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Developer: Bethesda
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Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 2.9.6
ID: com.idsoftware.Doom


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Celebrate DOOM’s 25th anniversary with the re-release of the original DOOM (1993), including the expansion, Thy Flesh Consumed, is now available on iOS devices. First released in 1993, DOOM introduced millions of gamers to the fast-paced, white-knuckle, demon-slaying action the franchise is known for.

Relive the birth of the first-person shooter, wherever you go, and experience the classic demon-blasting fun that popularized the genre.

Version history

With all new touch controls, controller support, and 16:9 rendering, our new update for DOOM & DOOM II on all platforms is our biggest one yet! We have also improved performance, and now support 120hz devices, which can be enabled in Video Options.
With all new touch controls, controller support, and 16:9 rendering, our new update for DOOM & DOOM II on all platforms is our biggest one yet! We have also improved performance, and now support 120hz devices, which can be enabled in Video Options.
A new update is available for DOOM & DOOM II on all platforms that includes audio improvements, QOL features and minor performance optimization. No End In Sight, with over 30 levels, is the latest to join our awesome line up of free Add-ons in DOOM.
New Game Update

A new game update is now available for DOOM and DOOM II! The update brings some much requested features such as 60FPS, added Aspect Ratio Options, Quick Save and Load, Level Select, quality-of-life features and performance optimizations. Plus, we’ve implemented Add-on Support, which brings free downloadable maps to DOOM and DOOM II -- including SIGIL, and the fan favorite “Final DOOM.” More free Add-ons will be added in the future.
General Bug Fixes
General Bug Fixes
The fast-paced FPS that changed gaming forever. Battle relentless hordes of demons in id Software’s classic – now on mobile!
The fast-paced FPS that changed gaming forever. Battle relentless hordes of demons in id Software’s classic – now on mobile!
iOS 7 update.
Menu revisions
Separated Tilt Turn from Tilt Strafe
Auto Use (Open Doors) is now defaulted to On
Minor bug fixes
- Retina Support.
- iPad/iPad 2 Support.
- New Menus.
- Minor Bug Fixes.

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3.8 out of 5
1 676 Ratings


Controls are off
The old port of this actually had pretty good controls. This one is laughable. The move stick has a tap to run setting that you can’t change and it also has a pretend sensitivity to it so that if you hold the “stick” further you run faster. I end up basically walking around the whole time because moving my thumb halfway up the screen to move the proper speed is clunky and blocks the view. The tap to shoot setting is awkward as well and something that plagues touch screen games in general, if you want to shoot you can’t aim. You have to aim, pick up your thumb and hope the enemy doesn’t move and if they do, use the awkward strafe stick on the left. Automatic weapons are also not hold down to shoot like you might expect, you double tap for that as well. The old controls where there was a shoot button was awkward but made more sense.

Other than that this game has been awesome since it came out so don’t be surprised by anything, you might just be wishing for some arrow keys and the ctl button instead of the clunky crap controls they slapped in here.
Great game with a lackluster port
Doom needs no introduction as it’s the most influential FPS of all time that people still play to this day. With the game’s 25th anniversary coming up, Bethesda and iD trusted Nerve to make a solid remaster of Doom 1 and 2 to resell on modern consoles and mobile devices. How unfortunate then with how bad these ports are. They may have fixed the issue with the slower music, but there is no reason for this game to run capped at 35 FPS with no option to change it. Hell, the mobile port you could get before they replaced this ran at a perfectly fine 60 with no drops, so I don’t know how they managed to screw the pooch with the Unity engine of all things. The aiming also feels terrible due to how your aim drifts whenever you swipe instead of just stopping. Thankfully, this can be bypassed by enabling a controller, but then you run into two more issues: non-rebindable controls, and more importantly, you cannot access the weapon wheel while using a controller, you can only cycle through weapons manually. WHY?! Just let me hold down a bumper and use the analog stick to select a weapon instead of taking a millennium just to cycle through everything I have just for the weapon I want.

Hopefully this port will get to a point where it’s acceptable, but right now you’re better off just jailbreaking your phone and porting Doom to it yourself.
What About Writing?,
Controls are Awful
I love doom, and when I saw it finally got an update for the most recent OS I was super excited to finally get to play on my iPhone again. Installation was fine, and the game looks pretty great (although I wish it could take up more of the screen during gameplay) but there is one glaring issue that removes all benefits and makes a download not worth it.

The controls.

