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The ultimate skateboarding sim

Developer: True Axis
Category: Games
Price: $1.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.5.70
ID: com.trueaxis.skate


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#1 game in 80 countries. Loved by millions of skateboarders all over the world.

"True Skate is clearly something special" - 4.5/5 - Touch Arcade review.

True Skate™ is the closest feeling to real-world skateboarding, with a decade long evolution as the ultimate skateboarding sim.

Note: True Skate™ comes with a single skatepark and contains additional content available via In-App Purchase or Subscription. See below.

Use your fingers like you would your feet on a real skateboard. Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect & drag your finger on the ground to push.
- Play with one finger, mind skate with 2 fingers, or play with 2 thumbs, now with Gamepad! The skateboard reacts instantly as foot & finger, thumb or stick feels truly connected whether pushing, popping, flipping or grinding.
- True Axis's instant & unified physics system listens for swipe, position, direction and strength from the player & processes how the skateboard should respond in real-time. So the same flick in two different points of the skateboard will react very differently.
- Literally any trick is possible with TRUE CONTROL of the skateboard, so if you can dream-it, you can do-it!

Begin at the Underpass, a beautiful skatepark to get lost in with ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe & quarter pipes. Then start grinding Bolts to unlock 10 Fantasy Parks. 
Additional skateparks are available as In-App Purchases. Shred over 20 real-world spots including; The Berrics, SPoT, Love Park, MACBA, & Street League Skateboarding Championship Courses from 2012.

True Skate™ now has a character! Choose your character & start rolling to unlock custom apparel to show off your style. Customize your skateboard with decks and grips from Santa Cruz, DGK, Primitive, MACBA Life, Grizzly, MOB, Independent, Knox, Creature, Nomad, Capitol, ALMOST, Blind, Cliche, Darkstar, Enjoi, Zero & more. Customize your wheels & trucks.

True Skate™ is about nailing the perfect line; timing, strength, precision, angle, late corrections all make a difference. Replays are now next level, with a bunch of new cams and capability, including a fisheye lens that can shake on impact. Insert keyframes on the timeline to blend between cams. Select from;
- 5 preset Cams.
- Custom Cam with FOV, distortion, distance, height, pitch, pan, yaw & orbit options.
- Tripod Cam with auto, fixed, & follow options.

Unlock DIY Objects, spawn & multiply to create the park of your dreams. Stay tuned for new objects dropping weekly in the Shop.

Compete in Global Leaderboards, or connect with your mates via Challenges & games of S.K.A.T.E or join SANDBOX.

SANDBOX is a subscription service that enables players to create & play your True Skate™ experience:
- Custom board stats & graphics.
- Create your own spot, including the gravity!
- Or choose from tons of incredible Community-Made; Skateparks, DIYs, Boards, Skins, & Apparel.

Play with your iOS device or Gamepad as your controller and enjoy True Skate™ in landscape mode on the Big Screen! 
- Connect your iOS device to an Apple TV (or AirPlay compatible smart TV), via wi-fi, or via cable using a Lightning Digital AV Adapter.
- Pair your Gamepad with your iOS device via Bluetooth.

Note: An internet connection is required to access some features.

Terms of service can be found at

Subscriptions will renew automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to players iTunes account settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Version history

SLS Sydney 2023 Event!
Santa Cruz 50th Event!
Improved DIY objects in the store.
Minor bug fixes
SLS 2023 Chicago available in store!
Animation Style added to replay editor.
Fixed an issue which could cause a crash when changing languages.
Additional spin cam improvements.

*** 1.5.62 ***
- Fixed an issue which could prevent loading and saving Sandbox mods for some users.
- Spin cam improvements.
- New animation style slider.
- Fixed an issue which could prevent loading and saving Sandbox mods for some users.
- Spin cam improvements.
- New animation style slider.
Improved reset locations for SLS Chicago 2023.
Final preparations for the SLS Chicago 2023 event!
- Prevented skater from being in switch stance when starting a mission.
- Fixed issue causing mission trick scores to disappear sometimes.

