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Developer: Topwar Studio
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.344.3
ID: com.rivergame.worldbattleGlobal


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Commander, the Dark Legion is coming!

These Tyrants rule the world! Constant war, refugees scattered across the land and a world starved of hope. Who will liberate us? Become the strongest Commander and a fearless leader in the struggle against the legion, right alongside the freedom league! Merge to upgrade your power whether it's buildings, skills or units, if you can merge it, you can upgrade it!


Top War is an innovative strategy game featuring merge to upgrade gameplay, no more long upgrade waiting times, just merge two together and the upgrade will finish instantly! Recruit Legendary Heroes to lead the stationed Land, Navy and Airforce troops to victory! Upgrade heroes and troops with unique skills and equipment to lead all three armies to become immortal!

Start on a barren, deserted island and build an idyllic base to train your armies, improve your power and liberate the land. Strength doesn't come from just troops, and that's a good thing! Create a stylish yet formidable island with a variety of buildings and decorations at your disposal. Come and show-off your unique style!

Battle online with players from all over the world in a variety of game modes such as; Server v Server wars, Dark Forces, War Robots and weekly Capital Throne Showdowns all while experiencing the real battles with your alliance. Fight for glory, liberate the oppressed and dominate your enemies!


Top War: Battle Game is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. Playing requires a network connection.



Version history

1.Bug fixing and optimization.
1.Bug fixing and optimization.
Patch Notes
[New] Remove all of a hero's equipped skills with a single click. You may easily unequip all of the hero's skills from the current Skill Page.
1.Bug fixing and optimization.
Patch Notes
[Optimization] The Stages of 4, 5 star facilities in "Into the Unknown" has been streamlined from five stages to one, the overall reward remains the same.
[Optimization] In "Into the Unknown," the amount of damage your enemy did to your Heavy Trooper will change the size of the text. The more damage they did, the bigger the text will be.
[Optimization] The EXP chip has been renamed the "Asimov's Laws Chip," but it still gives the same attributes and EXP.
1.Bug fixing and optimization.
Patch Notes
[Optimization] Changes to Into the Unknown's user interface:
1. Combined the challenge and reward tabs into one tab;
2. When you unlock a new lab, a new tab will appear with a distinctive effect.
[Optimization] When commander reaches level 60, the daily to-do list gives quick access to the Into the Unknown.
1.Bug fixing and optimization.
1.Bug fixing and optimization.
1.Bug fixing and optimization.
Patch Notes
[Optimization] Necropolis Castle and Whale Harbor are shown smaller on the world map.
(only a change in how it looks; the amount of space they take up are the same.)
[Optimization] Now you can see the icon of a Heavy Trooper's core chip when the chip's effect is triggered in battle.
Patch Notes
[Optimization] Deleted the safety cones on the World Map.
[Optimization] Fast Craft feature: When you make equipment, the Fast Craft feature shows you the materials and choice chests you own, as well as how many of each material you need to make the equipment you want. This makes it easy to make the equipment you want.
