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Save the Beans logic puzzles!

Developer: Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 0.16.2
ID: au.com.metrotrains.beansholiday


Game screenshot Dumb Ways to Die: Dumb Choices mod apkGame screenshot Dumb Ways to Die: Dumb Choices apkGame screenshot Dumb Ways to Die: Dumb Choices hack


You have saved the Beans from difficult and dangerous situations multiple times. Now they are going on a fun vacation! But will they be safe this time? Would you save them again this time from all the challenges?

Help the Dumb Ways To Die Beans to stay alive in this fun and addictive, yet tricky choices based logic puzzle game! If you love problem solving and testing your IQ, this brain teaser game will have you thinking and using your wit. Choose the correct option so the Beans can stay alive and enjoy their vacation. Be careful as they will not do well if you choose the wrong choice.

Unlock the funny story of their adventures, meet the other Beans — Find your favourite Bean! There are many of them!

1. Interesting progressive story
Each level has a unique, addictive, and funny story. You’ve tried the right choice? Why not go back and see what the wrong choice would bring you?
2. Simple yet addictive puzzles
Sick of difficult and complicated games? This game is easy to play! Just choose what you think the Beans should do in every situation.
3. A lot of levels to unlock
There are many levels to unlock! Keep playing to proceed and unlock all the levels!

Dumb Ways To Die: Dumb Choices is playable by anyone at any age. Download the game to start your adventure with the cute Beans and save their vacation!

Version history

* Fixed the loading bugs
* Other bug fixes to improve your playing experience
* New and improved levels
* Bug fixes to improve your playing experience
* Progress bar added to the Win screen
* New and improved levels
* Bug fixes to improve your playing experience
- Minor bug fixes
Great new fun additions for the whole family, and general bug fixes as well as stability updates :D
General bugs and fixes just for you! :)
Minor bug fixes

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BJ149549973✱✱✱✱✱ F829348✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
1 121 Ratings


countryballs danish boy,
Nice game but…
Hello reader hope ur feeling well this game will totally make ur mind feel nice and all that stuff but there is a problem u have to pay to have no ads now i know what ur thinking “but that is in like every game”yeah I'm very aware of that,okay?so lets get more deeper the ads are just not ok tho and please lets get some more reviews so we can get the developers attention,but i think you should definitely download this just its nice relaxing and time worthy bye reader!
Just stick with your og game
To be fair I only played this for a little bit, but I didnt really enjoy it. Yes its a choice game, but its a choice game with dumb easey choices. Whats the point? Do you choose for the chracter to drink coffee or old moldy food? Someone dies in both choices and Im going to asume you as the player know which one wont kill the chracter. What im saying is, dont waste your time and energy playing a game that has no reason and isnt fun. Players, go play their orginal game dont buy the no adds thing. Devlopers, go continue working on ur og game or go make a new one that acttually matters and is fun. Thanks for reading my rant and ramble :) - just trying to help ppl who are scrolling through the reviews.
the game is to easy and this is less entertaining then the dumb ways to die original game and I deleted it also I would’ve put two stars but just showing it so other people can play it so yeah to easy and REEEEAAALLLY boring
Pretty good but not five star worthy
If you like dumb ways to die and 3d content this game is almost 90% perfect for you the only reason it not five star is the level screen you get after the levels but the fail animations you find are pretty good but some made me chuckle but it might not make you laugh it made me and if you don’t like the game it’s your opinion but I like this game 😁.
Best Developers
The great thing about the “Dumb Ways” games is that the amount of ads is quite minimal. Usually with really fun games, I have a great 30 ads per second. This fun game, barely has any ads. Thank you for your time,
Why do people not like it
It is a good game and it the original may be a little better but it is not that bad and if you played the og one you will know what is a good option and a bad option but it’s still a good game.
Linda's lets,
It’s ok
I like this game but can you add more levels I did the game but I want to play more levels I don’t want to do the same thing over and over again so can you add more levels thanks for understand
Why do ppl hate this game?
This game is THE BEST GAME! I don’t get why everyone doesn’t like this game I play for HOURS it’s so good!!! But there’s one problemo the ADS to many ads please get rid of som but I LIVE this game thank you for making it!😁 Have a good day/night/morning
This game is funny. The pink guy killed a lot of people. He threw the alarm clock at someone, and more! The better part is that they used a funny sound effect when he threw the alarm clock. this is an underrated masterpiece!
It’s a good game!
Honestly, this game could keep me occupied all day! I rate the game a 4 of 5 starts only because you have to pay to remove all ads, but other than that, the game is so much fun! It keeps me occupied and it’s fun to make different decisions.