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Developer: Jura Global Studio
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.7


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Drive and crash! Create amazing car crashes with our Mega Car Crash Simulator game to wipe out all of the life stress. Play the 3D simulator car games and become the master of car stunt driving games.

This free car game will give you all of the crashing feelings you have ever wanted for free. Get behind the wheels of racing games to explore the free 3D car crash simulator and enjoy the free driving games against other racing opponents in the furious car games.

Play this Mega Car Crash Simulator game and you can enjoy the car crash experience in the car games by:

- Collecting numerous high-end, high-quality car crashes vehicles in the free car games collection as you pass through every single level of the driving games.

- Creating your own customizable racing cars by choosing different authentic free car simulator crashing engines, luxurious accessories and colorful designs in the car games.

- Earning coins as many as possible to unlock a huge number of car crash simulator levels as well as numerous amazing car racing simulator assets in our multiple 3D car games selections for free.

Version history

- Optimize performance.
- Optimise performance.
- Add new maps.
- Optimize performance.
- Change new maps.
- Optimize performance.
- Optimize performance.
-Change icon, screenshot.

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4.5 out of 5
13.8K Ratings


Hœg rïdærr,
How this game changed my life
I was on my deathbed, the divorce hit me hard. I was wasting my life on terrible mobile games like my horse prince. One day I was playing a mobile game and I got an advertisement, it was for this game, it immediately caught my interest and I played almost every day for at least 4 hours a day. But then I almost got hit by a car, I was about to let go and accept the car would hit me but suddenly another car came. It got in the way of the car and a crash happened. After the crash the car stood up and said, “I am car crash 3D”. That is how this game saved my life.
Gordon Ramsay of games,
So I was just surfing through the app store and I came across this game, a car crashing game and I thought, “mmmm… why not?” And then as soon as it was done downloading and I clicked on the game I kid you not, 1 skippable add. No big deal right? I only had to wait for 5 seconds until I was able to skip. But no, the x button was to small to press and sent me to the App Store 20 different times. And then as soon as I passed that obstacle, I saw the background took a screenshot of it, and tried matching it to one of my iPad games, PlayStation games, and computer games. And what do you know? Matched GTA IV. Stealing games is illegal and directly ban-able. I’m surprised this game or, whatever garbage this is, is still up. Whoever made this game should be sued and erased from the right of making a game and putting it up on the App Store. This is absolutely disgraceful. After your done reading this review if you see it or course, read the other reviews that hate this game and see for yourself how bad this is and after testing this game out you’ll see and your probably gonna want to leave a bad review and uninstall this because this is unnecessary storage space waste. And IN CONLUSION, don’t download this game… please… for your sake.
LIARS LIARS LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These people are lying in their adds! (Like literally every other mobile add, but worse.) Their adds show extremely detailed destruction mechanics. But in the game, instead of the car being dented, scraped, and set on fire, pieces of the car just disappears! And the cars look nothing like they do in the adds. In the adds, it’s extremely realistic. You can see the door handles, the interior design, everything! But in the game, you just see a crappy version of the outside, nothing else. And there’s no free play or anything like they show in the adds. It’s just a really lame campaign of jumping off a big ramp. That wasn’t shown in the adds! And in the adds, you get to see a bunch of other cars and whatnot. But not in the real game! And you only start off with one, stupid blue car. In the adds, all that’s shown is busses, unique cars, and insane crashes. But in the real game, you get none of that! Stop lying in these adds! If you do, you might get 3 start reviews instead of 1 star reviews. It’s not much of a step up, but it’s the best anyone can expect from a terrible mobile game like this one!
review on tablet :/,
This game is absolutely amazing. By the way, if y’all disable y’all’s cellular date and wifi, there is no ad interruption!! I’ve already blasted through the game in less than 30 minutes, but I would nicely request if there could be a free play mode, with like a huge city and where you could get out of your car and just do whatever you want, like GTA5 but without the inappropriate stuff.
All these nicknames are used,
Please read for good description not fake
Weird game when I saw it the ad was fake but they made a bold move using beamng drive gameplay so I tried it out tons of ads fake reviews BUT not as bad as some reviews better crash physics then I thought but wouldn’t see my self having this for more than a week worth a shot to see if you like it it’s not as much as a money grab as i thought it does have some effort in it but with out a BIG change I can’t see it being above 3 stars
This game is disappointing.
Hi, developers. I’ve seen a lot horrible mobile games before, but when I saw this game’s advertisement, I thought to myself “Hmm, why not?” But when I started playing, the game seemed low quality. The car crashes are okay, sound effects too, and music. I suggest adding more cars and maps to play with, and also better graphics.
I enjoy the game, but I would give it five stars if you added these updates.

My Basket,
Don’t listen to the fake reviews
This game is just like every single other mobile car crashing game, riddled with ads, poor graphics, that one stunt map from BeamNG, and a terrible car physics and damage mesh. I don’t expect the game to have BeamNG type physics but I expected at least a little more because all the the reviews were all pretty positive. Boy was I wrong. It’s just like every single car crashing clone out there, there are honestly so many I don’t get how you can’t find two games with the same name. Games like these are a pity on our society and people who make them should get no money.
You yes did,
Too many ads
Too many ads first of all second I’m playing game I get money right so I can finish a level and then I can back to the home screen after watching receive no money $0.00 how do you single dime penny whatever I need to fix this because I’m waiting name of all that’s it right with $75,000 gold bars or something like that and then I made the level easily and then I didn’t even receive any money to save money, and I’ve been stuck in the same dollar amount This is ridiculous. Please fix this.
Organic Criminal,
Guess What?
I have t even played this game but instead watched its ad and first this that came into my head was “ this crap is fake”. First of all, I’ve seen countless games that use these graphics and and even this specific ad— but it’s as fake as can be. The graphics originate from this computer based game called BeamngDrrive( it’s trade marked which is why you can’t believed it). If your lucky enough to see this review(because the maker of this game focuses of the good stuff{if there are any} then please don’t get caught up in this garbage. This is a perfect example of {deceptive advertising}
lazy Chrisdaman,
It’s nothing like what they said
When I saw this game, it was very detailed the cars look very realistic and the crashes looked cool, but it’s not. All you do is just go on GTA ramps plus if I want to do that then I could’ve just did it on my PC and when you lose a tire, you have to start all over again and watching the ad in the ad is my main problem there’s just so many they have a fake ad that’s nothing like the game and then they give you ads every two minutes