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Epic Combat Strategy!

Developer: 505 Games (US), Inc.
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Price: Free
Version: v5.4
ID: com.505games.BattleIslands


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Battle for supremacy in this epic WWII combat strategy game!

It’s 1942, and deep in the South Pacific your platoon of crack troops land on a tropical island.
Can you defeat enemy forces and hold your ground to fight another day?

- Build and prepare your base for enemy attacks from players around the world
- Invade enemy islands to take as many supplies as possible
- Deploy unique troops from air, land, and sea to claim victory
- Tackle challenging Campaign battles to improve your fighting skills
- Band together and fight alongside your comrades in exciting Alliance Warfare

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Version history

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

This whale has decided to call your islands home! Give the whale a pet and she’ll make a splash!

NEW! A whale has arrived! This new pet will make waves with your troops.
NEW! Player Inbox! A place to receive news about updates and special offers.
IMPROVED! Improved visuals on the Rocket to show a target on the unit which is the focus of the attack!
IMPROVED! Improved visuals on the Decoy when distracting the enemy!
IMPROVED! Improved visuals on the Sabotage unit while disabling enemy buildings!
IMPROVED! Riflemen in Ambush traps can be seen keeping an eye out for enemy attacks!
FIXED! Submarines now shows its projectile when firing on the enemy.
FIXED! Other bug fixes and improvements under the hood.

Download this update and get back into the battle!
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Bug Fix
* FIXED! We have fixed an issue where some players were getting stuck in Alliance Warfare!

Download this update and get back into the battle!
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Command Bunker Rank 10 is now available!
This huge update brings 2 new defenses in the powerful Rocket and the sneaky Ambush Trap!
We are also introducing 2 new Orders in the Comms Center, the Decoy and Sabotage!

New Features
NEW! Command Bunker Level 10 now available!
NEW! The powerful sea based Rocket!
NEW! The sneaky Ambush Trap!
NEW! Sabotage and Decoy orders!
NEW! The Mines can now be upgraded and rearmed!
NEW! Harbor and Shipyard rank 7 available!
NEW! Hangar and Airdrop rank 5 available!
NEW! Factory and Barracks rank 9 available!

Bug Fixes
* FIXED! The Mortarman is now back in the action! He should no longer be causing some players issues.
* FIXED! Players that are disconnected from battle will have their result saved and reapplied when they reconnect.

Download this update and get back into the battle!
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Spring is finally here! Lookout for some fun and eggciting features to celebrate this season!
We are going hopping mad!

New Features
* NEW! Purchase the new German Shepherd pet! This loyal companion will need lots of your attention!
* NEW! Get the Spring themed Rabbit decoration, what will it find on your islands?

Bug Fixes
* FIXED! Polished up Alliance Warfare even more! So don’t delay, the war awaits!
* FIXED! Introduced Battle disconnection protection system so players who have been disconnected at the end of a winning battle won’t lose their results!

Additional Notes
* We have removed the Friends List to improve game stability and performance.
This has allowed us to lay the groundwork for even more features coming soon as replacement.

Download this update and get back into the battle!
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Daily Rations are here!
Check in each day to get an extra boost from HQ!

New Features
* NEW! Introducing Daily Rations from HQ!
* NEW! Iceland and England flags added!

* FIXED! Notifications for Battle News!
* FIXED! A number of Alliance Warfare issues reported by the community! Thank you!

Download this update and get back into the battle!
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The holiday season is over but the battle rages on!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news and updates from Battle Islands!
There is festive content galore in this new update of Battle Islands!
Why not adopt the new Reindeer, build a Snowman or plant a Christmas tree!

New Features
* NEW! Grab the new Reindeer decoration who will patrol the skies during the holidays!
* NEW! Visit the new Battle News screen for regular updates across our games!

* FIXED! Alliance Chat that could in some circumstances be in the wrong order

Download this update and get back into the battle!
Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news and updates from Battle Islands!
Welcome to our latest update of Battle Islands. With the new hunter you can take to the seas and hunt your enemies!

