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Developer: Tummy Games
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.35
ID: com.tummygames.volleybeans


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Get ready to become the best volleyball player of all time! Enter the arena and play one of the most exciting volleyball games in the world. Volley beans are here for the international 1v1 championship! Show them your power!

Tap to jump, bounce and smash!

This is an addicting game for all ages, so simple and cute! You will enjoy this fun little one-handed tap game on your small breaks at work while sipping your coffee and relaxing. Wherever you are, this really fun time pass game is going to lift your spirits and make you excited!

Take this volleyball challenge!

Customize your bean! Choose your looks!
Customize the volley ball to make it super fun!
Choose your favorite volleyball court!

These volley league rules are more than simple and you will learn how to play in just a couple of seconds! Never get bored! It is simply addictive and super cute that you will wish to spend every free minute during the day enjoying this 1v1 volleyball game with these cute little beans.

Jump to score! Hit that ball and beat your opponent!

Choose among dozens of different opponents and beat them all during this amazing 1v1 volleyball championship. Beat each of them to become the most famous champion and take all the trophies! If you prefer beach volleyball, just change the court and it will take you to a tropical place by the sea and warm you up during the cold winter days.

Volleyball tournament to remember!

You don’t need a coach, or training, just a referee! You will become an expert in just a couple of seconds. All you need is to show your super skills and have fun. Enter this volleyball arena with confidence and beat them all. No matter how simple and easy this cute little tap game occurs to you, you will have loads of fun for hours.

Volleyball game for girls and boys

“Volleyball Game - Volley Beans” is one of a kind! It is specially made for all the people who love cute little hyper-casual games. This extremely engaging and instantly playable sports game is perfect when you are bored and you need some instant excitement in your life.

Version history

Optimised loading of content in background
SDK updates;
New privacy consent panel;
Removal of some ads;
Improved game performance;
Better gaming experience.

SDK updates
New sponsor info
Updated ad networks
Game optimisation
Update on tools for performance measuring
SDK and game optimization
SDK update
New Icon
Updated performances and privacy for the game
Updated performances and privacy for the game
Updated performances and privacy for the game
VolleyBall that you will love!
Join amazing world of Volley Beans and 5 new arenas to play against your opponents
Update game performance and SDK
Updated app perfromance
Fixed ad network issue
- Critical Facebook SDK fix
Updated SDK's and performance for game
- 5 new maps to play with
- Game optimization
- Discounted IAP offer
- Fix for vibration
- Sound enabled
- Better issue tracking
Translation to 16 languages,
Difficulty Select option working now on all devices
Settings and privacy panel
Drop Down for languages
Optimised ads in the game
- Added Difficulty button! Yes one of most requested features!
We included leaderboard to the game,
10 additional characters
3 new balls
3 new hats
3 new glasses
In app purchase option to buy ball pack, skin pack, custom pack and premium Pack
Mini fixes and game optimization
Made mini changes for game play, added custom characters for all players. Now you can dress up your player in a way you want with custom glasses and hats.
Have fun!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Removes ads from the game)
BF215647529✱✱✱✱✱ 02CC604✱✱✱✱✱
Premium Pack
(Premium Pack Discounted)
BF350967141✱✱✱✱✱ 288254E✱✱✱✱✱
Premium Pack
(Unlocks all skins, balls and removes Ads)
BF350967141✱✱✱✱✱ 288254E✱✱✱✱✱
Skins Pack
(Unlock all standard skins - future & current)
BF973847111✱✱✱✱✱ F0DC1C0✱✱✱✱✱
Custom Pack
(Unlock all custom skins, hats and glasses)
BF572710111✱✱✱✱✱ 5225D1C✱✱✱✱✱
Ball Pack
(Unlock all balls in game current and future)
BF372952381✱✱✱✱✱ DD3CE23✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
13.2K Ratings


This game needs more. I completed the levels within 20 minutes. I’ve also played on the highest difficulty, and have yet to lose. They already have multiple background maps. This could could use more characters, for the various maps. If the AI were made even slightly more difficult, this game would be insane! They could also add a tournament system, which could unlock better customizations. Right now, it seems like the only way to collect the customizations would be to buy them, or watch enough videos. If you cannot deal with the adds, play with no wifi. Go into settings and turn off cellular data for the app. No ads. There could also be some gameplay fixes. On a smash, the ball could go straight down, and bounce off the screen through the barriers, not returning onto the killers side. The AI could attempt to smash. Only two smashes allowed on an AI? Could there be a mode added that allows the AI to withstand multiple smashes? On smashes, the point shouldn’t end just because the hitter (killer) has swung twice. And point should end with the ball on the oppositions side. Just brush up on some volleyball rules, and some additions. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 🙏🏼🙏🏼

For a volleyball game, which we need more of, it has been super enjoyable! I play when I have some downtime at work, and it’s super easy to continue when closing the app. It’s not super difficult to get the hang of.
Love The Concept!
I recently started playing this game again, years later after I was first introduced to it and I still love it!

I have unlocked the full game with no ads and all the characters, but I am a bit disappointed. There should be more customization options, a better build a character section. There are currently only a few select options to customize and I would love to have almost limitless options to create a character. It would make this game the most enjoyable.

