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Multiplayer 5v5 FPS Shooter

Developer: Seven Bulls LTD OOD
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.2.85
ID: com.mgrigorov.3dShooter


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Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS is a fast paced tactical Multiplayer First Person Shooter. The game contains several maps, dozen of weapons and customization for them, different game modes like - Defuse Bomb, Deathmatch, Gun Game and more.

Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS will deliver console like AAA game quality with tons of features including:

- Online multiplayer with up to 10 players in single match.
- 8 Different unique maps.
- 4 Game Modes - Defuse Bomb, Deathmatch, Gun Game and Heroes Arena.
- Collection of avatars to choose from.
- Weekly and Monthly leaderboards with rewards for the best players!
- Skill based gameplay - weapons have different recoils, sprays and reloading times.
- Customize your game match, set a password and play with your friends privately!
- Fully adjustable game controls and crosshair.
- More than 300+ incredible weapons and attachments skins.
- Rich arsenal of weapons and utilities like - AK47, M4A1, Desert Eagle, Magnum sniper, Molotov cocktail and many more.
- Supported Languages: English, Russian, Brazil, Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian, German, French, Spanish and Chinese

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Version history

- New Anti Cheat system
- Bug fixes
- Performance fixes
- Bug Fixes
- Tons of gameplay improvements
- New 3rd person animations
- New Counter Terrorist Model
- New Terrorist Model
- Desert Eagle new animation
- Quick Play Menu Changes
- Kill Cam
- New skins collection
- Game optimizations
- Crash and Bug Fixes
- Crash and Bug Fixes
- Add option to watch Ads and earn cash
- Crash and Bug Fixes
- Crash fixes
- bug fixes
• Clan Chat
• Clan Slots - Ability to expand your clan with more members
• Overall Clan refactoring with better usability
• New Skins
• New Karambit Animation
• Gloves visual bug fix
• Bugs and crash fixes with the login/register form and others.
• New Gloves System
• 2 new Glove models for CT & T fractions.
• Separate skins for CT Gloves and T Gloves.
• 9 New Glove skins