* 1.5.57 *
NEW Live Events:
- Skateboard GB National Championships 2023
- SLS Chicago 2023: Stop 1 of Street League Skateboarding Championship Tour
NEW Live Events:
- Skateboard GB National Championships 2023
- SLS Chicago 2023: Stop 1 of Street League Skateboarding Championship Tour

NEW Screenshots and Description text promoting True Skate's decade long evolution as the ultimate skateboarding sim:
- Pure Physics Controls including Gamepad
- Character and Setup Customization
- Replay Editor
- DIY Your Parks
- SANDBOX Mods & Stats
- Second Screen Play
- Fixed 360 shove it broken by one swipe
- Fixed mega pop in realistic mode
- Fixed nosegrind camera while holding spin cam with look down enabled
- Improvements on grind edge locking
- Fixed losing character customization
- Improvements to one finger flips.
- True Skate parks now purchasable with bolts.
- Fix for 3D Touch ollies.
- Fix for frame rate issues, including menus and replay editor.
- Character animation snapping improvements.
- Truck customisation!
- Added auto spin cam toggle.
- Added nollie look down toggle.
- Added "Fixed" camera for replays.
- Fixed issue causing invisible DIY objects.
- Fixed potential crashes in menus.
- Improved skatepark purchase / reinstall flow.
- Improved skater animations.
- Improved gamepad controls.
- Improved ollie consistency.
- Fixed menu related crashes.
- Optimized memory usage.
- Gamepad control improvements.
- Fixed issue causing character customisations not to sync on clean install.
- Fixed an issue causing swipes to disappear.
- Fixed an issue causing reset skateboard to stop working after editing replays.
- Fixed potential crash using the custom camera settings in the replay editor.
- Improvements to game pad controls.
- Improvements to the Skateparks menu.
- New Tripod Camera for replays.
- Revamped park download flow.
- Improved DIY object connections.
- Gamepad control improvements.
- Character animation improvements.
- Fixed issue causing some DIY objects to be missing from the editor.
- New course: SLS 2022 Jacksonville.
Various stability improvements including fixing a potential crash while changing languages.
- Fixed potential crash in the ME menu when custom decks are in use.
- Fixed potential crash when using key frames in the replay editor.
- Fixed issues with feet in replays.
- Improved custom deck visuals.
The long awaited launch of True Skate Sandbox is here.

True Skate Sandbox enables you to create your True Skate experience the way you want it. Create your own skateboard, skatepark, physics, apparel and shoes!
- Fixed issue logging in with Apple ID.
- Fixed issue causing DIY objects to appear in the wrong store panel.
- Improved skateboarder animations.
- Improved gamepad controls.
- Added option to toggle between 2nd Screen and Mirror Air Play modes.
Improvements to achievements, missions and live event UI.
- Improvements to menu and UI.
- Improvements to character animation.
- Improvements to grinds.
- Fixed issues replaying the Thanksgiving event if played last year.
- Animation improvements.
- Fixed crash cam.

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Skatepark: Mondo Ramp
(A towering roll-in enormous jump quarter pipe)
JB875238698✱✱✱✱✱ E1A0D54✱✱✱✱✱
Skatepark: The Factory
(A skatepark in a converted factory.)
JB187514113✱✱✱✱✱ 8F53AE5✱✱✱✱✱
Skatepark: The Valley
(Outdoor concrete skatepark with lots of space)
JB316050403✱✱✱✱✱ 234D2E0✱✱✱✱✱
Skatepark: Schoolyard
(A new area to skate located in a schoolyard.)
JB501865904✱✱✱✱✱ 0FAB923✱✱✱✱✱
Unlimited Custom Images
(Apply images from your album to the deck.)
JB811715586✱✱✱✱✱ 07F683E✱✱✱✱✱
Skatepark: The Warehouse
(Skate an indoor skatepark in The Warehouse.)
JB173911993✱✱✱✱✱ 37BCC4A✱✱✱✱✱
Skatepark: Inbound
(A new indoor skatepark to skate.)
JB447554549✱✱✱✱✱ 04E6F60✱✱✱✱✱
Skatepark 6 Pack
(Get 6 True Skate fantasy parks.)
JB435476804✱✱✱✱✱ 9FF1A25✱✱✱✱✱
Slow Motion Mode
(Permanently unlock slow motion mode.)
JB826479247✱✱✱✱✱ E1F137D✱✱✱✱✱
Skatepark: Double Infinity
(Outdoor park: 2 linked infinity shaped bowls.)
JB331146345✱✱✱✱✱ D1C5531✱✱✱✱✱

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3.8 out of 5
8 229 Ratings


Great game, minor inconveniences
Ive been playing the game for about 7 years (since December of 2015), and I can say that this game is probably the most enjoyable skateboarding game i’ve ever played. Ive played Skate 3, Skater XL, and several other games and this always persist. This game has so much diversity (if you have the money), from vert skating to realistic skating. Its all around an amazing time killer too, and it also got me to start skateboarding in real life.

