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Developer: AI Games FZ
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.6.3
ID: wild.west.sniper


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Do you like atmospheric Western-style gun shooter games? Like shootouts, chases, wars with criminal gangs and their dangerous bosses? Then our survival sniper action game is for you. Take guns and fight for justice!

Slay all ragdoll bandits in an epic Wild West shooting game! Try Western Sniper to feel like a cowboy fighting for justice on this godforsaken land. Explore various locations & be ready to shoot down the invaders!

Shameless gangs of thugs have decided to capture new lands and get away with it. But there is a defender in the area - a tough sniper – someone, who can declare war to the troublemakers, fight back, and restore peace and order in the region. It's all about you!

Feel like a brave cowboy, a sharp sniper, fighting for justice. The clash is going to be tough! Will you be able to survive against dozens, even hundreds, of enemies?

Your gun is your best friend in this grave battle. Aim, shoot, and repeat - here are three simple but vital rules on the way to success in this dangerous adventure! You are to stay face to face with deadly danger and you have to survive by all means. Shoot back from cover with either one or two hands, using different weapons - rifles, pistols - and defeat your enemies in exciting duels.

This sniper western game will definitely captivate you with the spirit of the Wild West and let you feel not just like a brave cowboy and a gunslinger, but like a true hero – one, who is able to clear the local land from the gangs of robbers and protect civilians. An incredible survival action with chases and gunfights is waiting for you. Be the best sniper to the very end, find a target and destroy all the stickman bandits to stay alive and save the region.

Top features of Western Sniper:
- One of the most action-packed FPS shooting games
- Genuine atmosphere of the Wild West
- Gun and revolver shooting modes: aim and see the ragdoll bandits in the scope
- Various challenging locations. Try to shoot them down in a train or boat. Saloons and old towns are too easy!
- Game store with lots of rifles to choose from
- Genuine music & sound effects to recreate the western atmosphere

Test your marksmanship, gunslinger! Start playing our exciting online or offline sniper warfare game and get the most out of it by improving your results.

Let's go! It's time to take out all the ragdolls in the area. A dangerous battle is waiting for you.

Shoot down all the wanted bandits in this FPS game, bang bang!

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Version history

Now our app is faster and more convenient!
Have a good game!
Thanks for staying with us!
Minor bug fixes
Minor bug fixes
Our application has become faster and more convenient for playing.
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Enjoy the game!
- bug fixes
Our application has become faster and more convenient for playing.
Thank you for staying with us!
Enjoy the game!
Minor bug fixes
Minor bug fixes
- bug fixes and improvements
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes

- UI fixes
- small bugs fixes
- new levels added
- now you can upgrade you guns and skills
- minor bug fixes
New levels added
Minor bug fixes
- GDPR policy added
- new levels added
- bugs fixes
- new levels added
- new guns added
- new skins added
- bug fixes