New Features
* NEW! A new elite unit, the hunter is coming to the seas of Battle Islands!
* NEW! A new flag bundle is available in the Treasury!

* FIXED! The enemies list will now provide more accurate matches for high dog tags players

* IMPROVED! We reduced the cost of the 2 day Camouflage!

Download this update and get back into the fight!
* Fixed! Minor Bugs
New Alliance Features! Take more responsibility in the Alliance and become a Veteran, Co-Leader or even the new Leader. Check out the new Alliance Member roles and badges!
* NEW! New Alliance Member roles and badges: Veteran, Co-Leader and Leader!
* NEW! FREE Upgrades for all constructions under 5 minutes!
* NEW! Improved Hurry Upgrade process for constructions!
* NEW! Video Ads: Hurry upgrades, use boosts and train units by watching Video Ads.  
* FIXED! Minor bugs!
Download this update now and see the new features in action!
* FIXED! Dog tags would reset to 1000 under rare circumstances in Alliance Warfare.
The Heavy Tank rolls into battle!
* NEW! Brand new Heavy Tank has arrived at Command Bunker rank 9! This new vehicle is sure to make an explosive entry to the battlefield.
* NEW! Show your allegiance with new Greece, Egypt, Pakistan, Uruguay and Scotland flags!
* IMPROVED! We have listened to your feedback and made some much-requested improvements to Alliance Warfare. It's never been easier to have epic battles with other Alliances!
* IMPROVED! We rebalanced the order of which units are researched at various HQ ranks. As a result you will get the Ranger much earlier and a few units have been moved to later HQ ranks.
* FIXED! Warfare rewards have been rebalanced, giving away a more suitable amount of supplies than they were previously.
* FIXED! Minor audio and localisation issues.
* FIXED! Minor bugs that could cause players to join an alliance that was full.
The holiday season is over, but the war rages on!

*Removed the holiday themed icon
*Minor bug fixes and tweaks
Tis the holiday season, and the skies are alight. Even this snowman, wants to join in and fight!
The troops are excited, and filled with glee. As presents from home, gather under the tree.
Warfare Incoming Commander!

* NEW! Engage in intense battles in Alliance VS Alliance Warfare!
* NEW! Show your allegiance with new Switzerland and Turkey flags!
* FIXED! The Ranger can now reach his highest rank!
* FIXED! Boats in defense now move towards the attacking troops quicker!
* FIXED! Chat messages now show correctly in order!
* FIXED! Cancelling troop training now refunds your spent supplies!
* FIXED! You can now unblock another player who you had recently blocked in chat!
* FIXED! You must now interact with your islands in order to remain online and not be open to attack.

So download this update and we'll see you on the beaches!
We're preparing for the big update, so gather your alliance members and fortify your supplies!
NEW! Warfare is imminent so we're priming the servers for the upcoming update!
IMPROVED! Division bonuses now reward more supplies for the Private, Sergeant, and Lieutenant divisions!
So download this update to prepare yourself for Warfare!
Numerous bug fixes
Thanks to fantastic feedback from our growing community, we’re launching Battle Islands v2.2 with major improvements!

*NEW! Speed up training, supply production and troop promotion with the new Boost feature!
*NEW! Logistics experts have streamlined troop training, allowing commanders to switch instantly between facilities!
*IMPROVED! The campaign against General Kane is now more rewarding for commanders joining the fight for the first time!
*IMPROVED! New advances in medicine have improved the potency of the medi-drop order meaning our troops can stay in the fight for longer!
*BETTER VALUE! An abundance of supplies at HQ mean that our engineers can now fortify buildings for less supplies!

So download this update now and get back into battle, Commander!
Bug fixes for the following battling issues:

* Some players are constantly under attack.
* Occasionally no battle report is displayed.
* The Enemies list displays limited opponents.
The holiday season is over, but the war rages on!