The controls make this game almost completely unplayable, especially in the way that Doom is meant to be played: fast paced and frenetic action. With how poorly the controls were optimized for this release, it makes sustained fire for any gun difficult, and maneuvering extremely difficult because the aiming touch controls are very sluggish and non-responsive compared to how they should be. Walking/running is fine, it’s the aiming that makes the game unplayable in the fast-paced way doom is meant to be played. The old control style was fantastic. Bring that back and all will be well in the Doom mobile world because this update, as of now, honestly was a little insulting. I want to say I paid 7 or 8 dollars for the game but my memory is pretty bad, and after waiting years for it to be compatible again I would expect it not to have such a glaring oversight in playability. I’m holding out that it’ll get an update. Please do consider fixing the controls.
The new update made Doom Mobile actually really good and playable
I remember playing this port and I refunded the game because of its terrible controls. However I heard the new update to Doom was out and this added better controls and widescreen. I watched a video about Doom Mobile’s New Update and heard good things about. I bought the game and to my surprise it actually felt good ripping and tearing the demons. The controls were MUCH better and I loved the new update controls. Widescreen made Doom SO much better. There still is a problem though, I really wish Doom Mobile worked on iPad’s. It works but the screen isn’t full sized so thats kind of a problem but besides that problem, Doom Mobile is now really good thanks to the update. I will play Doom Mobile more now thanks to the update. Thanks ID Software for fixing this big issue in Doom Mobile. However, if they added iPad Support and Keyboard and Mouse, Doom Mobile would be perfect. Thanks ID Software and the other people who worked on this game fixing the problems with the Doom Mobile Port.
They finally updated it, and it WOULD have been perfect...
The game runs great (using iPhone 7+) and is the full classic Doom experience! Unfortunately, there are a couple key things missing that hold this port back from greatness:
1) No controller or keyboard support. Doom was originally played using arrow keys and the space bar, no mouse required. Since iOS supports external keyboards, this would have been really cool. iOS also has native controller support, which this port also lacks. It’s a shame to have to use touch controls as they are probably the worst input method for an FPS.
2) Almost no touch control customization. You can adjust the sensitivity of the “look” tracking, but that’s it. No side flipping got south paws, no movement joystick adjustment, to touch zone customization. This stuff is really nice to have if you’re going to force us to use touch controls.

Input controls make or break an action game like this, and I’d say the crossover between classic Doom fans and touch control fans is extremely small. If these were changed, this port would be 5 stars easy.
F L A W L E S S ....
I was watching a video on speedrun cheaters that has "DOOM" footage in it. That got me feeling nostalgic, thinking about the great fun playing it on the SNES: something thought to be a technological impossibilty. So I mosey over to the App Store, remembering they had it when I had my iPad 1, but it became incompatible with iOS updates. Well imagine my surprise & delight to see that not only is it still here, BUT IT'S BEEN UPDATED!! However, being the cautious consumer that I am, I read the bad ["Lowest Rated" in this case] reviews first to see what's what. And all I could see was whining & complaining about how janked the controls are .... Please, take it from an *honest* reviewer folks: NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. I mean, you move with your left thumb, turn & shoot with your right: JUST LIKE YOU DO NOW IN EVERY FPS. lol The graphics/music/FX? Pixel PERFECT renditions of the MS-DOS original. So ignore those "Norman Naysayer"s -- get this, the latest "DOOM" version for iOS & iPadOS, and you will not be sorry. 🙂👍🏻
It’s Doom, but somehow worse
I’ve owned this version of Doom since back during the early iPod Touch years, and it was a blast to play then. The controls were good, and smooth. They weren’t perfect of course, being touchscreen controls, but they were far better than this. I’m not sure if it’s the strange way the controls shift between walk and run, or if it’s the acceleration, but the movement controls are inconsistent, and the aiming controls aren’t much better. Regardless of what sensitivity I have it set to, I’ll be stuck between hardly being able to turn, and flinging myself around in wide angles. If you want a good example of touchscreen FPS controls, take a look at Call of Duty mobile. Fully customizable, including by size, and able to be moved around the screen. Don’t cut the screen up in sections for each individual control either, give us clearly defined “buttons” on screen that we can decide where we want them to be.

Also, would it be too much to ask to see more add-on wads, like “Maps of Chaos”?
Everything You Remember
Hard to go wrong with this classic game. The FPS that made FPS a mainstream genre. Loaded with classic MIDI music, Health and ammo pickups, 2D enemies in a 3D world and all the glories of 90s FPS games. Pixelated gore, MIDI Hard Rock, and spring door elevator traps sure to get you excited about shooting demons. This port runs faithfully at high FPS and has all the cheats and level select you could hope for in a re release. It even has an add on feature online for the true classic DOOM experience. It also has the an original style dynamic 2D map. And, yes, it has well designed gamepad support. The only thing I can request to make it a better experience is allow customizing the touch buttons for different size phones and hands and have separate sensitivity for gamepad and touch. It’s all here. Find out where first person shooters first hit the mainstream or get your DOOM fix. It’s hard to go wrong here.
It’s back! But there are a few parts missing and there’s room for improvement
I’m glad it is back for current iOS software. Love the new opening screen. However, there are plenty of features from older versions for iOS that are missing, namely the option to switch your control scheme and the quick save feature. My gameplay is much more difficult without them. The advertisement also mentioned multiplayer but all I see is a single player option. I don’t know if I have to advance in the game to unlock it or what. I was expecting an updated version of this game, not a re-release as it seems that this is.

Also, I don’t know if this is an issue with the App Store or the developers, but I don’t see Doom II anywhere. There is the Doom II RPG, but not the actual Doom II which was what I was expecting. I also had to search for this app by typing in id software in the search bar rather than just the name of the app/game.
Quelf Munge Spaff,
Amazing game
One of my friends think Doom is cr@p and Black Ops 2 is superior. He's dead wrong. This is the godfather of FPS games. Insulting this game is an extremely foolish thing to do. It's like insulting your parents because without them, you wouldn't be here; like if Doom wasn't here, we wouldn't have Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, etc. Anyways, few flaws which are very minor is the movement feels a bit sluggish. There are also some graphical bugs like enemies overlapping barrels when they're supposed to be behind them or whatever. Also, please change the music back to its original form. My favorite track, The Imp's Song, doesn't sound as good as the original. Still, fantastic game overall. If you love FPS games, definitely get this. Also, please, please, PLEASE port Doom 2. I don't want the cr@ppy RPG, I want the real classic Doom 2 on iOS. That would complete me. PLEASE MAKE IT!!!