- Butterfly and Push Knives Animations not working bug fixed
- New Knife M9Bayonet
- New Charm "Fries"
- M9Bayonet Skins (Golden, Royal, Moon, Unicorn, Shark, Furious Bear, Halloween, Seven Bulls, Pink Ghost, Blue Ghost & Anubis)
- Deagle Skin "Melting Point"
- Ak47 "Majestic Dragon"
- bug & performance fixes
- Sent Request To Clan (Crash Fix)
- Rename Card not showing the new name in Clans Tab (Bug Fix)
- Clans (v.1.0)
Basic clan functionality is released in version 1.0
• Create clan
• Join Different clans
• Up to 5 clan members (In the next updates we will add more slots for players)
• Clan Avatars/Frames (Coming in the next updates)
• Clan Chat is in development (Coming in the next updates)
• Clan Wars feature is in development (Coming in the next updates)
- New case "Anubis"
- New stickers pack "Anubis"
- Re-design of Main Menu
- Bug fixes
- Overall game improvements
- New Map "Warehouse" (Small map for Deathmatch, Gun Game and Heroes Arena)
- Snow Yard map removed
- Anti-cheat improvements
- Server Fixes
- [Bug Fixes] Ad Network Fixes (*More ads available. Sometimes Ads were not working)
- Overall bug fixes in the game
- Anti-cheat improvements
- Bajonet Galaxy Skin (*Can be found in daily box)
- Butterfly Galaxy Skin (*Can be found in daily golden case)
- USP Clutch Skin
- AK47 Clutch Skin
- Magnum Shark Skin
- AUG Unicorn Skin
- Karambit Moon Skin
- Glock Frogs
- Charm Rubik's cube
- Country Charms (Russia, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Brazil, USA and Poland)
- M4A1 Golden Skin (*Can be found in daily golden case)
- Glock Golden Skin (*Can be found in daily golden case)
- 6 Daily Golden Cases now available for daily purchase
- 3 Daily Boxes now available for daily purchase
- [Bug Fixes] Characters Fly Glitch Fix
- [Bug Fixes] Crouch Button stuck while shooting fix
- [Bug Fixes] Spin for Attachments crash fix
- Add functionality to preview player statistics. (Click on a player in Leaderboard, End Game Scoreboard or In Game Statistics menu to check the player stats)
- [Bug Fixes] Invisible Bug Fix
- [Bug Fixes] Empty Box/Case Fix
- [Bug Fixes] Urban Filter bug is fixed
- [Bug Fixes] Tutorial deadlock fix
- Charms (Find them in Inventory -> Weapons -> Edit Weapon)
- Golden Huntsman
- Golden Butterfly
- Blue Ghost Case Added
- Butterfly Orange Fade (Inside Butterfly Fade Case)
- Butterfly Pink Fade (Inside Butterfly Fade Case)
- Monster Stickers Pack
- 100/100 Limited Skin AK47 Hex Added
- General Bug Fixes
• Fix of Bugged Game UI (Very bright) when using iOS Light theme
• Urban map problem fixes /climbing on map and clipping/
• Crash & Bug fixes
• Winter Seasonal Event - FREE Evil Snowman Mask
• New map "Urban" in open beta!
• Pink Ghost weapon collection
• Crash & Bug fixes
• Daily Free Rewards
• Daily Golden Case
• Crash & Bug fixes
• New ladder collection Seven Bulls Skins with Free avatars
• Winter Theme and Discounts
• Player spawn protection
• Performance optimizations
• Samurai Stickers Pack
• Store & Offers redesign
• [BUG FIX] Not giving coins when watching ads in rewards menu is fixed
• Bugs and Crash Fixes
- Bug fixes and gameplay improvements
- Ads watching not giving coins reward is fixed. [Bug Fix]
- Scope - in to scope - out sometimes leaves the weapon zoomed - in is fixed [Bug Fix]

- Overall sounds redesign, changes, volume balancing and improvements to support the competitive gameplay
- CT & T Voice overs are back
- Added a sound when you jump & land
- Defusing the bomb sound
- Planting the bomb sound
*You can control all the different sound channels via Settings-> Audio

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Halloween Offer
(This is a limited time Special Offer)
IA363411458✱✱✱✱✱ 3C55894✱✱✱✱✱
Daily Golden Case
(Daily Golden Case)
IA036647571✱✱✱✱✱ BF7A502✱✱✱✱✱
USA, Brazil and China Skins
(You will buy 1 special case and 1 special key)
IA435907634✱✱✱✱✱ E8B0A8C✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer 6
(This is a limited time Special Offer)
IA355916453✱✱✱✱✱ 35C7AD4✱✱✱✱✱
Cash Pack #1
(Cash Pack #1)
IA229743787✱✱✱✱✱ AAA254C✱✱✱✱✱
Daily Golden Case Bundle
(Purchase of Daily Golden Case Bundle)
IA586950867✱✱✱✱✱ F64AAEE✱✱✱✱✱
Butterfly Knife Offer
(This is a limited time Special Offer)
IA594965369✱✱✱✱✱ B79EB88✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer 8
(This is a limited time Special Offer)
IA270757173✱✱✱✱✱ 51DA20C✱✱✱✱✱
Gold Pack 1
(Package that includes 80,000 Gold Coins.)
IA138305834✱✱✱✱✱ AEF2430✱✱✱✱✱
5+1 Epic Cases with Keys
(5 Epic Cases with 5 Keys +1 Free)
IA560975255✱✱✱✱✱ 473E075✱✱✱✱✱

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4.2 out of 5
3 997 Ratings


Fun but gets repetitive
Counter strike is in my opinion the best mobile version of the game CS:GO. The main way this game sticks out from other first person shooters on mobile for me is the easy and customizable controls. So props to the devs for that.

