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Developer: Rewardify Inc.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.3.14
ID: com.wordgame.words.towin.cash.rewardify


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Win real cash, and play crossword puzzle games. Collect rewards in Words to Win!

Looking for the ultimate way to win real money while relaxing and exercising your brain? Words to Win!

Our app offers the best and most fun games to win real money, including your favorite crossword and word puzzles set in beautiful locations around the world. With Words to Win, you can play for real money and win real cash prizes while enjoying the challenge of our exciting games. So why wait? Download Words to Win now and start playing to win real prizes today!

Words to Win Gameplay:
- Challenging and fun words to uncover.
- Uncover the hidden words on the crossword puzzle in games so you can win real money!
- Use word connect for real cash!
- Stuck on a word? Use boosts to reveal letters to help win the level & receive real cash!
- Make as many words as possible! Some might be the bonus words where you can win coins!
- Travel all over the world! Start in beautiful Australia, uncovering words at the ocean, beach, and outback. Soon you’ll be playing Words to Win in Mexico, Africa, and even Hawaii.

Words to Win Word Puzzle Rewards
- Exciting ways to win and score rewards!
- Instant scratch-off card where you can win instantly!
- Daily and Monthly sweepstakes!
- Win cash on our Bonus Prize Wheel! Keep spinning for even more chances of increased rewards and in-game items.
- Play free games to win real money!

Get Words to Win for the best free games to win real money, crossword, and word game fans and addicts!

Get our amazing Crosswords and Earn Real Cash today! An easy and fun way to earn money!

Playing games has never been so rewarding!

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Sweepstakes Rules - https://rewardify.com/sweepstakesterms/
Support - [email protected]

Words to Win - All sweepstakes are free to enter and chosen at random.

These sweepstakes are devised as non-gambling promotions and are intended solely for entertainment purposes.

Apple does not sponsor, nor is any way affiliated with Words to Win and/or the sweepstakes prizes.

Version history

Performance improvements and bug fixes
Performance improvements
Performance improvements
Performance improvements
1000+ New Levels!
Performance improvements and bug fixes.
Performance improvements and bug fixes.
Tournaments and Daily Login prizes are now available!
No Ads IAP!
More chances to win!
New No Ads Option and Bug Fixes!
We expanded the Daily Quest system to give you more goals and more prizes! We also fixed a few bugs and improved performance to help you win big!
Introducing Daily Quests!
Performance improvements and bug fixes so you can have more fun and win big!
Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Removes interstitial and banner ads)
EC955558254✱✱✱✱✱ BD2A187✱✱✱✱✱
550 Gold Pack
(Pack of 550 gold.)
EC048592618✱✱✱✱✱ 3B87DD3✱✱✱✱✱
100 Gold Pack
(Pack of 100 gold.)
EC044145435✱✱✱✱✱ 968916B✱✱✱✱✱
Bundle Pack 1
(Bundle Pack with Boosts and Gold)
EC427127344✱✱✱✱✱ 9AEFA3D✱✱✱✱✱
1200 Gold Pack
(Pack of 1200 gold.)
EC393556094✱✱✱✱✱ B57D481✱✱✱✱✱
Bundle Pack 2
(Bundle Pack with Boosts and Gold)
EC773392847✱✱✱✱✱ 74F5546✱✱✱✱✱
2500 Gold Pack
(Pack of 2500 gold.)
EC007785128✱✱✱✱✱ 818B782✱✱✱✱✱
Bundle Pack 3
(Bundle Pack with Boosts and Gold)
EC775129197✱✱✱✱✱ 24B3570✱✱✱✱✱
Bundle Pack 4
(Bundle Pack with Boosts and Gold)
EC948644521✱✱✱✱✱ B46700D✱✱✱✱✱
7000 Gold Pack
(Pack of 7000 gold.)
EC811492198✱✱✱✱✱ 024FCA8✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
49.5K Ratings


