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For the love of color sorting

Developer: Popcore GmbH
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 16.0.2
ID: com.xsxqfvcmdg.gradientsort


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Welcome to Gradient Sort! It’s a new color sorting game that is so visually pleasing, it will have you coming back for more. Coloring games have been one-upped with the shade sorting puzzle mechanic.

Gradient Sort is quiet and simple. We invite you to play it while listening to your favorite music. Kick back, relax and see if you can solve the enigma that is achieving perfect color harmony with so many gradients.

Meditate over a game play so smooth and satisfying. Arrange the shades of colors in the right order, achieve harmony and relax. We are visual creatures after all.

Version history

Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!
Bug fixing + performance improvements!
Thank you for playing!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Pack for Hint Booster
(A pack containing some hint boosters.)
IE873384517✱✱✱✱✱ 45EB23E✱✱✱✱✱
Remove Ads
(Remove Ads)
IE530495036✱✱✱✱✱ E27E8FE✱✱✱✱✱
Regular pack of Hint Booster
(A pack containing many hint boosters)
IE053318244✱✱✱✱✱ 40B5B55✱✱✱✱✱
Big pack for Hint Booster
(A pack containing a lot of hint boosters.)
IE045439650✱✱✱✱✱ FDD1914✱✱✱✱✱
Extra Spins
(A row of Spin of the gumball machine.)
IE244425884✱✱✱✱✱ 670BEA2✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
2 717 Ratings


Let me start off by saying I love this. I think it’s one of the better puzzle style games I’ve played. My main issue is that twice this game has glitched to where it is zoomed in on the puzzle and I cannot get it to zoom out or allow me to play anymore. I have waited forever to see if it would fix, tried restarting the level, etc. and nothing. The only way to get out of it is to delete the app and redownload, leading to a complete deletion of my progress. The first time I was in the 300s, this time I was on level 94. It’s a pain. My other complaint is the severity of how many ads I see. It feels like it’s after every round. I also wish there was a way to select for the levels that are all one color to switch to a variety of colors, even if it’s just two colors, for those of us that may not want to sit for a long time differentiating between greens.
Fine enough…until it breaks
Genuinely enjoyed this game for a bit. As far as adverts go, it’s pretty typical. One banner advert at the bottom of the screen at all times. There’s also a “choice” to watch an advert after every level for up to 5x the coin payout, or you can choose to take the abysmal base payout…and be forced to watch an advert anyway. Pretty stock standard level of false advertising for free games these days.

Really, the main issue is the game-breaking bugs. The current one I’m dealing with involves the puzzle taking up the bottom right corner of the screen, and clicking on the tiles that are visible does nothing. Clicking on hints uses up a hint, but does not affect the progress bar. Going through the various menus does nothing, and I can’t even click the button to unlock/play a challenge level. Restarting the app and device don’t fix it, either—the only two things I haven’t tried are deleting/redownloading the app, or contacting support.

Frankly, none of the bugs I’ve run into would affect my rating if I could just contact support. Unfortunately, that’s not an option! There is no help menu, there is no support button in settings. Nothing I could easily find on any of their websites, aside from a general contact form that doesn’t seem to be intended for bug reports. Seems like a pretty massive oversight.
Love this game but
I have been playing this game for a while now. Its super relaxing and just fun to play. Today I open it up and it is stuck on level 239 and it is zoomed in and cut off on the right side of the screen. Even trying to do the challenge levels, they wont come up and its only that orange level that won’t let me click anything. I closed and opened it and even updated.
Other than that, some small issues that I’ve had are pieces of the puzzle that are sometimes just TOO small and it takes me forever just to click the correct one. Another issue that I’ve run across a few times is when a “pinned” piece is actually moveable. They are supposed to be in the correct place and not be able to move but I’ve had it a few times where I had to change it to be correct. Lastly, when i first started i had a prompt to purchase no ads but after I played it for a while, i wanted to get it but I couldnt find it anywhere!
Overall, i do really enjoy this game but I am very sad that it’s not working anymore for me TO play.
Great game, only one issue.
Idk why many people complain about ads anymore, almost every single game has them now. This game is great, but the issue I have is that every time I complete a level, if I don’t immediately start the new level and I just get out of the app, when I try to play again hours later I have to redo the same level I had already completed. There’s no way to skip to the next level and it’s really frustrating especially when it’s a hard level that you had to use hints for. It gives you more than enough coins to buy more hints which is really good but I personally will be deleting this game because of how frustrated I am that it’s happened so many times now. I have adhd and am forgetful so I can’t remember to just move pieces before I get out of the app. If you guys fix this issue I’ll definitely reinstall the app.
Fun but flawed
I love this game! It is relaxing and challenging. However, twice, I’ve had an advanced level freeze on my iPad, so much so that I had to delete the game and reinstall it each time. Doing so, of course, starts me at the beginning again. I don’t know the level number (are there level numbers?), so I would suggest numbering the levels. Also, I would love to be able to see the finished product at each level for more than just a few seconds. Perhaps allowing the gamer to choose when to leave that finished screen would be more satisfying. Thanks for the game, though. I’ll keep using it, hoping to avoid that freeze a third time, and watch to see if you take my suggestions.
Gogo Ravensdale,
Like the last person (who wasn’t a bot) said, it’s fine until it breaks
So the fact that someone else is getting the exact same bug I am, where the puzzles are now unworkable, and just sort of… huge and halfway shown in the bottom right side of the screen gives me at least a little bit of hope that this wasn’t planned obsolescence, but an actual bug they might fix eventually. That person was right though, there is absolutely nothing I have tried that has helped. I WAS really enjoying the game up until this point, oh well.