Patch Notes
[Optimized] You will now be able to search for a Heavy Troop Chip by its type (for example, Hoplon, Xyston, Shamshir or Rondel Dagger, etc.)
[New] Heavy Trooper can now be marked, and the one that has been marked will be shown on the assembly platform;
[Resolved] The information display problem while visiting a friend's Heavy Trooper has been resolved.
[New] Alliance Officers will now be able to remove other commanders' reinforcements from structures. Structures include:
1.Bug fixing and optimization.
Patch Notes
[New] New Heavy Trooper game mode: Into the Unknown
[Optimization] Before starting the Individual Defense, all queues on the world map must be withdrawn, and queues cannot be sent out during the Individual Defense.
Patch Notes
[New] Chip overclocking: Overclocked chips may deliver four times the experience of non-overclocked chips of the same quality.
[Optimization] The "Invincible" special effect has been visually optimized.
Patch Notes
Dear commander
The Warzone is under maintenance and it's not accessible at the moment. This process shall take around 10~15 minutes, please try again later.
Please find the update detail as follows:
Minor bug fixes and optimizations.
Thank you for your support! Have fun!
Top War Support Team
[New] The new Heavy Trooper chip preset is now available. You can change and save presets to quickly switch between different chip presets.
1.Bug fixing and optimization.
Patch Notes
[Optimization] When a Heavy Trooper is seriously damaged or on a march, the Heavy Trooper chip cannot be replaced.
1.Bug fixing and optimization.
Patch Notes
[Optimization] In Expedition Base, the rules for available units have been improved. Units that go on marching missions can also be used in Expedition Base.
[Resolved] There was a glitch where the information banner would continue to display the message after the alliance leader was changed; this bug has been resolved.
1.Bug fixing and optimization.
Patch Notes
Patch Notes
[Optimization] The owner of the Oil Refinery, Barn, and Gold Mining Facility may track the progress of troops gathering at these sites.
[Optimization] Some descriptions have been made more consistent without compromising their actual effects.
- Updated Yuu's skill description.Replaced the term "reduce the final damage taken" with "Indestructible". The actual effect doesn't change.
- The description of the "HP Shield" buff provided by The Labyrinth has been improved.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Hot Sale Pack 3
(Contains 60 Diamonds)
II763143452✱✱✱✱✱ C6F4D9E✱✱✱✱✱
Hot Sale Pack 6
(Contains 300 Diamonds)
II116517817✱✱✱✱✱ D0EDAE8✱✱✱✱✱
Hot Sale Pack 4
(The specific content is subject to the game)
II314542887✱✱✱✱✱ 7B3D094✱✱✱✱✱
Hot Sale Pack 8
(The specific content is subject to the game)
II197967979✱✱✱✱✱ 3B4502D✱✱✱✱✱
Hot Sale Pack 12
(Contains 1280 Diamonds)
II695441593✱✱✱✱✱ BB97502✱✱✱✱✱
Hot Sale Pack 17
(Contains 3280 Diamonds)
II658142085✱✱✱✱✱ 3969623✱✱✱✱✱
Hot Sale Pack 20
(Contains 6480 Diamonds)
II478558516✱✱✱✱✱ C351C85✱✱✱✱✱
Hot Sale Pack 11
(The specific content is subject to the game)
II317810279✱✱✱✱✱ 864C23E✱✱✱✱✱
Hot Sale Pack 9
(Contains 680 Diamonds)
II144517489✱✱✱✱✱ E760470✱✱✱✱✱
Hot Sale Pack 5
(The specific content is subject to the game)
II450350439✱✱✱✱✱ 72A0763✱✱✱✱✱

