Cake Sort Puzzle 3D Cheats

Cake Sort Puzzle 3D Hack 4.0.0 + Redeem Codes

Match cakes & pies by color!

Developer: Lion Studios Plus
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 4.0.0
ID: com.gamebrain.piesort


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Cake Sort Puzzle 3D is a new and exciting matching strategy game for free!

Are you fond of cakes and pies? Hundreds of delicious cake and pie slices are waiting for you! Moving the plates in the right direction and merging the six similar slices, you will have a complete cake or pie and collect more coins and bonuses. This 3D puzzle game will sharpen your mind and train your brain.

Relax after a stressful day! Connect online or offline and enjoy the most delicious sorting game. Cake Sort Puzzle 3D game is a perfect eye and brain training and puzzle-solving game for adults. Colorful pieces of cake move from one plate to another in a satisfying way. The game includes many levels, and the difficulty increases progressively. Explore and unlock new delicious cakes and pies.

Your casual day has never been so fun and relaxing before this addictive and simplest puzzle game.

Main Features:

•Relax and relieve your stress.
•Train your eyes and brain.
•Sort together the same type of pies or cakes, moving the plates to the correct part of your table with slots.
•Make the right strategy and place the plates in the proper slots. Merge all pieces into one to eliminate them from the screen.
•Master all the challenges and go for big matches.
•One of the most addictive puzzle games.
•Offline 3D game.

Start your delicious journey and make it your brain teaser!

Version history

Enjoy Cake Sort Puzzle with bug fixes and performance improvements!
Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Major performance improvement
- Minor bug fixes
- Enjoy new cakes
- New summer pack that offers delicious 3 summer cakes
- Customization Alert! Now you can customize the table, plate, floor and effect!
- New challenging levels
- Now piggy bank is more valuable and makes you earn much more money!
- Major improvements
- Heart System
Bug Fixes
- Daily Challenge Reminder Pop-ups
- New flying bubble offering surprise rewards.
- Now you can get boosters for RV
- New Super Hammer Pack for uninterrupted gameplay
- New Piggy Bank
- Major bug fixes
- Major performance improvements
- Major bug fixes
Update Cake Sort Puzzle to enjoy a much smoother gameplay!
- Major bug fixes
- Push notification improvements
- Major performance improvements
- Major bug fixes
- New exciting journey: Japan Cuisine!
- New Delicious Cakes
- New Rewarding Bonus Levels
- Now, super hammer is for free
- Now, turbo mode is for free
- UI Improvements
- Performance Improvements
- New exciting journey: Japan Cuisine!
- New Delicious Cakes
- New Rewarding Bonus Levels
- Now, super hammer is for free
- Now, turbo mode is for free
- Major bug fixes
- UI Improvements
- Performance Improvements
- Minor bug fixes
- UI Improvements
- New Daily Reward Pop-up with surprise rewards
- New Coin multiplier on new cake unlocked UI.
- Minor bug fixes
- New Cakes
- New XP summary pop-up
- Minor bug fixes
- New Cakes
- Major bug fixes about crash
- Journey start fixed
- Spin the wheel fixed
- Major bug fixes about cake save on bakery UI
- New playable cakes available on the shop
- New Cakes
- New playable Easter cakes
- Journey is now available without time limitation.
- New profile page on leaderboard
- Help & Support on the settings menu
- Advanced leaderboard
- Update Reminder
- UI improvements
- Performance improvements
- Minor and major bug fixes
- Now, you can play with classic cakes and special cakes you want to play with
- Challenge yourself with new daily challenges
- New Cakes
- New Special Cakes
- Some minor bug fixes
- UI improvements
- Performance improvements
Journey Mode is Here!
Explore different cuisines with Cake Sort.
- French Deserts
- Meet Various Chefs
- Discover Italian Cuisine
Collect badges as you complete levels.
Spin the wheel and earn great rewards!
New Cakes
New Special Cakes
Turbo Mode
Performance Improvements
Bug Fixes
Weekly Contest Bug Fix
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
•Minor Bug Fixes
New Cakes
• Special Cakes
• Weekly Contest
• Performance Improvements
• UI & Design Improvements
•Minor Bug Fixes
•New booster flows
•UI fixes

