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Awesome Capybara Fun

Developer: Popa Radu
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.9.6
ID: com.tapmen.capybararush


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A game about capybaras.

Are you ready to dive into the world of capybaras like never before?
Take your capybara on an amazing adventure.
Collect oranges, ice cream, bananas, and secret letters to unlock awesome capybaras.

What to do?
-Run and grow your capybara herd while avoiding obstacles
-Hop in the car and go for a drive with your capybara friends
-Jump in the water and swim in a sea full of adventure
-Stack capybaras to form the tallest capybara tower
-Fly a plane like a capybara and conquer the skies

-Easy and addictive gameplay
-5 game modes
-60+ handsome capybaras to unlock
-Beautiful handmade 3D graphics
-Endless capybara fun
-Optimization for all screens

Version history

Fixed Fly Mode bug
Fixed sounds getting muted
Other Bug Fixes
Bug fixes
Gameplay improvements
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Sound Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Fixed the Fly Mode Bug
Gameplay Improvements
Bug fixes
Gameplay improvements
Fixed sound glitch
Other bug fixes
Gameplay improvements
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Some capybaras found their way in the skins section
New screenshots and video preview
Game optimization
Bug Fixes

Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Faster Loading Time
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Some Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
New Skin
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Small Graphic Changes
Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Small Graphic Changes
Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
New Mode
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
Gameplay Improvements
Bug Fixes
Small UI Changes
Gameplay Improvements

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Removes forced ads from the game)
IG117897592✱✱✱✱✱ 7B7DF1F✱✱✱✱✱
25000 oranges
(Gives you 25000 oranges)
IG734570349✱✱✱✱✱ 87873B4✱✱✱✱✱
Best Deal
(Gives you a handful of collectables)
IG403153445✱✱✱✱✱ 00BDB25✱✱✱✱✱
400 ice creams
(Gives you 400 ice creams)
IG957471179✱✱✱✱✱ 89F783C✱✱✱✱✱
250 bananas
(Gives you 250 bananas)
IG708709015✱✱✱✱✱ 3C03684✱✱✱✱✱
1500 watermelons
(Gives you 1500 watermelons)
IG596979635✱✱✱✱✱ BD6D563✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
2 552 Ratings