It payed out one time!
It did let me cash out at or pass $7.00 but now I’m stuck on $6.55 I play the scratchers, and the wheel! But the wheel only lands on 400 or 150 so I’m not even excited win I hit the wheel. But the game is really fun, it helps so much to pass time and over all it’s one of my favorite games to play on my phone! I play it at least one time a day if not more! But I’m losing interest now because I’m stuck on$6.55 and after reading other reviews it looks like I will never get passed it again! Why let me one time and not again $7.00 is not much but it keeps you playing and it makes the game so much better! So why not make some adjustments and start letting players cash out! If you did this. It would make it the #1 game over all ! But there’s no pay out any more if you don’t fix this! It was probably a mistake the first time, but it and it went straight on my card! That is also true, I gave it 4 stars cause it freezes up a lot! But I will drop it and stop playing if this is not fixed! Sad but true!!
Typical win money scam
Don’t expect to ever get a payout cuz u will get to like $6.50 (give or take a few cents) and no longer win anymore cash after that. Seems to be a trend on here and a lot of other apps making the same promises. They let u think u are actually gonna win and get to payout then by the time u realize it’s never gonna happen, they’ve already made money off of u every time u watch an ad. A lot of apps that claim u can win money are exactly like this. It’s rigged to get your hopes up then stop letting u win once u get to a certain amount right before the minimum amount required to cash out. Usually when minimum amount is an odd amount like $7 it’s a scam. Legit sites will allow cash out at $1, $2, $5. Before u waste your time see what people are saying in the negative reviews and if they are saying similar things. Don’t go off positive reviews cuz even those are not accurate with sites like this. Like the person that said they won the jackpot on here is pretty likely full of ****. I guess the magic number here is $6.55 so once u hit that u might as well officially quit. Hopefully u don’t waste even that much time putting money in their pockets watching their ads. Don’t download this app if your time means anything to u
Game is fun, but don’t expect money
I’ve beep playing for a couple weeks now. The game itself is fun, you have the opportunity to pick up plenty of extra words other than what are in the grids. It can be a bit challenging to fill the grids, but enough gold bars are given so that you can always buy a hint.
This game is similar to Match to Win in the wheel spin and scratch cards, however, once you hit $6.55 it stops paying out. It is also a bit stingy with gold coins to be able to buy tickets. You have chances to earn money with both scratch tickets, and on the wheel, but only if you are extremely lucky. It says you can earn decent amounts of money both on the scratch tickets, and on the wheel, but it will usuallly pay out 5 or 10 cents at a time, then stops paying so often
once you get close to the $7 payout.

I just passed level 500, no coins have been paid out for at least 100 levels, and I doubt there will be, unless I happen to hit a lucky spin, somehow.

Had an idea about this game! Since there are so many words to find that are not in the grids, how about each extra word found equals an extra coin? It is a bit frustrating to have found almost a hundred words in a puzzle, and only get 21 coins for that game. It would also be like an extra reward for your skill at finding words. It’s something to consider.
Basic word search without winnings
I really like playing this game but have never won any money. I have had $6.55 in my account since the very beginning, which is just under what you need to be allowed to cash out. I have also had several times when I spun the wheel and landed on a large amount of coins only to have the game not credit me that amount. I get credit for smaller amounts all the time but if it is over 10k it doesn’t move the needle of my coin bank at all. I wrote to app support about this and they told me I needed to send screenshots to prove how much I had in my account before the spin and a screenshot of the spin winnings. That would basically require me to screenshot this game all the time so I just don’t get excited when I get a big spin now.
I am probably going to go back to a non winning type of word search since I don’t seem to be benefiting from this one in any way other than the the occasional excitement of spinning a wheel or winning some completely worthless coins. The word search is okay if you are ok with just having normal word search fun.
disappointed guaranteed,
Can you ever get above $6.55
I read a review that hit all the points I have in complaints on this game. You never get above $6.55 no matter what level you manage to achieve. The cash out amount is $7.00 and above. I contacted customer support to find out how many levels the game had and could not get a definite answer. The squares are to dark in some of the games so you can’t see how many letters the words have. The winners never have names or pictures. Overall this game is a waste of time if you are trying to make extra cash matter of fact I’ve tried them all and they are nothing but fake, Fraud, and scAm likely as you will never be able to cash out and you will make these developers pocket phat by watching all those stupid ads that lie about “making Real money” by playing these games. The App Store and you the developer should all be sued for false advertisement and the App Store for allowing fraud knowing that all they have to do is read all these reviews to see that these developers have lied but it don’t matter cause they are lining their pockets too. Any lawyers in the Audience?
See around,
Can you ever get to $7.00 to cash out ?
I am at level 365 with $5.80. My goal here is to get to the $7.00 to cash out. Will let ya’ll know if it ever happens. Also have one complaint. I love the game, but in the higher levels, it becomes more difficult to see the squares. The background is too dark. Wish this issue could be fixed. Also wonder how many levels there are. Would love to give this five stars, but I haven’t seen any review where someone actually cashed out. I came back to mention the fact that they don’t show the names of the sweepstake or raffle winners. Why not ? Update- I just finished level 790. I have been stuck at $ 6.55 for the last 400 levels. It should be called words to lose. I have now passed level 1000 and still at $6.55 and don’t know what the gold bars are for. The gold coins are used for hints and tickets. I like the game but you never win enough to cash out. The lame game
Cheats you out of rewards
Figured I’d play to pass time, was on the spinning wheel and kept hitting 400 coins but I kept watching ads to get more spins. Learned you don’t get all the prizes when you do more spins, okay understandable. But I hit 7,500 coins and exited out of the spinning wheel after “collecting” the reward. Well it never showed up, contacted support, apparently you gotta screenshot any reward you get cuz when they mess up and you don’t get it, you’re just beat. How am I supposed to know or why would I think oh hey let me screenshot before I exit because it’s not gonna give it to me, when I’ve gotten all the ones that were in the hundreds or even the money. But this one time I hit a higher amount you just don’t get it. So I’m gonna assume you don’t get any money you earn when it comes down to it. If they cheat you out of bigger rewards why on earth would they pay you the money you’ve “earned”?