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Remove Ads)
AG166327095✱✱✱✱✱ 14742E4✱✱✱✱✱
Booster Pack
(50 coins, 3 hammer, 3 replace and 3 refresh)
AG784549631✱✱✱✱✱ 709A2AE✱✱✱✱✱
Coin Pack
(1000 coins)
AG113539845✱✱✱✱✱ 4ED2363✱✱✱✱✱
Coin Pack 2
(5000 coins)
AG370947072✱✱✱✱✱ 717E723✱✱✱✱✱
Starter Pack
(300 coins, hammer+swipe+refresh boosters)
AG147611836✱✱✱✱✱ AD5E2E6✱✱✱✱✱
Remove Ads Pack
(No Ads, 500 coins, 5 x (hammer+swipe+refresh))
AG036824205✱✱✱✱✱ 9A8D731✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
9 777 Ratings


Best time passer
One of the best Simple games I have ever played, I’ve been playing for a while now and the new update honestly saved this game for me. I collected all the cakes and was just focused on beating my score since there was nothing left to do. The update added more cakes so you’ll know what I’ll be doing for a while. The newer graphics are gorgeous. I love the smooth merging. I’m glad this game is still being looked after and not just made as a one hit wonder for games. I definitely recommend this game! Although the only downside I have with this game is to remove ads it’s 10$. Maybe if it was 5$ I’d consider it but seeing as how small the game is and how quick it is to beat 10$ is just too much. But to each their own! Still a good game to get.
Game won’t save changes
I have unlocked so many pieces of cake through the weekly chest and the wheel, but the game never remembers. By now I should have five full cakes, based on the amount of pieces I’ve received, but every time I open the game the pieces are gone again.

They recently added a daily mission to complete, and at the end of the week you can supposedly claim the rewards. Except the game never remembers. Two weeks ago I completed the week, and then for 3 days it prompted me to claim the rewards every time I opened the app. It never remembered the rewards I had claimed before, and it refused to start a new week. When the new week started, it counted day 2 for four days — even though I played the app every day, it still showed “Day 2 100%” until finally it jumped ahead to Day 5 and said I’d missed Days 3 & 4.

The game was fun before they broke it (even though they hadn’t added anything new in at least 6 months). There’s no way to contact them with issues, either. It’s clear they have zero customer service and zero quality control— and like one programmer who doesn’t work often and doesn’t really know what they’re doing.
Fun but has some problems
This game is a great way to pass the time. The animation is satisfying and colorful, it’s easy to play and engaging. However it seems like there is an ad every five seconds and it is the same ones repeated over and over.

Everything needs ads to be unlocked if you don’t wish to pay money and I understand beggars can’t be choosers but the sheer amount of ads surpasses that of any other game that I have downloaded. Also every ad seems to have particularly tricky x’s. I’m used to them being concealed/ moved but they’re clear and half cut off/missing.

Recently I was trying to change my cake set up and use some eliminated cakes. It said I needed to watch an ad to save the change. Note this was just 1 cake out of multiple that I wanted to switch. I’m mildly annoyed but I understand the game has to make money somehow.

I watch the video and go back to switch another cake but it just keeps saying I need to save. At first I thought maybe you can only change one but after watching the directions and observing the reset button I realized it hadn’t even saved the single one. I watched over three videos and still nothing.

There is just too many little things piling up that bother me about this app in order for me to give it five stars. I wish I could because I genuinely enjoyed it in the beginning but over time it’s proven to be more hassle than fun.
Princess Underpants,
BONKERS amount of game in a simple ads app
I was really hoping to find an app that would just let me watch ads uninterrupted, but this one insists on interrupting my ad-viewing with games. I have to make up to five moves in order to unlock the next round of ads. Why?? In all seriousness, that’s what this game feels like - an ads app that sprinkled some game play intermittently in between. And the “up to five moves” is no joke - you’re just drowning in ads. And if you want to fix it. It’ll cost you a Hamilton. It’s just not worth it.

