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Rescue the Beans!

Developer: Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.2.3
ID: au.com.metrotrains.dumbways4


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The hilarious #1 App Store best-selling, TikTok viral sensation Dumb Ways to Die is back!

Dumb Ways to Die 4 delivers even more of what you love: exciting and challenging minigames, new areas to explore, all your favorite Beans to rescue - and much, much more!

Challenge your friends and family to see who can survive the longest and become the ultimate champion of Dumb Ways to Die!
Collect coins to purchase upgrades and unlock new areas and score sweet prizes as you try to survive! Are you Bean-enough for the job?

BEANMANIA! Love the Dumb Ways To Die song? You’ll love the games too! Join the Bean gang that’s taking the TikTok and social media world by storm!

GAME TIME: Try to survive as long as possible by avoiding the deadly traps and obstacles. Tap, swipe, scribble, shake, flick, swat, saw (and more!) your way through all-new minigames featuring all of your favorite beans!

SAVE THE BEANS: Explore the Bean-dom and unlock cool new areas! Restore each scene to its former glory and save the Beans from their ridiculous doom. Each new bean has their own perks to unlock!

SCORE PRIZES: Compete in unique timed events and claim cool prizes! The longer you play, the harder it becomes! Keep an eye out for helpful perks to increase your chances of gold and victory!

KEEP IT DUMB: All the craziest, weirdest, and just plain dumb deaths you know and love! Dying has never been more fun!

Support: https://www.playsidestudios.com/support
Privacy Policy: https://www.playsidestudios.com/privacy-policy

Version history

Embrace the eerie Halloween spirit with our Dumb Ways Beans in this thrilling update!

Explore chilling minigames, such as:
- Candy Catcher
- Skelenone
- The Beaning

We've also improved performance and exterminated bugs for a seamless, bewitching app experience.
Wishing you a spooktacular Halloween from your Dumb Ways to Die beans!
Celebrate the essence of the Dumb Ways American Summer with our Dumb Ways Beans in this exciting new update!
Get ready to enjoy 3 brand-new summer-inspired minigames, perfectly capturing the vibe of the season's festivities.

Embrace the summer vibes and dive into the following games:
-Rowing Rapids!
-Sewing Scouts!
The Dumb Ways beans have also been hard at work implementing performance enhancements and resolving pesky bugs, just for you!

Wishing you a fantastic American Summer from your beloved Dumb Ways to Die brand!
Celebrate Independence Day with our Dumb Ways Beans in this new update!
We've added new 3x new patriotic minigames just in time for July 4th celebrations!

Show off your American pride and play:
- Mustard Madness
- BBQ Blunders
- Rocket Science

We've also made some performance improvements and bug fixes to enhance your app experience this holiday weekend.
Happy Fourth of July from your favorite Dumb Ways to Die beans!

We've listened to our fans! This update includes:
- Touch and interactions to minigames have now been fixed, so you can keep winning and get a higher score!
- Load time improvements to help you get into the game faster!

The hilarious #1 App Store best-selling, TikTok viral sensation Dumb Ways to Die is back!


What's New?
- Exciting and brand new Dumb Ways minigames to play!
- Awesome new environments and areas to unlock!
- Other performance improvements and bug fixes made just for you!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Removes interstitial ads from game!)
GD345376379✱✱✱✱✱ 7809C07✱✱✱✱✱
Starter Pack
(No Ads, Currency & a bean to get started!)
GD845275386✱✱✱✱✱ F7A01A4✱✱✱✱✱
Classic Pack
(The best value pack! No Ads, Gems & Beans!)
GD071440052✱✱✱✱✱ 8B70C50✱✱✱✱✱
Gem Pack 1
(Smallest Gem Pack. Low value for money!)
GD348113437✱✱✱✱✱ 1111D77✱✱✱✱✱
Gem Pack 6
(Best Value Gem Pack!)
GD989394714✱✱✱✱✱ 8B66822✱✱✱✱✱
Gem Pack 2
(Small to Medium Gem Pack!)
GD339933593✱✱✱✱✱ F795A71✱✱✱✱✱
Gem Pack 3
(Medium Value Gem Pack!)
GD123711490✱✱✱✱✱ 791B6E4✱✱✱✱✱
Gem Pack 5
(High Value Gem Pack!)
GD347119959✱✱✱✱✱ C2CEFD4✱✱✱✱✱
Gem Pack 4
(Medium to High Value Gem Pack!)
GD245411823✱✱✱✱✱ E3B4BB3✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
2 939 Ratings


