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Developer: InnerSloth LLC
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2022.12.14
ID: com.innersloth.amongus


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A game of teamwork and betrayal space! Play online with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on killing everyone.

Crewmates win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the Impostors off the ship. The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis. Optional roles create a whole new level of gameplay. Try out the Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel, or Shapeshifter to create chaos! Think you’re a master of deception? Only one way to find out!

Choose how you want to play! Change the number of Impostors, roles, tasks, player visibility, and more. Play in style as you change your Crewmates’ color, visor, nameplate, outfit, and hat. More customization options are planned to be continually added in.

Cross-platform play is supported. Play with friends (or enemies?) between PC, mobile, or console!

If you have any issues, visit us at:

Version history

Minor Bug Fixes
A brand new way to play - it's our biggest content update of the year!
-New game mode: Hide n Seek - think you can escape from the Impostor until time runs out?
-New achievements for Hide n Seek
-New cosmetics
-Added the ability to pet your pets
-More improvements and fixes

For the complete list of updates, visit
Updated our Save Data system
Mini update time! Featuring small additions, including:

- Fixed misaligned kick/ban buttons
- Fixed kill cooldowns
- Cosmicube improvements
- Improved compatibility with iOS16
- More improvements and fixes

For the complete list, visit
New collab! Added a new hololive Cosmicube.
Hotfix to resolve lag issues players have been experiencing
Hope you're hungry! The latest update (version 2022.8.23) features:

- Two new Food Cosmicubes. Spend your beans (and stars) on all new food themed cosmetics
- Ability to change the map from the lobby
- Minor store changes around sorting and purchases
- Several minor bug fixes and improvements
- Added ability to delete account

For all updates, visit
Re-enabled achievements
Oops! There were some account creation issues with Apple ID in the last update. Added temporary accounts for those affected in v2022.6.30.

Those with full accounts may encounter a delay in receiving achievements, but don't worry - stats will be stored until the issue is resolved.

Thanks for playing!
Our giant bug fix update is here! Make sure you’re on v2022.6.21 to get the changes:

• Added Streamer Mode to the settings: When active, room codes do not display in the lobby and are replaced by “Click to copy".
• Account Linking is back! You can link most platforms together to share cosmetics, experience, etc.
• Added a colorblind mode to the settings.

• Players are now able to view the map from the voting screen.
• Over 100 more issues fixed! See our website for all the info.
Minor fixes
Major Changes
-New feature: Friends List! Send and receive friend requests, invite people to your lobby, and see who you recently played with.
-Temporarily removed the ability to link/unlink existing accounts.
-New free item: Ghostface Cosmetics
A secret update... watch out for April Fools Day on April 1st!

-No offline/online status for friends yet
-Cosmetics are rearranged in a different order
-Child accounts will need additional permissions from their parent/guardian to access their Friends List
- Fix authentication error
- Fix white background error
- Fix missing skin
What's new in version 2021.12.14
- Holiday Cosmicubes! Get festive with our new Snowflake and Snowbean Cosmicubes, now available in the store.

- Scroll wheel is smoother
- General usability improvements
- Stabilized the false bans for hacking
- No longer crashes on M1 Macbooks
Bug Fixes
- Fixed banning time issue caused by disconnecting from active rooms/leaving a game
- Fixes to alleviate Reliable Packet Error disconnects
- Getting empty Pods despite having an active Cosmicube fixed
Our biggest update yet in version 2021.11.9 - Roles & Cosmicubes!

- 4 new Roles. Enter a whole new level of deception with the Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel, and Shapeshifter roles. More information in the game lobby settings!
- Brand new customization. Visor cosmetics, nameplates, plus additional hats, skins, and pets.
- Cosmicubes and unlockable cosmetics: Play the game, gather resources, and reap the rewards of your murde-- uh, tasks. Hit the $ on the title screen to check it out.
- Leveling up: The more you play, the more experience and resources you gain.
- Account linking. Log in, link, and save your progress and cosmetics using the same account.
- Achievements. Think you're an expert Crewmate or Impostor? Only one way to find out!

