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Developer: Rollic Games
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 16.0.1
ID: com.longhorn.countmasterevo


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In Crowd Evolution, you can grow and evolve your crowd and beat the enemies!

Version history

Bug Fix
Bug Fix
Bug Fix
Bug Fix
Bug Fix
Bug Fix
Bug Fix
Bug? Eww! But worry not! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience.
Bug? Eww! But worry not! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience.
Bug Fix
Bug Fix
In Crowd Evolution, you can grow and evolve your crowd and beat the enemies!
Bug Fix
Bug Fix
Bug fixes & Performance Improvements
Bug fixes & Performance Improvements
Bug fixes & Performance Improvements
Bug fixes and performance improvements
Bug fixes and performance improvements
Bug fixes and performance improvements
Bug fixes and performance improvements
Bug fixes and performance improvements
Bug fixes and performance improvements
Bug fixes and performance improvements
Bug fixes and performance improvements

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
(Removes forced ads and banners)
IA168057139✱✱✱✱✱ C7C1C5C✱✱✱✱✱
(Removes forced ads and banners)
IA168057139✱✱✱✱✱ C7C1C5C✱✱✱✱✱
(Removes forced ads and banners)
IA168057139✱✱✱✱✱ C7C1C5C✱✱✱✱✱
(Removes forced ads and banners)
IA553989332✱✱✱✱✱ 6290488✱✱✱✱✱

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4.2 out of 5
59.7K Ratings


Nothing happens after a certain point
Im on level 572, I pay for no ads which is definitely worth it if you want to play this game. The game is fun except I have a few issues with the game. First off, what is the point of the coins if you can use them? Also the best character in the game isn’t the final alien at the end which makes no sense. The best character in the game is the guy you get at year 3 thousand with the thriller barrel gun. At the end of each round that’s the best character to have shooting the green bricks. Which leads me to another issue I maxed out my fire rate and damage but I can get all the way to the building. No matter what I try in terms of weapons and character combinations. Also that’s another thing. The rare guns aren’t as good as the stock guns. They should also consider adding more characters to the game after the alien and make the characters better as the years go on
Douglas McFern,
Worse than Jerry’s Game
This is probably the worst game I’ve ever played. The free game is so riddled with ads that you can nearly play it. So I payed the $2.99 for less ads. However you still have to pause every time for the opportunity to see an ad. Then if you want to build up you character it’s only available if you watch and ad. Oh you found a weapon or pet if you want to keep it you have to watch and add. And the weapons and pets really don’t even do anything. Then there’s the game itself which is mastered at level 1. It’s basically impossible to lose. There’s really no difference from one level to the next.
Then if all of this doesn’t bother you then the fact the game is filled with glitches. Even after the update it’s still the same. One play through it put me just running endlessly through water with no end. Couldn’t get out of the glitch. Shut down the ap, restarted the phone. I had to uninstall & reinstall the ap which erased all of my progress. Then the i game glitches like the “grim reaper characters who if you have to fight the “boss” just throw their scythes straight up into the air. Plus you get in game currency to spend on upgrades that really don’t do anything. No matter how many guys you have or what level damage you ammo is it always takes 4 his to defeat the “boss.”

