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Try to untangle a rubber band!

Developer: SayGames LTD
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.43
ID: flexy.rings.game


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Are you looking for an exciting new puzzle game that has the power to really bend your mind? Flexy Ring is a fun logic game with a simple concept – just tap on the pins to release the rubber bands and gradually untangle them to complete each level – that rapidly gets really tricky as the levels progress. Give your understanding of physics and your lateral thinking a real test as you untie the rubber bands and complete puzzle after unique puzzle in this great fun and exceptionally challenging game.


◾ A game with real stretch: With over 150 challenging levels and eight unique modes, Flexy Ring is a game that has more than enough to occupy your mental bandwidth for hours and hours of testing logic puzzle fun.

◾ Snap to it: The concept and mechanism of the game couldn’t be simpler – just tap on the right pins to set the elastic bands free with a satisfying ping. But are you sure you can free them in the right order to sort out the tangled mess and complete the puzzle?

◾ Bounce back: If you make a mistake and ping the wrong rubber band, you can start the puzzle again and try a new approach as many times as you need – there’s no penalty for trying in Flexy Ring, so keep pinging the bands until you find the right solution.

◾ Sticky situations: Try out the Rubber Band Challenge again and again with over 20 different exploding objects. Keep adding rubber bands until the object pops. Don’t worry, though, your screen protects you from flying pieces of watermelon and all the other mess from the blast.

◾ Focus on the details: Special extra-large levels feature very big puzzles that require you to zoom in and untie individual sections of the rubber band tangle, while always keeping the bigger picture in mind.

◾ Unwind as you untangle: Beautiful, brightly colored rubber bands, pretty backgrounds, eight unique locations, and satisfying sound effects ensure that, even when the puzzles are really hard to untie, playing Flexy Ring is always a fun and relaxing experience that helps to relieve stress.


Think you’ve got the mental flexibility, the knowledge of physics and the visual perception to solve some really challenging rubber band puzzles? Then download Flexy Ring right now and get ready for hours of addictive elastic band fun that’s guaranteed to keep you amused and give your brain a real workout time and time again. If you want to discover what real fun with rubber bands is then get playing Flexy Ring right away.

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New levels
Overall improvements.
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* New levels
* Audio
Loading optimisation
Game description updated
New levels
Global localization
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Bug fix

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DE696530132✱✱✱✱✱ E400834✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
12.2K Ratings


I have a great time playing this game 😊
This is a great game to pass time. It has varying degrees of difficulty so it’s very enjoyable whenever you wish to sit down and play something on your phone for a while.

To all the others. Please only review the game itself. Don’t simply complain about ads. Ads are advertisements. Advertisements are commercials. Commercials is commerce and commerce is money. They need money to make the game so complaining about ads is just a waste of everyone’s time.
Ads are fine but…
I’m used to ads. And after a few levels, it’s easy to figure out when there will be ads. Here’s where I have a problem though. After a level, it’s says “watch ad for 3x diamonds” after skipping a few times I found there is going to be an ad anyway, might as well get 30 diamonds instead of 10. BUT I DONT!! I watch the ad, it shows 30 at the bottom, but ONLY GIVES YOU 20!! I don’t know what the diamonds are for, nor do I even care. What I care about is the blatant LIE of it all. I’m not an idiot. I can do simple addition. Start with 206 diamonds. Add 30, that’s 236, not 226. Do better, guys.
As far as game play, though, it’s a great game. Simple but fun, colorful, and easy to play with just enough light challenge to keep it interesting. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the lying about the diamonds, I would give it 5 stars, even with the over abundance in ads.
Inappropriate levels
This game is rated for 12+ but yet some of these levels are so inappropriate it’s not even funny. Please explain why in order to finish certain levels, I have to unzip the clothes on a lady to reveal her underwear or bra?? The rest of the game is fine…mundane and a great time waster but I can’t give more than one star bc of the blatant inappropriate and sexualized levels aimed at 12 year olds.

