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Hi Players:
Arena Breakout SEASON 2 IS NOW LIVE! In the Battle for the Port update, explore a new map set in Guoyapos Bay City, once the largest naval base in the Dark Zone. Across the wartorn remnants of Kamona, get ready for hazardous raids and high-stakes extraction!

Arena Breakout is a next-gen immersive tactical FPS, and a first-of-its-kind extraction looter shooter that pushes the limits of war simulation on mobile. Strategy and tactics are just as crucial as skill and raw firepower. Your mission as a professional operator is to get into the Dark Zone, complete missions, and defeat the enemy using any means necessary. Acquire loot, extract to safety, and get rich while you're doing it!

** NEW MAP - PORT **
Welcome to Guoyapos Bay! Explore the city and wage urban warfare in this now desolate no man's land. Within the narrow streets and alleys lies the cruel line between life and death. Intense combat in the streets lurks around every corner.

Ready up with all new weaponry! Get ready to pack some heat with a devastating shotgun, revolver and an arsenal of assault rifles including the AN94, AEK, and ACE31.

Experience intense weather and brave the elements! The fog of war becomes all too real in this mode, and something in the mist will make your skin crawl.

Stake your claim by emerging victorious, securing all the valuable loot. The true path to victory lies in plotting your breakout, not just in eliminating opponents. In Arena Breakout, high stakes mean high rewards. Put boots to the ground and seize what’s yours in an all-or-nothing war simulation made for mobile.

Create personalized firearms from over 700+ unique attachments. Experience ultra realistic gunplay in a realistic environment. Volumetric cloud tech and over 1,200+ sound effects deliver a truly console-quality experience on mobile.

Please note that your feedback will be processed by the Arena Breakout team for improving the game, responding to you, and/or providing support and troubleshooting, such as addressing and remediating technical issues and bugs.

To share feedback or for more information, please visit:

Official Website:
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

Version history

Map Updates
1: New Map - Port: Play this map in either normal or Lockdown Zone mode, and check out the new helicopter extraction!
2. Northridge Refresh: Checkpoint has been expanded to become the Camp Services zone, and the Observation Deck is now the Cable Car Station.
3. Extraction point switches are now marked to help players find them.
4. There was an attempt to move the safe in the Motel corridor out of the Farm, but it appears the armored car crashed under the Broken Bridge.

New Weapons
Assault rifles: AN-94 (5.45x39), AEK (7.62x39), ACE 31 (7.62x39), and SCAR-L (5.56x45)
Shotgun: DP-12 (12x70)
Revolver: M300 Revolver (7.62x54)

New Tactical Items + Changes
1. The new X300U-A tactical flashlight can be fitted on a laser sight to enhance your tactical capabilities at night.
2. Adjustments made to the shape of the smoke from the M18 smoke grenade for a more natural look.
3. Improvements made to the blinding effect of the M84 flashbang.
4. Improvements to decoy grenade: Footsteps generated by the decoy now have a random rhythm, and decoy sounds differ depending on the material it's placed on.

New System Features and Improvements
1. Kit Builder: Recommends equipment based on a budget you set.
2. Quick Kit: Use kit coupons to quickly gear up before entering the Dark Zone.
3. Tactical Draw: Tactical Draw action can be triggered when player switches from their primary weapon to their secondary weapon.
4. World Chat Translate: Allows players to translate text from another player based on one's selected language settings.
5. Chat channels in local languages.
6. Leaderboards added.
7. Personalization options, including outfits, badges, dog tags, etc.
8. Share Rating function and improvements made to Share Rating History.
9. Map selection layout.
10. Armory Interior map (levels B1 and B2 can now be accessed).
11. Improvements made to character animations and actions in the team lobby.
12. Huge overhaul of the raid summary screen, including a new route overview feature.
13. Improvements made to rank icon effects, tier promotion animations, and Legend star ranking system.
14. Weapon skin animations in the Customize screen.
15. Better Store experience.
16. Auto-Skin feature in the personal storage.
17. Clear function for containers during supply retrieval.
18. Elite Militant status is now permanent and has a chance of being triggered at any time.
19. Performance rating for each match on the detailed match results screen.
20: Share images added an ID and flag display option.
21. In-raid sprays.