The game has a decent variety of guns playable for free from the start which is a big reason I prefer it over other first person shooters. Aside from this you have to pay for almost everything else with real money. It’s a free to play game so it is understandable, though this combined with constant advertisements is a bit too much.

The main thing keeping me from rating this game five stars is the fact that you don’t feel like your building up to anything when playing. In other first person shooters such as the COD games your constantly leveling up and unlocking new guns, uniforms and other things. In this game it takes a long time to level up and earn battle points, especially without watching even more ads to increase your earnings. Even after that once you do level up you often have to buy keys to unlock any chest you received or buy a chest to use your keys. This makes the game feel boring and repetitive since your just doing the same thing over and over with nothing to really work up to.
So like I said absolutely amazing! But of course with a good game comes some things. 1. Everything costs money! You can only put stickers on guns with skins and guess what you can only get one skin and that’s a skin for the AK-47 making that gun the most used. 2. You can watch 2-3 ads for a free skin that lasts only like 1 day but then again there ads so… 3. You can level up via milestones and just levels and get your free daily sticker (you guessed it by watching ads) and you can only put it on your AK-47 so… 4. You have to buy skins/knives/anything. So like I said: Love it it’s awesome just not everyone Has $25 they’re willing to spend. Not that I didn’t… cuz I did but yeah. Keep going! Maybe find a way to get knives and skins for free? With a lot of grinding though. Thanks for your time!

I take back most of what I said.
This game has definitely been re-done and it is much better. The graphics have improved, some hackers are still there but most of them are gone! Stuff still costs some money. But not a lot, there are MUCH
better sound effects and animations.
The game runs much smoother,
it’s easier to get weapon skins and stickers, but there is still a lot of grinding and adds a purpose to the game, and goals to reach.

I would highly recommend like before!
Sorry if I offended anyone!
Thank you for your time #BOXhead.
A typing monkey,
Ad simulator
4 ads before I could even play the game for the first time. That’s way more ads than I can handle.

-edit- the first ad played when I launched the app. I don’t remember what triggered the second ad. The third triggered when I selected “Practice” (I think it was the practice button). The fourth triggered when I again selected Practice. I did not play the game, or go through any other menus. Just 4 ads in a row this way. If it’s a bug or something that’s good news.

-edit- I keep trying to respond to the developer via the website listed in the Apple generated email, but the link opens a page not found error message. I’m not sure what the latest response is supposed to mean exactly about only showing ads I want to see. I launched the game which triggered and ad. After the ad finished I pressed a button (I don’t remember which button) and a second ad was triggered. After sitting through that ad I pressed the button labeled Training (I think that’s what it was called) and was greeted with another ad. After sitting through that ad I was delivered back to the same screen. I again pressed the Training button and again an ad was triggered. I did not sit through this one. I instead opened the App Store to write my original review and then deleted the app. Never at any time did I WANT/ASK for any ads to be shown as the current developer response suggests. I guess there may be a bug or something.
ishmael stone,
It very good but has a lot of ads
This game is very good I’ve been playing since it got created I’ve the first time I played it gives to ads in 30 seconds whenever I buy a crate I keep on getting the hacking is very low since you guys update the game and it better but pls you to fix this glitch pls and I’ll be going through the good gun. Assault rifle (ak47. Smg (mpsd5 Pistol (deagle. Snipers (AWP These guns are good but you have to have practice with these weapons because the ak has a lot of recoil but has high range and high damage mp5s is my favorite because it barely has no recoil and the damage is good the deagle is very hard since it has so much recoil you have to get used to it but pros use if are noob don’t buy the deagle. AWP is so good I get so much kills with even close range and long range this gun is powerful so powerful. But it cost a lot I’m pro with the AWP anyways goodbye. :)
I love this game but could use a few things
One I’ve been playing this game for about a year or so now and I’ve come across hackers before. It didn’t really bug me before because for one there wasn’t to many and they were bad anyway lol. But now I feel like the hacker problem is getting worst there’s literally a hacker in every other game you join. This is why I think there should be some type of in game report system.
AND ANOTHER THING THIS ISNT TO BIG OF A PROBLEM BUT DELAY… I already love this game but sometimes the delay can ruin it sometimes it would be great if there was a way to fix that

