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Grow your own goose tree.

Developer: SweatyChair Pty. Ltd.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.02
ID: com.sweatychair.tingus


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Grow your very own goose tree in this strange and bizarre game. Once these special geese find human hosts, they will be ready to grow into wacky goose trees.

Water them, feed them, upgrade them and interact with them. Surprising things will happen, and soon you will develop your very own bizarre and flourishing ecosystem that you will want to share with your friends.

Each tree is unique, and no one tree is the same. Witness the beauty of nature in this neverending lifecycle between geese and humans, with art and animation created by surreal artist Master Tingus (5M followers worldwide).

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4.9 out of 5
794 Ratings


wHy WHy dID yoU have to do ths,
This game was actually really good!!
I loved how goofy it was, all the weird stuff made me laugh, genuinely.

The concept of the game seems actually quite interesting, and well-thought of. Helping patient's ducks (I suppose it’s theirs), reach their mate, while also making money, is very creative. I also loved how there wasn’t ads everywhere. Not a single one.
Unless you wanted something, there wasn’t ads, you could just peacefully play the game, unlike other games.

Now onto the actual game play.
It was well-coded, not finding any bugs, or any glitches (yet). Which I’m super surprised, given most beta games have extremely bad bugs that they never fix. I found this game to have quality control, and no issues or problems whatsoever while playing the game. I do however, find it somewhat frustrating that you have to wait so long to get to a bigger height, or have a new blossom hatch, without watching ads. That’s okay though.
I hope you found this somewhat useful or helpful.

If you are reading this, dear, MasterTingus, I watch your videos all the time, and pre-ordered the app once I found it. I enjoyed it a lot, and hope that it grows, and improves.
If you, one who thinks you should give this game a try, please do, you won’t regret it.

Have fun playing!! <3
I’ve had this game since the minute it came out and I have no regrets
I pre-ordered this game because I thought it looked interesting and let me tell you, I do not regret it. This game has endless possibilities and is always throwing different things at you. The art style is cute and weird and the gameplay is amazing.
Great game, but too expensive and currently buggy
It’s fantastic, but I have a hard time with the $23 price tag. I’m hopeful that it will eventually go on sale for less, I will probably pay for it if it does. The game is enjoyable, but plagued with a lot of Small complaints: tapping will accidentally select growths unless you lock them, but locking and unlocking the growths is also awkward. Locking is fundamental and deserves a larger button. There are a few situations where things don’t work - Dungeon level is very awkward as many growths can come in at places where they can’t function. Buttons occasionally stop working or overlap with important functions.
I’m probably going to shelve this one, and if I come back to it at some point and it’s priced more reasonably I’ll give it a shot. Without premium, the progression is just very slow.
Started off good
I liked how out of the ordinary the game was. Unfortunately, it only took about 4 levels before the ridiculous wait times kicked in.
First two levels fly by fast, third drags on a little, but it’s still fun. By the fourth one? You better believe they’re pushing the “buy these jewels to speed things up” agenda.
Really wish developers would wise up. This could have been a fairly fun game, but now it’s already doomed to fail.
Giving a second star simply because the game is definitely not ordinary.
Just got this today. It is very entertaining, but it would be an understatement to say this game is weird. It is truly the oddest game I’ve ever played. Very addicting. When I started playing this, it made me feel physically ill. /j Spent all day screaming at it with my friends. Overall a great game, would recommend 10/10.
Life changing
I’ve been following the animated of this game for a while now an I’ve never written a review but this game is such a holy experience that transcends reality through space and time. You NEED to play this. Not up for debate. Know about it. You will NOT regret it.
Little tree co.,
Sweaty chair does it again!
I have been a player of sweaty chair games for around 2 years now and this is another one of their games I will never uninstall. This is truly the epitome of modern day gaming. Absolutely fabulous, nuff said.
Good thing the in app store doesn’t work
Good thing nothing happens when you try to buy ANYTHING in this game’s store because I would’ve bought ad free day one and would’ve spent much more time adjusting my tree. Great concept and fun, just takes way too long after the first few patients.
Buggy after 1st patient.
By buggy, I mean that I cannot progress through the first patient because the game doesn’t let me. The “finishes in __” stays gray and is unresponsive.

Good game and charming concept, but this might be a big issue.
Most Bizarre Game Ever
This is by far one of the most bizarre games I have ever played. It is a fun little time-waster, yes, but it is also really interesting. I cannot wait to discover all the odd little things in this game.