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Developer: Robot Gentleman sp. z o.o.
Category: Games
Price: $3.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.3.2
ID: com.robotgentleman.game60parsecs


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Atomic Space Age was a blast! Until it became the Post-Apocalyptic Space Age.

Your space station is about to explode and you only have 60 seconds before things get messy. What (or who) will you grab before you make a mad dash for the emergency shuttle and begin your journey into THE GREAT UNKNOWN?

This is 60 Parsecs!, a dark comedy sci-fi adventure set in the Atomic Space Age - complete with all the Cold War paranoia, chrome-plated wall accents and cockroaches with space helmets.

Lead a crew of woefully unprepared astronauts, equipped with whatever junk - sorry - "supplies" you can grab before blasting off, on a journey across the cosmos that's best described as misguided. Make the best of it, while dealing with soup shortages and other horrors of outer space. Will you have what it takes to find a new home and survive?

Bon voyage!

With only 60 seconds before nukes reduce the space station to floating particles in the vacuum of space, frantically grab whatever supplies and crew you can before getting out of there. You never know when that sock puppet will come in handy.

Space funerals are inconvenient, so try to avoid dying where possible. Use your limited supplies and (hopefully not limited) wits to make difficult choices and ensure your survival, even though the odds are definitely stacked against you.

Duct tape fixes all problems, but how do you fix (or at least craft) duct tape? Chart expeditions to find resources, craft survival essentials and explore strange new worlds in a procedural, very-much-permadeath adventure.

As captain, it's your duty to keep the crew happy - they're less likely to kill you that way. Manage relationships as you watch them grow closer and hopefully not throw each other out the airlock.

Version history

Xcode update
Improvements and fixes for traitor events and morale behaviour.
Added visual representation of captain's goal progress and improved Baby Bronco's personal goal.
Rebalanced damage dealt to player in events.
Crafting and expedition systems UI improvements.
Added planetary questlines computer icons and systems animations.
Fixed and improved planetary questlines when captain is alone
Implemented new space adventures music.
Fixes for smaller bugs in various events.
Localizations improvements.
Multiple UI fixes and improvements.
- 4 new languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish
- Fixed repair-tools event
- Fixed lack of alternative questline after opting out of Robodog
- Fixed the poor Phobian wrong tooltip displaying
- Fixed crafting panel confirmation button (not working after enabling pause menu)
- Fixed missing ending graphics for Murder Glitch and Bad Doggy
- Narrowed choice attribute tooltips
- Centered expedition system text
- Corrected text of the computer confirmation event button
- Fixed missing tooltip for Alternative Rocket
- Fixed wrong Moon Tower returning expedition text
- Small fixes of the traitor events
- Corrected visibility of missions handbook tooltips
We are celebrating 10 years of Robot Gentleman! Grab our new logo!
We are celebrating 10 years of Robot Gentleman! Grab our new logo!
- Introduction of new gameplay stage/element
- 11 new Space events
- 5 new Space Monsters (10 new monster events & 5 new visuals)
- 3 new questlines (14 new endings)
- 4 new achievements
- 3 new music pieces and new SFX
- Main menu art revamp
-Fixed scavenge visual bug
-Fixed chinese outline font issue
-Fixed wrong item displayed in starlog during some expeditions
-Fixed snapping cursor not working after lost scavenge
-Fixed expedition module issue
-Fixed present not given in Petersons event
-Fixed tonemapping setting
- 6.5” screens full support
- Adaptive icons support
- Giant Leap achievement fixes
- Soup calculations fixes
- Settings changes in pause menu fixes
- Endings’ stats fixes
- The Cockroach event in Deedee’s mission fixes
- Items in the Backey event fixes
- Localization fixes (PL)
Simplified Chinese localization - font fixes
Simplified Chinese localization - font fixes
New mission: "Dude, where’s my oxygen?!"
Rate our game pop-up
- Added Japanese translation.
- Fixed issue with FacebookSDK crashing the game on startup.
- Lots of minor bugfixes.

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4.7 out of 5
288 Ratings


Keeps surprising me
I saw the reviews that say it “runs out fast” but this game keeps surprising me. Every time I play, granted there are a lot of repetitive choices, I find soooo many different nuances, depending on your chosen captain, their current state, the state of and relationship with crew mates, which crew mates etc. etc. Not to mention your goal in each session, how long it takes you affecting the outcomes. Every time I think I know every possible outcome, I get a little surprise. But they are little surprises. So if you are bored easily, or too impatient to notice and don’t appreciate finer details affecting outcomes then this may not be game for you. I will keep playing because I am determined to visit every destination, achieve every happy/bad ending at least once, changing up captains randomly so I keep getting surprised. Ps it does glitch occasionally but usually because you chose person or object for both crafting or expedition and daily challenge. Usually an exit to main page for a moment will fix/ or allow you to choose more carefully. Or check language you can’t t give 100 power/ battery if you don’t have it
Rexi Ship,
The Perfect Sequel
I’ve played both 60 Seconds & 60 Parsecs, and I’d have to say that 60 Parsecs is the superior title.