Terrible game would not recommend.
Dont play waste of time
This game isnt even a game its more like watch ads with a game on the side if that honestly i would rather make my own game that is exactly like this and learn how to do that then ever play this again i wish i never played this because its ruined my day and has wasted my time i hope on Christmas your businesses shut down and you become poor and its not even that i hate the gane i love the concept and everything even though the pets are questionable its just there are to many ads and im not going to pay just to play this game a couple more times and then never again the only reason you are still a functional business is probably because all of your games are exactly like this with 80 thousand ads and everyone buys the no ad thing and i hope someday soon that becomes illegal or something so you go out of business do not play this game also the leaving and coming back thing doesnt work for this game it kind of just restarts you and its so annoying and sometimes i would accidentally click watch an ad for a reward and id leave and have to restart the level also the amount of popups before you can even start going again is insane like shut up i dont want to buy this please get out of my face anyways this game is bad and i hate it and you shouldnt play it
Basically an ad simulator
I like the idea of this game, just the execution is frustrating. You spend more time watching ads than you do actually playing the levels. The levels are short and repetitive, most times the ads that play after one are longer than the level itself. 98% of everything unlockable in this game requires you to watch an ad. You unlocked a character upgrade? Cool! Watch an ad for it. Got a new weapon? Cool! Watch an ad for it. Wanna upgrade your damage, manpower, or years? Cool! Sometimes you can spend the game currency on it, but most times you have to watch an ad. Finished a level? Cool! Watch an ad to double your reward. Oh, you don’t want to double your reward? Here’s an ad anyways. It also feels like just pop up after pop up asking you to watch an ad to unlock something. What’s worse is it’s UNAVOIDABLE because this game doesn’t work offline. And if you quit the app after a level while an ad is playing, you lose your progress and have to do the level over again, which means… you guessed it, more ads you have to watch. Its not challenging and gets extremely annoying to even play because of the ads. The amount of times you see the word “ad” in it this review feels like playing the game. There’s so many of ‘em every few seconds.
I hate this song.,
Ads make this practically unplayable
There are ads for everything in this game. I did pretty quickly buy the “no ads” add on, but that only stopped them from playing during normal progression, all other bonuses and unlocks still require you watch them. I haven’t been playing mobile games recently, but it seems like ads are way worse now. Making you sit through a minute or two, then popping up the store page, then making you wait again. It’s really egregious and out of control. If this weren’t so bogged down with ads it would be a fun little time waster.
Another frustrating thing is that it’s kind of buggy. It is a resource hog, so it’ll drain your battery and turn your phone into a space heater if you play for too long. There are also really frustrating blockers, like how boss stages regularly soft crash when you have too many people make it to the end.
I don’t really feel good about spending money on this one, even though I don’t hate content. The ad stuff just makes me uncomfortable. It feels cheap and scammy.
Shameless money grab
It’s like every other mobile mini game. I don’t know why I even bother with any kind of “free” game anymore. They’re all exactly the same compiler and pasted version of some other game. The amount of ads is absurd. All the ads are promoting more versions of the same style of predatory ad feeder. I miss when I was younger and games like D.O.T existed. Free, didn’t have ads, and they made money off of small microtransactions because it was actually a good and decently thought out game. Maybe if these “game developers”, if you can even call them that, would focus on making something that can engage a player for more than a few days, they wouldn’t need 4 ads a minute to make money off of their thrown together garbage pile of a game. Rather than force feeding ads to people for a day or two at a time, make something genuinely good and well thought out. Maybe you’ll make money and WONT be a part of the ridiculous ad scheme community that floods the App Store now days. Mobile gaming has become an embarrassment to gaming as a whole and its the fault of “developers” like these.
Ad Nightmare - Avoid!
I had seen enough ads about this on other social media, and without seeing the writing on the wall, I tried it out. I was immediately force-fed ads at every turn they possibly could. Say no to an ad, then another version of the ad shows up. You say no again, and then the Apple window to download displays. Say no to that, then no to a final window, and then you’re back to the game (if it doesn’t offer a bonus level for an ad, or just about anything aside breathing). 20 seconds later and you’re right back into it.

Like a dummy, I paid for no ads thinking it would help, and guess what? I still had to watch ads!! Even the in-game currency didn’t mean anything at a point; to upgrade skills, you had to watch an ad for a ‘free’ level-up. What’s the point of acquiring anything in-game if you have to watch ads anyway?

This is 100% a scam designed to give you a weak semblance of gameplay but really intrusively and relentlessly hound you for things you don’t want. It’s pretty sad, to be honest.
Falls flat relatively soon after downloading
Downloaded the app on a whim after seeing it a lot from the ads. It was fun at first with trying to get as far as you could with the years and people. It’s now that I’ve upgraded the years and crowd to the point where it doesn’t require much effort to win other than to click start for the level. Also the evolutions peak once you get to around year 7-10k where you stop as a green alien and a laser gun. No more advancements bc the developers creativity stops at 1980’s sci-fi films. Also the island destroyer side mission they TRIED to add to break up the monotony failed. Once you beat the first rival island and move out of the first island you’re completely locked there forever. I’ve destroyed 4 more islands but never once was prompted to move on to bronze or whatever age is next. Sad to see the developers only considers throwing in as many ads as they could instead of seeing if the game was complete.
Oh and the massive amounts of 5 star reviews are confirmed to be bots.
Impossible to clear a level after completing first village
Developers please listen. Nothing I do allows me to make it to the end after completing first village.

No matter how many ads I watch to increase money no amount of upgrade gets me to the end. I’ve paid for no ads, but you still need to watch ads to make any difference but no difference is made once first village is completed.

I’m at the point where this cannot not be played anymore.

Another issue is the spin open you have to watch an ad just for it to automatically select $300 cash every single time.

It’s also possible you don’t allow the purchasing of cash because it will make 0 difference on your ability to pass any level past first village upgrade.

It’s entirely misleading to make you think you can work on your upgrades and still end up at the exact same spot on the end to never make it to upgrade past village one.

Developer you have been unresponsive to address any other reviews, please address this review, and tell us something in the works to make it possible to win after first village. Make it possible to get cash without ads.

Even if you have gotten the game they advertise you still see that same ad and I just can’t take it anymore.

Last thing why is it that the mobster at year 2000 is able to shoot 3 beams through gun and can go much further than more advanced years I.e. aliens.
Listen to the reviews!
Yes the game is fun for a little, getting upgrades and better stuff but in the end it’s completely meaningless. The developers only care about making money off you and your data. Instead of making a game actually worth playing and maybe spending a few bucks on they decided to make this dumpster fire. It’s completely overfilled with ads! The absolute worst thing about this game is you will never get to the end at the house no matter what you do or upgrades you get. It’s just sad that this is what developers are resorting to now of days. And hopefully the “company” sees this, you should be ashamed of the work you have produced because you know exactly what you have done. Yea you scammed people out of money congratulations and I’m sure you tell yourself “ I don’t care what they say because I’m happy with my money and they’re just made because they’re poor” but in the end of the day all you’ll live up to is some mediocre app App Store developer who accomplished nothing beyond this.