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Become a furious car crash

Developer: Jura Global Studio
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.4


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Drive and crash! Create amazing car crashes with our simulator game to wipe out all of the life stress. Play this 3D simulator car games with crazy car crashes and become the master of car stunt driving games

This free game will give you all of the crashing feelings you have ever wanted for free. Get behind the wheels of racing games to explore the free 3D car crash simulator and enjoy the free driving games against other racing opponents in the furious car games.

Play this Car Crash Simulator game and you can enjoy the car crash game experience in the car games by:

- Collecting numerous high-end, high-quality vehicles in the free car games collection as you pass through every single level of the driving games.

- Creating your own customizable racing cars by choosing different authentic free mega car crashing engines, luxurious accessories and colorful designs in the car games.

- Earning coins as many as possible to unlock a huge number of car crash simulator levels as well as numerous amazing mega car racing simulator assets in our multiple 3D car games selections for free.

- Enjoying the outstanding 3D rendering techniques for car simulators and realistic sounds for driving games.

- Also, selecting the car game drive mode you like. Awesome car crash simulator modes are free and available for you to instantly access anytime, anyplace and anywhere in the racing games.

Join the car game to find out if you can master our most adventurous, amusing and challenging car racetracks free and available, as well as car crashes as much as possible in the car games. The more car crashes you make, the more scores you will gain.

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- Optimize performance.
- Optimize performance.
-Change icon, screenshot.

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4.6 out of 5
3 137 Ratings


review on tablet :/,
This game is absolutely amazing. By the way, if y’all disable y’all’s cellular date and wifi, there is no ad interruption!! I’ve already blasted through the game in less than 30 minutes, but I would nicely request if there could be a free play mode, with like a huge city and where you could get out of your car and just do whatever you want, like GTA5 but without the inappropriate stuff.
Absolutely amazing physics it’s like I’m actually driving the car and that’s not even touching on the crashes I’m terrified to crash cause I feel like I’ll get injured in real life as well not just in the game.
It’s very fun to play this game and I love watching the cars get destroyed and I also enjoy playing the game in general because of the physics and it is very realistic
Way to many ads. I understand as a free app to download advertisements are needed for for funding, but come on. An ad after every ramp. That’s quite ridiculous. Downloaded played for five minutes and gotten what feels like 10 minutes of ads. Not saying get rid of ads it at least make them happen less.
Keith’s Mother,
So addictive
It replaced my heroine addiction and fixed my marriage, thank you car crash simulator 😃
Kai Jamison,
Car crash
That is amazing car crash game ever!
I think a lot of us came because the ad looked really cool but it’s nothing like the ads and they have to many ads also the driving physics are terrible
Same as all the others
Just another game that’s nothing like the ad. It’s fun but not what I expected it to be.
What a joke
It just ad after ad. You change screen it a ad. After each crash you get offered ad and even if you reject them. You get a ad. Could be fun but they think we play to watch ads,
It’s all right but like…
The wheels on the cars are the goofiest things I’ve ever seen. The game gets passed in like 15 minutes, lots of ads, and the damage models are mediocre at best. Other than that great game.