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Developer: SayGames LTD
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.14.1
ID: com.shaverma.shackledcubes


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What a tangled web we weave, and you’re the one who’s going to untangle it in this unusual and entertaining puzzle game that requires you to stretch your imagination, unblock your logic, and really get your brain working. Tug and twist at the matted tangle until eventually something snaps and a pair of cubes break free. Solving the puzzle won’t be easy – especially as the number of blocks gets bigger and bigger and more and more complex mechanisms are added to the mix – but it’s bound to bring a massive dose of satisfaction when you finally set the last blocks free.


• Feeling mentally blocked? This original and addictive brainteaser game is a great way to improve your IQ and give your mind a quick but powerful workout. Pairs of blocks connected by a stretchy cord must be brought together to clear the board and complete the puzzle. Pull this one up, push that one to the side, and keep shuffling till you’ve completed all the pairs.

• It's a non-stop block party: With over 1000 levels to complete, there’s always something to engage your brain and get you thinking in this relaxing but intriguing puzzle game. Five minutes to spare? Get solving another tangled block puzzle.

• New tricks on the block: As you progress through the game, you’ll come across a wide range of new mechanics that will keep the puzzles challenging and your brain ticking over – exploding blocks, pairs moving in one direction only, shattering glass cubes and much more. Be sure, you’ll never have time to get bored, and your logic will always be tested.

• Blocks of colour: Original puzzle mechanics are combined with bright and beautiful graphics and satisfying haptic effects to brisk each puzzle and activate not just your logic but every part of your brain.

• Never get stuck on the blocks: If you don’t see the solution straight away, you may pull and prod at different blocks on the board as long as you like – until you find a way to start setting them free. And if you really get stuck, there’s always an option of just skipping to the next level ensuring a stress-free and pleasurable playing experience.


If you’re looking for a fast and entertaining puzzle game that would keep you engaged and your brain active for some five minutes or endless hours, then look no further than Shackled Cubes. Download the game now and throw yourself on untangling the knotted cubes in increasingly challenging and enjoyable puzzles that will give your brain enjoyable exercise while also helping you kick back and relax. Come and join the block party!

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4.6 out of 5
3 618 Ratings


Shackled Cubes
Interesting brain teaser! Needs a level reset option rather than a skip button. A workaround I figured out is to close down the app and go back in that resets the level. I also would like an option to buy the game rather than to have ads after absolutely every level. It’s exhausting!!!
Ropes are too tight sometimes
I really like this game. But occasionally I’m struggling to pull a block to the edge of the board… and it’s only after repeated attempts to yank the piece that it finally moves into position. If it’s possible to move a piece, it shouldn’t be so hard to get it over there.

Additionally, there are things that seem completely meaningless to the game itself. I play often enough that I “advance” to new locations (beach, garage, etc.), but that changes nothing about the game in any way (meaningful or otherwise).

Also, I’ve played long enough that new challenges have come and gone and RARELY appear again. I’d like to see a greater mix of the different challenges (colored ropes, for instance) as I complete more levels.
Ads are longer than the levels
It’s a cute game that wastes time in the wrong way. Even at level 180 a lot of the levels are still simple enough to solve within the thirty seconds it takes for an ad to play, and I’m not that good at this game. I wouldn’t have a complaint if the ads were shown every few levels but they are almost in between each. That means you’re spending nearly an equal amount of time watching ads as you are playing the game regardless of how long you’re playing. If you really enjoyed the game I can understand why you’d pay to remove the ads but the levels not becoming more challenging as they increase is another reason not to continue playing.
Good but some levels don’t make sense
Okay so this is a really good brain puzzle app and i play it all the time, i was stuck of this one level and i feel when i thought i was close, it confused me. The skip level button is alright i guess but i would want to see how you solve it. So i’m thinking maybe a hint button would make the game even better because we would still have to do the puzzle and figure it out still while getting some help. But over all the game is good and the update is pretty cool 👍🏾 just wish there was a hint button. 4/5 is still a good rating and great updates, excited to see what’s next!
Some say glitch but it isn’t
So it is a fun game but on some levels at first it seems not possible. The problem is that the cords that attach the blocks are a little stretchy. Some corners you won’t be able to just do a normal drag around. You have to do a quick hard pull. On some of the “impossible” levels, you have to give room to do a big hard pull by leaving a gap and stretching it past what it is supposed to be. Should just make it where it can go around the corner or not. If that doesn’t make it difficult enough, make it where the cords can get tangled or something. Having to do a hard force pull 30 times until it pops over just doesn’t make sense.
Love the game but there is a lot of hit and miss as there are no directions
I really love this game, the fact that I can play it even if I only have a couple minutes because there are no time limits or move requirements and that way I can really take the time to figure it out. I do wish that there was a hint button because when I just skip it if I can’t figure it out then I don’t see how to clear it and I don’t learn from it then but that’s why I took 1 star away.
Dad loves this game, he use to tell everyone about how fun it is and how it makes him think. He has dementia and he’s trying to keep his cognitive skills sharp as possible. But he’s ready to delete the game cause 90% of ads are Royal Match, we understand that the ads are necessary to keep putting free games out. But come on, not only is it annoying, but it takes for ever trying to get out of the ad, and when he does the music follow and plays over the game. Sometimes it will pop back to the app and you have to fight to get out of it again. He says fix it or he done.
Ads designed to annoy
This is one of the new “annoyware” class of game. Not only will it show you an ad after every level, it will make you close 3 or 4 different screens at 5 second intervals before you can get back to your game. The intent, of course, is to force you to shell out the $3 by making the game otherwise unplayable.
I do give 4 stars for gameplay, minus one for annoyware. If you’re willing to pay, it’s ok - it’s just not enough better than other puzzle options out there to make that $3 worthwhile to me.
Would give 5 stars if there were events or a challenge mode
This is a fun game but one I can do while multitasking. It just gets boring after a while. If there were weekly events or a challenge mode with a leaderboard this would easily be my favorite game and I could see myself playing this for hours. But until there’s an addition like that I won’t play that much. Great if you need to kill 5 minutes.

*if the game gets updated with additional features, I’ll update my review and rating
This is an interesting game. It’s interesting and compelling to play. I really enjoy it. There is one major problem: there is a glitch that causes it to get stuck on a level with no way to complete it. I’m currently STUCK on level 421 with no means of moving on except to watch the ad to skip the level. The problem with that solution is that the same issue occurred in level 41 and several before it. What’s the point of the game if I have to skip levels to move forward?? If this glitch was fixed it would easily be a 5 star game.