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An indie tribute to gaming

Developer: Playdigious
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 2.1.1
ID: com.playdigious.evoland2


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What were your childhood games like?

Onboard on an epic adventure of more than 20 hours through video games history filled with a ton of funny classical games references.

From 2D RPG, through 3D vs fight to a shooter, a trading card game and more you’ll get your fill of jumping from a game genre to another, never bored.

“Evoland 2: A slight case of spacetime continuum disorder” is not only one game but many, backboned with a story that will make you travel through time, discovering different art styles and video gaming technology.

Released first on PC with 500.000 copies shipped, we’re proud to share with you this experience carefully adapted for mobile devices.

« It’s a mashup on a grand scale — and a successful one — bringing together many of the elements that make us love all those games individually. » - 9/10 GamesBeat

“Evoland 2 manages to seamlessly blend an incredible number of genres into a single, wonderful experience.”
4/5 – Hardcoregamer

Compatible with MFI controllers.

If you experience any problem with Evoland 2, please contact our customer support at [email protected] and give us as much as possible information on your problem.

Version history

Improve overall stability.
Fix various bugs.
Improve overall stability.
Fix various bugs.
Happy new year!
In addition to traditional optimization and improvements you will find:
- Additionnal supports for external controllers
- Some random crashes has been catched and are now fixed.
Improve overall performance.
Add more controllers support.
Improving your overall experience
- Fix end game crash (guardian)
- Performance improvements
Fixed various cloud saving issues and side effect bugs.
Fixed crash at launch on some devices
Fixed various cloud saving issues and side effect bugs.
** Improving the Spanish version and fixing the Chinese version **
** Evoland 2 is now available in Spanish ! **
Improving your overall experience
A brand new "Custom Controls" feature is added in settings. You can now tailor precisely the virtual pad and button size/position for each game mode. We worked on this feature much more than expected so we hope you guys will love it :)
MFi controller fixed
A brand new "Custom Controls" feature is added in settings. You can now tailor precisely the virtual pad and button size/position for each game mode. We worked on this feature much more than expected so we hope you guys will love it :)
We keep working on improving the game, especially the labo mini games.
We hope this update will help you enjoy even more Evoland 2!
Thanks for playing!
Thanks to all your feedback we were able to fix some issues you might have encountered.
We tweaked the position of the DPad in the labo to simplify your experience with mini games, specifically Snake.
Also, we spotted what was wrong with iPhone 5S and fixed the camera issue.
Thank you for playing Evoland 2!
Thank you so much for your huge support! This encourage us to continue working hard to polish the game again and again. Last update includes:
• Busy people can now skip dialogs (but we will be really really sad if you do it.. ).
• You where stuck at a ladder surrounded by pirates? Sorry it won't happen again !
• Professor Giro Lair got several bug fixes.
• Please leave Gwent alone for a bit, Game Of Cards has been fixed.
Thank you so much for your huge support! This encourage us to continue working hard to polish the game again and again. Last update includes:
• Fix resolution issue (no more black borders)
• Fix iPhone X text display
• Add button for flying machine (fix lost island blocker)
• Fix German localization in intro cutscene
* iPhone Plus screen resolution fix
* Chinese and Japanese texts adjustment
Fixed automatic language detection

