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Online eSports Tactical FPS

Developer: Blayze Games, L.L.C.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.2031
ID: com.blayzegames.newfps


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Check out this competitive first-person shooter game with tactical strategies and become the leader of a swat team and get ready to take down your opponents, terrorists and international criminals. The game features high-quality graphics and fast-paced shooting action.

Includes various assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, shotguns and other powerful weapons. Choose which side you are on. Be with the good cops and combat terrorist attacks, or become the criminal.

Play on strategic & tactical maps and bring your team to victory. Competitive FPS game, intensive action, incredible simulator that will take you right to the action. Run, hide, aim, shoot, and kill. Play offensive, defensive or counterattack and use tactical shooting strategies to gain the victory.

Main Features:

• Competitive Tactical Shooter Game
• Several Weapons – Gun, Rifle, Shotgun, Knife, Assault Rifle, Sniper, and more.
• Awesome Player and Weapon skins
• Incredible Graphics & Sounds
• Real Physics & Effects
• Online Multiplayer FPS

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Version history

Various changes
Bug fixes
Various fixes/etc
-Fixed Ad audio issue
-Adjusted Tecmix attack speed
-Added HighRes skins and offers
-Performance improvement
-New FPS cap option
-USP rebalanced
-Fixed audio shuttering when recording.
- Fixed static crosshair
- Added tracers which you can buy (they don't affect weapon stats like damage, etc)
- Fixed some bugs
-Solved tecmix knife bug
-Made game improvements
-Added USP Silenced pistol
-Added Tecmix knife
-5 new camos
-Solved a few performance problems
- Added Cross play.
- Added Option to filter for PC and mobile Lobbies.
- Resolved Issue with spectator mode and switching teams
-Added 1 new glove camo
-Added 120 hz support
-Added Main menu music
-Removed Hitmarkers
-Fixed bug in motel map
-Fixed issue when switching teams
New update!!
- Added more crosshair customization
- Added gyroscope option
- Added stretch screen option
- Added 2 more settings in the main menu (low violence mode and a meme mode)
- Added back the SA server
- Added barrel smoke effect when shooting