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3.9 out of 5
58.7K Ratings


the game is ok, i’ve been playing it for awhile and it has a lot to do, events all the time always stuff to attack around the map and a lot of stuff to gather around, there’s always something you can do as you do merge things to make them better, i am not a pay to play person so it does start to slow down once you get to level 50 but it is still pretty reasonable. now for the bad, if you watched any of the ads like i did and was hoping it would be like those, it’s not. none of the ads are anything like the game, they all say “this is true gameplay” or “everyone says the ads are fake so here’s what it looks like” but they don’t ever actually show the gameplay the way the ads showcase things all you really get to understand is that you have to merge but the way the game shows it isn’t anything like the game. it never shows any of the actual things you can do in game which i feel is pretty pointless, like i said before it’s a fun game and i won’t be uninstalling it but the ads are all extremely fake so don’t get your hopes high off those. if they just showed the true game the ads would probably pull a lot more people and get a lot more people to stay because even in the new servers you get people that get to level 15 and stop playing all together because the game isn’t what they were expecting and it ruins it for the people who want to be active because we are stuck with so many inactive players in the server making our server weak.
jason chhaing,
My experience of how this game is a load of greatness.
I played this game and sure as f not anything like in the ads it’s more like spamming hangers/garages and spamming all the ranks tanks you can make then expanding your islands to fit more low as shi5 tanks to merge to waste even more valuable space for farms or something thennnnn we have to wait OVER 15 HOURS FOR A SINGLE TANK TO BE LOADED IN/CREATED HOLY P4 RATTE AMMO THIS IS LARGER OF A WAIT TIME THAN THE DMV oh and i want to mention something you know how there is so many 80 level players? Either one they pay over 1000 gems or around that since it’s been a year i played for a clan to group with other level 80 people not letting any new players in or they pay to over likely 300 dollars to just get their account deleted once they have a high amount of progress they likely will do anything to get back. Last note I will mention, NEVER LISTEN TO THE DEV FEEDBACK, the way they say their response is if it’s pre made and rigid in the response not like offering a refund it will just say to this comment, “Sorry for your inconvenience we will try to make this game better for all commanders”, make this game better my panzerfaust rocket launchers. Also the fact we have to merge tanks is just a literal repeat of the game 2048 plus the fact when you attack the enemy which both have the same Tanks and levels as you it’s a rng based attack run of crits hits and first hits. May god give up on this game as it gave up on us.
It’s a cute game and I do like it. There’s a lot to do and I don’t understand some of it but I am playing for the very first time so I’m still learning. The translation feature is nice because there’s a lot of different languages being spoken. I do find it a bit hard to clan up with a lot of different languages though, when you need clear and direct orders but you’re having to hit translate and decipher orders, it’s a bit frustrating. That’s not a game issue and rather a clan issue on my end though. It’s hard to figure out server and event times because it’s different for everyone it seems as the game auto calibrates your time with the server time. So I’m missing a lot of events and things because I can’t get a definitive time to be there and available…Also, a communication/ clan issue in my end. Over all it is a cute game and if you’re able to team up with people you can have clear communication with, I’m sure it is a lot of fun. But I am going to delete it, it uses so much data that I’ve gone through probably 30-40 gb in about 2 weeks. I’ve played tons of base builders and have spent countless hours gaming and have never used up so much data so quickly. That’s honestly the only thing that’s a complete deal breaker for me. If they can get that issue worked out, I’ll gladly play again one day. Nice job on graphics and all the incredible detail you guys have put into this app, it is really a great game.
govenor plugginz the queen,
Please read
Okay first is the most important. The chat filter is useless. You can say a bad word and get away with it so long as you change the letter to a different language. A example (without the *) is *îtch.
You can get away with that, and you can say numbers! You can say your age, phone number, adress, etc. if you want! At least put a mute chat filter! Please do this as soon as possible! Second, the most powerful alliances are people who pay to win. Please make there two sections for it, because some people can’t pay, so put one section for the ‘paid’ people and one for the ‘free’ people, and that would be great. Third, almost every time I merge, it says merge failed, so I have to keep re-merging and once it didn’t merge and one of the units disappeared! Please fix this soon.
Fourth, I opened up my app yesterday, to find a black screen. Yup, that’s right, just a black screen. I shrugged it off, thinking it was just a glitch, but then I closed the app and reopened it. Black screen. I did it again. Same thing. I updated it today, and opened it, same thing. I really don’t want to have to re download it because I had a lot of progress and gems, and I was in the second best Alliance in the world. Please, please, PLEASE, fox this soon, this is also the most important. Until then I will keep trying. When it works I will update this to say number 4 has been fixed.
Thanks for you time.
false advertisement
For starters, i saw this game as an ad on Tiktok, the audio for the add went something like “ are you sick of seeing an ad for a game, downloading it, and it not being the game at all?” I was very intrigued when i saw the add, and it looked like a lot of fun. ALTHOUGH, when i went to play the game, it was nothing like the add! I was so disappointed, to see a tiktok claiming it to be the game presented in the add, and it turned out to be nothing like it. I get they want downloads an all, and to be honest, when i started playing, i couldn’t take my eyes off the game. I was advancing quick, and i enjoyed the game as a whole. There are some chat features i wish they would fix, for the simple fact that i have seen some inappropriate language, and requests from some users for inappropriate things, but a lot of games do these days. This game would have been given a 5 star rating ,the game itself is very addicting, and there is ALWAYS something to do. Even when you’re waiting for your recruits to finish a job, or for your tanks to spawn , there is always something to do to keep you occupied . The low rating is simply because of the way they advertised this game, it makes me hate the fact that i am so addicted!
