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Why wait for World War III ?

Developer: Supportware
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.2
ID: com.supportware.conquest


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Why wait for World War III ? When you can be a dictator today!

Create your own empire and dominate the world in this strategic and fun game.

Go online and play with other players in the world or play offline and play the single player game.

Random review from Jim Kung-on from N. Korea:
It's the perfect simulation game, i use it all the time. My missiles always land in the desired destination. It's the perfect political simulator.

Version history

- Fixed several crashes
- General stability improvements
- Fixed issue with settings not saved for single player
- Fixes several minor issues

We are working on adding new maps and iPad support. Please contact us if you have issues or questions.
Conquest Global Domination is off to a great start so we made a few small adjustments and fixes to make the game better.

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2.9 out of 5
832 Ratings


Good idea but poorly executed
This game has a great concept and is a lot of fun. However, not all the settings work for single player (an example is that even when you select winner by percentage, it is winner by turns in the game). There are also bugs with the controls. The buttons to purchase a certain percentage of units don’t work well, nor do the add and subtract buttons for military units when attacking. These errors can be exploited sometimes to get more units (clicking subtract when attacking with missiles or nuclear bombs will allow to attack with more than you actually have). The main issues with the game is that it crashes and you cannot save. I have never completely dominated the world because the game will at, some point or another, freeze and crash. I also have found that you cannot make more than roughly 20 moves per turn without the game crashing. It will also crash if any country asks to be in an alliance and you accept. I should also add that there is minor spelling and spacing errors in the country names. I suggest the developers work on these issues if they want this to be a five star game.
Mr man woo,
Fun!!! But....
This game is actually very fun to play, when you can play it. After about 30 turns the game will freeze, and crash without saving the game you have worked so hard on. This happens every game and I have never been able to finish a full 50 turn game. Also there is a glitch that can get you an unlimited number of nuclear bombs by holding the minus button when attacking. What I will say is the game is fun, buying your own troops and creating alliances are something that all conquest games need, and this is almost like risk on steroids. I do wish however that other countries could offer alliances to your countries and you would get the option to accept or decline. Also there are options to give troops, or give money but that can never be reversed as in the other countries cant give you these things. Besides the freeze crash bug I enjoy this game but because of said bug it gets 3 stars
Awesome game but needs a couple improvements
I would like to state that I love military expansion games, especially this one. The game has so much to offer as far as options to benefit your nation. However, there are a few things to take in, in terms of gameplay and certain compatibility and performance issues.

First thing I’d like to address is the thing that frustrates me the most. The game has a frequent crash problem. Whenever you’re playing the game and you play a turn, sometimes the game will crash and/or freeze. I’ve chalked it up to the game being overwhelmed by the amount of moves being made in a single turn. This needs to fixed and frankly, is unacceptable.

Last thing is that maybe you should be able to make more diplomatic decisions. More immersive decisions is what I’m looking for. Negotiations between leaders when you choose the ‘meeting of leaders’ option would be amazing to see. Also, when you declare war on a country, you should be declaring war on the empire not just one country of the empire. All in all, a more human atmosphere to my empire and the other ones as well would be nice.

This is a great game and I think if you guys made these improvements, it would be an even better game. Thank you if you did happen to see this and you’ve done a terrific job on this game so far
Wonderful iOS Game - Needs Bugs Fixed
I would love to say that this is a wonderful game to play on my phone, however it just seems to be so buggy. In terms of freezing, it almost nearly always freezes during a game. I am unsure whether the software developers are still working on this project, but I would be very happy to see them make some more improvements to this game.

Main Issues:
Training troops can be buggy, as the plus and minus buttons are tricky. Then number of turns used seems to be an indicator as to whether the game freezes or not. I believe that if you use too many turn credits in one turn, it may be more prone to lagging. Potentially memory issue? But freezing is the most annoying thing about this game.

Saving option would be great, and the ability to choose your starting nation, color, etc. I’d love to see more use out of the diplomatic functions, and actually send a dollar amount or a numbered amount of troops when making offerings.

