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Developer: Voodoo
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.4.1
ID: com.gentlegame.flyingcut


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Hold to fly and slice all amazing obstacles in your way !

Version history

- Bug Fixes
- New Gameplay Features
- Bug Fixes
Bug fixes
- Bug fixes
- Add shop button
- Add currency
- Performance improvement
- bugfix
- New gameplay features
- Bugfixs
- Bug fixs

- Fix missing items at level 11.
- Fix some levels that were too long.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No ads
(Remove non rewarded ads from the game)
AH759643259✱✱✱✱✱ 799D16C✱✱✱✱✱

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4.4 out of 5
7 982 Ratings


james robert veal,
Reason to require internet connection
Mobile games are suppose to Not require connection but this game requires it with no multiplayer, I don’t understand why you must need this requirement since you don’t have multiplayer but alright may you please respond with a reason, Thank you
Nothing but a money hungry scam!!!!
Voodoo Games has a pattern of bombarding games with ads— making them practically unenjoyable. By the way, I timed how long normal gameplay time is: roughly 30 seconds. After every game you are shown a 15-30 second ad afterward. If we did the math, twenty plays is only six minutes worth of game time and the (longest ad i be gotten was 26 seconds btw) Watch time for ads would be five minutes and twenty seconds. If big numbers doesn’t mean anything then this will: You seemingly spend the same amount of time watching ads than the game which is a HUGE problem considering the app has a bug every three weeks and crashes 1/4 plays. This gaming studio FORCES you to watch ads because you MUST connected to wi-fi to play. It’s not just this game though: most, if not all Voodoo’s games have the same format: slice/collect/shoot the —/ and their seemingly simple but once you download it’s nothing but cheap gameplay and so many ads!!!! Do better voodoo🤦🏾‍♀️
Good game but a few suggestions.
The game is satisfying and fun over all, but there are ads after every level (each level lasts about 10 or 20 seconds) so I was forced to buy the no ads. Second I think they should create more levels with like different types of stuff to cut instead of the same thing over, and over again. Also I feel like they should add a bigger shop with creative swords and knives because rn the shop is super small. And also my second suggestion is that they should add like upgrades to buy like for example: more money earned, and sword durability. (These should not cost actual money) that way you can spend the money you have instead of having it pile up with nothing to do with. Also i think it’s stupid you HAVE to be on wifi in order to play. I would rate this a 3 and a half if I could.
Please read
Great game… pretty satisfying and fun to pass the time. But can there not an ad EVERY 10 SECONDS. The game creators are so hunger for this stuff, it’s pryeety srupid6. All you guys do is make a simplistic fun game and cram as many ads in it as possible… The game “Bounce and Collect” is an OK game it’s just that my phone will literally overheat and the game will crash due how much stuff is being loaded into the. If you play the game you no what I’m talking about just please stop cramming ads in you games and let up have fun… there are other ways to make money….. having the player pay real money to buy more coins… or exclusive really cool swords to play with. PLEASE TAKE OFF THE ADS!!!!

I also want to add that you really to stop nagging on ads.. like really????? INTERNET REQUIRED????
blue thwomp,
No point.
Honestly, the game is fine. It controls ok, it’s kinda satisfying, but my main problem is the gold. If you do well, you get tons of gold. Problem is, there’s nothing to spend it on! I’ve had the game for months, and it always says the skin shop is “Coming soon !!!”. There’s no point to doing well on the game! At least add a feature that lets you upgrade how many swords you start with on the start screen! Anyway, the game is fine. Play it if you need something to do on the train. Three stars.
Fraudulently necessary to have internet connection
There is no reason for this game to force you to be connected to the internet to be able to play the game. Are you telling me this is a multiplayer game? Are you telling me that I can't play this silly little game on the airplane because the game studio is that hungry for ads?

This is becoming rampant in these tiny little "Instagram-ad" games that require no internet connection whatsoever except for showing ads every 15 seconds.

This doesn't seem like it should be possible for these game studios to put arbitrary rules for you to follow to be able to play the game. Please stop this!
Fun game but unplayable
The game is fun just like most of the games you guys make. only problem is the games you make have so many ads that I can’t even play the game. The ad lag is unreal, I die add I get to tap the “no thanks” button saying I don’t want to watch an ad for extra points I get an ad. I get extreme lags everytime the bottom ad changes. Every second there is an ad, for what? Money? Because at some point people aren’t going to play there games because of how many ads we’re getting. Not only is the game spammed with ads, the ads aren’t even good most of them are just really gross.
ruined itself
used this game to help me fall asleep because the sounds are really soothing, but when i tried to get on the next day there were rampant loud ads that weren't there before. i don't mind ads being on the side and such but forcing me to sit through a loud disruptive ad is insufferable especially when i'm trying to calm myself down for sleep.
Suddenly the piece of paper i was playing as turned into a knife as well with zero input on my part, and i couldn't figure out to to change back! i really liked the paper it was cute and made me happy :(
It’s ok
First of all when you tap for 10 knives or swords idk they only give you 2 or 3 and the. They all appear at the end it’s super annoying. Secondly there are so many ads like I get you need money but the ads are unreasonable. Third thing I like to say is in the bonus the money moves so that you can’t get it all and it’s super annoying cause the money will just start to float up after the first cut

That all I like everything else about the game 😁
It’s okay
The game is awesome! It’s Satisfying. The game has a lot of ads and that’s like the only thing you do in the game. The game is satisfactory that means satisfying in till you get to the ads. The game also glitches and first I thought that it was the internet but I check with the other 3 games I have and they were just fine so I knew it was the game.

So remember if you download this game there’s a lot of ads and it’s glitches and it’s satisfying.