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Real Money Game

Developer: Mobile Fox Limited
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.1.5
ID: com.mobilefox.bubble.ios


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Bubble Arena is a classic puzzle game that you can win real-money prizes with your skill!
It's time to take your bubble shooter skills to the next level and get a chance to win real cash.
In this fast and fun bubble game you will play in competition with real players against the clock in order to maximize your scores. The more bubbles you pop the higher chances of winning! All you need to do is blasting the bubbles and clearing the board as fast as you can.

How to play:
- Match at least 3 bubbles in same color.
- Blast them away and clear the board.
- Simply tap the screen to drag the laser-aim, lift your finger to release the ball.
- Cash-out securely using PayPal.

Special features:
- Real-money tournaments.
- Fast animations and smooth touch controls.
- Collect awesome daily bonuses.
- Easy to learn but could be difficult to master, test your brain!
- Only takes a few minutes a round, win faster!

If you have any questions please feel free to find us at [email protected]

Get ready now and clear the board quickly before others do to win Real-Money Prizes!

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4.7 out of 5
22.7K Ratings


Guy graves
This has been one of the most direct of all games so far in the specific bubble game style I like to waste time on and it has made me a dollar or two in the not too distant past, and hopefully I’ll find the winners circle again sometime sooner or later. I’m hoping it’s glitchy trigger Is addressed or I’ll probably tone it down some on the larger games. Other than that it’s still a classic way to kill a little time while being the best kind of productive, financially productive.
It is the one I’d allow strict schedule of study study study to being able to squeeze five minutes of stress relief angry bubble blasting my way back to happy. Recommended by me!
Poor Support
I have sent numerous messages demanding refund of all payments and my request has gone unanswered. This app is a robbery and not authorized to be used in the state of Oklahoma due to be considered to be gambling. Oklahoma state attorney general and gambling commissioner has asked me to request gains and losses which I have requested and no response because I have reported the amount I have spent yet never a win to withdrawal and have forwarded the information showing that if you win you are not allowed to draw winnings it is subtracted from pretty much what you put in and you get back even less than what you put in. I am requesting correspondence to my email for my request of full refund due to this game again is not legal nor fairly set up for a person to gain anything from what they put in. Please update me on this request ASAP. I did not want to have to put it in a review cause the game is entertaining however should have money option without being regulated to be sure that the lose to win ratio is verified and get no place with the support in the app

