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The Game

Developer: Jadon Barnes
Category: Games
Price: $5.99 (Download for free)
Version: 2.0.3
ID: com.JadonBarnes.FunWithRagdollsTheGame-iOS


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You're a ragdoll! What's the point of the game? Do what a ragdoll is meant to do and flop, fall, or crash on to things! Don't be nervous!

Build worlds for you and your ragdolls! Choose from a collection of Cannons, Black Holes, giant Fans, Ragdolls (obviously), Mines, Lasers, Cars, Jump Pads, Telepads, glass, destructible Pillars, Lasers, and more! I can't name everything cause it'd take up too many characters...

Share your creations and download maps created by others from across the world!

Choose from a selection of different Ragdoll AI! Attackers, Defenders, Seekers (hide & seek), Followers, Explorers, and more! They can also traverse the worlds you build autonomously!

Every item in the game has properties you can adjust! Want to change how powerful the Mines are? Go for it! Want to make your Ragdolls giant!? Do it! You can use items and adjust their properties to make mazes, stunt courses, mini-games, art, at this point I'm sure you get the idea.

Change the look of your Ragdoll from an assortment of skins and faces!

Version history


- New design for Main Menu


- Changed Ragdoll texture filter method
- Changed Telepad teleportation method
- Temporarily removed "The Museum" button
- Improved Sandbox browser preview images
- Improved World Browser Collection preview images


- Fixed Domino physics property & UV mapping
- Lasers can now go through doors
- Fixed World Browser Collection scroll speed
- Fixed Ragdolls from flying rapidly when placed at different angles (mostly)
- Optimized textures

- Added Undo button
- Added "Hide on Ragdoll" option for Zones
- Added "Jump Height" property in World Settings


- Updated global illumination in the tutorial
- Improved camera collision
- Slightly increased camera follow speed
- Camera now focuses on player's lower chest instead of the average position of all joints when dismembered
- Updated Hammer swing algorithm
- Placing & removing items are more responsive and quicker
- Reverted back to original glass shader
- Changed Ragdoll destination calculation method
- Flashlight state is now saved with worlds
- Shortened initial delete speed when removing items


- Fixed Black Hole shader
- Fixed & optimized Laser shader
- Fixed Seekers & Explorers not moving in a small play area
- Reduced texture memory footprint for lower-end devices to prevent crashing
- Interaction button no longer displays when a vehicle cannot be entered (iOS)
- Fixed finicky item placement

- Reduced memory of textures and audio to fix crashing when trying to create a new world
- Fixed Stupid Ragdolls
- Fixed Stiff Ragdolls
- Fixed Player Shoot Cannon
- Seeker Ragdolls see you when crouched


- Tutorial displays text for a longer period of time

Build Mode Features:
- Added properties that can be adjusted for every item
- Added vertical rotation
- Added Axis/Plane locking for building straight lines

- Worlds now load in realtime in front of the player
- Added in-game world sharing, downloading, uploading, and updating (via
- Added more advanced world properties
- Added new Stats menu (You can now see how many of every item are placed in your world)
- Added image previews of worlds
- Added new and improved world file system (Worlds made before 2.0 are no longer compatible. This new system allowed for all the new features.)

Player Features:
- Added Crouching
- Added Adjustable run & fly speed
- Added Free Camera (Usable during Build Mode)
- Added Cinematic Camera Generator (Used to make the trailer)

Ragdoll Features:
- Added new Seeker Ragdolls (hide & seek)
- Added Overlay skins
- Added new Skin Editor Menu

New Items:
- Added Telepad (For teleporting yourself & other Ragdolls)
- Added Jump Pad
- Added Chair
- Added Sphere
- Added Cylinder
- Added Door
- Added Laser Box
- Added Destructible Fences
- Added Curved Ramp
- Added Round Pillar
- Added Two Sided Wall
- Added Three Sided Wall
- Added Four Sided Wall
- Added Zones (For spawning Ragdolls and Vehicles)
- Added new Car design and driving mechanics
- Added Missiles (regular and tracking) for Cannons
- Added New Flags

Zones & Flags:
- Added Checkpoint Flag (Sets a temporary spawn until the player reaches a Victory Flag or goes into Build Mode)
- Flags can now be used as goals for any Ragdoll of a specific type or color
- New Victory Flag effects
- Zones will spawn Ragdolls & Cars of any type

New Multi-Item Features:
- Adjust the scale of any item
- Set the color of any item
- Added Destructible Chain Reactions option to World Settings(Breaks neighbouring Destructible Objects)
- Specified items can be set to either “Touchable” or “Not Touchable”
- Physics can be added to nearly any item.