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4.6 out of 5
2 608 Ratings


Wonderful game
This game is a vast improvement from the first. Evoland’s gameplay felt more like a gimmick. With the amount of times the game evolves from early on it felt like each section was fiery brief, especially the Final Fantasy combat in the beginning. It only lasted to grind money to get a new sword and then for 1 dungeon, then you don’t see it again for a while until the end. Evoland 2 has great gameplay with an amazing story that makes it feel like it’s own game beside just being OH remember this from the past! I’d honestly recommend this game to anyone who wants something to play on the phone for a long time. I’m only on my 11th hour and am probably only halfway through. I’ve also been seeing many complaints over the control layout, mainly during the mountain platforming. The controls are fine, it’s just challenging to do. Get Good.
Fun RPG/adventure ruined by terrible required side-games.
This Zelda/Chrono Trigger-style game is fun and cute until you reach areas that are impassible without going into new style of gameplay. The Alpha Mountain platform-gameplay level is far too long and frustratingly difficult with the iPhone controls. Then, if you beat that and were hoping to get back to the RPG style-game you are out of luck! That is followed up by an unavoidable, jittery, boring bullet-hell style flying game that is also made nearly unplayable by buggy, bad controls. (The flying thing constantly jumps to the top of the screen!) This section goes on about 3 times longer than it needed to. Then you are forced into a bad street fighter clone that’s also twice as long as it should be, shallow, and frustratingly difficult only because of the controls. All this twee, jokey gaming variation feels like conceited arrogance on the part of the developers that they couldn’t let this be all be shorter and more spaced out, or even optional. (“Hey check out my flying game! Now you need to play my fighting game! I can also do platformers! Is there anything we can’t do!?”) Maybe this game is worth the sale price, if you have patience or a separate controller. The RPG side is fun though, with some very clever levels and funny jokes. Overall, be warned. Frustrating game play from half-baked bad design is so much worse than something that is n intentionally well designed challenge.
Controls need work
If i had left this review before the 3D era this would have been a solid 5 stars. But after reaching Alpha mountain, I am so frustrated I am going to put this game aside.
This game has you travel through time. Each jump in time changes the graphics style of the game. You play 8-bit graphics, 16-bit and 3D graphics.
The game has an interesting storyline and has been enjoyable to play. A lot of similarities to Zelda. The controls have been fine for the tasks that you are required to do. But in Alpha Mountain that all changed. you need to jump from bouncing mushroom to mushroom and if you do not land on the next mushroom you die. A touch screen does not work well for this, I have spent 60 minutes of jump jump jump die, start over again. You need to jump really high and over multiple obstacles.
I do not mind tasks like this that take some skill to complete, but when the reason for failure is not skill, but the poor responsiveness of the controls, it turns a fun game into pure frustration. These types of issues completely ruin a game. Yesterday I was looking forward to playing this game and seeing how the story ends. Today I have given up in frustration and am looking for a new game to play.
skeptical tiger,
Poor control and one level really kills flow
I like the premise of the game and the different mediums it runs through but have a big issue with the controls.

I am at the point where I am in 3D land and need to hop over mushrooms. Sadly the developers didn’t consider why we don’t have instant kill platform levels anymore or at the very least ones without decent controls. If they gave you d pad to control the side scrolling parts like they do in other parts of the game it’d be fine, but the issue is there is run and super run speed with a hair of space in between rendering accurate platforming nes levels of difficult.

