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Developer: Voodoo
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.15
ID: com.gnarcade.doge


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WOW best stonk and Dogecoin simulation game. Much fun. Such phone game. Very free. Play as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and stocks.

Tap to zig-zag and blast through multipliers TO THE MOON! Money printer go brrrrrr.

D is for Dogecoin
D = D

Version history

- bug fixes and other improvements
small improvements
- bug fixes
- small improvements
- small improvements
- small improvements
- small improvements and bug fixes
- small improvements and bug fixes
- cars give you multiplier at start of level
- new skin
- bug fixes and minor improvements
- skins
- new car
- minor improvements
- added shop
- minor improvements
- small improvements
- small improvements
- small improvements and minor bug fixes


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4.7 out of 5
53.6K Ratings


Kind of sad
Wow, this game really had potential. It seemed fun in the ads so I got it. I was disappointed after two games, for some reason you can buy cars in the game (they do nothing) and it gets boring way to fast because nothing changes at all. The only goal is not get more cash from getting multipliers. That’s it. Clicking and going up and down. So Voodoo please, get your dumb game devs to make some original content, all of your games are cash grabs you already have what you need so take the time to invest your money in better games.
Voodoo seems really desperate
It seems like Voodoo has really been going downhill lately making Robux games and even nasty games. But this game seems generally fun although it doesn’t give Robux it is actually pretty fun if you played enough but I do have some issues. One is that the game seems pretty basic and a bit rushed since there’s only five characters and a few cars but they do make up for it with good graphics. The Memes aren’t even that funny but I can see they still tried. I’m giving this four stars because it is a fun game but voodoo has been scamming people for Robux and making games that they shouldn’t I remember when this developing team was the icon of my childhood.
Fun game, has potential
I saw this game on TikTok and decided to get it because, why not? I got it for the memes and then realized that this is the kind of game you have for when you are bored and need to kill some time. I don’t know if it is because there is something wrong with my phone, but I am not getting any sound at all. That DOGECOIN song on tiktok would work especially well if tweaked to list as long as each play lasts. If you could customize more with the money you get, like the background, music, character, and other things like that, then it would be even more enjoyable. Otherwise I expected something to get ironically but was surprised for it to be a neat little game.
Great games but have suggestion.
I love this game. It’s so fun and I could play it for a long time, but there at SO MANY ADDS. Like I can’t even play for three rounds without wanting to throw my phone across a room when an add pops up. And I was searching but couldn’t find a no adds purchase. So my request is that you could please please please add a no adds purchase or at least lower the amount of adds, (I’d prefer the purchase though.) and again I love this game so so much and I’m only trying to make it so I can play more. So please take my request into consideration.
Previously was great, now it’s garbage
DogeCoinYolo, a fun, zigzag game where the iconic doge character rode a coin and collected money through a level of obstacles and memes. This game is based off of the crypto-currency known as dogecoin. At first, this game was simple, you tap the screen to make the doge go a certain direction to benefit the amount of money you make. There were no ads, no payed content, it was a simple game, a very entertaining one at that. Fast forward a week or two, a company called Voodoo has bought it, rigging it of ads, buyable skins, cars, and more. It looks worse, and everytime you try to preform an action, you have to watch an ad. Overall, I do NOT recommend this game in anyway, do not install it if you don’t wanna watch senseless ads and have multiple random pop-ups.
not_a person,
Help for creators
I have been playing this game for a while I have everything you can buy and $1.1B but there are some flaws in the game here they are. If you keep going up and down on the pad as much as you can you can go thru the buildings, And get $0 dollars as the score. Sometimes if you get to much money like $49M your game will lag and it kinda gets annoying. Also when you try to press the remove ads button nothing happens, But other than that it is a good game would recommend but just so you know if you don’t like ads don’t play.
Epic Rain657,
Upgrade to go back
I don’t know if there is a way to go back further or if there is just a based position but can you make a upgrade so you can go back further so you can play it longer, overall it’s a great game but I don’t know if I’m the only person to say this but each level is a little short so upgrade to go back further and make the game longer I think would be great. Hopefully you understand what I am saying and I hope you reply back or add my idea, if you decide not to that’s ok too
I freaking love this it rocks! But I noticed one 2 many things that should have a change
I love this game! It is really fun at the fact of it and it is sincerely fun, but that when I checked the app description scrolling down it said that “Used to track me- location etc.” so of course this frightened me, so that would be one thing nice to change on taking of the tracking, or having an allow or don’t allow feature. And maybe add some noise it would make the experience a little better.

-sincerely, a fellow player of dogecoin yolo
not the first time voodoo does this…
this game is like all of voodoo’s other games; boring, poorly made and filled with ads. for those who haven’t seen the pattern somehow, voodoo makes a ton of this kind of app waste. their business model is to pump out simple games as fast as possible, some with fake multiplayer, and fill them to the brim with ads. they put absolutely no time into making them entertaining for more than a few minutes, as it doesn’t matter to them as long as they make money from the absurd amount of ads they slap on. this game is much of the same except this time it’s targeted at obnoxious cryptobros. don’t support voodoo, instead look for games more worth your time because even if they have a bit of a price tag, the devs definitely put more work into it than voodoo will ever put into their games. 2/5 because the game could’ve been good if the devs actually cared about making it
willy wonka 34,
Voodoo ruined the game
I used to play the game when it was new and a few weeks later voodoo buys it. When I played the game after voodoo bought it every 20 seconds I got a ad. This is the effect on games that voodoo owns. When I tried to buy something with the coins I earned I got a ad. Mid way through a run I got a ad. When you try to do something in the game it gives you a ad, and these ads are very annoying they allow the dumbest ads on the game. Like ads that are like “ Is ThAt mY BoyFriend wITh AnOtHeR gIrL”. Best thing to do to make the game better is give the game back to the creator or get rid of every single add.