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Brain Training Puzzle Game

Developer: 海强 黄
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.7.4
ID: com.gafv.puzzle.game.classic.blockpuzzle.wood


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A classic wooden block puzzle game with new gameplay. Easy to play, the only thing you need to do is to remove as many pieces of wood as possible on the 9 x 9 plank. You can place a given block on a horizontal or vertical line to clear all blocks. In this block puzzle game, you can also clear all blocks in the 3 x 3 grid! And you can use your wisdom to arrange multiple lines and squares to get COMBO SCORE! Try it and you will love this block puzzle game.

If you love tree and everything of it, this wood block puzzle game is totally made for you. With blocks made of wood, this block puzzle game will reduce stress and make you relax every time you play.

Wood Block puzzle is suitable for people of all genders and all ages! Have fun with the Wood Block puzzle! You can play Wood Block puzzle while waiting for your coffee, or while you wait in a line. Wood Block puzzle is offline as well! You can play it anytime or anywhere!

How to play:
Drag blocks to fill up the lines vertically or horizontally.
Blocks can be rotated freely.
Try to remove multiple lines at a time to get a higher score.
Game over if no space for extra blocks.

100% FREE Game
Suitable for all ages
Play Offline without WIFI
Daily Challenge

Let’s play this attractive classic wood block puzzle game now. You can play free anytime and anywhere you want. Hope you enjoy it!

Version history

Bug fixed
Bug fixed
Bugs fixed
Ipad Bugs fixed
Bugs fixed and Add new features
Bugs fixed and Add new features
Bugs fixed and Add new features
Bugs fixed and Add new features
Bugs fixed and Add new features
Bugs fixed and Add new features
Bugs fixed and Add new features
Bugs fixed and Add new features
Bugs fixed and Add new features

Bugs fixed and Add new features
Bug fixes, improved gameplay and UI optimization.
Bug fixes, improved gameplay and UI optimization.
Bug fixes, improved gameplay and UI optimization.
fix bug
Fix Bug

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4.3 out of 5
428 Ratings


It just keeps going!
I love this game! Play is not constantly interrupted by adds. The game just keeps going as long as you can.
Data wjpeout
I like this version of the wood block games better than most except for one major
problem. The game is supposed to continue as long as you don’t run out of moves . But I have never run out of moves with this particular app, and it will randomly start a new game instead of continuing the game I have been playing for days or weeks. There is no pattern. I will just open it one day and the board is completely wiped clean when I haven’t run out of moves. I should
Probably have around 500 Thousand points more or less since updating the app, but I’ll never know because the highest I reached before it started over randomly was around 65,000 and it regularly wipes out my progress now before I even reach 25,000. I don’t know if this is user error or a bug or if it happens to anyone else. There doesn’t seem to be a certain number of hours allowed or any other reason I can find.
This only started after I installed an updated version. So while I love the other features, this problem is extremely frustrating.
Ads Prevent Playing
I have enjoyed this game quite a bit but all of a sudden the banner ads prevent me from playing. It’s like the page size of the game increased and I can no longer see the pieces at the bottom to add to the puzzle because the banner ads obscure them. I didn’t change any settings from my end so I’m at a loss as to what can be done other than finding a similar replacement.
Randomly Zeros Scores
I really like this game but I had a running game with a score of over 28k that I had been playing off and on for about a month. Then one day I opened the app and it had me at ZERO (but did save my high score). I decided to try again to work on it and played several times and getting up to 9k and I just opened the app and again I am at ZERO. Too frustrating. Deleting.
Go back to previous version
I’ve been playing this game for a while and love it but after that update a couple days ago in early April, when I go out of the app and go back in, it starts me all over at zero please go back and fix it some games for me my last a week and a half
Brain worker at times
Really makes you try n perfect your architectural skills, as long as you receive descent forms of blocks. Really fun game. AS LONG AS YOU LIKE TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF.
It was great until the latest update
No longer a great game. The latest update changed it substantially and it’s almost impossible to get anywhere with it. It was great and I played it all the time. Will delete it soon, update lousy.
)))--->Insert Nickname Here<---(((,
Ads across the bottom block the tiles
Ads across the bottom block the tiles so only a sliver shows and you have to pick them up to see which one you want to play. Then you accidentally touch the ad. Over and over and over again. I deleted it.
Why did you ruin your own game‼️‼️‼️‼️
I just opened this favorite game, only to discover that it has been ruined. The graphics are now poor; it is flooded with adds, which obstruct playing; and all my stats have disappeared‼️ They only brain training is for developing serious patience😡😡😡
False reviews
I’ve read quite a bit of reviews for this app, and a lot of them mention something about there being so few ads. That’s how I know these reviews are false and not true.
I play a lot of these games, this one in particular has more ads than I’ve ever seen. You want to start a new game? Ad
You want to open the app? Ad
You run out of spaces? Ad
You want to go to the Home Screen? Ad

This game has so many ads it’s practically unplayable.