Check our dev log for all the info:
- Added vent cleaning task
- Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Irish localization added

Bug Fixes:
- Getting stuck in place after a meeting is fixed
- Scaling on "SHH" screen fixed
- Geoff eyepatch is now (sadly) back to being a mask
- Clouds in the Airship no longer move in the wrong direction
- Upload Data phone colors fixed
- All major buttons are now localized
- Other minor visual and localization bug fixes
- Game crashing on startup fixed
- 6 brand new colors: Tan, Gray, Banana, Rose, Maroon, and Coral
- A new kill screen meeting menu that indicates who died between rounds
- Ability to honk horn added to The Airship :grinning: If you have the “Stabilize Steering” task, bop the horn to honk it
- Made it more clear you can change the chat type (Free Chat VS Quick Chat) in the game settings if you are logged in
- Various bug fixes
-Lobby Share button on iPad is fixed!
Hot Fixes:
-Fixed missing Start button and player count when hosting lobby
-Fixed iOS account sign in issues: name changing, account buttons not appearing, etc.
-Disabled Discord Lobby Share button on iPad

-Discord integration: Connect to Discord and easily share your lobby room code or join existing lobbies
-Twitch streaming integration - you can now stream straight from Among Us on mobile
-Other minor bug fixes
-Discord integration: Connect to Discord and easily share your lobby room code or join existing lobbies!
-Twitch streaming integration to start streaming straight from Among Us!
-Fix for missing Start button and player count when hosting lobby!
-Other minor bug fixes!
-Discord integration: Connect to Discord and easily share your lobby room code or join existing lobbies!
-Twitch streaming integration to start streaming straight from Among Us!
-Minor bug fixes!
Hot fixes!
-Account login flow significantly reworked
-Text graphical update
-Updated translations
-Various bug fixes
- New map out now - The Airship!
- Biggest map, all new tasks, improved mobility, and more areas to explore
- New account system for reporting
- Parental approval needed for underage players
- Free hats included: Heart, Angry Eyebrows, Unicorn, Zipper, and more
- Airship Cosmetic Bundle available for purchase, get fancy aboard the new map!
Bug Fixes
- Shadows work correctly now!
- Polus has lava again!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Mini Crewmate Bundle
(The Mini Crewmate and Robot pets.)
IE105252979✱✱✱✱✱ 62D5382✱✱✱✱✱
Hamster Pet Bundle
(The Hamster and Dog pets)
IE336157971✱✱✱✱✱ 4C81CFA✱✱✱✱✱
Remove All Ads
(Remove all ads when hosting)
IE447019165✱✱✱✱✱ 15C8489✱✱✱✱✱
1M Download Hat Bundle
(8 hats in celebration of 1M total downloads)
IE133597792✱✱✱✱✱ 40C6C38✱✱✱✱✱
MIRA HQ Skin Bundle
(Skins that look great on MIRA HQ Map)
IE475643316✱✱✱✱✱ 74D33BB✱✱✱✱✱
Top Hat
(A normal top hat)
IE173172404✱✱✱✱✱ 26BD045✱✱✱✱✱
Polus Map Skins
(Skins that go well with the Polus map.)
IE633033383✱✱✱✱✱ C885144✱✱✱✱✱
Brainslug Pet Bundle
(The Brainslug and UFO pets)
IE493509293✱✱✱✱✱ B874EA6✱✱✱✱✱
Stickmin Pet Bundle
(The Henry Stickmin and Ellie pets.)
IE494170745✱✱✱✱✱ 808B14F✱✱✱✱✱
(A police hat)
IE665778189✱✱✱✱✱ DAEE2FF✱✱✱✱✱

