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Real Money Game

Developer: Mobile Fox Limited
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.2.0
ID: com.mobilefox.bubble.ios


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Bubble Arena is a classic puzzle game that you can win real-money prizes with your skill!
It's time to take your bubble shooter skills to the next level and get a chance to win real cash.
In this fast and fun bubble game you will play in competition with real players against the clock in order to maximize your scores. The more bubbles you pop the higher chances of winning! All you need to do is blasting the bubbles and clearing the board as fast as you can.

How to play:
- Match at least 3 bubbles in same color.
- Blast them away and clear the board.
- Simply tap the screen to drag the laser-aim, lift your finger to release the ball.
- Cash-out securely using PayPal.

Special features:
- Real-money tournaments.
- Fast animations and smooth touch controls.
- Collect awesome daily bonuses.
- Easy to learn but could be difficult to master, test your brain!
- Only takes a few minutes a round, win faster!

If you have any questions please feel free to find us at [email protected]

Get ready now and clear the board quickly before others do to win Real-Money Prizes!

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4.7 out of 5
59.6K Ratings


SamE P223,
The real secret strat
Okay guys, I have been playing this game since the start or July, and I have made about $150 total. I know it’s not a lot but it still is good. So here’s what I figured out. First there’s gonna be random times where you just win back to back. If this ever happens to you and you have a decent amount of money to withdraw, don’t. Keep on playing until you start to lose one. I’m pretty sure this is a glitch since you mostly tend to lose games. But just because it’s a glitch and you automatically win games doesn’t mean you don’t have to try. I would recommend still trying even if you win back to back games. Secondly don’t waste any money on this game. You just need to be patient and win the $0.5 every day. I know it takes a while but it’s better than spending $5 for nothing. Lastly if you don’t have the glitch where you always win and you have a decent amount of money, withdraw it right now. I’ve once dealt with this and decided to go all out in hopes of doubling my amount, but I placed 4th and went back to $0. So basically the key to this game is being patient and humble but also trying to beat the so called “real opponents.” Hope this helps.
Is to pay money. Period. Early on by lvl 3 youll get stuck at .90 cents. Youll build tickets but during games the balls arbitrarily change color or you wont get the RNG color you need and time will run out. The clock is actually a tad bit faster than real time. Ive timed it side by side with a stop watch. Also, youll slowly build gold tickets and coins but their tactic is this: Frustrate you with this pace long enough for you to eventually spend money. The downside to hat is that if youre smart, you wont hang around longer than an hour or so to find out this realization. So basically its another app tryna dupe you into spending money and giving up your personal data to sell. The makers are data brokers, disguised as a faming company. I guess theres a sucker born everyday… you can be that sucka, im sure as sheet not one of them.
Actually real??
First, even without paying or making money I think this is just a really fun game. You can play for coins and never have to pay so it’s just for fun.

I’m not that smart though so I dropped $20 into this game. I have not withdrawn any money from this app so I can’t say with 100% certainty. But that’s my own fault because I had about $60 worth of earnings (that’s with the fake bonus cash already removed). I knew I should have withdrawn but instead I decided to play the $60 buy in and instead lost it all. That’s gambling for you. That being said, I regularly check the “withdrawal” button to see what I would get if I were to cash out. They do remove the “bonus cash” from your earnings so beware that the dollar amount on your screen is not necessarily the dollar amount you can withdraw. But I feel like they make it very clear with what’s happening, if I had hit that cash out button I believe I would have received it. Just like at casinos, be patient and never bet it all. You have options to play for cash without paying any money, it will just take a lot longer by gaining a few cents at a time. I’m going to keep trying and see if I can build back up. Will update if I ever cash out.
Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Everyone on Earth is looking for the easy way out, a way to make money and not work so hard. These games prey on the weak minded and hearted, and apple allows them to do so. I’ve ran into so many fake apps promising one thing and giving another, trying to get a refund on things is no joke. Apple is stingy, even though they allow this nonsense to take peoples money. I downloaded an AI app promising all these cool photos, which ended up being false. Apple will fight you tooth and nail, how about give people their money back and remove the app for being false, fake, and not giving people what they promise. This app is no different, you’ll be stuck at 0.90 all day it begs you to deposit money, keeps trying to convince you it’s okay. It’s not, you’re not going to get anything from it, the bubble colors change are so obvious, we’ve seen and played million of games that are like this (actual games) that don’t even have that in their algorithm. It’s like playing a slot machine at a casino, this is a run around on gambling. Avoid it, work hard and save your money from this trash.
Poor Support
I have sent numerous messages demanding refund of all payments and my request has gone unanswered. This app is a robbery and not authorized to be used in the state of Oklahoma due to be considered to be gambling. Oklahoma state attorney general and gambling commissioner has asked me to request gains and losses which I have requested and no response because I have reported the amount I have spent yet never a win to withdrawal and have forwarded the information showing that if you win you are not allowed to draw winnings it is subtracted from pretty much what you put in and you get back even less than what you put in. I am requesting correspondence to my email for my request of full refund due to this game again is not legal nor fairly set up for a person to gain anything from what they put in. Please update me on this request ASAP. I did not want to have to put it in a review cause the game is entertaining however should have money option without being regulated to be sure that the lose to win ratio is verified and get no place with the support in the app

