before I’m forced to sit through one. But this game? Good God. You’re lucky if you get 2 seconds of playing time before OH LOOK YET ANOTHER GOD AWFUL AD. Do yourselves a favor and (unless they change something about it in the future) don’t waste your time downloading this crap game or download a different version or something because this one is NOT IT!!
Great Game
I love this game. I’m addicted! I can’t wait for the next level. Most of the levels are hard, but they do throw some easier ones in to help your brain relax. Really like finding out how to solve each level. One thing I’d like to see is a countdown of the number of cubes left to take out.

I’ve seen quite a few reviews about the number of ads. A hint: if you are using wifi, turn it off. You can still play the games but with no ads. The only drawback is the remove 3 blocks does not work because there are no ads. I’m actually on the third time through all the levels. Haven’t had a problem solving any of them, and I can’t remember playing the level I’m on before, so it’s new to me!
Another game/app RUINED by relentless ads.
This game forces you to play the first puzzle rounds before getting to the bigger puzzles, which is painful. Why? Because EVERY level forces you to watch an ad. EVERY LEVEL. Each level in the beginning of the game only takes a few seconds, as in maybe 1o seconds. Then you are forced to watch at least 30 to 60 seconds of commercials. This is just TOO MUCH. I won’t do it. Keep the game. There is plenty of other apps or games out there that are not gouging users out of their valuable time.
I hope devs are forced in to some other means of promoting their apps or games, or both because I’ve already tossed several that I’d otherwise end up paying for, but again? I will NOT do it, the way they set you up. If you want my money, make it fair. Otherwise, next, until I find a fair dev out there in game/apple land.