UPDATE: now it comes with full, 30-second ads every five moves!!! Irritatingly, you still have to play a bit in order to see the ads. But they’re a FULL 30 SECONDS!! And you have to watch THE WHOLE THING!! And even better: you get to watch the same ad multiple times in a row! So, if you’re like me and just LOVE ads, you’ll absolutely adore this ads app!!!
Loads of fun but too much ads
It’s a really fun and entertaining game. There’s just too many ads. Almost every 40 seconds to a minute of gameplay, there’s an ad. Luckily some of the ads are just 5 seconds but there are ads that are 30 seconds long. Most of the ads look interesting though so I’ve downloaded quite a few. I’m surprised that I kept playing the game although it had so much ads. I just enjoy it so I am still playing the game despite the ads. I understand that they have to make money and ads are probably the most money making method. I don’t mind being introduced to new fun games. It’s addictive, relaxing and easy to put down and get back to if you need to go.
bdis d,
wish I didn’t have to delete ….
I actually really enjoyed playing this game. It’s a challenge but still offers the repetitive noises and vibrations that help you relax. It does an “ad break” every so many minutes and that was annoying, but like I said, really enjoyed playing the game so I was tolerant of the ads. Of course you can purchase the ad free version, but that’s not something I do. The most disappointing part was that every time I play the game my phone begins to freeze up. To the point where I’m dropping plates all over the screen where I don’t want them, and then I can’t even shut the app down without having to wait forever for it to unfreeze. I don’t have a super expensive phone. It’s just an iPhone Xr, so it may perform better on a newer version. That’s just my experience. It really is a fun and catchy little game that challenges your thinking, so if your phone can support it I def recommend it.
On my iPad the spin wheel doesn’t work nor does the the store - it’s blank 🙄🤷‍♀️

I’m happy that there was a update but the infinity ring is back on 🙄🤷‍♀️. I don’t understand. The orange cake in the special is named a cherry cake 🤦‍♀️. What’s the purpose of the special cakes?? Can ya please fix your game??? I have 2 cakes that I can’t or don’t know what to do with coz when I tap them they do nothing. I’m not unlocking new cakes when I level up or get a higher score. What’s the problem??? Is it coz there’s too many dang ads to get to pay the game 🙄😡. You don’t have to charge $10 for ad free coz you get more money with all the ads in the game. People can’t afford $10 here $5 there coz everything else has gotten ridiculously expensive!!! I’m about ready to delete the app coz it’s not fun like it used to be. I guess have fun being greedy and see how that far that gets ya 😉
hippie chick 1,
I do like this game, but for over a week now it has been so frustrating…it’s taking away my new special cake pieces that I earn or just not giving them to me as well as the other rewards from the spin, they’re just not there…I’ll even get a full one to play with then it will disappear. I just got a new cake and all it’s showing on the cake page is an infinity symbol and then I can’t play! My game will freeze and that’s it… even after this update nothing has changed…I’ve lost so many rewards I’m done watching ads for nothing! … I also don’t understand the maps, it’s locked. It tells me it will unlock on level 4…I’m on level 17 and I’ve played them before! Now I can’t! Frustrating!
Big fan, but could use some critical changes.
Been playing for a good long time now, and I’m happy to say it’s eventually updated with the features I’d like to see, like the ability to swap your cake load outs and such. Would be much nicer to be able to change the whole load out before watching the ad, but the option alone was needed.

I’ve collected all the cakes at this point except one, and it looks like some sort of pansy cake. I don’t know if that’s a bug or some secret achievement thing to get but seeing the grey spot in my collection bugs me.

The option to disable ads should def be cheaper, and i would like the coins to be cheaper as well, but such is capitalism.

One thing I think could be fun is instead of the infinite option at the top when you complete your collection and go for score, it might instead choose a random cake from your collection and swap out the cakes like when you first unlocked it. Could keep the board fresh and make the scores a lot more interesting to get.

Overall I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, and I look forward to where it will go from here!
Locked up my phone and iPad
The major takeaway is that it not only crashed and temporarily locked up my phone (I couldn’t even get to the close app screen), but it sucked my battery from 68% to 35% in a mere 20 minutes with no other apps open. Since closing the game about 20 minutes ago, I’m still at 35%. There’s something REALLY fishy about that.

The game would be cute if it were not so EXTREMELY ad heavy. I spent more time trying to exit a “skipped” ad than playing. On some ads, after pressing skip, it goes to wait 5 or the ad store then back to wait before it finally lets you out. Then you get about 5 moves before another ad pops up. There’s so much negativity in how the ads function that playing the game feels more like punishment than entertainment, and there’s no point in telling you what I like about the game itself. It’s not worth the trouble.