Other than that this game is really fun and great :3
Can get somewhat repetitive sometimes but it’s still has lots of potential I feel
~CSS Veteran~,
It’s such a good online FPS
I used to play counter strike source all time and it’s one of my most played online shooters and this game is very much like CSS.
The touch screen aiming controls gets taking used to but now I’m getting a lot of headshots.
The maps are really nice and unique, some even look similar to CSS maps.
The guns are balanced nice and again are similar to that of CSS. I find myself playing Counter Force now more than CSS right now.
It’s graphics are not bad for an Free iPhone game. They could make them a little nicer but for now they are quite decent.
One little problem it has is balancing the teams. It will usually take players to manually even the teams because it will have 5 players stacked against one guy until they decide to change it manually or more players connect.
In conclusion, I love this game, it can get really fun and make for intense matches. If you like Counter strike from Pc at all, you will enjoy this more portable version quite a lot I believe.
One more thing; I was wondering if the mouse & keyboard adapter for the iPhone work this game? I already ordered the trigger add ons for the iPhone to change the shooting controls from tapping the screen to squeezing the triggers like a game controller.
Beautiful Graphics
One of the most realistic games I’ve ever played, the graphics are on point, the gameplay is excellent. I really love how shorter burst and shots preserve damage, it makes a lot of sense, I really love how the lighting is very nice, although, I don’t really like the 2D Rendering, I know making the guns render in 3D would be unstable, it may risk the gameplay’s performance, although, the gloss of every gun is beautiful, it gives me that polished feeling. I really hope the controls could be improved, it’s not really nice from my perspective, would be awesome to have a customization tab to customize every single button, shapes, colors, and all that. Keep it up with the good work, you’ve improved a lot since the past few months.
Fun, but could use some changes
I have been playing this game for a few months now, and it’s still a lot of fun. Some changes tho. #1, I would love to see a ranked mode and ranking system enter this game, because it would make this game more fun and competitive. Just like some other reviews, just running around in casual can get repetitive and boring sometimes. #2, with this ranked mode, also some mic system for communication. Most FPS games have blown up because they can be actually competitive. And #3, I like having skins, but make some kind of in game coin earning system to get skins instead of having to use actual money. That was all for now... hope to hear from the devs. Overall great game tho
Best CS:GO on mobile
Depending on what you want out of the game, this is one of the best games on mobile. There’s a few game modes, (Gun Game, Deathmatch, and defuse) as well as the ability to make and join custom lobbies. There’s at least 5 different maps that I’ve played on, and the in game chat is pretty straight forward and easy to use. This is also the best weapon customization shooter that you’ll find on mobile. I’ve put about 10 hours into the game now and I’ve found minimal bugs, I also believe the game would be bettered by the following things:
Adding some kind of clan or friends system.
Adding a few more weapons to round out the selection.
Making leveling more practical. (After 10 hours of HEAVY play I’m only level 6)
And the game could use a serious graphic update but I’m not sure if that’s within the realm of possibilities.
On an additional side note, this game does have a very fun and friendly community, I’ve only ever played with good people.
Where do I start
So first of all, when you aim with the sniper and you try to look up, down, left, or right it is super slow so I can barely get any kills with it, and I mostly play with the sniper and every game that I have played with the sniper does not have the super slow aim, second of all why did you add the zoom I got killed many times cuz I can’t zoom out fast cuz of the zoom, third of all some times I spam the shoot button and it won’t work so that is very annoying, fourth of all the spawns ARE HORRIBLE and I keep firing cuz of the that, fifth of all, the slow aim is not just for the sniper but for every gun!! So please fix these things and that will earn you guys a 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️