Also, as well intended as the references are in the game it starts to get a little old when it feels like something you’d see in kingdom hearts. Sadly, a lot of these references won’t hold up with time and it can really kill the atmosphere of the game for pushing the 4th wall a bit too much. It almost comes off as a terrible meme and your second party member acting as the straight man is one of the few redeeming values so far.
Annoying Glitch that needs to be Fixed
Overall the game is pretty great. Combat is similar to Zelda, characters are funny and quirky, and the music sounds great. However, it all starts to fall apart when the 16 bit era is unlocked. There is an annoying graphical error that occurs when moving up/down that causes black horizontal lines to appear and flash as you are moving. If you are moving left to right then white vertical lines appear, but they did not give me a headache the same way moving up/down the screen did. During this section there were a few annoying missions like moving the mammoths correctly or the sewer mission, but the graphical error does not appear to occur when the game transitions into 3D. I truly hope the Devs see this and fix this issue as it occurs for the first 1-3 hours of the game and it nearly made me uninstall it. The controls aren’t perfect either, but they were not awful to me anyway and certainly not as awful as the black line glitch. Once the issue is fixed I would be more than happy to change my score based on the incredible production value of this game and how it experiments with different genres of games.
Stellar RPG, Crappy Controls
One of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. For me, this game is among the greats: Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda, etc. The Evoland 2 offers great storytelling and constantly switches up the format so you’re never bored. Beyond your standard RPG platforms (of essentially every variety) Evoland 2 has Final Fight, Street Fighter, Guitar Hero, and Bejeweled-style games, plus the ever present card battle mini-game. I’m the kind of player that usually needs a walkthrough to get through tougher parts of RPGs, but this one is pretty easy in terms of figuring out what the next step in the storyline is and solving puzzles. I was thoroughly entertained and sad when I beat it. The only drawback is the frustrating controls. You can’t turn around suddenly and attack, for example. And unless you hit the screen exactly where the “buttons” are, nothing happens; which really drives you crazy if you have big thumbs like me. If the developers fixed that problem, I don’t see how the game could get any better.
Amazing game but has its glitches
So far I’m 10 hours into the game (aiming for the 100% completion), the graphics are nostalgic paired with the music. With great inside jokes and references to other games an amazing lore and also a secret lore for those who can decipher the rest. Amazing story compared to the last Evoland. However they’re are glitched for one in alpha mountain when I go 2D I’m not able to jump or that the jump button disappear. Next thing is during the campaign on demon island for some odd reason the game glitches to where I can’t make move my character thus soft-locking the game, and the only way to do this is restart the fight but the same glitch happens over again and again (really hope this could be fixed with a bug patch), another thing is sometimes the game also crashes not sure why though. Over all this is an amazing game and it’s worth the price however there’re are some bugs. Hopefully the devs fix this when the next patch comes out.
Saving Issue
I was at the point where you enter the mine to find Reno and Plum conversing. I went through the whole mine and got to the boss fight with Plum. After dying multiple times, I quit the app only to find out that when I went back in, none of my progress had saved. This happened again after going through the mine and this time defeating Plum. My progress was lost. I had then continued to play for hours, getting very far and found that if I didn’t close the app upon locking my phone, the game would be alright. After getting two of the five Magi keys, the game crashed and when I opened it back up I was back in the mine. Everything that I had done was gone. I am very angry and want to continue the game but do not want to lose my progress. This game is very good and I love it a lot but if I can’t get anywhere without having to do it all over again, I don’t want to keep wasting my time. Please fix this! I want to beat this game and get all the cards and stars so bad, but sadly I can not. Please fix.
Play It! (And Hopefully Be Ok With the Controls)
Hi...so I almost NEVER write these things because I’m lazy and apps don’t normally move me very much. However this app has it all - every genre I can think of outside of an FPS experience is what you will get with this app - a choice team of characters you can build up throughout the story, and a plot line and world that by the end you really CARE about. It’s rare that I care for a game, let alone an app; this game had me dodging work to continue playing it until the end, and I highly suggest it to most people out there - it’s truly worth your time, I promise.

That being said, I got two main detractors from this otherwise pretty spotless game:

1. Controls can get pretty wonky and unresponsive at times when you need them to be at their best, which I think is what most people reviewing this app seem to get fed up with. I used default settings though and managed to get through the game relatively unscathed, although some parts I did have to work at a bit before I could progress. TIGHTER CONTROLS WOULD BE AMAZING.

2. Devs, GOD I love this game (even more than Evo I,) but for the love of all that is real the endings of these games stink, man! Give us something we want to see and feel like we earned not some loopy way to finish the experience (wink wink) I WANT A MORE RESOLVED ENDING FOR THE NEXT ONE PLEASE

4.5/5 one of the best apps I’ve ever seen or played
So Far So Good
Update: As I’m playing I noticed a bug or issue. I am using a controller that’s supported if that matters. I’m seeing white lines that show on the screen and while moving will go away. New lines stay on screen, as I progress and move it disappears. They are thin and light lines.

I’m updating my review since I played the game more. I wrote how the game didn’t seem to show all the words right on my iPhone X. I seen a update came and hopefully that fixed that beginning part. I played more and I am really enjoying it.

Controls: I see some complaining about controls but so far I have zero issues with that. To be fair I haven’t played much with the touch screen though. I messed with it. But once I seen the controller I have works perfect with this game I never went back to touch screen. Having a controller with this game really takes it up a notch for me.

Gameplay: I’m still in the early stages of this game so I’ll wait to say more. But I am enjoying it so far. I mainly wanted to update this review because of the one star I gave it with it being a new paid game and not being optimized (at least for me) on my iPhone X. I do hope it can we can start getting deeper games on these powerful computers we carry in our pocket. You combine a controller with some of these games and you really have something you don’t normally get on a smartphone.