Other than this, the general concept and function of this game is phenomenal, especially with the ease of accessibility: in terms of the different functions and how easy it is to find things and make use of them. Great job, guys.
Needs Work but Lots of Potential!
I absolutely love the concept of this game, and if the bugs and glitches were fixed it would definitely be 5 stars. Most of the issues in this game occur when the app gets too big of a move or action to process and it crashes. Another bug is that the settings never save, so you always have to go in and change it. I suggest increasing memory usage to help with this. Two new features that I’d like to see are the ability to save your current game when you exit the app, and easier controls for acting upon countries. Besides all of the stuff I’ve said above, I absolutely love this game and I would like to see the developers continue to develop it because this game has so much potential. And developers, you’ve definitely got me hooked and I will continue to follow this game as it is developed! :)
It always happens,
A lot of potential but some things could be a lot better
This game is mainly fun and to watch the world burn, though some things can be changed.

First of all it crashes, a lot, from turn 23-ish to even turn 4, it always crashes, and always when my path to domination was just beginning.

Another issue is that the controls are confusing, sometimes when attacking a country I get an option to buy troops and such, it might just be me though.

Also there isn’t a lot of options so fun rapidly decreases, you can only attack and buy troops, with alliances being unnecessary and such.

There are other nitpicks that doesn’t really hold the game down, though I recommend, first of all the victory jingle gets annoying after a while and it doesn’t stop when you load another, it keeps going and I have to turn off the volume, and there is the fact that there is no sense of pride in the long term, no achievements, no high scores, just nothing, this could be what the devs were hoping for but personally, I don’t like it.

Overall this could be a really fun game though currently it’s only good in the sense that you can have a game or too, but you can’t get addicted.
E Cornejo,
Potential and fun
The game is fun I love it and honestly it’s super addictive but I need the Devs to support it more it needs updates and the game keeps on crashing. It also needs a save option in case I need to do something I won’t just have to restart the game. It also only chooses certain countries for me to be. The game in general has a lot of potential if their was only a bit more push from developers to make it better it’d be one of the best conquering games in the App Store and by far too. If finance is needed you can easily sell it for a few bucks to be honest. I’ve had the game downloaded for a while now too so I doubt developers are working on it anyways
Airpod kid,
Good Concept, Can Be Better Portrayed
I just want to start off by saying that it is a smart project. While i was playing the game i noticed there is no save so when i wanna play a long game i can’t stop and continue playing it later. Also, i have a iPhone 11. While playing the game for some reason it keeps crashing, i believe it is on the games end because i have a nice internet and my phone almost never crashes. Lastly i feel like this game could have more detail and actually give some sort of graphic other than a regular flat map of the world and it’s countries. Other than all of this if the developers decide to do some updates and fix the bugs i would gladly have some fun and play this game. P.S. Thanks for almost no ads.
Chimp Gaming Yt,
I would love it but...
I love everything about this game but it has major flaws due too it’s bugs. For example, I am doing very well in single player and a country wants to create an alliance. Then it crashes when you say yes or no. It also crashes depending on how your settings are set. I have lots of fun but when you have all of Europe and Africa and half of Asia conquered and someone asks to create an alliance I don’t want it to crash. It doesn’t save. Also can you create a save option or something? So you can continue the game where you previously left off instead of being forced to finish your current game and if you don’t it gets deleted. Those fixes would greatly improve this game.
Great, but NEEDS improvement
This game Is amazing, the different ways you can be diplomatic, it has an overall more realistic appeal while keeping it fun and exciting. Yet, the game needs to fix these bugs that make it unplayable. There are points where I can't change the number of troops I want to select and the settings are also bugged. Whenever I go into a game after changing the settings, it all reverts to default. Amazing game, beautiful concept on mobile. But this must fixed for anybody to enjoy it. Personally if this were fixed, I'd happily pay 2-3 dollars for it.