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Developer: Clickteam, LLC
Category: Games
Price: $1.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.0
ID: com.clickteam.onaf3


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"Hiya, best friend!"

Flumpty Bumpty is back again with all of his strange companions. You're his friend, too! ...Aren't you? Join the gang for one last round of "survival hide-and-seek" until the clock strikes 6 AM.

This time, you're armed with little more than a point-and-click camera with a flash, and the room you're staying in is freezing. it's too bad you couldn't bundle up ahead of time.

The egg is waiting for you...

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4.7 out of 5
308 Ratings


Blown away
This is how you end it wow! The beaver and the owl are merged, the Redman gets a better function with the Thermometer, and Golden Flumpty actually kind of does something for a change. It’s a great balance trying to keep yourself warm, making sure you don’t flash grunkfuss and making sure you don’t forget about one of the characters. But the best thing about this game is Flumpty Night. Holy crap it’s so cool. After Flumpty’s friends fail him again, he’s had enough and takes things into his own hands by brutally murdering his friends and showing you his true power. “I can transcend time and space” as he said in the first game and he wasn’t lying. Setting the time back to 12am and being in multiple places at the same time. It’s absolute chaos and I love it. No more funny stuff he’s serious this time and the music goes so well with it. He continuously multiplies himself and adds multiple mechanics (some being from the past games like the exposure meter) as the night goes on, just trying to mess with you and stress you out as much as possible. And then the music changes to Eleggtroswing which 1st off is a banger but also just stresses you out even more. And as if it couldn’t get even more chaotic, he starts messing with the time, the thermometer, the amount of pictures it’s absolutely insane how he shows you how crazy he really is. Without a doubt the best of the trilogy and one of the absolute best FNaF fan games out there!
The color radio demon,
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!
You see I’m a big ONAF fan. I when I found out that there was Third
game I could not wait! And let me tell you it’s worth $1:99! I have beaten the game yet, but it’s still lot’s of fun! I only have one problem tho… you see there’s this clown and if you take his picture he kills you. But birthday boy blame you need to take his picture or he will kill you. So at first it seems easy one don’t take his picture another do take his picture. But sometimes both appear in your office. So if take a picture birthday boy blame runs a way and doesn’t kill you, but clown kills you. And if you don’t take a picture the clown won’t kill you, but birthday boy blame will. You see the problem you die either way. So that’s just my opinion. But if you ask me if you should play it I’ll say check it out if you’re interested. This is amazing and I’ll a lot even if not Halloween!
Pretty great game
I’m the biggest Onaf fan and I can say this is one of the best fnaf fan games however it’s not perfect night one is pretty meh birthday boy blam is fine along with red man and the beavowl also the beavowl is the best character to be in this game grunkfuss is ok he’s not bad but pretty annoying eyesaur is the worst character in this night and golden Flumpty is ok he has good hiding spots the fake 6 am is amazing along with Flumpty night I cannot believe that was in this game it was scary but amazing and the music is good but eleggoswing is a bop and fire I can listen to it for hours hard boiled mode is a nice way final night and the ending is a great ending however the best part of this game is Kevin jr.
loving this game
Well as i loved ur games and stuff i brought these 2 one nights at flumpty 2 to 3 the reason why i didnt buy the first game was i had no money left so i had to buy these 2 since i got money thank u jonochrome for making this game we will all miss it by the time u work on a new project. Thank u all for reading this have a good day/night
This game is fun but it would be more fun if I can actually play it
I re-download it and download this game for like five times and it didn’t let me and I just kept kicking me out one time I actually got to play the game but it just kicked me out the time I got into the office I didn’t even get to see any characters know nothing you should really fix this or I’m never gonna play your games again I really hope you can see this developers and the worst part about it is that you’re like oh cool I knew one night at Flumpty’s game but all you do is enter the game see the company who made it and then you just get kicked out of it so I can’t play it I really hope that you can patch us so I can actually play the game or I will tell all of my friends to not like these games and I will never play it again OK?
ninja wolf 1986,
This game is the best
This game is so great and fun I didn’t leave my house for 1 billion hours that’s how fun this is just kidding you should not stay in your house for that long or you will die of houseieits makes you very sick and you die so don’t stay in your house with all that said I recommend this great game about eggs and advise you to eat eggs every day and go outside to avoid houseieits
Capt Japan,
Why I like this
Alright so as you jonochrome made this and honestly the is just so good that he put lots of time into it and he did because of a DREAM yes i know that sounds stupid but really he did and the art is so good he even mixed the owl and beaver he took the names and made something that makes me want to kill my family!
Kick You Out Simulator
Ok in all I do love the game from gameplay and stuff but the reason I give this 4 stars is because every time I try to load up the game it crashes/kicks me out ClickTeam plz fix this I’ve been dying to play this and knowing I can’t play kinda upsets me so plz if you’re reading this plz fix this
Good game
Honestly a pretty fun game tbh but I died at four am because of my body temperature and that cause was golden Flumpty and I died at (I’ve already said that) but since this game needs no wifi at all it’s a good game when your in a road trip so I would recommend
Nif comicazilla,
I have yet to win buttttt
This game is wonderful and is the best fnaf fan game. It is completely balanced and once you understand each character it is easier. If a 4 ended up coming out even though it is unlikely to I would play.