The other suggestion I have is a game point settings. To have a game go beyond 3 points. I want to be able to play to 10, 20 or limitless.
Sure, it’s fun, but...
Volley Beans, at first, is an explosive, fun, and very entertaining game with a lot of variety to be found in the characters you meet as you climb up the ladder from 99 to 1. After around an hour or so of playing, though, you can easily spot the game’s glaring flaws.
First off, an Ad rolls almost every time upon completing a match, which sometimes be extremely brief. Obviously, this becomes very annoying very quickly for most players.
And although the character variety is definitely worthy of praise, a second problem I have worth mentioning is that there is an extreme lack in a variety in gameplay. The AI operated characters operate and maneuver in seemingly the same way, which remains true after I’ve played through the entire cast from start to finish without seeing any change.

So to sum it up, there’s a ton of ads and the game lacks even the bare minimum of variety in challenge or different modes, but what’s there is pretty fun going in. Don’t spend any money on this, especially disabling ads, because it seems to not work.
I "accidentally" killed buddy,
God Idea, But That's It.
The game is fun, I've been playing a lot, I've done about 100 levels so far. But I noticed there is no challenge or increase in difficulty. Every single Bot is the same, just different skins. Even the "boss" bots, are just as easy. I even tested this. For about 20 games all I did was tap once a second, without rlly paying attention. I wasn't playing strategically or trying to win, just tapping. And I didn't lose a single game. This game takes no skill, all you need is a finger and you will ALWAYS win. I think our if 100 games I've lost 1 time due to not paying attention. This upsets me a bit bc this game is super fun for the first 25 games or so. E art is absolutely beautiful I love the cartoon and the simplistically of the characters and environment. This game could be so much better with online gameplay, multiplayer, more ball designs, better character designs, actual skill basked bots, different courts, achievements, and even music. There is no music. This game is kinda JUST a game, and that's it. Like I said, really good idea, but needs work if you plan on keeping players playing.
jara k,
This is a fun and addicting game for when you need something to do with your hands. I love unlocking characters and trying to beat every competitor. And spiking is my favorite part!
Tbh, the only problem I can think of is too many ads. But Ik that’s how they make their money. After every concluded game an add pops up. This may be frustrating for some but I don’t mind.
Many people say the competitor or the AI is too easy to beat. I found that you can click the fist icon at the top of the screen and change levels. You may have it on easy mode where they can’t win. But I changed it to “ BRING IT ON!” Overall you should get this game because it is SO FUN!!! 👍🏼 😁 🏐 🔥
Love it!
Heyo! I really love this game I saw my brother playing it and his phone is connected to my tablet so when I saw it was on my iPad I was super exited! This game helps you learn how to play volleyball my brother plays volleyball and he is really good whenever my brother wants to play volleyball with me I have to make sure I play this first! Call me weird but I have almost every skin and I only use one! Hehe! Great game! I recommend this game for 5+ but you can play at any age! I used to want to be a vet but now I wanna be a professional volleyball player! Keep on making cool sports stuff I love your games! Love y’all stay safe! Sincerely,Elle
AI improvements and multiplayer!
This game is really fun to play, but there are a couple of things that really bug me. The game would be much more challenging and interesting if the AI opponents were able to spike the ball. Maybe that can be added to the hardest difficulty. Also, I don’t like how you automatically win on the second spike, no matter what. I want to go until I can spike it straight to the ground.

This game would be 10 times as fun if 2 players could face each other at the same time. One half of the screen controls one player and the other half the other player. Online multiplayer would also go a long way, but I’m more interested in local multiplayer.
.D.J. Kreed,
Super Fun and Adicting but to easy
This game was fun to play but there was a few flaws. For example every time you win a game there’s an add, meaning since there is 100 marchers in total there is 100 ads as well. Another problem is the game isn’t challenging enough. You would think that as you progress in the game it starts to get harder but that’s not the case. The A.i does. Not increase in difficulty once or ever. Also they developers don’t update the game as often as other developers. At least to a bug check every now and then. To close this review up the game has to many ads, it’s to easy, and doesn’t get worked on as much as other games I have played. I
It’s fun! For a bit.
Cons: The game is pretty fun but it is so repetitive. It has you go down from 200-1. But the difficulty is the same. I’m on 130 and haven’t lost. The game is pretty basic and it seems the AI are so easy. The game wants you to demolish the AI. Not only that but the map feature is pretty boring. They don’t change much besides the background. And they aren’t unique at all. The game has ads like every other level. Which is a lot. And I’m not paying for no ads. But you can basically also hit every shot just by spiking the ball. Pros: The game is pretty fun at first. And that’s what hooked me for a bit. But you slowly loose interest.
Great game but needs more of a challenge
I really do like this game and all the the characters but In my opinion, this game needs a tad more. Every volleyball game is just like the last. Your appoints don’t increase in skill at all and it’s really boring to keep playing the same person over and over even though they just have a different skin or outfit on. There is also no way to earn coins or anything like that so you really don’t get a reward for winning at all. This game is really fun but it gets boring very very quickly. There are also a pretty good amount of adds but if you are wanting to play the game without adds, just put your phone on airplane mode while your playing the game.