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Developer: 蕾 郭
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.3
ID: com.glcindy.mergecard


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“Card Match Puzzle” is an addictive relaxing Merge Number Puzzle game.
Come to play Card Match Puzzle and give your brain a rest!

How to play?
⁃ Tap or drag to move the cards.
⁃ The same cards will be merged to a larger number card.
⁃ No Time Limited!

⁃ Beautifully easy and simple, no pressure and no time limit.
⁃ Challenging to break your highest score.
⁃ Easy to play. Just tap the card!
⁃ Multiple beautiful background pictures.Such as: Beach, Mountain, Desert...
⁃ Multiple materials. Such as: Cash, Paper, Gold, Card....
⁃ Classic merge block puzzle game for all ages!

Come and play this casual game and become a master of Card Merge Game now!

Version history

Performance and stability improvements. Thank you for your support of this puzzle game!
Performance and stability improvements. Thank you for your support of this puzzle game!
Performance and stability improvements. Thank you for your support of this puzzle game!

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3 out of 5
134 Ratings


Please make updates!! Fix Glitches!!
I have been playing this for over a year now. Love the game, it’s relaxing. I see you’ve fixed some things, but I’ve just hit another snag. I finally passed 2 Billion. But every time I get the 2 million card merge, it doesn’t give me any additional stars??!!! I can’t pass 2.15 Billion no matter how many 2 million card merges I make!! I’ve made at least 20-30 merges and my score hasn’t changed AT ALL!! And who knows what will happen if I dare restart the game, will my high score go back to 1.22B ?? That glitch still comes back every once in a while. By reading other reviews I see people have the same problem with their high score not being saved. And where is the review I wrote a few months back?? It’s not there?!! Fix your glitches and I will gladly give you a 5 star rating.
The help feature doesn’t help
I love this game and play it every day. I’m considering deleting it because there is a pointer that pops up on the screen if you take a second too long to move a card. It doesn’t just point a move out, it points, and points, and points…well, you get the picture. It doesn’t stop until you make a move and it’s totally nerve wracking. And the kicker is the pointer is usually not a good move to make in the long run. After following the pointer advice for several days I set my own strategy and I get much further along. If they removed this feature it would be a five star game and then I would recommend it to friends, but I won’t recommend it as it stands now.
Constant Ads destroy this game
The game itself I absolutely love playing. They have a great interface and the game is addicting. I’ve scored over 25M in many of my games. I honestly have no complaints about that part... but the ads! OMG, the ads destroy any desire to continue playing it. The higher I moved in levels the more ads started appearing. They don’t even have the option to pay for no ads! I would have paid for it because this is one of the rare games that I like. I feel as though I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. I’ve just started looking for another similar game that I can pay for ad removal. Once I find something I’m getting rid of this game. If you’re okay with a “ads on ads” every few minutes then this is the game for you. If ads annoy you as much as they do me then just skip this game.
Addicting but rigged to lose
I find the game incredibly fun so it’s unfortunate that you get screwed randomly. I’m not sure if it’s bad programming or on purpose. While you merge cards throughout a round low level cards stop spawning. But there is no internal check to make sure you don’t have that card in play before it stops spawning. Getting stuck with a random 64 card after you've already completed a 2mill card is kinda silly. And getting stuck with dead cards and no one way get rid of them without spending coins/money can lose you the round. This happens a lot to me. So idk if this is a predatory tactic to get you to spend money or lazy programming but it’s really holding back this game.
One issue that’s really annoying
Merge Card Puzzle is one of my favorite mobile games at the moment. It’s nice and simple, and if you’re good at it it’s quite satisfying as well. I usually score in the hundred millions but my issue is the next day the game just resets sometimes and I don’t know why. I’m not sure why but it’s so frustrating when I spend a few days to reach a score of 881 m and I’m going strong but then it’ll just reset, not even saving my new high score. My current high score is 491 m but there have been at least four instances where I’ve scored over 500 m but then the game resets. Other than that the game is extremely addicting and fun.
Used to be great
I used to love this game. It featured ads after ever major threshold (even when you choose not to get extra coins to see the ad) which was annoying but fine, however, lately the game has been glitching. In the middle of a move, you are booted out of the game for a random tab/promotion to open in Safari. I’m not sure if it’s a virus or if the game isn’t monitoring the behaviors of their promotions but this will cause your cards to fall in whatever section it was over at the time of the shift and will mess with your progress. I will redownload the game in a few months and check to see if this has changed. If it has I will update my review.
Separating wheat from chaff,
Fun!! Then Trash!
Was so much fun, I was liking it better than the other couple of really similar games. Wasn’t even angered at ads, they weren’t excessive or inappropriate. Then I reach level 4 and my required ad just NEVER ENDED! Waited and waited for the arrows and then the Xs to close the ad and go back to the game…never happened! Sorry I’m decluttering, wish I could’ve kept it because when it worked it was a nice relaxing exercise. But NO I’m no longer keeping anything that doesn’t work, don’t have time to wait for a fix that may never come. If I see an ad for this game in the future, and I’m strangely sure I will, I won’t have the time to check and see if it’s fixed.
Merge Card
When I first started playing it was so much fun, didn’t mind the ads, but as I leveled up, the ads just kept coming. There is no option to buy the game or to pay to remove ads, you need to do that.

I love these number puzzles but there are so many ads it’s hard to concentrate on your game. They pop in right in the middle of a move??? I don’t mind the ads for extra coins but this is ridiculous.

Then there’s the issue of where my high scores are? It’s a daily thing but it should always have your highest score in total, not just for the day.

If you like number games, try 2 for 2, you can pay to remove ads and enjoy the game without interruption.

There was one review I read, and agree with, the kinds of ads you are showing are not appropriate for young kids. Even if it’s just a game, the game doesn’t say much if they put woman down for not being perfect while the guy cheats on her. Shameful!

Choose ads that are uplifting and positive!
Barbi j,
Pretty decent
I can respect a game that understands that ads annoy people. This one has ads that you can stop after 5 seconds and the mystery pop ups aren’t constant like in most apps. People need to understand if you want a free game you will have ads but this game understand the annoyance and tries hard to make it bearable. Kudos for that and for a great game overall. Unless I haven’t found it where’s the ad free option? I would def pay for it.
A lot of the other reviews say that you have to watch an ad after every match. That is simply not the case. I don’t know if they were exaggerating or if the game has been updated, but there is an ad after every LEVEL, and it is only FIVE SECONDS LONG! This is greatly refreshing compared to some of the other games out there. It is very simple and relaxing. Very glad I found this game. You should check it out!