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Serve customers in your Bakery

Developer: Adam Bowles
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.3.0
ID: com.livingcodelabs.bakerbusiness3


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Love baking games? In Baker Business 3 you’ll get the experience of running your very own bakery! By purchasing ingredients, baking a large variety of unlockable recipes, upgrading your bakery, and serving your freshly baked baked goods to your various customers! All the while leveling up to unlock more surprise recipes and items for your bakery at an enjoyable pace all for free!

So Many Baked Goods!
Bake and sell a wide variety of bakery items including: cake, cookies, muffins, doughnuts, cupcakes, bread, coffee, soda pop, parfaits, juice, and more!

Unlock, Bake and Sell What You Love!
As you level up you’ll be able to choose what recipe category you’d like research and decide what type of bakery you’ll have. Love doughnuts and cookies? Fantastic! Keep discovering new recipes in those categories. Want to go “traditional bakery style” and unlock bread and cake? You can do that! Do you want to sell as many types of baked goods as possible? Then research all the categories and unlock every baking recipe possible. Sell what you desire to serve in your bakery and to your customers!

Bake With Real Baking Ingredients!
Each recipe calls for a specified quantity of different real-life baking ingredients you’ll be able to stock and bake with! As you level up you’ll be able to purchase ingredients in higher quantities, or bulk, to keep up with your baking demand.

Keep Your Customers On Their Toes!
Your customers are always on the lookout for new items in your bakery, so don’t forget to bake and stock any and all new food items you unlock at each level! Your customers will thank you!

Upgrade And Expand Your Bakery!
Your bakery will be able to expand with you as you level up from baking by unlocking and purchasing more baking ovens, item display cases, bread shelves, and more!

Baker Business 3 Features:
- Unlock over 90+ different bakeable recipes!
- Bake with over 40+ real-life baking ingredients!
- Unlock various bakery upgrades from a tip jar to snack fridge and much more!
- Fulfill your customer’s various orders by quickly serving them what they're asking for.
- Enjoy the relaxing roleplay bakery gameplay at an enjoyable pace.
- Discover various secret interactable items in your bakery.
- Easy-to-play and suitable for all ages!

You can do this! Ready. Set. Bake!!

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If you have any new baking recipes, ingredients or fun touches to suggest get in contact with us on our website! We’d love to hear from you!

Version history

- Spring pack added
- Various bug fixes and improvements
- Storefront Customizations Added
- New Bakery Customizations Added
- New Customization System and UI
- New Bakery Upgrades UI
- Back-end Changes: The saving system, updating system and other various things have been fixed or improved.
- Memory Optimization
- Christmas Pack DLC added
Pack Features: Christmas Baked Goods, Decorate your Bakery, Decorate your Christmas Tree & other fun surprises!

- Various Bug Fixes
- Halloween Pack DLC
- Bakery Storefront
- Open/Close your Bakery
- Over 30 new recipes added
- Organize your baked goods
- Popular Items / Market Research
- Improved Edit Prices
- Sell back Snack Items
- Sell back Ingredients
- Earn XP from selling baked goods (by taking business classes)
- Customize the serving process
- Improvements to audio and visual FX
- Various bug fixes
- Halloween Pack DLC
- Bakery Storefront
- Open/Close your Bakery
- Over 30 new recipes added
- Organize your baked goods
- Popular Items / Market Research
- Improved Edit Prices
- Sell back Snack Items
- Sell back Ingredients
- Earn XP from selling baked goods (by taking business classes)
- Customize the serving process
- Improvements to audio and visual FX
- Various bug fixes
- Halloween Pack DLC
- Bakery Storefront
- Open/Close your Bakery
- Over 30 new recipes added
- Organize your baked goods
- Popular Items / Market Research
- Improved Edit Prices
- Sell back Snack Items
- Sell back Ingredients
- Earn XP from selling baked goods (by taking business classes)
- Customize the serving process
- Improvements to audio and visual FX
- Various bug fixes
- Major content delivery changes and improvements
- Texture optimizations
- Bug Fixes
- New Customization content and adjustments such as new Wallpaper designs, new unlockable plants and posters!
- Ovens will continue to bake in the background even if your game has been closed (Premium)
- We hope to have resolved issues regarding a stuck loading screen or download
- A “What’s New” popup has been put in so we can show you clearly what new major things have changed.
- Other misc bug fixes and improvements
- Bug fixes & Improvements
- A fix for a stuck loading screen
- Diversified Ad System
- Improved wording to help make features clear.
- Better clarity on Premium features.
- No extra confirmation when buying ingredients, allowing for smoother play.
- Dynamic customer dialogue times.
- Optimized and improved customer's order selection.
- Various minor adjustments and bug fixes.