However, it’s now time to get into the inconveniences. 1 Inconvenience would be the prices of maps. They aren’t crazy (like 1 dollar a map), but it adds up. My recommendation’s for your first map would be 2017 Tampa, SLS Hangar, or Mondo Ramp. Another inconvenience would be the Subscription required for DIY parks, which gives u Unlimited access to all DIY parks for 5 dollars a month. Now I love this game and everything about it, but at this point it seems like they’re charging too much. Although, the starter map is very good unlike another skateboarding game on mobile.

The community is absolutely amazing, including the devs who are super layed back. They allow just enough glitches that are fun, but don’t break the game. Overall, this game is wonderful if you’re willing to dish out a few dollars, but really you don’t have another option so they can ask as much as they want.
Great Game
So I got the game and played it for a while and it feels great.

Advices: Show Skateboarder Legs💯 Physics Version💯 Realistic Mode🙅‍♂️

The “Show Skateboarder Legs” makes you feel more realistic and fun to play. I like the way it is designed that part of the body is half opaque and the shoes are 100% visible. And there are even some animations for the character, that’s really great. I didn’t notice there is a “Realistic Mode” there until I read some worst ratings of this game, and then I tried it, and it sucked. The default mode is actually the “Fly Mode” or “On the Moon Mode”, which means the physics in it are too fake or the gravity is too little. The “Realistic Mode” is like “Mini Fly Mode”, although it greatly reduces the jump height or flip height, but it feels really rigid and sticky. No matter how light or hard I tried doing the tricks, the jump height is always that same little. Finally, the “Physics Version” should be called the “Real Realistic Mode”, because with the physics version on, you can really control and steer your board or player, the jump height is good and the feeling of control is realistic, it varies when you’re doing the tricks with different strength. So my advice would be, change the physics version to default and get rid of realistic mode. You can still keep current default mode and change it to fly mode or something to add some additional fun(For instance, people can do some impossible jumps with it if they want).
Ok so I really like the game but
I really like this game but there are some things that I have a problem with. If it counts all the random flip tricks I do with the board then why shouldn’t it count when I hit a grind with out touching the board of the board still does the grind and I roll away it should count right? Also do stall just not exist? Why can’t I just stop at the top of one of the quarters and roll away from a feeble stall or something, just doesn’t rlly make sense to me. Also it’s a little to hard to get points to buy a board or a park or anything in the game for that matter. I get it you want it to be a challenge but for people that don’t wanna have to hit a grind every single line it’s incredibly hard to get 20-40 thousand points to buy a board. Plus there’s only one park option unless you buy others? I already paid for the game it should have at least a little variety. Other then these few thing I love the game. Pretty good mechanics and not really any glitches that I have seen so good job to the game creators but if you could maybe apply these few things and take them into consideration to add to the game it would really make it a more fun and full experience. Thank you.
Treble Hook,
I’ve always loved this game, I come back and download it every once in a while when my boredom of it subsides and I need my True Skate fix again. The only issue I have is just that, boredom. You pay for a game that basically gives you a free trial. Why am I paying for a game that doesn’t give me the full game? That’s the trick, you feel like you’ve already invested your money so why not pay a little more for a new map. There are only so many spots on the starter map to skate before it gets boring. Not to mention the points system is buggy and sometimes when you spend your points on a custom board it resets completely, not only taking your points but also giving you a fresh, empty board. No custom design, and no cool wear marks that you’ve spent hours working on. The funny thing is, this game used to be free with the same content it has now. If I could give suggestions that would make this the perfect True Skate, include the “DLC” maps as playable maps from the get-go. That’s the purpose of buying a game, you shouldn’t have to deal with add-ons. Your money is made when people purchase the game. Also, fix the points system if it hasn’t been fixed already. It really takes a lot of grinding (literally) to customize your deck and when it takes your points and gives you nothing like a broken vending machine, it’s pretty frustrating.
please consider the following,
Great Game....but
Ok first off, yes great game, get the mondo ramp it makes the, actually enjoyable? The original map is the worst thing I have ever seen, I have never used it, I only play the other map because everything in the original is wwwaaayyy too small, and seriously, some of the challenges aren’t a test of how good you are it’s how lucky you are that day...#26 - do 5 board slides in 20 seconds, that’s a joke right, took me 10 minutes which I know sounds like nothing but it’s all fast can u turn around and get back to your rail. So fix those and make a better original map and you’re game would be the best out there IMO. On the other hand...I love the concept, very fun, very entertaining, I like how you can alter your settings so you don’t die if you fall too far, see legs, glitch mode, I also love that the board is very hard that if you’re doing a heel flip and you swipe right to far on the top of the board it will do the flip tilting your board just how it would in real life. That is how skating is in real life, the slightest adjustments throw you off, it’s how it should be even if it is annoying at times...keep up the good work!
What’s with the tail slides not counting?????????¿¿¿???
Honestly this has to be one of my favorite games of all time to play on my phone. I’ve played since I was about 10 when I had and iPod touch. I’ve never had problems with the tail slides and nose slides however I have not played the game in about a year. I downloaded it again about a week ago and I’ve been having problems with them popping up. It will give me score for them but it will only count as an Ollie so my multiplier doesn’t go up. It’s really weird cuz there’s no way I could get and score of 500 by just doing an Ollie. A lot of the time it will eventually pop up and say tail slide or nose slide but it takes like 1-3 seconds to register it. It’s a bit annoying but the game is still really great otherwise. I like how there’s two parks you can buy for credits.