Angry Player
Qoryn Nikole,
Just like all the others… 🙄
1) Been playing for several weeks now
2) Wouldn’t even allow me to provide a review from my phone due to the “Loading” Screen that never seemed to actually load, even after minutes of waiting/refreshing/redownloading… which is why I’m resulting to my iPad to tell y’all the Tea.
3) Just like EVERY OTHER CASH GAME, they let you win in the first few rounds with unlimited time, number of moves, promises of grand cash prizes that we all see on those poorly acted, poorly overdubbed Insta/FB ads that annoy us all, before bombarding you with prompts to pay to play.
4) As someone who’s been duped before, I specifically didn’t sign my life and personal info away to “Win $$$ immediately available to my PayPal acct” as I’m fairly certain at this point, it’s pretty much just a way for Third-Parties to have unlimited access to my bank accounts.
5) I tired playing the game, only to find out, once you enter the actual “competitions”, you have literally 90 seconds to clear the entire board against 3-7 other people, who all seem to do just slightly better than you when the results are posted. Thus resulting in a stupid ‘coin’ (Aka not real money) that gives you access to play more ‘coin’- based games that ultimately result in, again, no real money.
6) I managed to win $1 (Or what I thought was $1) turns out, it’s ‘Bonus Cash’ which you can’t check out with.
7) In essence, don’t bother with this game.
Fake cash game don’t waste your time or money
I did their free watch videos won up to about $20 tried to cash out that’s considered bonus cash and you can’t cash it out if you win with it only the amount above the bet counts as normal cash and if you lose it takes normal cash first over the bonus finally won $30 normal cash went to withdraw they charge a fee to get your money and wipe your bonus cash since I paid nothing not a big deal. I get an email that fund hit my PayPal get an error trying to accept funds after a few days the transaction vanished from PayPal. PayPal support says it was cancelled by bubble crush and to contact them and get the PayPal transaction I’d for them to investigate further. Bubble crush support says they will refund my money week later still nothing support says PayPal hasn’t returned the funds I’ve asked 4 times for the transaction id and they just ignored me. If they ever resolve this and I actually get my winnings I’ll change this but so far this looks to be a scam
Do not download. It is a scam
I've had the app downloaded for about a week, I put in $10 to the game and had won $194. When i went to withdraw it said $93 of it was "bonus cash" (i'd only won $20 in bonus cash so they kept half of my winning) but whatever, I still was getting 10x what i had put in to the game. So i start the withdrawal process for $101, it goes on pending and then stops, no withdrawal and all my money's back in my account. I then message support twice with no response. I start a withdrawal again and the same exact thing happens, can't withdraw and can't contact support ever several days of trying. It's a waste of time and a waste of money. Complete scam
UPDATE days after not playing the game anymore they have charged my card, without my doing whatsoever, $13. DO NOT and i repeat DO NOOTTT download this app. It's a scam and they will flat out steal your money if you quit playing. Already had to cancel my card. Gdi
Early review
So it’s honestly to early to say what I think and how the app actually is. I just downloaded it and I’m still in the ( making me feel like I’m the greatest at the game and I’ll be able to quit my job playing it ) stage where they give you wins and allow you to get some money. With that being said so far it’s not bad. The game itself is fun. Reminds me of a game I played when I was younger. I’m really going to dive into the game. Devote 3-4 hrs a day playing it and see how it is after a week. I will then update my review for you guys! Wish me luck should be fun either way.
A scam
I’ve been playing off and on for a few months. I thought something was off but didn’t really pay much attention until lately. For example, the tournaments I’ve played have five people in then. I’ll play a game, be in first or second place with four players already competing. That means we’re waiting in one person to play to get our ranking. Well, some time later that l the rankings come out and I’m in fifth place. How is that even possible? Also, the lottery mini game kept pausing every time I win a ball by playing cash games. That meant, irately for any balks. I took screenshots and reached out to support . They told me it was because my app wasn’t updated. I told them it was and they never responded after that. Finally, the payouts are a joke. They swear your winnings is bonus money (which it isn’t) and won’t cash you out. This game is a complete scam!!!
Kills time
I downloaded this game because of the ad I seen. I started winning money, and getting bonuses. However you can not withdraw any money they give you. You have to put your own money in and win in order to actually withdraw. If you like the game and want to just play than it is great! If you expect to cash out the bonus money, you will waste time with this game. Deposit your own money first and than start playing. Also i noticed with some of the more high paying games it is almost impossible to complete the level. I was given ball colors that i could nothing with. Wasting time and moves. Again, its a great game to play for the fun, but if you go off the advertisement of winning money, you will be let down!
Definite problems
When I first started with this game it was bubble crush now bubble arena…red flag. I played a cash game winning $2. I waited for about five minutes not playing any other game, I then went to the withdrawal section and I could only withdraw $1 and lose the other dollar. Why would it be bonus cash for a cash game when I had to spend a dollar to play in the first place? I didn’t win anything just got my dollar back that I originally put in. Another big red flag. I don’t think this is a legit game.

Update: I just checked my pending withdrawal and it says I am waiting on .50 cents. That is not what I put in to withdraw. They claim it is fee-free so where did the other .50 go? I just tried customer support which comes up as in screen chat…no answer back and I sent screenshots of what is happening.
Boggle Queen Gail,
Thank you Bingo Crush!
The five stars actually go to the players for taking the time to write a review thereby saving me hundreds of dollars trying to play a game I can’t win at. I also appreciate the heads up about all the problems withdrawing your money if you do happen to win any. I will continue to play Bingo Cash where I can win hundreds of dollars (instead of throwing my money away playing Bingo Crush) and receive payment within 5 to 7 days without any problems whatsoever.
Sorry Bingo Crush but I’m done wasting my money on your app.