- Other various changes
- Anti-cheat improvements
- Amusement map glitch fixed
- Frosty map glitch fixed
Server merger and maintenance
Major improvements to Anticheat system
-Improvements to the anticheat
-Improvements to the Diamond case
-Added new Liquid skin set
-Limited holiday sale is here, everything 25-35% off!
-Changed rarities for Melancholy Hill and Mystery Hollow
-Fixed issue with glove skins not appearing on the brass knuckles
-Fixed issue with knives not working on crouched players
-Other various bug fixes
-Added Brass Knuckles
-Added Beretta Knife
-Added 200+ new skins
-Added Diamond Case
-Added case popups
-Added Amusements search filter
-Added gold to ads
-Removed ad limit
-Fixed skins not showing up bug
-Fixed broken Amusement areas
-Other various changes and fixes
- Added new map Amusement
- Added new version of anticheat
- Added review prompt
- Fixed a skin deselect bug
- Disabled [Report-a-user] Functionality for future improvements
- Other various fixes
- Updated the way Special Offers work
- Fixed the Silver Crate Issue
- Added Tap Research ad implementation
- Other Various bug fixes
-Added Huntsman knife
-Added 3 Huntsman knife skins and offers
-Added a code system when registering
-Added Japanese Language
-Released the Hatchet to credits
-Changed the knife credit prices
-Improved ad system
-Improved report feature
-Fixed the Guns falling through the floor bug
- Added a new credit economy (more details on discord/twitter)
- Hud will save to accounts now
- Updated anti-cheat
- Minor server changes/improvements
- Fixed the issue with the bomb killing you from across the map
- Fixed the issue with guns disappearing/falling through the map
- Fixed the issue with not being able to pickup the bomb
- Fixed the gun duplication issue for good
- Fixed an Issue with shooting after the timer
- Fixed a bug where you could shoot while planting the bomb
- Fixed an issue where the buy menu would pop up through customize hud
- Fixed several map areas where you’d get stuck/shouldn’t be able to enter
- Fixed some spots where the grenade would kill through the walls
- Fixed some minor texture issues
- Removed Grenades from TDM
- Increased the grenade timer
- Minor improvements to ad system
- Added Comic Skin to all weapons
- Added USSR champion skins
- Added 3 more new skins (Mystic/Antique)
- Created 2 New special offers
- Changed the way special offers work
- Added Chinese language
- Updated the Polish language
- Fixed change username bug
- Fixed a kill assist bug
- Other various fixes
- Added server improvements
-Upgraded the Forward Assault engine to allow better graphics and smoother gameplay with less issues.
-Optimized loading in the game to allow faster load times, and less crashes.
-Added fixes to the anti cheat as well as ban system. Blacklist server has been removed, and a popup has been added explaining your banishment.
-Added a second EU server, and fixed the issue of not being able to create new rooms.
-Added 7 new skins, 5 flag skins, one tournament glove, and the FREE Loyalty Glove! Unlock it in the equipment tab!
-Added kill assists, you need to deal 60 damage to a player, and an assist will occur.
-Changed the way team chat worked, this is experimental, let us know what you think!
-Rebalanced the P90, Vector, and FAL
-Fixed a minor texture issue with the AWP
-Improved the final scoreboard
-Removed the red pickup box when picking up weapons
-Fixed many map issues in Frosty
- New ad provider
- Added Ammo Hack Anti-Cheat
- Separated Guest Accounts and Real Accounts
- Improved Backend Hacker detection
- Added AWP
- Added 3 AWP Custom Skins
- Added Many New Animated Skins
- Added Several New Special Offers
- Added Polish Language
- Added Leave Room Confirmation
- Prevented Infected from dying in the beginning of the match
- Fixed Gold Disappearing Glitch
- Fixed Create Room Issue
Merry Christmas!
- Added Ammo Hack Anti-Cheat
- Separated Guest Accounts and Real Accounts
- Improved Backend Hacker detection
- Added AWP
- Added 3 AWP Custom Skins
- Added Many New Animated Skins
- Added Several New Special Offers
- Added Polish Language
- Added Leave Room Confirmation
- Prevented Infected from dying in the beginning of the match
- Fixed Gold Disappearing Glitch
- Fixed Create Room Issue
Merry Christmas!
-Bug Fixes
-Added P90
-Added 4 P90 skins: Tiger, Athlete, Techno, Dark Beetle
-Added 1 Glove skin: Tiger
-Added 2 new special offers
-Added room search
-Added clan message board
-Added ability to turn off game chat
-Added multiple video slots
-Added gold for watching videos on the homepage
-Added chat for players switching teams, and joining rooms
-Added sound when hatchet is pulled out.
-Added sound when you jump
-Added German translation
-Grenade timer reduced
-Raised smoke opacity
-Changed Knife class to Melee class
-Infected users can no longer spectate
-Fixed gun carry bug
-Fixed crouch while jumping bug
-Fixed Spanish translation
-Fixed knife reload glitch
-Fixed gun duplication glitch
-Fixed walking sound when a player is behind you
-Fixed double damage hitbox

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
400 gold
(400 in-game gold)
HA735994039✱✱✱✱✱ 46BC147✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(Special offer)
HA646648113✱✱✱✱✱ 945D3FD✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(Special offer)
HA646648113✱✱✱✱✱ 945D3FD✱✱✱✱✱
250 Gold
(250 in-game gold)
HA221153710✱✱✱✱✱ 392B203✱✱✱✱✱
500 Gold
(500 in-game gold)
HA954782091✱✱✱✱✱ B43DBEF✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(Special offer)
HA646648113✱✱✱✱✱ 945D3FD✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(Special offer)
HA646648113✱✱✱✱✱ 945D3FD✱✱✱✱✱
1,400 Gold
(1,400 in-game gold)
HA738247239✱✱✱✱✱ 7E991A1✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(Special offer)
HA646648113✱✱✱✱✱ 945D3FD✱✱✱✱✱
1,200 Gold
(1,200 in-game gold)
HA835708505✱✱✱✱✱ AED0A1B✱✱✱✱✱