Also why is there a cap for how many credits you can earn in a line. I get lines of 50 to 70 thousand sometimes and I still get the same amount if I were to get a 20 thousand line. There’s pretty much no reason to get a good line if your trying to save up money for something. It was nicer to see 500 credits being added when you got a line of 50,000.
[insert clever nickname],
Super fun, could use some polish
Let me begin by saying this game plays very well, and that most of the controls feel very intuitive. This game is well worth the purchase, and I love screwing around getting high scoring lines and sick clips. That being said, there are a number of little things that make the game feel less than perfect. A lot of the tricks are very inconsistent, especially ones involving keeping your board straight, but that can be written off as realism. Secondly, you can't change your HUD settings in the record menu, and you have to figure out that you can exit the menu without losing the recording so you can change those settings and come back to rerecord the clip. Also, some of the settings seem broken or deprecated, such as the "Switch Indicator" just putting the text "Switch" at the bottom of your screen. Last out of the stuff I could find was that in certain scenarios the menu buttons just don't work properly, like in the Missions tab: if you've selected a mission and try to press the back arrow button it just outright won't work. You have to press the back button at the middle of the screen.
im cool your not,
Great game but why this?
So i have been playing this game since it was a game that came out as the free game of the week when apple used to have that and ever since then i’ve been on and off grinding this game. In later updates they added more skateparks and I saw that there were 2 skateparks that you could purchase with the in game currency (schoolyard and inbound) that you earned for doing tricks around the map. I eventually saved up enough of the in game currency to purchase the inbound skatepark and was really excited to try a new skatepark and needless to say it made the game more fun because i had a new area to try. The problem here is that in the most recent update on February 1st i believe that it came out, they switched those two maps to only purchasable with money and because of that they took away the map that i grinded for so long to get and and i don’t even get any of that in game currency back and they also have no maps that are purchasable with the in game currency anymore. It makes me sad to see that just get taken away from me and I really hope that they change that back in the near future. :(
Game is fun, but some stuff ruins it
This game is honestly a really fun way to kill some time, and I appreciate the little things in it like your board deck scratching over time and the grip tape wearing out in the places where you often grind or pop the board. Tricks are done great, this is a mobile game that actually uses touch screen and makes it unique. Realism mode is good too. However, some things just kinda ruin the vibe of this game. First of all, custom boards are done pretty wrong. All the pre made decks in this game look clean and vibrant, but custom boards look way too dull, and that weird obvious wood like layer over it makes it worse. Also, why can’t we crop a image to see what it would look like, and possibly even get at least a minute to skate around with it to see if we want it or not? This is 10,000 TC we’re spending: we don’t want to waste it. Also, why is it that when we buy a wheel color, we have to buy it again if we take it off? That makes no sense. It doesn’t help when you realize that with custom boards, colored wheels will eventually glitch back to the default white, either. Also... why do we only get one map? Please at least gives us one other map.
Great game
True skate is a very fun, easy to learn mobile skating game, I would recommend this game to any skater that can’t find a good skating game for mobile. I think this game is worth the price except for two thing. One, you can play this game for a while but after a week or two of playing a lot, you get bored of the starting map but you are forced to pay more money for a game that already costed you money, although all the extra maps are good, you have to pay for something in game even though you already payed for the game, which is very annoying. Two, unless this is just me, or it’s an actual bug for everyone, or this is something that the developers added to the game purposefully for some reason, I honk it needs to be fixed ASAP. Every time that I crash or something like that, my board basically stops working and starts being very hard to move around and do tricks with and starts being very floppy, every time I move it starts bumping up and down like something is there, and it is very annoying and I restart my game every time it starts because it is basically impossible to do a trick successfully. Apart from these two things though, this game is very fun