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Realistic Car Crash Simulator

Developer: Zego Studio
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Price: Free
Version: 1.4


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Welcome to the new addition of offline car crash game with latest and new Car Crash Simulator 3D. Crash Testing Real Car is an astonishing idea in the world of Car Crash Simulator 3D - driving games where you are going to compete your rivals in car race. Do you love to play Car Crash 3D with Crazy Car Crashes and Jumps to become master of car stunt driving player? then this Extreme Car Crashes Compilation will give you fun of Jumps and Crashes experience. Put your hands on the steering wheel in this Car game and drive your sport car in this Car Crash Simulator 3D game. You can stunt with racing car to win the title of best racer in this kar wala game. Get behind the wheels of Car racing games to explore 3D car driving simulator and enjoy car stunt game against the racing rivals in Car Crash Simulator games.

In Car Stunt challenges, multiple cars are available to win the car stunts race game 3d contest of car driving games. This Car Crash Simulator 3D game is a famous car driving games where the initial and final points are in a stadium that is full of thrill. Now Stunts challenge is starting, beware from the sharp turns because the real Stunts tracks are too dangerous. Start the engine of car race in this Car Crash Simulator 3D and dodge other car crash games to level up your skills. This car crash driving games is too fast so it may slip while turning from the car racing stunts 3d tracks and hit to the other racing rival in kar wala game. So, control the racing car in racing tracks with speed limit. Kar wala game have coins packs and speed booster to encourage the player to try new cars and complete new stunts challenge. Feel the best realistic physics of Car Crash Compilation in this amazing car crash game and win the car stunts challenge in car driving games: new car games.
In this Simulation car racing stunts 3d, become a leading player of the car driving simulator. Best car driving simulator is made up of single-seat, open cockpit, open-wheel racing car games with substantial front and rear wings, and an engine positioned behind the driver, intended to be used in competition at top speed Car racing events. So you are going to jump into car stunts challenge with free kar wala game missions to involve into different stages of car stunt tracks. Enjoy the modern of sport cars in this new car games on the play store with car race game. Steering of motorsport car driving simulator is in your hand, check the fuel, tyres, steering wheel, and breaks in this racing car games for the best performance. Win the championship with car stunt in this amazing offline car racing game: new car games that is recommended for you.

Recently we've added a new traffic racing game mode where you can drive car stunts simulation to get fun of offline Crash 3D car game within deserts, mountains, city and jungle environments of car racing stunts 3d. Get coins reward for car driving simulator multiple packs and pick booster in this racing game to enjoy formula car racing stunts 3d.

Top speed formula car racing game - new car games features:
- Different maps for Extreme Car Crashes Compilation - driving car game
- High-quality graphics of offline driving simulator of Car Crashes
- Amazing stunt tracks in 3D car crash games
- Multiple 3D racing car games selections
- New modes of car driving simulation games
- New endless stunt challenges
- Realistic sounds of Extreme Car Crashes Compilation

Download and enjoy this Extreme Car Crashes Compilation. Give your feedback for future updates in Crazy Cars Ramp Jumps Crashes Fails Rollovers.

Version history

- Change screenshots.
- Optimize performance.
- Change environment.
- Optimal performance
- Add new modes
- Add new levels
- Update icon.
- Update screenshots.
- Optimal performance.

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4.4 out of 5
10.1K Ratings


Glitch man12,
You sure ?🤔
Why is this game saying realistic car games so wearied I played it it just look like a cartoon world i surest making more updates for the cars and quality and graphics man I think this is a whole mess up but this game has to have more updates pls make updates on quality graphics and stuff and cars the important part more updates! But this game is kinda interesting
Good game, but a few bad graphics/quality/ads/bugs
So, I’ve been playing and I realized, that the game was having a few problems, but I still like it, had bad graphics and medium quality, and it looks fun when you look at the pictures, but it’s just a little boring once you start playing it, so what I would want you to do is try to fix the bugs and there’s also way too many ads/commercials and I didn’t see anything that said “remove ads” and that makes me kinda mad and sad, so please foxy the bugs thank you.
Mobile gaming is dead
I remember seeing the ads for this game and immediately recognizing the footage as from Beamng drive crash videos. Even in those ads they didn’t even bother adding their own music or nothin’. Curious, I looked it up on the AppStore and found that the screenshots use background panoramics straight from GTA. Ballsy of them to poke the beast that is Rockstar Games’ legal team. Even more curious, I downloaded it to see just how it played. Not even the screenshots on the AppStore page are legit. The game itself is hidden in so many layers of lies. I played a better game than this like 5-6 years ago. How do people even get away with this garbage?
Great game but some problems
when I saw this game I thought it was fake because all the other games I downloaded it was fake so I looked at the pictures and the pictures were the game I was so happy I looked at the reviews and they were pretty good so I downloaded it and started playing it but then I saw that there were levels so I was pretty mad but I still played it and its fun
I give this game three stars
So I saw this game in an ad it looked fun so I downloaded it. It took 13 try’s then it finally downloaded. I started playing and saw that some cars from the adds aren’t there. Maybe I just didn’t find them not sure. The game is good but the graphics aren’t nearly as good as in the adds. I also tried to find out how to do a race. I tried a few different ways. It just wasn’t working right for me. I give this game three stars.
False Advertising
Seeing the commercial, there seemed to be actually decent graphics and physics. Obviously, once trying the ‘game’ out, there was a complete lack of effort in making this. Right off the bat I’m hit with three unskippable ads, all which took me directly to the App Store. The ‘gameplay’ was basically just a stretch of highway with a finish line at the end. Further investigating showed me that the clips in the commercial were actually clips from GTA IV, which I’m pretty sure is illegal to straight up take clips from a different game. Don’t even bother playing this trash.
Not as advertised
I downloaded after watching an add for this game to only find it was not like what was portrayed. I played for about an hour hoping it would get better, but it doesn’t. Oh.. and without DNSCloak or some other ad-blocking enabled you’ll spend half your time watching more ads. Seems like a good concept, but like many other simulation games of this sort it’s just too repetitive and lack’s enough content to keep my interest.
NEEDS A NEW MODE/ sandbox mode
Here are my problems, it’s not much but the gravity is very unrealistic and when the car starts to get beat up at like the very start it’s realistic but it starts to just become like glitched looking and the gravity prevent u from even driving in the game u just glide and slide the whole time and need more lvls also u need to add a sandbox mode if u could that would be rly cool Ty.
Awesome car crashing game best ever
This is one of the best car crashing games I have ever played and it is great. All you have to do is drive down a long ramp and beat your car up and when you get to the target you just explode and you get three stars and then you just move to the next level.
Awesome game but i recommend a new mode
The game runs nice, little amounts of ads. but i have 1 mode that could be added, the mode is infinite where you keep on driving and crashing until your car is wrecked. it would make the game more fun overall. Thanks.