Got a response from developer : "Dear user, perhaps you haven’t discovered the game’s full potential. Play some more and you’ll find a whole world of exciting levels and interesting features. We regularly add a lot of new content to the game. We hope you’ll give us another chance!"

I don’t think the developers even read or comprehend what the reviews state. Why would I want to find more exciting levels and what other content are they gonna add? Taking off men’s clothing? This is still completely inappropriate and needs to be removed from the App Store.
Random, Free, Nickname,
Not enough game time; too much ad time
The actual game is good. But, more time is spent navigating the ads than playing the actual game. And, the “challenges” are not challenges at all. You just waste time flicking your finger against the screen to drag rubber bands around whatever it is that you’re going to eventually explode. There is no thought, no strategy, no mental activity involved. It would be better if that part was just animated, set to automatically happen after each puzzle. Finally, many of the ads default to their sound being on; there’s no opportunity to turn off the sound until it is too late. And, sometimes there is no option to turn off their sound.
Great concept, very flawed execution
The game itself is fun and relaxing, but it has a lot of problems. I’m seeing a lot of reviews with the same issues, so it’s pretty clear the developers are far more concerned with ad money than customer satisfaction. Even the ads are flawed… there are way too many between levels with no option to pay to stop them, but when you want to watch ads for a bonus or to access a challenge round none are available. And you can’t collect any bonuses without watching an ad.

More levels and much more difficult levels would be great, and the dragging bands after levels gets old FAST. It would be great to have an option to drag them all in one move.

Fixing those issues would definitely move this app up to five stars.
Paid for no ads
For a few days I didn’t have any ads. There’s an object at the end of every level. You have to finish a block puzzle and get rubber bands to go on whatever the current object is. When you get enough rubber bands on it the object bursts. Until now I didn’t have to watch an ad at this point. Now I can’t proceed in the game unless I watch an ad.

I caved in and watched the ad. Now that I’ve completed the level, I have to watch another ad to proceed. I’ve only been playing the game for a few days. Now the game is crashing every time I open it (even if I clear browser history and restart my device) and think I’m done.

I’m really regretting supporting the developer and am going to try to get a refund.
I half like it
I like untangling the rubber bands. If you tap the wrong band it locks the one near it and you just have to stretch it back to the peg to unlock it. It’s fun trying to solve it without getting any locks, but a few levels you have to do that to free a different band. That part of the game is fun. I don’t like the half where you use the collected bands to explode random objects. That’s just a lot of swiping down and bothers my wrist. I paid $2.99 to remove the ads which I feel is very reasonable. If I’m enjoying a game I like to pay some to support the developers. I deleted the game because of too much swiping.
Game is meh
This game is poorly developed. It’s kind of fun to play. Collecting diamonds is pointless because you cannot use them for anything at least in my experience playing the game. I think you are supposed to be able to use them but there is always an ad banner across the bottom of the screen that never goes away blocking the action to use them. I don’t mind ads that much but when it blocks me from using a feature of the game it’s pretty annoying. Also a turn off for this game is right here in the App Store while going through the positive reviews there are a lot of clearly fake reviews to boost take games rating.
Enough with the ads!
This is the first app review I’ve ever written. But seeing how I deleted the app after only playing 10 levels, I felt I needed to warn others.

I get there’s revenue in ads - that seems to be the way of apps today. But at least let me play a few levels before each one. More time is spent waiting for an ad to finish than actual gameplay!

Each level is followed by an ad - and with no option to stop them, I gave up. I really like the game, but it’s truly not worth it.
The amount of of ads are insane
The game is fun! But you spend 5-10 seconds figuring out how the bands go and then anywhere from 30-45 seconds watching ads. Half the time you don’t have to watch the whole ad but then you have to hit the arrows 3 times then the X three times and deal with the screen changes. It’s almost not even worth playing. Every single round is interrupted by ads. It would be different if you could go a few rounds in between ads but it’s not. Sometimes my game will freeze and then go right into an ad.