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A Fantasy Puzzle !

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Price: Free
Version: 1.5
ID: com.Playtime.FantasyTree


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Fantasy Tree is a fantasy-themed puzzle game for Everyone to enjoy

Enjoy multiple and colourful characters, and try to identify which one is the right parent !

Challenging, fun and creative

With a bunch of mini games too !


Version history

- Bugfixes
- Performance Improvements
- Bugfixes
- Performance Improvements
- Bugfixes
- Performance Improvements
- New Game Flow
- New Meta Progression
- Bugfixes
- Performance Improvements
- New Minigames
- Bug fixes
- New longer levels
- Bug fixes
- New Levels
- New Accessories
- Bug fixes
- New Levels
- New Accessories
- Bug fixes
- New Levels
- New Accessories
- Bug fixes
- Added bonus levels
- New faces
- Bug fixing
- Bug Fixing
- New Features
- New Meta Feature
- New Levels
- Bug Fixes
- New Levels
- New mini games
- New face assets
- New Levels
- New mini games
- New face assets
- Bug Fixing
- New UI
- New levels
- New mini games
- New UI
- Bug fixing

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove Ads
(Removes banner and interstitial ads)
AI945064125✱✱✱✱✱ 7FA237A✱✱✱✱✱

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4.4 out of 5
8 476 Ratings


I first saw it on TikTok and decided to download it cause it look fun but few seconds in I realized they had wayyyy to many ads that was just repetitive making it very annoying to play the game but if you don’t mind the ads go ahead as for me I’m deleting it.
I already finish the whole thing but it’s OK
This game is so hard to do but there’s too much ads like I don’t want these ads like they’re so annoying I deleted The game wow I’m watching TV I’m just sitting here playing the game suddenly a random ad comes up I just want to get rid of the ads like but I don’t have enough money I’m broke even though I have like close to 100 I have like 81 and this is like a good game but I don’t really like it because of the ads and stuff and I don’t like it and every time I get on another level it puts on the ad for no reason why does it have to put on the ad is it just for for for for for for for for📱 because I don’t know if it’s for a iPhone because you know all of us hate ads They’re too annoying so I just deleted the game
Complete waste of time and it's too darn busy
It is to darn busy ( keeping it PG here). There is so much going on and moving around that there are times when you are not sure if you are seeing an ad or a bonus game. I am here to play a puzzle and match faces but I need up painting nails with a swipe, drag a head to its matching silhouette or pushing a face icon through a overly simplistic maze. This is a hodge podge of randomness loaded with a fricken mass of advertisements. I get the reason for them but they need to be spaced out a little more. After I finish a tree I get an ad. I go from an ad to a mini game to another ad to another mini game. And when I finally get back to the face puzzle that is ridiculously easy and then it's back to the revolving door of visual and mental chaos.
False advertising
Maybe I just didn’t play far enough in (although 60+ seemed like it should’ve been plenty), but the game never got more difficult or anything like the ad where you had to try to match a couple faces to get a specific result.
It was just one layer matching, most of the levels repeated, the progress map is bogus (it doesn’t move after you finish it even though your level increases), there’s a lot of random games in between like having a beard or giving a makeover where you literally only swipe over the face and it’s done, and like everyone else has said, so many ads it’s practically unplayable.
I really tried to give it a chance to get more difficult and resemble the ad I saw, but I’m done.
Ads ads ads and more ads
Each level is literally 3 seconds of the game followed by usually two time wasting screens that require no thought then a long add and REPEAT. The level map is a joke, level 52 is the same as level two, the images mean nothing, I thought that when you got there you would be playing something related to that image but nope. I also thought you would move to a new map when you past 55, also nope, your level number increases but you now just stay in the same spot on the map. Do not recommend.
Personal info
My son was playing this game and he kept saying that he kept getting these ads that would short cut him to his camera. Like the ads would switch to his camera app and the camera would turn on. I thought that was weird, so I took his phone away and inspected the apps privacy and policies. I didn’t see anything about that, I let him play it again thinking he was pressing the camera by accident but next thing we know, someone starts to text him and now they know our address. Do not install this game, SOMEHOW our PERSONAL INFORMATION got leaked.
Just keeps getting worse
Hi I saw this game as an ad and was like wow this seems fun let’s try it. And at FIRST it was great the face matching, and the other little games were super fun. But guess what it is all the same there are no harder levels they are basically the same thing over and over agin if you like that I say try this game. Also sooo many ads it’s hard to have a fun time. Thank you🙂
You spend more time watching ads than playing
I get it. You pay for “free” games by watching ads. The devs need to make their money. I even get needing to watch one ad after every level. But this game is super choked with ads. Of 10 minutes in game, 2 minutes was play time, 8 minutes was ads. By level 6 I’m done. I’m deleting.
Hated this game
This game had one too many ads in this. I would not suggest this app at ALL!! After playing it for a few minutes, I went to go read the reviews because I wanted to see if it was just me thinking that it had too many ads. Well, it wasn’t just me, I also read this one review that said they had somehow gotten their address, might be fake, but I still deleted it. Finally, it also has very weird Memojis in it. Again, I would not suggest this game.
It is not available,
Not What Was Advertised
I enjoy the mini games and a bit of the main game, and it doesn’t bombard with too many ads. However, as the other reviews have mentioned, the levels get really repetitive. I also hate that we don’t advance to harder levels, in which you also work with grandparents in the family tree as well, WHICH WAS ADVERTISED. You just do the same thing all the time.