* Removed the holiday themed icon
* Minor bug fixes and tweaks
The holiday season has arrived and we have gifts galore for you!
* NEW! Take direct control of the elite Ranger unit and inspire the troops to deliver more damage!
* NEW! Three awesome alternative units to help you fine tune your tactics!
* NEW! Pick up the Starter Pack with the additional Support Engineer and a hefty discount on Gold!
* IMPROVED! All units have been fine tuned for maximum power, so start planning your winning strategy now!
* HOLIDAYS! The Snowman now joins the Christmas Tree for a bit of festive fun and free Gold!
* FIXED! A sack full of bug fixes for the holidays!
So download this update now and get back into battle, Commander!
We hear you! Thanks to fantastic feedback from our growing community, we’re launching Battle Islands v2.0, with major improvements!

*Enhanced graphics – All units, buildings and characters have been given a lick of paint. Mobile players now have the same graphics as console players
*Upgraded AI, meaning unit movements are slicker
*Automated cheat management
*Numerous bug fixes
*Now available in Russian and Turkish
New Features:

Divisions: See how you rank against similar players, and compete for top spot! All-new Divisions are groups of players within the same dog tag range. While in a Division, each non-revenge victory from the enemies list will award a battle bonus of supplies based on Division level.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed the slow down when a World War was running
* Fixed an issue where a player could lock another out of the game
* Fixed an issue where players could miss their World War reward
* This update adds local save code to protect from loss of saved progress in future updates.
* Added 64-bit support.
We’ve addressed 2 important issues some players were experiencing;

*Fixed issue where mine placement was occasionally causing a crash
*Fixed issue where in certain circumstances Lvl 9 players couldn’t see other Lvl 9 players

Please continue to give us your feedback via [email protected]

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Bag of Gold
(Bag of Gold - 550 Gold)
AF455787575✱✱✱✱✱ CE88FA5✱✱✱✱✱
Nugget of Gold
(Nugget of Gold - 200 Gold)
AF110891913✱✱✱✱✱ 545A7EA✱✱✱✱✱
Pile of Gold
(Pile of Gold - 1200 Gold)
AF914725395✱✱✱✱✱ 344FDF7✱✱✱✱✱
Case of Gold
(Case of Gold - 3250 Gold)
AF887474615✱✱✱✱✱ 4F300CD✱✱✱✱✱
Support Engineer & 1000 Gold
(Purchase this bundle of an Engineer and Gold.)
AF141844071✱✱✱✱✱ 2C4E54C✱✱✱✱✱
Vault of Gold
(Vault of Gold - 7000 Gold)
AF662443224✱✱✱✱✱ 37AB231✱✱✱✱✱
Shipload of Gold
(Shipload of Gold - 15000 Gold)
AF957373345✱✱✱✱✱ DCCEBBD✱✱✱✱✱
German Shepherd
(A loyal companion for your troops!)
AF159294133✱✱✱✱✱ 72198CB✱✱✱✱✱
Battle Islands Flag
(Battle Islands Flag)
AF905428720✱✱✱✱✱ 9596514✱✱✱✱✱
Rocket Bundle
(A great value bundle!)
AF116740805✱✱✱✱✱ 795A4B2✱✱✱✱✱