Duo's greater,
Great game but i have some suggestions
good game i play every day, but it’s ruined by the ads. i wish the ads were never in the game, or the entire series in general. anyways i think the game is fun, but there’s a few characters i wish were there. here’s three characters i want, and they could probably be unlockable in the upcoming world: Madcap, Bungle, and Bonehead, and the reason i say that is because Bungle was in DWTD 3, so why not here? anyway the game is really cool, and i like concept, traveling around the world. i also would’ve liked it if Dimwit was 800 gems. one more nitpick: i want Clod, but for SOME REASON you have to buy the starter pack to unlock him (the same deal for Lax, Hapless, and Stupa, but they’re in the classic pack). i wish that when you complete every world you unlock Clod, Lax, Hapless, and Stupa. anyway, this is a great game, i love it so much, even with the nitpicks. also this is your best attempt at making a 3d dumb ways game.
black ice frostbear,
Wait this isn’t a remake?
Honestly this feels more like a remake of the first game with how many rehashed micro games this game has. the micro transactions and ads are kinda annoying, and what’s with mentioning tiktok twice!? I haven’t seen a SINGLE tiktok compilation or ANYONE mentioning this series. Look I like that this is supposed to be a return to form, but this game is pretty underwhelming with the remake but not remake feeling. I would had put more effort into this instead of those hyper casual junk food games and a NFT project!? Have you fallen that far?! You know that nfts have became irrelevant, the market has crashed, ruined the reputation of many companies, and wasted everyone’s time and money while killing the planet in the process. You could be making your old games better, dumb ways to die 2 has been broken on phones for what I assume for a while, I doubt I’ll be able to like this series intentionally ever again if this mid tier game will become the norm, I want improvement but I don’t think your greed and pride with your series becoming a “TikTok sensation” will allow that.
Anyway four stars 😊for decent gaming I guess.
Ice cream cotton candy,
If you are going on a trip, this is definitely the game for you
This this is a really fun game to play when your bored and when you are on long trips. I don’t know what the other reviews are talking about but it doesn’t have a lot of ads. when you run out of lives, it will like ask you if you want to watch an ad to get another one but that’s it. I definitely recommend. 😊✨
Great, one problem
I love this game, brings back so many memories of playing the original with friends and comparing high scores. I love seeing mini games like flick the piranhas and tap the screen to put out the fire again. But my favorite character in this series has always been Dummkopf, ya know, the “Get your toast out with a fork guy” so yeah of course I built up gems to buy him as soon as possible, and I did, but he specifically can be a bit unplayable. His ability lets him have a chance of surviving death after failing, but whenever that does happen, the next time I fail the game freezes. Please fix this, I just wanna play my toasty boy!
Great but a few bugs
This game is fun, and stays true to the original DWTD game, which is amazing. The only thing is sometimes it randomly crashes without warning, and sometimes makes you randomly lose one or two lives (or all of them if you’re super unlucky) which is a little annoying but it’s fine. Also sometimes the instructions don’t show up which is kinda hard when you’re doing a mini game you’ve never done before. Overall though, it’s really fun, I love the little easter eggs and interface, and for a train company you did a great job.
Is a great title but……
Overall, I like this game a lot, it is nice to go back to basics and make a Warioware style game for it once again, but I did notice a few problems even without much progression:

-THE ADS! There are random intrusive ads that pop up during the gameplay itself, which can get very annoying for players (as it always is). It probably makes more sense to play those when all lives are lost.

-Some of the mini games are less responsive than they should be, I keep losing lives to them, the ones I found are:

-Zany’s hang glider mini game
-Numskull’s mine mini game
-Dunce’s fill in the brain minigame
-Hold the marshmallows minigame
-Dippy’s flick minigame
-Dimwit’s screw minigame, sometimes

Overall, if you can make ads not pop up during the gameplay itself AND fix the less responsive minigames, that would be great. I would give it 5 stars when those issues are fixed. Still, it’s a solid game worth checking out.
It’s pretty good but there’s a couple flaws.
I LOVE how it feels like the original and it is going back to the basics. The gameplay is phenomenal however, there’s two major flaws that keep me from giving it 4 even 5 stars. So, first of all the ads are pretty annoying but it’s only for about 10 - 15 seconds. My main issue is the fact that the game crashes after a couple minigames and it keeps me from playing it so I have to constantly restart it and it’s so annoying. Once again, very good game but the crashing needs to stop.
One if the skies,
Read this before you download <3
This game is amazing! It has great graphics, the idea of it is great too, and there's so many games! One thing I will say is that there is a lot of *blood* in the game. Personally it doesn't bother me but it can bother some others (not asking for an update, describing the game) and also at least for me, wifi is needed. So I highly suggest this game because let's be honest here it's awesome.
✌🏻🐨Preppy vibes🐨✌🏻,
Great game but somethings….
This is a really good game, I play this like the WHOLE day and it’s really entertaining. What I don’t like is that on some levels you can’t do ANYTHING and you die unfairly. but i recommend this game a lot! it’s so funny and entertaining you can spend a YEAR playing it. but, you guys have to fix that problem because it’s unfair you die because the game didn’t let you do anything.
we are the champons,
10/10 great game
I remember playing the first game as a kid and I loved it and this brings a 💧to my eyes. It is going to keep the dumb ways to die games popular and fuel entertainment and joy for the next gen of DWTD fans. It makes me so happy to see how much this game has grown. I hope dwtd will stay my favorite game forever.

Thank you for the happy years this game has and will bring me. From the bottom of my heart Jackson A