Balance Adjustments
Tactical Items
1. Reduced the maximum lethal range for M67 frag grenade, Mk 2 frag grenade, and GHO 2 offensive grenade.
2. Slight extension of the fuse time for the M67, Mk 2, and GHO 2 grenades.
3. Adjustments made to the distribution of damage caused by the Molotov cocktail to various parts of the body: damage caused to the legs increased.
4. Smoke grenade effect on soundprints: When the player is inside a smoke screen generated from a smoke grenade, the refresh interval of their soundprint becomes longer, making it more difficult for other players to locate them through sound.
1. Adjustments made to the weight of various melee weapons.
2. G18C pistol rate of fire lowered.
3. Adjustments made to camera shake amplitude when the F2000, VSS, AR-57, MDR, and MPX are being fired.
4. Dampened the horizontal recoil control of the F2000.
5. Gun shield for the RPK light machine gun.
6. Adjustments made to movement speed while holding the M4A1, SVDS, VSS, Mk14, M110, and USAS-12.
7. Slight adjustments made to the recoil from the first few shots fired with the MP5, MPX, FAL, M4A1, H416, and F2000.
8. Reduced the weight of certain Mk14 accessories.
1. Adjustments made to the recoil stabilization for the 7.62x39mm HP, 5.56x45mm 55 HP Hunting, 9x19mm Dumdum, 5.7x28mm R37.F, and 5.45x39mm HP ammo.
2. Adjustments made to the armor damage of the 7.62x39mm ammo.

Season 1
With the kickoff of S1, all players start the season fresh!
Female Characters
More customization options allow players to create female characters. You can change your character from the customize option in the main menu.
New Features
1. Trophy Room: A personal space to show off to your friends and bask in your own glory. Display collectibles, weapons, badges, and more.
2. Death Cam: Watch yourself die twice and learn from your enemies, or help fight the good fight and report suspicious activity.
3. Team Lending: Sharing is caring. Give your squad a helping hand with shared supplies.
4. Custom Quick Chat: Choose the voice commands you want in the customize menu.
5. Quick Equip: Gear up faster than ever and get your ass in the Dark Zone with the quick equip system.
6. Armor case storage allows rolled up equipment now.
New Weapons:
1. Welcome the M24 bolt-action sniper, SPR310 shotgun, SVTU carbine, and F57 pistol to your arsenal.
2. T-13 Shock Grenade, which explodes upon impact, and increased gas mask durability.
Ranked & General Improvements
1. Added a Season Store, where players can exchange tokens earned in ranked matches for rare supplies.
2. Naked players (you know, the knife guys who play zero-to-hero) or other players with low Merit won't be auto-matched.
3. Solo players matched into a squad will automatically form a team after the end of the raid. It's dangerous to go alone!
4. Audio-visualization performance got a big upgrade across the board, including the personal sound gauge, 360-degree soundprints, and arrow indicators.
5. Damage direction indicators are more accurate.
6. Better matchmaking in general and player distribution algorithms.
7. Required some ranks to enter Lockdown mode in order to get rank points.
8. Added a big button control scheme for those rhino hands out there.
9. Revamped the tutorial and main missions.
10. Added teammate volume controls.
11. Added some information about the manufacturer of each weapon.
12. Player dog tags will change based on their rank, with different Koen values for higher ranks.
Environmental Improvements
1. Added a refrigerator to some areas. Open one up and grab a snack, but close it when you're done.
2. Increased the randomness of extraction point availability, creating more varied route possibilities.
3. Adjusted extraction point conditions and requirements.
4. Expanded the second floor area of the Northridge Dam and the corresponding extraction conditions. Added an Observation Deck extraction point.
5. Adjusted and opened new watchtowers in Valley, Northridge, and Armory.
Supported Languages
In addition to English, Spanish, Portueguese (BR), Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, and Turkish, the latest update will also support Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Korean, German, Italian, French, and Thai.
Map Unlock Requirements
Farm: Lv. 1
Valley: Lv. 8
Northridge: Lv. 11
Farm Lockdown: Lv. 14
Armory: Lv. 16