Deleted the game after spending so much time playing and then not getting some of the rewards I’m just over it. It’s a crap game.
So this is my first review that I’ve ever written on an app game. It’s okay, you do win real money, but let me tell you that I’m almost to level 50… I’ve only won a little over 5 dollars. They claim you can’t cash out until you e hit $7.00… I guess we shall see, but it takes FOREVER to get there. Not to mention that there are MULTIPLE and MULTIPLE Ads! Every single time you complete a word puzzle, spin a wheel, watch an ad, there’s another ad… I have yet to cash out, and have been playing NON stop for DAYS!!!! Besides the ads, and only winning 0.5 cents here and there, I mean it does pass the time, but holy moly! I’m sore there are easier ways to WIN and make money in today’s games… but play on, friends.. I can say one thing, it’s not a very complicated way to win.. but I’ll be back with another review to say weather or not they actually let me cash out REAL money. Oh, you do not pay a cent to play this.. which is nice. To be determined is the reason I gave 3 stars!!!
The Game Won’t Let You Get Pass $6.55!
I’ve been binge playing this game for awhile now and in the beginning I was making money easy but now once I hit Level 90 I noticed I stopped getting money, at first I was just like it’s no big deal the money will come back around and then once I got to level 150 I got concerned because 60 levels later and I still haven’t even gotten a single penny so I started spinning the wheel as many times as I can watching the videos for more spins and I landed on coins everytime. Even doing the scratchers I only got coins I’m currently on level 200 and something and I’m still stuck on $6.55 which I have been on since level 23. I read other reviews and I see other people is having the same issue as me: I just want to cash out. $7 ain’t much but it’s something to someone who’s broke like me . The game is so fun but the money situation is ridiculous. Please fix this issue
McWhirly Peterson Wallace IV,
This game is RIGGED (I’m at level 266)
After reaching a balance of $6.55 around level 100 the game STOPPED giving out $0.05, $0.10, and the $0.25 “cash” amounts. You must have $7 to cash out so this is no coincidence. I am now at level 266 and the app is totally rigged won’t allow anymore “cash” prizes after solving more than 100 levels. Waste of time. The app is programmed not to allow the $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $250 payments. The dollar amounts are a facade the highest you can get per win is $0.25. You cannot control the speed of the wheel, it spins automatically and is programmed to give little rewards. False advertisement. You probably have to play 1000s of levels to gain the $7 payout. I wouldn’t recommend anyone wasting their time on this game. There are faster ways to earn an extra $7 other than wasting hours, days, weeks, or even months of your life. Payouts are 100% rigged and controlled by the manufacturer of the game. Notice how the reviews that say payouts are “legit” never have any information stating which level of the game they reached to receive a “legit” payout.