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4.1 out of 5
725.9K Ratings


Claire The Bread Bear,
Decent but addictive 🙂
Overall it’s a really fun game, I play this game in my spare time and I’m really happy because I got my dad to play it I enjoy spending time with all my friends and playing this game. I also feel really happy that roblox has released a imposter game because now people who don’t have among us can play it if they have roblox! This game is really fun and I know I’ve said this already but it’s so addictive! I love the game I really do and I think it’s a really good game they mean nothing to do with adding or subtracting from the stuff you already have there I do like the colors and I wish there was a bit more options for people who can’t Buy things but I do think it’s a massive catalog already! It takes a lot to download stuff and I’m pretty sure if he would spend a lot of times creating this I’m sorry for the super long review again! I just wish somehow this game wasn’t as addicting because when you think about it you see all the Youtubers who still posting about it and among us is kind of cool down it’s not as popular now it just kind of had a little outburst like a “15 minutes of fame”. I really appreciate this game and I really am happy to have it on my phone especially because now since I have a better phone it will actually work I hope this review helped for anyone who really needed help figuring out what this game is about. Thank you for reading if you did!
angel, love, beauty, repeat,
Reasons of Among Us
Hi! So I love the game! I love the detail added to the hide and seek mode of the game with the meeting button broken. That’s one of my favorite details because you can’t call the meetings! Every time there’s a meeting, I get voted out! For example: once, I did scan in front of EVERY player in the game I was playing with! But when the other gamer who wasn’t with us the whole time reported the body he said that I was the imposter! Everyone said that I did scan and the gamer said that because I did scan it was me! I’m sorry, but has that person lost their mind?! Anyway, they all voted me out even though they saw me do scan and then the rest of the crew said that he was safe because he voted me out and I wasn’t the imposter! That’s the reason why I don’t like the meetings! The second detail I love was how the creators made the seeker so cool and creepy! I love that they added how many crew members were alive and dead! I also love the bar for how close the imposter is! That was a really big help for me! I was getting a little kinda bored of the classic among us so i’m very happy and thrilled that they added hide and seek to the game! The next game I want them to add is an all new shift and seek game so when is crew mates are trying to play shift and seek in classic mode, every one will actually play by the rules of shift and seek! Thank you for reading this interview, see you next update!
The Updates
I used to bolt to my phone once I had the opportunity of free time just for I could play this game. This game is tremendously entertaining but, with time this game gradually gets boring. It eventually went to me playing this game everyday to never playing this game in the duration of months. I had such an amazing time playing this game. After months of not playing this game I came back, but now the enjoyment of playing this game has declined as a result of this games updates. One of my critiques for this game is the limitations of speech. I do understand that without the limitations of speech people could get foul things said to them, but when you’re not allowed to explain yourself why your not the Imposter, that takes away the point of the game; Prove yourself trustworthy and deceive the Crewmates or catch the Imposter without being suspected. In my opinion, the graphics aren’t the most flattering, I prefer the the previous version but yet again, that’s just a personal preference. The fact that you can’t change your name in the game is also just a minor change that I miss. Yes they removed the feature of changing your name because people were abusing that power, but there are other solutions that would make everyone happy, for example: censoring the name, instead of just completely taking the ability to change your name away. Other then these minor issues, the game is still enjoyable, I still would recommend people to play this game just to kill downtime.
Great game, can always be better
Hi, so I’ve been reading reviews on this game and one thing I have seen come up many times is a microphone added for players to chat with one another. Now I think this could be a good idea, but I have to disagree. You see I think this will discourage players to use the regular typing chat we already have, and for players that A. aren’t allowed to talk to strangers. And B. Don’t have a mic, or just are in a crowded room, would not be able to experience the game! Because if they couldn’t use the voice chat they wouldn’t be able to hear or talk because everyone would be using the voice chat, the regular chat would be obsolete. And that would make those people stop playing among us! Which would not be very helpful to your company. Also I have read about the hide and seek mode, and really think that should be added along with other modes; because the game as is, gets boring after a month or so. Personally I haven’t played this game in months because of the lack of variety, I also think a friend system is the #1 thing you need right now because when players who have bonded over a few games are lost to each other forever when they quit/disconnect. All in all it is a very good game with neat gameplay, I just think you need to think about your future because even a game this fun can die fast. Definitely recommend.
lexi is a dog,
Great but some suggestions
It’s an amazing app and I LOVE it but there are a few problems. 1. It keeps kicking me out before I even get a chance to play a game. For instance, I was playing with a bunch of my friends on a call, and right when the game started, it kicked me out and I didn’t get to play. But luckily, I have it on my computer and I still got to play, but not for a couple of rounds. Maybe it’s just my phone, but maybe not. 2. We need friends in the game. Let me explain. If you play like 5 games in a row with someone and you’re bonding with them, maybe you have to go or maybe they have to go, or if you get kicked or something, you never get to see each other ever again. Also it could be the same thing except with friends. And maybe you can see if you’re friends (in the game) are playing. 3. Newer stuff, like new colors, tasks and hats would be absolutely amazing! I have seen that the developers are working on a new map. 1 question about that. Is it gonna be a hide and seek map? If so that would be the most wonderful thing! Or even just another map even if the one you’re working on isn’t a hide and seek one. I love Among Us and all its features. I very much respect everyone that works on it, and I know it’s hard. But acknowledging at least 1 of the things I listed would be, I can’t even explain. Thank you so much for reading.
Inability to type has made the game stressful and annoying
i loved to play this game. i was looking forward to the new update, and Airship is amazing, but without being able to type the game is hardly worth playing. we can’t piece together any information to find the imposter, and if someone leaves the game you can no longer say their name. for example i was playing a game and i saw green kill white. however white then left the game and i couldn’t say that green killed them. another time i watched someone kill and i got voted out for it because the quick chat didn’t allow me to defend myself when the other person was on a laptop and could actively type. the quick chat is also hard to use and i can not find what i’m looking for, or what i’m looking for just doesn’t exist. i was in a game where everyone was using the quick chat and it was impossible to find the imposter because nobody watched a vent or kill and we couldn’t communicate to simply make others safe and narrow it down, nor could we say why we think someone is sus. which often leads to you getting voted out for susing someone without being able to say your reasoning. and if you get loaded into a game with ppl who can type from computer, you get voted out for being quiet and not contributing when you litterally can’t contribute anything. i find it annoying and stressful and believe with the update among us is only worth playing on voice chat with others unless you have to ability to use a computer, which i don’t.
A p3rs0n 🤩🤩,
The new update is unnecessary
I have loved playing Among Us up until the new update, when they added a quick chat feature instead of letting you type whatever you want. I know this is good for internet safety etc etc but it’s really annoying. First of all the age limit should not be 18. For those of you who don’t have the game what I mean is that people under 18 have to use the quick chat feature instead of saying whatever. But if you’re over 18 you can use free chat and say whatever you want. I feel that the age limit should be 13 or 14 instead of 18. Like, the majority of this game’s players are under 18 and I don’t think that people over 13 really need that level of “internet safety” protection. Second of all with this new quick chat it takes away some of the things that you want to say about who the imposter is and why you are suspicious of them and whatnot. Some things are so unique you just need to put them in your own words. For example the other day I was playing and I saw Orange running away from a dead body. I reported the body but there was no option to say “(A) was running away from the body.” Some things are so unlikely or one-time happenings that they don’t have options to say it, but when it does happen you can’t do anything about it. That’s why I don’t like this new update and wish that Among Us would go back to the way it was before.
Have it be fun,
Quick chat?
Dear Developer of innerSloth,
It’s a great game, really! And what I’m about to say may be because you earn money because of it.. but I’m just a kid so I don’t really get this stuff. But Among us used to be the type of game that you could be impostor or crewmate, and impostor: you could kill people, sabotage, and try not to get exposed! But watch out! People could be on the cameras in security making sure there’s no funny business! Crewmate: escape the impostor and try not to get killed! Try not to get accused for being impostor and stay low, and do your tasks! If the impostor gets you than you become a ghost!- anyway I think this is a great game especially with avatar creator! And I loved this game until quick chat, and all the other things to sign in for… mostly because it doesn’t really even LET me sign in, and I don’t want to bug my parents.. “hey mom! Can you help me sign into this game that you don’t even play and probably don’t even care about so that I can chat with strangers?” I mean.. come on! Also please keep adding stuff to the Mira Cosmicube! I already have everything on here so yeah, OH! and another thing I forgot to mention is the names… that’s something else you have to sign in to customize.. otherwise your name will be something like ShortApple..any way InnerSloth PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS….oh and like I said I’m just a kid so idk if this is about money 💴…. Also I like that you can at least say yeet in the chat! Anyway thx for reading!!
over and over again2,
This is really fun I do not even hate it one bit. Firstly I like how you can just go around as a crew mate and not get killed immediately because you want to keep a low profile of who is the imposter unlike other games I really enjoy how you make it a mystery game! ❤️