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
60 Bonds
(60 Bonds)
FD457374736✱✱✱✱✱ 400F7AD✱✱✱✱✱
Advanced Battle Pass
(Get a S1 Advanced Battle Pass after purchase.)
FD212391950✱✱✱✱✱ 2E5BB16✱✱✱✱✱
630 Bonds
(630 Bonds)
FD039592375✱✱✱✱✱ F35C2E4✱✱✱✱✱
310 Bonds
(310 Bonds)
FD863415758✱✱✱✱✱ 3807DA2✱✱✱✱✱
Elite Membership
(Become an Elite Member after purchase.)
FD497177710✱✱✱✱✱ DBED482✱✱✱✱✱
Premium Battle Pass
(Get a S1 Premium Battle Pass after purchase.)
FD154470477✱✱✱✱✱ 4D7F637✱✱✱✱✱
1,580 Bonds
(1,580 Bonds)
FD354506993✱✱✱✱✱ C6BA50B✱✱✱✱✱
Daily Koen Bundle (S)
(Daily Koen Bundle (S))
FD186426351✱✱✱✱✱ 98EFEDB✱✱✱✱✱
Daily Koen Bundle (L)
(Daily Koen Bundle (L))
FD354645323✱✱✱✱✱ BF914FE✱✱✱✱✱
Koen Select Bundle
(Koen Select Bundle)
FD147504572✱✱✱✱✱ 8BC0AFC✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
26.3K Ratings


True F2P shoot and loot
So let’s clear one thing up. Most people who rate this game negative are complaining about a pay wall, or saying that anyone with premium armor they paid for can run through everyone. THAT IS NOT TRUE AT ALL!! Most armor can only protect your Head, Face, and Chest. Even premium armor. Some chest armor, can cover shoulders, and lower abdomen. Most helmets do not cover the ears. That means that arms, legs always take full damage while ears, lower gut, shoulder usually take full damage (ear shot is an instant kill) The trick is to shoot a players weak points. They have a mode call Covert Op where you play as a militant imposter, with the worst guns and ammo and armor. People in Covert Ops take down players with premium armor in every match I play. Including me from my scavenged premium armor. You can still die from having your limbs shot off. To sum it up. This is a skill based shoot and loot with loot tiers. The loot tiers make quality of life better but do not make anyone invincible. Sometimes you will live, sometimes you will die. It’s a hardcore game, that means don’t go in with anything you can’t afford to lose yet. Make a cheaper load-out, that you can mass produce, then loot and survive until you can increase your load-out value, without going broke in a few deaths. Happy hunting, and remember there is no point in dying with your pockets full of loot, when you could’ve extracted sooner.
Great Idea, Sad Execution
Extraction shooter games being relatively newer titles don’t have much in terms of accessibility unless you have a desktop computer, and usually a beefy one at that. This game takes a LOT of inspiration from Escape from Tarkov in the way it plays, yet its execution of bring the mobile extract shooter doesn’t truely live up to its older cousins on PC. Don’t get me wrong, it plays reliably well and can be a blast… sometimes. Unlike most other extraction shooters with polished features it feels as if the game had TOO many features planned. Only some guns are customizable, and with those that are some are very limited in that aspect. Clunky controls leads to randomly shooting on accident which gives away your position, and sometimes these controls leads to a death in a firefight you should have won. As well as those using micro-transactions to demolish most others who don’t, a good example being their battle pass. The battle pass heavily favors those that spend the money, and by heavily I mean HEAVILY. If your played the free you might get a nice box with a small ammo selection on the same tier where the premium battle pass gets a full combat-ready kit. With some other problems as well can’t rate it TOO high, yet with more activity from the developers (who’s studio is owned by the same people who made popular games such as Clash of Clans) I am hopeful for a brighter future where this game flourishes into the beautiful flower that it was presented as.
KOD Sp3ctra1,
Great Game BUT
This is honestly an almost perfect game, worth a five star review. There’s just a few things I find wrong though. Such as, let’s say you just got done with an awesome loot haul and you’re on route to extract. Everything‘s going well you’re three seconds left and about to extract your M4 A1 that’s fully kitted. You’re really happy and going to go onto another match with your new gun. The thing is though you’re fully you just got in a crazy gun fight and need to get out of there to heal but then out of nowhere you just die. You watch your kill cam, and see someone camping in the bus which you didn’t even though it’s possible to go in you get hit once and him and are very confused. You just got a crazy loot haul just to die to a person that’s been camping all match. You quit in defeat and just matchmake for the next match. When you suddenly just die again. 5 seconds in you die to a person with a kitted out sniper. I feel like there should be some improvements to the spawn zones and some sort of measure to Not camp in fully invisible places and kill others like that. I get the camping part but some of the parts should be removed as you can’t go into certain places without glitches. Awesome game though and I love it other than that!
Ammo tiers ruin fun
It’s not a skill based game, it’s gear based. I’m not sure how match making works, but it’s not based on skill or gear level. You’re mismatched all the time. Most players in this game use Tier 3 or 4 gear for the average map, but you’ll come across a T6 player and and they will destroy you, unless you have high tier ammo. Nothing you can do about it, because you’re tier 3 or 4 ammo won’t really phase them. You can use an entire magazine on them, and they will turn and kill you with 1 short burst of Tier 6 ammo. If the all players had the same tier of ammo, it wouldn’t be as bad. Get rid of the tiered ammo.