More updates coming soon...
New premium recipe categories added!
- Pies category (Apple pie, Cherry pie, etc..)
- Specialty category (Wedding cake, Cinnamon buns, etc..) other minor bug fixes and improvements
Premium Features Update
- Bakery Customization
- Ability to adjust prices on baked goods
Plus other improvements and fixes
Support for more devices

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Premium Version
(Bonus recipes, decorate bakery, bake faster!)
JB685707899✱✱✱✱✱ A46A9EF✱✱✱✱✱
Baker Business 3 - Halloween
(Halloween and Autumn recipes and decorations!)
JB924231764✱✱✱✱✱ 3CDCC6F✱✱✱✱✱
Baker Business 3 - Christmas
(Unlock Christmas decorations + baking recipes)
JB457529637✱✱✱✱✱ 06EF8E8✱✱✱✱✱
Baker Business 3 - Spring Pack
(Unlock Spring content, decorations & recipes!)
JB229591266✱✱✱✱✱ A9CC968✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
640 Ratings


Great, calming game
I immediately bought the premium version as I’m not a fan of ads, so I can’t really compare the base game to the premium.

I REEEEEALLY enjoy that you can’t really be punished in this game, you just order supplies, send out the goods and satisfy orders. The graphics are well done and consistent throughout the game, the upgrades are introduced effectively and at the appropriate progression. The timing for the baking is long enough that I can focus on the front of the house, while short enough that I don’t have to set down the game.

Some suggestions:
Because I had premium, when I acquire all possible baked goods, I don’t have room for them in the bakery. Possibly add another bakery expansion available for premium purchasers? At least two, one for pies and the other for the specialty goods.

Expanding out the specialty goods would be a fun update but also not pressing.

Diversity in the customer names would be a nice touch.

Some bugs I’ve noticed:
When I restart a game, the oven is still filled with the goods I’d been baking previously. I can then send them to the bakery but they cannot be sold and there’s no way in the game to remove an item from the bakery.
Additionally, upon restart, the oven “ready” indicators are still lit up. They eventually go away, but initially confused me.

TL;DR: Great game that has room to grow but I’d also play it plenty as is. It’s just so relaxing.
Why won’t you take my money????
Okay first of all, love this game. It is rare to have a mobile game that you can actually sit and play continuously for several hours. The graphics are very pleasing and it is challenging without being stressful (for the most part). I also enjoy that it is realistic for understanding profits.


Why doesn’t this game let you buy things?? I am not a pay to win player, at all. But it would be nice to have the option to spend $5 or $10 to get extra cash because I have no money right now, I have two ovens with almost $300 in repair damages, and it’s going to take me forever to get back to an enjoyable pace. I would happily throw a little cash at this situation so I’m not stuck here and I feel like the developers are missing out on A LOT of potential profit from not even just adding micro transactions like $1 or $3 or $5 (funny considering that profit generating is the whole mechanics of this game). I feel like there are many players like me and there are players that don’t even care for the grind and just want to have a beautiful bakery. It wouldn’t really be unfair to free to play players because there is no competition in this game.
Maybe Some Improvement?
So I’ve played this for about 3 days now. On the second day I had bought the premium membership! I love the game, and I think out of every single baking game I have seen, this is the best. This is sorta teaching me to be a baker??? I literally dream to be a baker artist, and farmer.

I love this game, improvements?
(Please add these, it would make my day and maybe someone elses!)

1. Coffee and smoothie machines
It would be great to have these, so the customers can have something to drink, instead of just desserts.

2. The ability to be able to make the prices of foods higher
It would be amazing to make them higher! I’m getting annoyed of getting 67 cents for the bread -.-

3. Candy stand
This would be so fun to do! It could look like a normal stand, but the bottom shelf is large, so that large candies like big gummy bears and snakes, and also big chocolate bunnies and eggs could be stored. The middle and top shelf can have Gusher packets, or maybe M&Ms, Reece’s or Butterfingers!