There are two tiny things I do suggest though. Firstly, I don’t really care that you made the chat you have to choose because I didn’t even notice until someone told me because I don’t use the chat (house rules). But the NAMES… I think you should just like deny inappropriate names or tag them out like Roblox I’m not comparing you but I want to input a name say for example “queen” and I can’t because you have to randomize it I really think you should allow people to express themselves through names. The second thing is I read another review and I totally agree with them 100 percent just not in the way they phrased it. They said it was a GOOD thing this game was really addictive but that can get tricky. Like if I’m in the middle of a match and it’s dinner time or I have to do a chore that takes literally two seconds, I refuse because I don’t want to do It I want to keep playing. It’s good that you made the app like that but its REALLY interfering with my role around the house so maybe you could make it slightly less addicting although I’m not sure that’s possible.

Overall, this is a good game one of the best games I’ve played!
Good game but
I think the game need some new roles like some one who can try to shoot the imposter. I think the imposter should be available to shoot someone from a distance that would be cool. I hope the game will add some thing for a ghost like it’s not fun to be a ghost it would be nice for something new… like a impostor ghost like he can Haunt people and take their bodies. can only do it once. There should be some new game modes like hide and seek or a solo mode. I know some one made a solo mode but it’s a different game and you can’t get it on Mobile so that would be fun. I love your game thanks. Few mouths later. NEW ROLES? YES! Cosicubes? Cool. Removeing app purchases. EXTREMELY STUPID. I Spent some of my money on this game and they REMOVE IT? Hamster and dog and clothing are gone from me. And I have to spend MORE MONEY TO GET IT BACK?! :( WHY? JUST WHY? AND YOU DONT REFUND IT STILL? Are you kidding. but still the update is cool. New roles I love it. Maybe some more in the future. Please give the app purchases back this made me anxious. I have a 3 star approval of this game cuz of this. But it’s still 4 stars because of the game kinda balanced it out. ( pets in cosmicubes) lol. Plz give stuff back. Please. And a was gonna say something about disconnecting whenever someone leaves but you fixed that. Also why cant you sign in with game center? or stuff like facebook or google or whatever. good game in the end. just hate quick chat.