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4 out of 5
387 Ratings


Hello I have some suggestions
The game has outdated graphics that didn’t age well, well from the start of the game the MG nest looked weird and I expected better graphics for them but something that just threw me for a loop is that 505 games the company that made terraria can’t sync the MG’s recoil to the actual muzzle blast and sound. Also the game just feels gray and colorless making it boring off the start
One request. More air.
We need a military add on. The review of the game is fun so far but I don’t like how it takes time for u to upgrade and build stuff. I think I have more stuff that needs to be added to the game. I think more Air Force needs to be added. I think a larger bomber with 4 engine’s with more health and protective guns surrounding it. I think the original bomber needs protective Turetts around it to. If it’s already there I’m sorry. I have a rank 4 bunker. The b17 Flying Fortress would be a good new bomber and the a20 havoc would be a good twin engine fighter. And I highly recommend more hero’s for sea and air. Read a few other reviews and suggestions. I saw one about those hero’s. A aircraft carrier I highly RECCOMEND an AIR CRAFT CARRIER is something I highly reccomend. Lastly I still don’t like the timing. Why not put gold for another use. Like repairing units from the other battel that happened other than buying new ones even if all the units survive. Besides I like this game and keep up the good work.
Great game, one request
I only have two requests, first being heroes for air and sea and land, instead of only land. For sea maybe a big battleship with greater range, damage, and health than warships. Or an aircraft carrier that has a air wing personalized by the player but incapable of launching bombers and escort fighters, and the carrier itself be a favorite target of enemy torpedo bombers, but the carrier armed with anti aircraft guns and be able to keep some fighters around for CAP (Combat Air Patrol). in air maybe a Tuskegee airman or (my personal favorite) a flying tiger in a p-40 instead of the p-51. Of course these will also be able to defend against attacks too. My second request is between campaign levels, first you have to defeat the defending navy in a complete ocean map, then establish air supremacy in a map that looks like it’s far above the island being attacked, then do the regular invasion of the island itself. I know this is a lot to ask, but I truly think this will change the game for the better, by a lot. I hope you consider my thoughts. Thank you.
plz make army easier so we dont have to remember
can you plz make it faster to train stuff like a button to auto train them all so you dont have to click so much also im not saying to make the process quicker im saying that its hard to remember what troops were in army you used so there should be a button to display the army you used so you dont have to try to remember that army since there is no button of that i have not attacked people before only 1 person intotal and im at level 4 HQ
No where to go, so soon?
I thought this game would be like Boom Beach, but I learned early on that the campaign was over too soon. The battles are not worth fighting. Every unit deployed must be replaced, even if they survive, which makes the loot not worth fighting for. It took me a few months before I maxed out the upgrades to the top level, in which I am stuck making tiny incremental upgrades, that make no difference, and the only players who I can fight against, are 100% maxed out. I wish this game was modeled after Boom Beach. I open it up every day to collect the money generated.. which is very slowly adding up.. it's not addicting... it is just a waste of time, and I regret spending money on in game purchases.
Where did 505 go?
Look this game is a hit. It’s amazing and it could definitely be better than boom beach. But you guys left the game. It’s been a whole year since you last updated it and it’s such a good game. So simple yet no game I play other than boom beach are the same it’s not weird cards like in boom beach it has realistic cards from ww2 and you should still be working on this game. You guys made terraria and I know that game can be busy to update and stuff but this game could be just as good as terraria so please come back!
dominic vern,
Great game, need more content
Dear 505 games,

Battle islands has been a great game for me so far, I love the over all controls and it makes me feel like I’m playing an actual ww2 game (unlike some games when you don’t have to try at all) however, I have maxed out the campaign and am in need of some more levels for it.

Thank you for the game and hope you continue to update it in the future
Add some cooler physics
The game currently has great animationsBut there’s not an animation I would love a landing craft animation where the front door of the landing craft opens and all the soldiers walk out and if they touch water it makes a splash and add more death animations And if you win a battle you keep the surviving troops and BTW this is my favorite strategy game.
Fix the bugs before I delete his game!
It's a fun game but I’m getting tired of seeing that I got attacked and loss but when I see the replay (if it will even show me the replay, this is annoying as well) it shows the other person losing. It also shows me losing nearly double the money than I actually lost in the battle. Starting to seem like the game is taking from you so that you will spend real money to get back where you were. Get this fixed! It’s happened 7 times now.
Too slow, too boring, too many bugs
Currently, when I open the game, it says there’s an update and then takes me to the App Store where there is no update. So when I click “open” the game comes back up saying there’s an update... one big stupid cycle of irritation.

Additionally, more than half the time the roulette wheel of money and gold doesn’t spin nor award a prize after watching the same old advertisements again and again. It’s getting old, frustrating and boring. Not worth the money or time.