1. The Characters
In 60 Seconds, the family doesn’t have much personality. They have names and appearances, but nothing unique about them! In 60 Parsecs, each crew member as a special personality and different strengths and weaknesses, as well as more defining physical features.

2. The Story
60 Seconds has you stay in a shelter due to a nuclear bomb to wait until you are rescued. 60 Parsecs has you launch into space inside a shuttle as Earth is bombed into destruction, and you must find somewhere to live. 60 Parsecs clearly wins in this category.

3. The Gameplay
60 Parsecs updates the original formula with a crafting system, additional areas to travel, more characters and more! 60 Seconds main things to do are go on expeditions, make a choice, and ration. 60 Parsecs expands on the initial design and increases its quality.

In conclusion, 60 Parsecs is a considerable step up from 60 Seconds (a game I enjoyed). I think this game is great and anyone who liked 60 Seconds with love 60 Parsecs.
Audrey H.L,
Love it!
This game is so fun! I really like that it’s available to play offline, ad free, and it doesn’t really drain my battery like some other games. The only thing is that I want to get the other version of this game, 60 Seconds, but the rating for the other game is 12+. I was thinking that should be changed just because they are the same game (and I can’t do 12+ because I have restrictions for school). Thanks for reading my review! Definitely recommend this game.
Atomic Knight,
Game Was Really Good Except...
Game was really good except that it didn’t record any progress in the Records Section, I built lots of stuff but the records were all Zeros’s and showed none of the progress I had made, I was able to save a video to my photo album but when I clicked to save my adventure to Facebook after finishing, the game crashed and when I loaded it to try again it wouldn’t let me because the game save was gone and would only let me start a new game.
I hope you fix this because when you make progress in a game it should show up in the game.
This game could use a patch or two to fix those issues.
And maybe a way to store more than one game save.
It runs out fast
I wish there was more secrets, you can knock this bad boy out in a day if you don’t have work, greedy game and totally worth 5 bucks and they don’t even charge that. You’ll like it watch out playing as baby, it’s really easy cause you can grab so much gear so I’d save that for last just to knock out the last character.
Great game, but one thing.
So this game is great, the graphics are amazing. There is also not a lot of bugs. This game takes a while to play, but worth the money and the time! There is just one bug that recently happened to me. When I turned on the robot dog, it showed a map and I chose Emmett to look at it. The next day, it said the end, BUT I GOT KICKED OUT RIGHT AFTER. So that was VERY disappointing. So if you see this, I would like you to fix that. But overall, this game is very entertaining and my favorite video game!
Great game but a few things...
I love this game but after a few days of playing it, it gets boring, facing the same options that you just did in the previous attempt of the game, sure there are plenty of captains to choose from and all that but they only last for so long, it’d be cool if there was an option where YOU pick the tools you want or something like that but I don’t know. But to be honest, other than all that it’s an amazing game, you should like it if you’re into strategy type games it’s really cool and fun.
St. Elizabeth,
Quite the Anger
So I went to do my second adventure, after the humiliating fourteen days survived... And then I landed on the planet described as “Storm Driven”, Black planet with red clouds.
I went ahead and teamed up with the Antagonists to fight off the bad guys, and every time they asked for power, I said yes and the next day “We Had To Decline”. Like what the heck! I had a battery, upgraded! And once I paused my moment of crafting to see what happens, same thing! Either this is the MOST ANNOYING BUG! Or simply a confusion. No matter what the odd’s though, buy this amazing, well made game!
I do not care what anyone says about 60 Seconds being superior, this game has so many more features, more survivors, more lore, A LOT OF NEW PLANETS/ENVIRONMENTS TO EXPEDITION ON, AND MORE ENDINGS! It’s absolutely unreal how much work they put into this game just for it to be looked as the space 60 Seconds when its way more than that! I love this game and thank you so much to the devs for making it!
I Love it but there this one part
It’s really good as most of the other reviews have said but there’s is this one part I think is a bug. On the stormy planet, if the old alien alien guy comes to ask for power no matter what you say, yes or no it will always say you had to decline. I hope this gets fixed so I can get an ending at that point!