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Developer: 月磊 王
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 10.0
ID: com.wyl.hideseek


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There's a Butcher Around, a brutal hide & seek. Bill the butcher has escaped from the asylum and is looking for new victims.

During the game you will have to find a place to hide, remembering that your friends are also trying to hide from the butcher. Every round, Bill the butcher chooses a spot to investigate, are you well hidden?

The main goal is to be the last survivor, so find the best place to hide.
Game contains a climate of terror, suspense and lots of blood, plus some references of our taste.

- 17 playable characters
- 7 maps
- Tense atmosphere
- Fun gameplay
- Pixel art
- Full Compatibility with Control

Version history

Major Update:
1. Add Butcher challenge mode
2. Add online 1 V 1 mode
3. Add multiple characters
4. Add two new killer clown and Jigsaw
5. Add 2 new maps
- Remove IAP items
- Add new map
- Add Christmas theme map
- Optimize game performance
- New map
- new halloween map
- new halloween map
- Optimized networking
- Fixed the multiplayer bug
- Optimized networking
- Fixed the multiplayer bug
- Add Online mode
- Add more role

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3 out of 5
108 Ratings


Too much ads can you please fix the game people been begging for you to fix the game but you’re not listening fix the game please or make a no ads game pass please
steve roberts86,
Is a meh game
Too many ads plus idk if it’s bad luck or just rigged I keep being the first to be picked it has no updates anymore and it’s kind off a cash grab so I don’t really like the two stars I gave it are just me being generous it’s very laggy I keep getting kicked out (good things about the game)
I really like the multiplayer mode and the over all game style is really good and the coins are a neat little touch (now bad stuff)
It dose not Evan show you the character your gonna buy and this is just over all a cash grab but these are all my opinions
super dragon kai!,
Too many ads and TOO HARD (plus more dummies)
To some people, this is IO OUTTA IO. BUT HOW? THERE ARE ADS EVERYWHERE. I click to select anything.... AD YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!?!? It’s to sad and infuriating! And can we talk about 30 percent of the game besides the 70 percent ads? It’s way too hard... you gotta pray for you freaking life that the big chance of getting sliced and turned to hamburgers, dosent happen. And you have to do the same thing like 9 times with each slice adding to your chances of hamburger meat. Just why?
I guess my luck is horrible
So this game is eh, I mean I can counter the adds by turning on airplane mode but it’s not fun for me because I can’t get to even the second map! I’m convinced that it’s just not possible, I’m sure this game is fun or something but I can’t think so because I’m stuck playing the map “home sweet home” over and over again I will give better review if you make it less likely you’ll be found because seriously this is starting to get annoying.
22 lk,
Add. Multiplayer
Ok so I’m really like the game so I had two things I wanna talk about 1 I only Have gotten to be it once and two can you make it multiplayer so we can Play with other people and make it so you can join other groups
This is just pitiful.
I joined a match thinking; oh boy, a epic game to try out, as soon as I joined the game, a ad popped up and caused me to loose,I lost a round cus a dang ad. Everything you click has a ad. This is just retardant. Fix the game, don’t need that many ads in that many retardant areas, but I am sure it would be fun if I was able to actually play the dang thing
To many ads
When I first saw this game I thought that this is going to be a great game. But no, it is not terrible but it just has to many ads. If I even click the button that says “Challenge” I get an ad, if I click anywhere or anything like the shop, or the multiplayer buttons i get an ad

Overall there are to many ADS!
David Dash Ortiz,
I gave this game 4 stars
I gave it four stars because it has to much ads the games good just way too much ads
Ally atscootch,
I just got this game and I already hate it. The game has too many adds and I could not click on anything without an add popping up It is also way too hard but that may just be hard because there’s NO INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PLAY I am not trying to be a Karen but please fix this game.
Awesome game!!!
I’ve seen one of my favorite YouTubers play this game and I’ve wanted this game ever since! I can’t believe this game is on mobile!

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