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Developer: 蕾 郭
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.5
ID: com.glcindy.hexa.puzzle


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"Hexa Number Puzzle" is an addictive relaxing number block merge game. Come to play Hexa Puzzle, merge the Hexa Blocks and give your brain a rest!

How to play?
⁃ Drag the Hexa Blocks to move them.
⁃ The same Hexa Blocks will be merged to a larger number block.
⁃ The Hexa Blocks can be rotated.

- No pressure and no time limit.
⁃ Very Challenging.
⁃ Easy to play. Classic merge game and hexa block game for all ages!
⁃ Multiple beautiful background pictures.
⁃ Multiple materials of hexa blocks. Such as: iron, crystal, wood…

Come and play this game and become a master of Hexa Number Game now!

Version history

Performance and stability improvements. Thank you for your support of this puzzle game!
Performance and stability improvements. Thank you for your support of this puzzle game!
Performance and stability improvements. Thank you for your support of this puzzle game!
Performance and stability improvements. Thank you for your support of this puzzle game!
Performance and stability improvements. Thank you for your support of this puzzle game!

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3.4 out of 5
246 Ratings


Nick Name the Greek,
Gee , All the reviews are negative. They have a help desk but I believe they are Chinese and don’t understand what I an saying. I really like the game but am about to delete it. I’m ok with the adds but the game keeps erasing my score and the game I am currently playing. Like 8 times.
I got up to 200 million on it but it erased my game and it says my high score it 107 million.
It’s a lot of fun to play and you should try it. Customer service said there is a way to pay and op out of adds but it doesn’t work.
Too many long ads ruin an otherwise fun game
It is understandable the developer wants to earn money. The problem is that a player quickly gets to the point of being out of moves or needing to switch blocks and can’t continue unless they want to play the same old, long, boring ads.
This Game Has Truly Been Enjoyable
A bit addicting.. I’ve only had It downloaded for a month and It has been my new go to game/ stress reliever/ enjoyment at the end of the day right before bed. I have no complaints really, so I figured why not
drop a review so others may spurge and
give It a try! Why not, nothing to loose (=
The full page ads— read more
I like the game. I don’t even mind the ads EXCEPT the click bait one with the TINY x that you CAN NOT click without going to some story I do not want to read! If you’re paying that company based on click thrus, you’re getting robbed!
The ad for this game is a lie
If there is one thing that drives me crazy, it’s downloading a game because I saw an ad that looked fun and cool, and then the game is NOT like the ad made it out to be. The ad made it look like you could pick pieces up and rearrange them, but you can’t. Now, to me at least, I don’t even want to play anymore because it isn’t what I thought it was. Deleting.
Fun but ads ruin it
I enjoyed playing but am deleting. Too many ads, no way to opt out, and the x to close the one I get most of the time won’t work. It just took me to a browser page 7-8 times, I ended up having to close the game.

Also sometimes the game would save, sometimes it would restart.

Disappointed because it is fun.
wonka 2022,
30 seconds ad to collect prize!!!!!
When you win, you’re “awarded” a prize. You can’t opt out & it takes about 30 seconds to get through the ad, if it does hang completely. All that to collect a rocket that there’s never a chance to use. Could be a very good game except not worth wasting time trying to get to the next level.
My almost 4 year old daughter can play this game matching the colors
I am 72 and enjoy the game immensely. My four year old granddaughter enjoys the game by matching the pieces by color with help and does a great job, even by herself. Very entertaining.
Nanny's games,
Frustrating commercial
I love this app, but their Outbrain sponser is so frustrating, it won’t let you get off of the ad without shutting down the game! I am so close to just deleting this game because of this issue!
Too many ads!
Usually, you can pay for the game and reduce the number of ads you have to sit through, but not this one! Every time you finish a game, you must sit through a stupid ad. It makes you lose interest in the game. So stupid! I downloaded it yesterday and just deleted it. I don’t like it when I am forced to sit through ads.