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4.3 out of 5
6 303 Ratings


Enjoyable game
This is a great game really, control is great and the graphics is pretty cool, and so addicting that I'm have great time playing it, but the reasons that I didn't give 5 stars, this is some glitches happen while I'm playing, like player of CT team spawn in T team and get killed and other problem is balance... Because there is no balance in ranked mod we played 5v1 for 4 rounds until player showed and become 5v2 and still no balance, other things..this game need more weapons like glock 17 equip instead of fiveseven
And colt 1911 instead of p250 and hk417 insteat of M4a1....and add some camo for uniform,and Gold...its just pay for gold..I mean it should having gold well promoting or in silver case put at least 5 golds..and credit not helping to buy weapons and customize..well the problem with customize is when i put suppressed to a weapons it reduces the amount of ammo and mags i mean you either remove customization or dont reduce or take anything in turn yes it give much of accuracy and stability but less ammo no extra clip, this game of my favorite fps game i would like to see this game growing and have completely 5 stars 🙏🏻👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
It’s ok but there are problems
Ok so I’m gonna start of and say it’s an ok game, it’s fun and kinda addictive but there are problems for it that really get to me first off I want to address the aiming,
It’s terrible and you would think that a shooter game would have good aiming mechanics like in bullet force, but there’s no way to properly aim it’s all based on cross hairs and it’s not accurate, like I can be shooting someone while my cross hairs are red and they still don’t always register as a hit plus there’s no cross hairs for non scoped aiming for sniper rifles. Now let me address the other
issue i have with this game, the “running” speed or if you want to call it that it’s more like fast walking and it’s not that fast so rushing people in the game is kinda impossible plus your Chances of outrunning gun fire to get to cover is kinda hard since your character is so slow I feel sluggish, now for the lag it’s a problem for me at least, like how I see a enemy player and i start shooting and there not moving and it’s not registering damage so I think oh it must be lag so I turn around and start to run away only to be killed instantly from the same player because of the lag so all in all it is a fun game but do to these problems I rate it 3 stars.
Good but...
This game is great. No doubt about it. It’s very fun due to the fact that it is a CS:GO style game but not at the same time. However, There are some bugs in the game that need to be addressed. Yes, I know this game is still new and yes I know that new games usually have bugs and glitches, but I just want to point some out. If you are going to get this game and you want to create an account, it would be best if you wait until this game has been out for a little more to create an account. A bug I came with was that after I made an account, it would sign me out and wouldn’t let me back in and it wouldn’t let me create a new account. This is the biggest problem about this app. Everything else is good or just my opinion. In the game, I wish there would be controller support for people who own Bluetooth controllers. The Glock 18 is a little under power and is useless unless you can land a headshot. Otherwise this game is great. Just please fix the bug quickly so I can get my account working pls.
Fun but no fun
I really love this game I think the maps and mechanics are better than critical ops and very highly competitive and fun game. The only problem with this game is the hacking it’s just way too big and ruins the game for so many players and it’s very frustrating. If you call them out they just say “it’s skill” when you can clearly see them killing you and your team right after you spawn or just killing you with an invisible hack and it’s just too problematic and makes the game I thought bullet force had a hacking problem this game is like 3x worse. And I really like this game and I try to get into it but the hacking problem just makes it impossible to enjoy. I really hope something can be done about this and I really hope I can edit my review and good review this game because I i once again really enjoy this game.
Edit: Devs PLEASE do something about the hackers I left many games because of a hacking problem (critical ops included) I REALLY don’t want to leave this game I enjoy it so much and hackers are ruining it and all over the place
supreme Ethan,
Can you add these things?
The game is very fun Weitzel but it might need a few different game modes like free-for-all and boy has like a battle royale type and make sure that people can get more credits during a game and also well you should also add add at least a few new naps and more ways to people that can team up together and I like the game a lot but just needs more fixes and I think we should add more and better weapons and I hope you add it like kind a like a free-for-all mode and And on infected could you add more spots to hide it because basically one they’re impossible to get anything or be we just can’t get into enters no spots to go on infected so could you like space out and hide some spots under and make them that I make maps like a little bit bigger overall the game is fun and I hope you guys are in a campaign to it that would be most he would like a more add a few more guns and also yeah that’s basically yet good game though
Bugs and a Hacker Issue
One example is the kick glitch, there have been countless times where I have been playing bomb defuse and have suddenly been kicked from the game. Then I try to get back into the game and can’t, go onto a different account and try but can’t, I’ve even tried getting into the same game on a different device.
Another Example is a fall damage glitch where I’m strolling across the map and jump, when I jump from the ground to the ground I lose up to 40 health. This isn’t from far up it’s just me walking somewhere and jumping.
Another issue is falling through the map, there have been many times where I’m walking to palace and fall through the map at the entrance, hit a kick barrier and can’t rejoin. It happens at many other locations on the map and on other maps.
There is also an issue with the anti-cheat system, everyday that I play this game I encounter a blatant hacker and the anti-cheat doesn’t pick up on them and ban them. It is garbage.
Dissapointed Fan :(,
Bugs, Hackers, and Mediocre Support
This game used to be great. I play it all of the time and really enjoy it when it works. After I created an account it all went to crap. Every time I played rank while logged in: I was the only one in the game, the clock remained at 2:00, and didn’t run down. If I log out and play as a guest I have no problems - well, except for the hackers. I think they’ve made some improvements to prevent hacking but, I still see it. Also, as a guest you can’t report hackers which is kind of stupid. Guest are people too!