Changed my life for the better
This app has completely changed my perspective of life. Before i got the chance to download tiktok ( which was around a week ago ), I was living in the vents in my school. Every single day around 5 am before anyone got there, i would crawl out of the vents into the bathroom to where no one would see me. My family abandoned me because i was a “disappointment”. I had nowhere to go. One lucky morning when i woke up and got out of the vent, i found a brand new phone and logged onto it. I was amazed. The first chance i got, i downloaded TikTok. I heard about it everywhere around school but never got the chance to ask because everyone hated me and bullied me. The first video that popped up on my phone was this game. I saw a capybara collecting other capybaras with the ok i pull up song. I almost forgot about the dababy car. The moment i saw it, i felt a spark inside of me. I clicked the like button right as the school bell rang. The moment i got in class, everyone started talking to me as if i was famous. I felt so cool. Everyone was surrounding me wanting autographs. It was very overwhelming but it felt so good. The school day ended and i felt great. The principal called me to the office and my parents were there. They all came up to me with a hug and took me home in their Lamborghini to their 7 story mansion. This game is life changing and i couldn’t be happier. I 100% recommend this game.
strawman buttsnazle,
This game saved my life
It all started when I was stuck in my house after my family had left me. There was this crazy man chasing me! I managed to get away for a little while and hide inside of my mattress. I thought to myself “ Well this would be a great time to go on the App Store and download a really fun game!”. As I hid in the mattress I was scrolling through all the games and couldn’t find any games that where good until I found this beautiful little game. I was so excited I almost screamed and then remembered that there’s a man hunting me down and is trying to stab me. The game finally downloaded and I was ready to start an epic gaming adventure but when I opened the game I forgot my sound was all the way up and the music started playing! Immediately the insane killer found me! He ripped open the mattress I was hiding in and I screamed and dropped my phone but when he saw that I had this beautiful game was open the murderous look he had in his eyes faded away and began to fill up with tears. He said that him and his wife used to play the game together before she left him. I felt really bad so I said that I can play it with him and he agreed and we played for hours. Now we are best friends and we joke around about him trying to kill me! We still play this game every night before we go to bed.
This game is very life changing. I was at the time living in Africa and being chased by hungry wild Indians. They were running really fast trying to catch me and cook me. They kept screaming “ OKAY I PULL UP “ and I was getting really scared. I found somewhere to hide in. It was a little hole in the ground. Then I heard something whisper in my ear “ After Party “ I gasped and turned around and there sat a beautiful Capybara named Nevina. I couldn't speak nor run. I was frozen by the sight of this Capybara. It kept singing “ After Party “ and I was delighted by the sound of this song. BUT THEN the Indians found me and dragged me. The Capybara named Nevina slapped me put of the Indians hand and put me on their back. I couldn't speak and I was smiling the whole time. They never stopped singing “ After Party “ and I started singing along with them. The Capybara all the sudden teleported with me to the castle in United Kingdom and I figured out they were the new British Queen. I was so surprised that I fell. They picked me up and stopped singing “ After Party “ for the first time ever. They said “ MARRY ME “ and I said “ YES “ so we got married and they told me to download this wonderful game. I love this and it changed my life completely. THIS IS THE BEST AND I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH 🤩🤩🤩🤩
This game changed me
One day I was in the deep jungles of South America running away from Ed Sheeran because he was trying to make me emo but while I was running I cam across a furry and it asked me where I was going I told the furry that I was in a hurry because Ed Sheeran is trying to make me emo the furry said I can help you the furry was them telling me about a magic curry that will make you never turn emo I asked the furry where to get this curry and he said it’s here in these jungles so me and the furry set off on are journey me and the furry were stumped when we came across a big cliff that we would have to jump over but the furry said he is crippled and can’t continue with my journey so we said are goodbyes and i leaped as far as I could go but I didn’t make it I tripped on the way and I broke my legs but just as I was about to lose hope I saw some creature at first I did not recognize the creature but I then I new what it was it was a capybara the capybara brought me home to it’s group and they raised me and they got me a phone so I could call them when I wasn’t there and the first thing I did was go to the App Store to find a game then I found this game and now I understand the way of the capybara I am a new person.
This game is impeccable!
One day when I was riding my scooter down by the lake, I stopped by a big massive large tree. It’s because I saw a goose and was flabbergasted! We don’t get those in Antarctica!!! When I wanted to pick up the scooter it swung with a power so mighty only the strongest of men could take it. I heard a resounding KRACK! It smacked my ankle bone with so much force that the I was launched into the air and flown into the depths of the lake. As I descended downward bubbling and gurgling in pain, for my ankle had been cut in half, I heard a song. The sound was muffled from the water, but when I reached the bottom and accepted my fate I spotted a cellular device! Huzzah!! I’ve never seen one before. When I looked at the screen in my final moments of life I saw a capybara. I felt a sudden rush of hope and energy. Oxygen flowed through my lungs and I felt little paws pushing me back up to the surface. Once I reached the surface I was transported to the shore of the lake. Capybaras surrounded me and gave me warmth as they sang “ok I pull up” My ankle was also healed by them! They gave me a cellphone and made me play capybara rush!! I thanked them for this opportunity to meet them because capybara is life. Capybara is so sweet and kind. They saved my life so download this game!
Extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate.
This game is absolutely exquisite(extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate.
"exquisite, jewellike portraits" or a man who is affectedly concerned with his clothes and appearance; a dandy.) This game is truly life changing. I was scrolling through the AppStore, as usual. And came across this game. And boy, did it absolutely paralyze me. I was frozen in joy, and I couldn’t comprehend the feeling I felt when I saw this game. I was drawn to it. I installed it instantly and I started floating into the air, with my phone right in front of me. I gasped(😱), shaking in the moment as I grabbed my phone. I played capybara run. My ears ringing with the song “After party” playing in the background. I quivered with absolute joy. I fell back on my bed with a capybara on the side of me. Until, four from bfdi grabbed the capybara and dismembled it. I grabbed four by their neck and stomped on their toes and flew into space playing capybara run. One million dollars went into my bank account and I heard the capybara whisper something into my ear. He said, “ok I pull up” and disappeared. I woke up in a mansion with a capybara as a pet. My capybara started doing the “Gangnam style” and I lived happily ever after.
TYVM Chuck,
this app changed my life
so i was at the time before i had this amazing app i was living in my mom basement managing 10 discord servers (i am a very well known discord mod among the kittens) and then i got a dm from one of my discord mod friends named quan he told me about this app and that if you got the hight score you would win 25 million dollars. and then I ofcorse downloaded this app and saw that the would be a meet up of all the high score players and you would need 10k+ of a high score i knew with hard work i could do it. i got to work trying to get the high score even ignoring my 2938 discord kittens and my mom who had brought done sandwiches because she knew how important this was to me. i son got 11,069 of a high score and got accepted to the meet. when i got there i saw…. quan and his 2 bothers dale and dingle i was scared but then i thought of the prize and how many nitro i could buy all my discord kittens. an hour later i was the 2 rd place on the leaderboard battling another popular discord mod and then…. i won!!! now years later i live in a mansion with all my discord kittens and all the nitro they want all thanks to this game.
Capybara Rush saves lives!!!!!
This game saved my life! I was walking home from school one day (I live in the mountains) minding my own business when the school bully came out from behind some bushes. He started calling me names, told me how awful I was, and was just generally being rude to me. But what he didn’t know is that I don’t care. About anything. He was floored! He said, “I’ve never seen someone care so little about anything!” He then offered to walk me the rest of the way home, and since I didn’t care, we started on our way. As we were walking and talking, a bear came out for nowhere and tried to sell us tiny plastic duckies! Since these little duckies are illegal where we are, we said no. The bear became angry with us and pushed us! The bully only slid to the edge of the mountain, but I slid the whole way off and managed to grab hold of a tree branch. Because I didn’t care, I pulled out my phone and started playing Capybara Rush. The gravity of the situation began mixing with my force of uncaring and I began levitating! I floated safely back on level ground. This game really is a life saver, but I don’t care.
i’ve never truly lived until i played this game
Now let me start this off by saying I don’t normally write reviews. But this game was so incredibly life-changing, as other reviews put it, that I just had to write one. I simply cannot imagine how i lived my life before playing this game. I think capybara rush is one of the greatest masterpieces of our time and I’m truly grateful to have been alive to experience this. Some would say this is quite the “radical opinion”— but so be it. I love capybaras. I think if I met a capybara in real life now, I would shed tears of joy, as my appreciation for them has increased exponentially after simply thinking about downloading this app. This game is, probably, the most beautiful and intricate piece of modern art you will be able to see in your lifetime. So if you were considering pulling up, first think about if you are actually mentally and physically prepared to have your life change drastically. I cannot express how deeply this game has touched my heart. It is something you truly should experience for yourself, 10/10, 5 stars everytime.
Simply changed me into a real man
I love this game so much and I think it should be known world wide. Now that I have this game I can finally live my dream to run, drive, swim, and just recently, stack as a capybara! My only two complaints is the controversial “floppa” skin. If you are unaware Floppa is NOT a capybara, this genuinely devastated me. I can’t believe they would do this, UGH🫵😡.
Anyway my second complaint is the new “stack” mod it’s very delightful the only thing that concerns me is that the dynamic of being able to pick up capybaras and use them for you own gain, I don’t think that it’s very capybara of them; also I think it’s terrible to be able to get rid of them so easily. THOSE ARE YOUR FRIENDS AND YOU JUST KILLED THEM FOR YOUR OWN GAIN. And I think this game is very good at team building but it’s a tad sad 😔. Those are all my complaints ofc I love this game and thanks for creating such a masterpiece, I love being able to pull up to the after party knowing I pulled up with my capybara friends! Ok that’s all, thanks for reading this can’t wait to see what more you do with the game.