Also, to the people who don’t understand why people are mad about the ads, here’s a more precise gripe about them: yes every game app still give you ads when you pick the ‘no thank you’ option for whatever perk they’re offering; but see the thing is, those ads are usually SHORTER or SKIPPABLE compared to if you had chosen the ‘yes please’ option. This app literally just shows you the exact. Same. Ad. Of the exact. Same. Length. And no way to skip it, because of course there isn’t.

To be honest I don’t even mind that after a certain number of levels you’re just getting the same puzzles you’ve already played, I really didn’t expect anything else. That is a reasonable way to get ‘unlimited’ puzzles, and they have a fairly decent sized puzzle pool to draw from. Everything else though, that’s a little more egregious.

Needs work.
Only one bad thing about this app is that it’s easily to get addicted to and you won’t be able to stop playing! I love the app even though it’s hard sometimes it’s just addicting and I have no idea why, my dad was frustrated with it cause he had no idea what to do which I thought was hilarious and he had to hand the phone to me. You have to play the game awhile to know how to play but I don’t get the point of the gum-ball machine? Also just for other people to know after every level there is an ad but the levels are actually pretty long so it’s not that annoying other than for me the ads being the same but that isn’t the games fault of the ads they get. Either way this game is really fun and relaxing
I love this game but
Some pieces are just too small to move on an iphone screen. Also my phone is set for automatic updates, but this app doesn’t update. When it needs an update the pieces enlarge 10,000 times bigger than the screen. There was no recovering the proper appearance of the playing field. I had completed over 400 levels and had 4,000 plus coins also. I deleted the app thinking it corrupted and needing to start fresh. Only to find out when I see the same zoomed in screen today, and come here, that I simply needed to click update in the app store. I lost all my progress because this doesn’t update on its own?
Good concept besides it breaking
This game is super addictive. But like many reviews have stated, the game will break and zoom in on one area of the puzzle, then become unresponsive to any type of commands. It will use a hint and bring up wallpapers and such. But the game itself is useless. I’ve tried restarting, making sure it was up to date. Finally I deleted and reinstalled. It took me back to level 1 and 0 coins. I was on level 113 with 8000 coins. I just made it back up to level 109 and the same error happened. I’m going to stop playing until something gets fixed.

Also, no use contacting support because there isn’t any way to. I’ve seen on Popcore’s Facebook that they are unresponsive to any contact methods tried. Pretty disappointed because I’ve loved several games from them.
Fine but no support
The good: this is a perfectly fine, fun little game that is easy to get sucked into for a little while.

The bad: each game round is quite short, and you have to watch an ad after every single game. This means you are literally spending half or almost half of your game-playing time watching ads. There is no way to buy your way out of the ads, and there is no button in the app to contact customer support.

So basically this is an ad serving machine with zero support or customer service. Virtually any game like this pushes the balance of frustration to enjoyment in an effort to maximize profits, but when the frustration outweighs the fun and there’s no one to complain to, then the game is at least partially unsuccessful.