Angry Player
Report these games
We need to report these games to law enforcement, at least the FBI cyber crimes. I have been trying to write this review. It keeps glitching and kicking me out. Now we need to read reviews and beware of scammers. They make money from people sending them money. But App Store are not in a hurry to remove them because they get money from the money you send to the games. I am looking for a way to contact the App Store to see what they can do. But beware of of the UNITY game company. Let us get rid of scammers on apps. They are loosing money with the other scams so they are looking for new ways. Also realize they get paid for every app you watch. So they make a fortune. I am guessing about 1000 usd for each player a week. That is an estimate based on the number of ads they show.
Qoryn Nikole,
Just like all the others… 🙄
1) Been playing for several weeks now
2) Wouldn’t even allow me to provide a review from my phone due to the “Loading” Screen that never seemed to actually load, even after minutes of waiting/refreshing/redownloading… which is why I’m resulting to my iPad to tell y’all the Tea.
3) Just like EVERY OTHER CASH GAME, they let you win in the first few rounds with unlimited time, number of moves, promises of grand cash prizes that we all see on those poorly acted, poorly overdubbed Insta/FB ads that annoy us all, before bombarding you with prompts to pay to play.
4) As someone who’s been duped before, I specifically didn’t sign my life and personal info away to “Win $$$ immediately available to my PayPal acct” as I’m fairly certain at this point, it’s pretty much just a way for Third-Parties to have unlimited access to my bank accounts.
5) I tired playing the game, only to find out, once you enter the actual “competitions”, you have literally 90 seconds to clear the entire board against 3-7 other people, who all seem to do just slightly better than you when the results are posted. Thus resulting in a stupid ‘coin’ (Aka not real money) that gives you access to play more ‘coin’- based games that ultimately result in, again, no real money.
6) I managed to win $1 (Or what I thought was $1) turns out, it’s ‘Bonus Cash’ which you can’t check out with.
7) In essence, don’t bother with this game.
Fake cash game don’t waste your time or money
I did their free watch videos won up to about $20 tried to cash out that’s considered bonus cash and you can’t cash it out if you win with it only the amount above the bet counts as normal cash and if you lose it takes normal cash first over the bonus finally won $30 normal cash went to withdraw they charge a fee to get your money and wipe your bonus cash since I paid nothing not a big deal. I get an email that fund hit my PayPal get an error trying to accept funds after a few days the transaction vanished from PayPal. PayPal support says it was cancelled by bubble crush and to contact them and get the PayPal transaction I’d for them to investigate further. Bubble crush support says they will refund my money week later still nothing support says PayPal hasn’t returned the funds I’ve asked 4 times for the transaction id and they just ignored me. If they ever resolve this and I actually get my winnings I’ll change this but so far this looks to be a scam
Run away from this app - Apple shut this app off. Cash goes in easy, doesn’t come out
Cash bonuses are not allowed to be taken out. So it is only cash if you lose everything (ie what is the point and how are they allowed to lie). The offered prizes are often not actually awarded (I can add and see they aren’t happening). I have been playing games and I am supposed to get a prize and it is not awarded. For a cash game, this is horrible. No idea how this game is still on the App Store (shame on you Apple). No clue how the ratings are at all legitimate. I am guessing they aren’t real authentic ratings. Tried to withdraw my money, they ask for full and complete personal information and I had to register a personal email so they could verify my identity (didn’t do that taking my money). And that is also the point of using a payment service (they verify IDs), not questionable games. Giving that data to an illegitimate business is bad.

Just my opinion based on my experience. Stay away.
Terrible support, took money from my account
This game took 30 dollars in payments from me, debited from my account, and somehow did not credit me with in game cash. I tried (respectfully, at first) to contact support. After 3 full business days with no response I figured these app developers were just negligent idiots, scam artists, or both.

Finally, 10 days later they respond. Over the next 3 days, they asked me to prove my case, I sent photos of my bank account and the transactions in question. It took 3 days because they wouldnt respond same day. The outcome was basically a big middle finger, “we don’t see anything wrong on our end, sorry dear player.” Not even offering me a 10 dollar credit after having waited TWO WEEKS for a crappy resolution. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this dumb game (that’s on me,) but they wouldn’t even make me whole for the 30 dollars their game took from me.

Play another game. This game is crap and the support is nonexistent.