I reported the bug issue to Blayze Games Support Team, Forward Assault Support on Nov 17th 2018. It’s is now Dec 3rd 2018. I have yet to be provided with a solution - just a lot of troubleshooting.

“Please follow each step as stated. Please try logging off the game, uninstalling the game, clear the device cache, restarting your device, then reinstalling the game. If this doesn't resolve the issue, please let us know.” - Forward Assault Support

How about I just get a new phone? Like, do I really have to go through all of that, just to enjoy the game? Well guess what? I did go through all of that and it still didn’t work. So, I just decided to make a new account. Fortunately, I was able to play a round before the faulty system started kicking me out of the ranked game just a few seconds after loading.

Someone needs to make this game great again! Either someone needs to get fired or someone needs to be hired.

Best of luck!
3.75 stars
This game is so fun. I think I have 26 hours played. The game has its flaws though, you should not be able to join a competitive match that has already started. It is one thing starting on a team and getting raped, but it is another thing to join a match and get knocked from gold 1 to silver 3. My second flaw is that there is no way to trade. With a way to sell skins on a community market would be amazing, it would make so many more options for people that can't afford the 5$ for a gold case, and you could charge a premium to sell the skins. And my final flaw is that there needs to be a way to kick people from the game, for instance, there was a kid in my game who had 2 kills and 16 deaths in the game. Yes he dies every round and this was in a gold match. If these three things were fixed or added this would have a very good shot at #1 game on the App Store.
Okay, for the past few months, I’ve been playing since the beta, as I played more and more, I realized that the earnings seemed to be more harder to get, and more weapons were being added, I thought it was going too fast, because the earnings were way too far from getting these weapons, now there is new problems, skins are almost impossible to get, now that we own all the weapons, getting skins seemed to be quite lacking, because earning credits were impossible, so it is considered useless to me, I play everyday, and stopped due to this problem or update, I am hoping that you’ll make it possible to earn credits again, but giving earnings for the gold is fine, it would be nice if you could do the same to credits. I would appreciate your consideration. I would give this a full rating if you could add this, but it is your choice to change this. I still like this game for it’s interesting tactics and variety.
Burn the rubber,
Great game but...
Let’s be straight here. I love this game to pieces, but the reason I rated it four out of five instead of five is because the custom matches aren’t working. My friend and I were trying to creat a 1v1 sniper duel but it didn’t show up. We kept trying over and over again but it didn’t show up. But still, this game is amazing and would highly recommended to anyone who likes fast paced action. There are some other minor bugs like the back button needing to be pressed a few times before working. Also sometimes the player models don’t load in and you end up with an invisible enemy and the bullets sometimes go invisible to. This is very rare though. This usually happens in custom matches. Also sometimes the moving controls don't work sometimes. Developer please take note of these and try to fix them please and thank you.