Lil hit,
Stay far away
Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this game. The developers blatantly ignore the community and routinely do the opposite of what everyone unanimously asks for. Then when people complaint they ignore the outcry and take a “you’ll get used to it” attitude. It’s absolutely absurd. The last big event of the game where 8 servers fight for 2 weeks 24/7 was a fun event until this latest update. They changed THE ENTIRE framework of the event. They took away being able to buy unlimited ports and speed ups with gems and made a cap of 20 per week. And you have to get a bunch of kills to get enough kill tokens just to buy a single port. They say this did this to help small servers but the result we’ve seen so far is the small servers/players can’t get any kills and are stuck in place for the entire 2 weeks. The entire community (both big servers and the small servers this was supposed to help) is blowing up the discord and has been for days begging the devs to give us back the old system. Yet their response was to give everyone a system mail with TWO ports. For the entire event. Then the next day they said instead of the port store refreshing once per week, they said they’re gonna make it slightly more often. Again, not going to change the fact smalls can buy them to begin with. They won’t listen or even respond to us on the discord. And they won’t tell the mods anything either. This game has the worst developer engagement I have EVER seen in any game.
Customer support is non-existent
**After months of going back and forth daily with customer support, they simply cutoff contact without resolving the issue! My best advice is not to play this game.
Update: Three months into a discussion with customer support. Despite their admission that there was a problem with the game that cost my base a lot and set me way back in game progress, they have done nothing to fix the loss or compensate. **Good game ruined by horrible customer support Customer support never fixes problems just keeps asking you questions in hopes you’ll go away In response to the developers response to my original comment: I did contact customer support and I have sent screen shots. Yet, the situation has gone on for a month. Customer support asks the same questions over and over. Although I’ve answered everything asked of me, I have never received a resolution. Even when I directly ask if any help will be provided, I only receive further questions and often ones I answered before. TopWar just doesn’t care about customer support even when it involves lost investment by the player from a clear glitch in the game! **After over a month of going back and forth with customer support everyday, they just informed me that technical support found no issues and they hope I understand. What I understand is that customer support wants me to go away and lying was the best option for that to happen! So sad.
Imagine working hard to get as far as you can in a game for 10+ months, only to log in one day and have it all gone. That is what Top war offered me and you can be apart of it. Just download and enjoy.
I logged in yesterday to what was a lvl 71 of a possible lvl 80 game that I have played for almost a year and it continued to send me to my little account. I tried all I knew to do and got no where, so I contacted their support team. Approx 8 hrs later I got my response sign in through your Facebook. I responded back with the fact that my FB account was disbanded and uploaded pics that showed me trying that and it not working.
16 hrs. later I still have no response and they don’t seem to care. So as I promised in my last message to them I’m telling my story of how they stole everything I have worked for.
I have many from my server that will back this story. You will see more 1 star posts, if I could I’d give them none. So the ones from my server that back this story will just give them 1 star more than they deserve, which is 1, and in the Title put “😈” as that is my lost account. You will know by that symbol they agree, that my story is true.
By all means it is a fun game. If you have time and money, if you are so inclined, to just throw away to the top war game makers to steal please join. But if you like to be able to continually enjoy what you invest in, I’d pick a different game😁😈
Pay to play issues
I love this type of game. Like most games of this type everything costs money to grown fast and strong. My major issue I have is a big one for me. The events are not properly explained and often misrepresent. You spend money to reach a goal only to find out that the rules were not properly worded and explained. Example: recently there was an Easter Basket Event the goal was for your alliance to complete tasks to reach your basket to level 7. In the event page it stated if your basket reached level 7 you would obtain extra items via the in-game mail system. I spent money to obtain extra items to go with the items I would be getting via mail. My alliance reached level 7 but the mail never came. A rival alliance had attacked our basket at the last minute causing our basket to lose points. No where in the rules did it state you could lose points nor did it say you had to maintain level 7 to get the extra items. To me this is a theft of services. Do to the poor wording and full explanation of the event the money spent on the event was lost. I contacted the development team showing screen shots and their own rules and explanation of the event. I received a 1 sentence reply of our alliance had to maintain level 7 to obtain the reward. If you play this game beware of no explanation on how events work and hidden rules that will cost you money in the long term.
Game goes from good to bad
Game starts out great but once you’re at level 40+ it’s almost as if the experience you gain means nothing to advancing your level and you think you have so much money when you really don’t. Also the sand table exercise is ridiculous you guys bump up the computers HP every time I make my units stronger and have been stuck at the 9th level for an eternity what’s the point of me improving if you’re just going to make them stronger makes no sense whatsoever and the “boom stepped in a trap” is beyond ridiculous why is there even traps if you’re already making them stronger it’s BLASPHEMY! And last but not least how is it someone in warzone can have 2 less units than me nowhere near my HP but they can beat me or I go up against someone with 328 but my units are 498 the captains and specialist should not make up that much ground that makes absolutely no sense I thought this game was great but as you get further into it you realize why their ratings are going down. Oh and I forgot to add if I have oneill or ANY of my captains maxed out why would I continuously keep getting their pieces I have 101 O’Neill pieces that do absolutely nothing for me but I keep getting them and it’s a bit ridiculous.