I know there are work arounds like carrying a mag of expensive ammo for high tier players, but you still have to switch it out during a gun fight because you probably won’t know they are high tier until you shoot them and they don’t die. It’s all because the devs want you to spend real money on gear and ammo. Like most mobile games they make it really fun for a while, but once they feel they got you hooked, then you start to hit the pay wall. The pay wall in this game won’t completely stop you, but you’ll always be climbing it once you run into it.

The best loot is on maps that almost everyone is high tiered. It’s hard to get good on those maps when you die so quickly you don’t get enough experience at it, and you have to wait a long time before you can save up for expensive gear you need for it again. Not even worth it.
Amazing Concept… poor execution
I never write reviews but I wanted to write one for this game. First off I absolutely love the concept of it, it’s perfect for people who love games like Escape from Tarkov but may not be fortunate enough to play it on PC. Unfortunately no matter how close it is to Escape from Tarkov at the end of the day it’s still a mobile game. Which means clunky controls that make it hard to master and makes the game feel impossible to get better at. The reaction time you need to have in this game just doesn’t work with the controls. But my main problem with the game is the matchmaking. No matter how hard I try I always get killed by either a full squad or some dude who no life’s the game to the point where it almost seems like they are playing on a keyboard and mouse. I would really enjoy a setting where if you go in by yourself you only go against people on their own as well. Instead of constantly running into full teams. Also there is no regional preferences so it’s really hard to find a team that actually communicates. I don’t know if there is a skill based matchmaking system cause i constantly am going up against other players that are drastically better than me. I really want to like this game. I’ve considered spending actual money on it cause it really has potential to be a game worth coming back to. Unfortunately I’m going to be less likely to continue playing this game unless something gets fixed.
$$$$ GRAB / $$$-2-WIN
Those terms look very familiar right? I bet you guessed those titles right without much effort! Stay with me now. Since the higher valued reviews are rather displayed elsewhere. Here’s a friendly tip. Take your time looking at this review section. More notably, the “most critical” section of reviews and that should give you insight into what this so called “game” is.

This is is much more of a test of one’s luck with their physical currency as others would uniquely refer to this. I have spent close to about $100 in under a week and most of that went toward rebuying gear. The match making is very unique. In other words, it will work in the favor of those who understand the point of $$$-2-win.