4. Pet windows
Just like cat cafes, there can be a window where you can watch animals run around, and you can buy them towers and toys. Catnip and treats could be in a holder at the counter and people can get 5 treats for $ 1.00 and/ or a tiny catnip bag for $ 2.00! You could unlock new land animals, sea animals, or flying animals, by buying boxes for $ 200 coins!
The game is good, but hard to play without purchasing the premium version. The prices for the baked goods are almost always less than $2 so it’s hard to make any profit at all after selling and having to bake more, never any money left over for upgrades. Changing the prices of the baked goods shouldn’t be a premium only thing. It would also be cool to have some type of offline income for the baked goods that are left in the open bakery once the app is closed. $5 for a premium is not bad, but without purchasing it, you’re gonna struggle with the game and that’s disappointing. In the tutorial they state they’re a “small indie team” making the game, yet they have multiple games and I’m sure could add actual good upgrades to this game no problem, considering the amount of reviews I see of people actually pursuing the premium option, yet still most reviews show they purchase the premium, and the next day it says they never purchased it. Do better.
it’s ok.
I read a lot of reviews with suggestions to make the game better and I think that if these suggestions were added the game would be so much better. Also Premium is totally not worth it. It’s barely any difference and it’s definitely not worth $4. The game also glitches and a lot of the time you have to redo the entire order because it will glitch but if you redo that same order and just tap the desserts in a different order then it will work and this is just so aggravating to me, especially when it happens every single order during “rush hour.” I think this would eventually be a fun game, just needs a lot of work to make it more creative. It also blows my mind that the baking time is 5 real life minutes and it won’t continue baking unless the app is open, so I don’t understand what you are supposed to do on an app (that sends barely any customers in) for 5 minutes just waiting for your goodies to bake.
Matthew Petruska,
Great, needs improvements though
I paid for the full version of this game. It’s one of the best bakery games I’ve ever played (and I’ve played many) but there are some improvements that could be made.

1. It’s way too easy to reach the highest level. I’ve already maxed out my level. I have since figured out you CAN continue to upgrade recipes by clicking “Max Level” in the upper left corner & you pay either $200 or 250 (can’t recall which amount) per upgrade which seems silly. I’d rather just earn the upgrade than pay money.

2. There needs to be more ways to spend your money. I have all this money & nothing to spend it on. I’ve reached the highest level in the game, bought the few ad ons & now there’s nothing left to do except run the bakery. There’s no more challenge or goal to work towards which makes it boring.

3. Add coffee/espresso machines, add other activities to the game, things to upgrade etc. Its too easy.

4. This ones important: Add more levels.
It’s a lot of fun, but I reached the max level so quickly it almost feels like I’ve “finished” the game & ideally games like this should be open ended.

This is a great game seriously, it just needs more content, more levels & it needs to be more challenging.

Thanks! :-)
Fun but simple
This is a fun time-waster but I think it’s perhaps too simple. I like that you don’t get penalized like other similar games but it would be better is we gathered orders ourselves instead of the game just pointing to each item for us to click it.

Other suggestions:
1) Let us arrange the items in the bakery. This is mostly aesthetics but I’ve noticed that when I leave the game and then come back, some items have switched places which is inconvenient.
2) There’s that cool lemon tree that we can use to make lemon juice every so often, maybe more of that kind of thing?
3) Let us see what at least some of the items are coming up in each category, perhaps even let us pick between a new item, or leveling up an existing one, so we have more control of our inventory.
4) A way to tell if one item is selling better? Is it random? Does upping the price mean less customers buy the item?
5) Perhaps as an optional mode, once items are a certain age, you gave to throw them out or reduce price? As it is, you can build up quite an inventory and you’re guaranteed to sell it all eventually. This would introduce slightly more time/money management, though it doesn’t have to be a hard limit.

In case it seems like that was a lot of griping, it’s not. I really like the game, I just think it had a lot more potential.
Best Bakery game I’ve ever played
I’ve been playing this game for almost a week and I love it! Graphics are great, looks like a real bakery and it doesn’t take long to level up and build a decent income! And, while I do play other games, whenever I come back to this one, I can’t stop playing. I actually have my own home baking business and dream of having my own brick and mortar. This game is like me having my own real bakery. So I like to play when I have “down time”. Thanks for such an awesome, realistic and fun game. I also read some of the other reviews and their suggestions for improvement all sound great! And btw, I purchased the premium package the first, maybe second day I started playing. You all definitely get a 5 star rating from me! Thanks for finally someone putting a truly great baking game out there!!!
Willow Berch,
Exactly what I was hoping for.
Very straight forward game that’s very enjoyable. I appreciate that the game doesn’t force ads. As a result I found to not mind clicking that option to speed up the ovens every once in a while instead of being exhausted by them. If they had not mentioned being an indie game company I wouldn’t have figured that was the case. Great app game.

The only suggestion I have is that sometimes the rush hour banner gets in the way of the product I’m needing to click on to compete the order causing me to have to slightly shift the screen to move it out of the way. This is playing the game on a XR iPhone so maybe it’s not like that on all devices.

5 stars though. 👍🏼
Great game
I really like this game. It’s cute, simple, and fun but it’s not a game that would stay on my phone for very long. There’s nothing to make it interesting, no interaction between the customers, nothing to do when baking the desserts except buy ingredients and bake, and nothing to do when expanding or decorating so I cant style it much personally except change the board or the color of the plants vase. And also 50% of the game is basically watching ads if you’re impatient and dot want to spend money and the other 50% is just buy and sell with no real interaction at all. There’s no story. To make it more interesting I would suggest more choices when decorating your bakery, more storyline, something more to do when baking, and maybe a little character just to add to the cuteness. Okay I’m done.