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4.5 out of 5
101.9K Ratings


keep up the great work!
Hey! This game, is amazingly good. 1st of all, there is basically no adds. 2nd of all the dynamite feature is really good, (though I do have so suggestions about that mechanic. We’ll get to that in a second. Finally for the last but not least reason I adore this game is because it reminds me of my grandpa that fought in world war 1. Ah yes, about my suggestion for the dynamite feature. I feel like you guys should make the explosion bigger. The reason I think about that is because it would be cool to see the box of dynamite start a reaction that causes all of the other TNT to blow up. I almost forgot I have one more suggestion. I was wandering if you guys could make a couple of levels so that you have to snipe the bandits from a helicopter. (When I say couple I mean way more than 2, just so you know) :). So there you have it. That’s my suggestions and reasons I like this game.
last at large,
My worst or great idea’s
So I have a couple ideas for you, should add buildings to western sniper that have the enemy’s and the escape route is a elevator or a room in the building. My other idea is that you are in a western roadblock the escape route is a car then my third idea is you can blow up the vehicles so the bosses don’t get away from you after that add different characters so it adds more to the game and that’s my review hope you enjoyed it.
Potential but…
Western Sniper has great potential. But with only 4 hours of play time I’m at well over level 120. Where’s the challenge? I’ve noticed that some levels are repeats, which is absolutely ridiculous. We do notice ya know. The bosses should be a lot harder to defeat. The aim and shooting of the enemies should be more accurate. The enemies should be able to move and duck behind objects to make them harder to defeat. Again, where is the challenge in this game? Of course the amount of ads are ridiculous but I also understand that that’s how developers make games ‘free to play’. However, there should either be an option to pay to remove ads. Or as an alternative there could be a option to pay for a monthly subscription. But of course with having to ‘Pay to play’ one would expect more frequent updates, more challenging levels and better content overall. For now I’m done playing but I will check it occasionally to see if the game has improved and to change my star rating if improvements are made. Happy developing!
Very nice game, but…
Well, graphics and the game is so nice and I’d love to play it a lot, one thing though. I deleted this game less then a min after downloading the game, the reason is the ADs. My god, you guys really put ads on everything. I literally can’t even play, I’m watching ads more then playing the game it self. Unbelievable, even when I press “no thanks” I still have to watch an ad. That’s crazy, I’ve never seen an app with this much ads in my life. Again, get rid of the ads and I’d definitely keep playing the game, no one will pay for a game that has that much amount of ads, I can’t even decide if the game is nice or not, it’s all just ads. I understand it’s a way to make money, but this game can be very successful if there was less ads, or if you make ads optional like when I press “no thanks” I mean no thanks I don’t want to still watch an ad. Thank you, that’s all of it, get rid of ads and I’ll for sure download the game again.
Wild bill321,
Holy Frickin Lag Time with ads that literally interrupt ads
This game is almost entirely unplayable and gets old very fast. The game lags worse than anything I’ve ever seen. If you can imagine a speed slower than dial up, that’s about this game plays. You get about 5-10 seconds of play, with about 3 minutes of ads that require you having to sit and watch them because otherwise pop ups from the add will pop up and interrupt the ad, meanwhile this freezes the add right where it’s at. This game lags so bad that even the Ads lag. A 30 second ad, takes more than 1 minute to play because it lags so bad, freezes up, gameplay is entirely unresponsive. The game has to be restarted multiple times and all because of the ads that interrupt ads. This game is entirely pointless and is literally the same thing over and over and over. All the levels look the same, yet you can barely play them because of the lag time. Then when you complete a level, you have to sit through all the ads. I’d find something much better to do with your time.
WOW GUYS!!! I get you have to pay bills. But a monster ad after every ten second round is the worst of any game I have ever played. This could have been a great game. I would rather do in app purchases or 5 bucks to remove adds. Don’t you think having in app purchases and pay for no adds is better than this irritating stuff. I guarantee you lose a ton of players everyday over this ad stuff. You are losing me and that’s a shame. Last year I spent over 35k playing a couple games with in app purchases. And I’ve been looking for something new. I am disabled and enjoy good games. So lose a spender like me because you don’t offer a way to rid of this horrible ad content. Who decided to continually throw this at you is not smart. Look at the games that make money.
Fun but to play but to many ads
The game is fun and challenging to play. The problem is the ads. You can’t do anything in the game without watching a 30 second ad first. Each level takes about 15 seconds to play then you have to watch another 30 second ad to claim your rewards from the level. There are 2 buttons at the end of each level, both buttons take you to a 30 second ad. Upgrades are offered about every third level, each requires you to watch a 30 second ad. 70% of the time you spend playing this game you are watching ads. If you are OK with that it’s a good game, if not don’t waste your time.
Wolfgang Zubreck,
Still has Issues since last rating…
It’s a great game and very fun to play but I keep literally getting ads after every level. No not because of the “Bonuses” for watching ads but just to continue to another repeat level. I have to watch an ad. There is no Ad wall removal subscription so you’re pretty much stuck with it. Oh, and now when I get an ad. I will lose my audio from time to time after the ad has ended but still can hear the audio for the ads 😭 Please fix this and allow for purchasing Ad Removal. Would make this game much more playable and would easily have 5 stars in my book.
Notes Function,
Awesome game concept, over monetized, too many ads
Like many recent games on IOS, the game is Over monetized and has too many ads. Even when u pay to get no ads there are still ads constricted into the game and too many in game purchases. Younger people don’t remember the old school PC games where u paid once and then u were done (no in app purchases) and no ads. Also old games were not pay to play wheee u had to sink lots of additional and even endless with no cap money into the game for it to be any fun—it was pay once and all skill and strategy to succeed. New games are not like that and so uninstalling all of them. More fun to replay classic games on PC and steam.
Another Ad Ridden Game
If you like GardenScape ads then this is the perfect game for you! I’m not one to not play a game simply because it has ads, but this one is a bit over the top. The thing that annoyed me the most (in the 30 minutes I played before deleting) was that sometimes when I would actually choose to watch an ad (to unlock/upgrade an item) there were “no ads available” then immediately after I exit the screen.. BOOM!! ..surprise! There was an ad available.. and guess what? It’s the same gardenscape ad you just watched 2.5 minutes ago. Would rate 0 stars if I could. The game itself is fun but far too many ads