On another note. I was absolutely delighted to hear that after spending 30 minutes of searching. There were plenty of anonymous people who were happy to share their hacks and ESP. I bet you would be glad to see your hard earned money go into someone else’s pocket because they took advantage of you. Right ? Oh no big deal, there’s plenty of micro-transactions to be made to help you settle your previous lost and help you feel some hope in regaining only to see yourself back at square one again.
Stress fess
It’s an amazing game and I can’t stop playing it barely any bugs but does need some things fixed like jumping fences and getting rid of the stupid audio cue definitely needs controller support works perfect with just the screen but when your up against try hards using 4 fingers on a casual game things get tense quick I can’t play any map besides farm because of it and even then you get people using T6 gear running around the map like they have a mouse and keypad there’s a big pay wall in this game better gear better outcome but all in all it’s fun until it’s not

Update: after playing for a month now things they should add is auto matching you with players of your language this game is big on cooperation if you have none you lose also should add auto matching to play style or at least to where you can find others of your play style I also still believe they should get rid of the sound cue it’s a realistic shooter there for you should be listening and paying attention to your surroundings, there should be a penalty for killing teammates not just merit loss and all equipment brought in returned or value of said equipment

The loot for dangerous areas should be increased played 4 matches and found absolutely nothing of value beyond 8k it should be a constant loot value of 10k
I have about 90 hours in AB and I will give my honest and short review. I am still planning to put more hours in the game because of all the elements of EFT are very much visible in this mobile game. Some can say are dissatisfied. Others might not like it because of how hard core it can and will be in most matches. Arena Breakout is all about risking your valuables, to gather and extract much higher value items. High risk, high reward system. A little tip that I have for anyone reading this, turn on “gyro”. In all gunfights, having this one will definitely make your aiming much for satisfying and will allow you to make aggro decisions or holding your position with suppression.

To make my point about arena breakout, those new looking for something different for a mobile FPS shooter, this is it. The devs are always listening to feedback and are intensely attacking hackers that can ruin a players match. S2 is looking very promising. I am testing the new map, weapons and night time mode and it cannot come any sooner. Try it out, give it a shot, you won’t regret it.
An honest review after 200 hours in-game
I love this game, but it needs work. The customization options are top-tier for a mobile game. Gunplay is crisp and entertaining, and every enemy player engagement gets your heart pounding. Losing your gear on the battlefield will tear your heart open, while eliminating other players comes with a huge sense of satisfaction. Graphics are good- but leave plenty of room for improvement, especially at range (major environmental assets such as trees, rocks, and most bushes, completely disappear at ~100+ meters. This means that anyone with a long range weapon is going to see you well before you see them.) AI can be annoyingly accurate, especially elite units. Hackers run rampant once you level up enough. The single worst problem about this game? Latency. My ping will skyrocket to 400 ms for no reason whatsoever, even on a very strong and fast home WiFi network. I have no issues running 6 devices all streaming 4k video simultaneously but somehow this game seems to not care. It is extremely frustrating to be in a fight with other players when all of a sudden I start teleporting all over the place, inevitably perishing to someone who I most likely would have eliminated. Overall a fun game but the devs need to fix their server issues before I get back on.
Save your storage
When I shoot someone in the head two times with a powerful shotgun, it just does a pinch. But when someone shoots me with rubber bullets with the weakest gun, it explodes my head. Isn’t this game supposed to be realistic? My guy can’t even mantle a rock! Not even hop over a fence. And I don’t think a soldier with nothing on him will be tired after running for 20 seconds. He jumps off a two story building and doesn’t take any fall damage. But when he jumps off a 1 inch cliff, all legs broken he’s now paralyzed and breathing so loudly in my ear. People be camping like sewer rats. You gotta pay to get more storage(A subscription for some reason) or find stuff to trade for more storage. And the stuff that you need to find is like pulling a knife in csgo. But you can buy it in the market which is good. The hint button is annoying and there’s basically no way to remove it. The knife for some reason is better than the guns. No solos, duos, or squads. Just trios. So if you don’t want to play with anyone you gotta go up against rats in groups. Map layout is horrendous. Worse than the new cod mw2 maps. Unless if you no life this game, like almost all of the player base, it will be fun I guess. This game should’ve stayed in beta. But there are some good stuff to it. Like the name of the game and the icon. That’s it.