- Added a new menu and interface design
- New item icons
- Added new Environments (Skyboxes)
- Added new graphics settings
- Added a new startup intro animation
- New Icon & Logo
- Added loading indicator to inform the player when the world is either loading or when the AI navigation mesh is actively generating

- Added new voice lines (Attackers, Seekers, Followers, Explorers)
- Added new sound effects for toggling Ragdoll Mode, Setting Spawn, and more


- Optimized **all** systems, items, and mechanics to run more efficiently
- Optimized Ragdoll AI to be more efficient
- Player Ragdoll can now enter Cars and exit beside them
- Stairs are more easily walkable
- Improved ragdoll animations
- Improved Ragdoll physics (now more stable)
- Improved & optimized graphics overall
- New Piston design
- Pistons now collide with objects while ejected
- Remastered Music
- Added progressively faster removal of items when in Build Mode
- Improved Spawn VFX
- Improved Explosion VFX
- Optimized UI to be more performant
- Items can now be placed within their build collision area (For instance, placing ragdolls on individual steps of Stairs is now possible)
- Replaced Car engine audio
- Optimized & improved explosion, push, and pull forces
- Garbage collection is now incremental
- Added context-based hints
- Player controller gravity strength now matches other physics objects


- Startup sequence and disclaimers are now skippable
- Adjusted grid snap measurements
- Removed progression system
- Camera is more snappy
- Adjusted audio levels
- Removed pre-installed Explorer worlds & mini-games (The World Browser is the new method of playing other worlds)
- Mines detonated remotely go off at more random times
- Removed non-color based skins (wood, gold, chrome, etc.)
- iOS/iPadOS versions no longer stop audio from other apps
- Much more...


- A lot...
- Gravity adjustment strengths are stronger.
- Refined the jumping mechanic.
- Lowered jump height slightly.

- Mines & Black Holes now affect Cars.
- Cars go through Brick Walls more easily.
- Fixed misspelling of "Weak".
- Cars now have a max velocity instead of surpassing the speed of light.
- Gravity affects the player's jump and fall speeds more accurately.
- Shoot Player Canon works properly.
- Added (Controllable) Cars in Sandbox
- New overall color/look
- Added gravity adjustment in World Settings
- Added "Ignore Build Collisions" cheat
- Added Destructible Brick Wall
- Added Rickie skin
- Added Grey skin
- Added Rainbow Berry skin
- Added Glass skin
- New Glass shader/material
- You can now change the overall color of block items
- Added Defender Spawner Flag
- Added Explorer Spawner Flag
- Added Player Goal Flag
- W, A, S, D, And Space Bar input can now be changed

- Set grey is the default ragdoll player skin
- Flying is snappier and more precise
- Ragdoll faces are slightly bigger
- Ragdolls don't make vocal sounds when dismembered
- Slow-motion when losing or winning is slower
- Player movement is more precise and less "floaty"
- Changed color of Stupid Spawner Flag
- Adjust left buttons on mobile UI
- Removed Bloom post effect
- Reversed Lens Distortion

- Ragdolls no longer ignore world collisions when worlds load the first time
- Refined the specular texture on Ragdoll skins
- Fixed unintended jump when respawning
- Item placement is faster and less prone to intersecting objects
- Fixed black screen when starting the game for some users
- The main menu launches when opening the game if nothing displays for ~16 seconds
- Placeholders no longer collide with objects when exiting Build Mode
- Cheats menu no longer resets values
- Fixed camera colliding with the goal area
- Optimized overall graphics
- Optimized Player Goal
- Refined Ragdoll search method
- Optimized Ragdoll navigation mesh when worlds load the first time
- Resized the left UI buttons for mobile

- Performance improvement for the user interface
- Changed settings behind the scenes to improve graphics performance
- Added sound effects to Destructible Tables
- Added sound effects to Pistons

- Re-added Idle Ragdolls

- Target Ragdoll Canons now work correctly
- Canons no longer play sound while in Build Mode
- Idle Ragdolls no longer push each other.

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4.5 out of 5
2 220 Ratings


Please read this and respond
2.0.3 has been around for a year and you haven’t made an update yet. Here are some suggestions: 1. Zombies. They will chase any ragdoll. Once bitten, the ragdoll will turn into a zombie. The player is also targeted, and he, too, may or may not be able to turn. 2. New vehicles. Big rigs, trains, airplanes, helicopters, police cars, swat trucks, military vehicles, pickup trucks and boats. Add back the old car and keep the new one, too. 3. Weapons. Swords, guns, spears, rifles, snipers, mini guns, etc. 4. Animals. Cats, dogs, snakes, raccoons, lions, tigers, bears, wolves, etc. 5. Ragdolls should be able to get up after hitting the ground. 6. Ragdolls should throw things at eachother, too. 7. Defenders, attackers, seekers and the player should have attacking animations. That’s all for now. If you add these, Fun with ragdolls with be my favorite game forever. Oh, and don’t forget to read this and respond. If these are on the list, I’ll play this game forever. Edit: BONUS: Bulky/muscular ragdolls. These ragdolls are HUGE! They can lift cars, trucks, trains, and slam ragdolls around. These types of ragdolls will follow you, attack or defend you. Edit: Titanous ragdolls. You can scale them to the max, but they will be huge. These ragdolls, like others, can attack, follow, or defend you. Every time they take a step forward, the ground will shake and everything will shake or go flying into the air.
Game’s great, just needs updating
Hi my names Sebastian, I just got this game today and I think it’s pretty fun. I’ve also been playing roblox for 2 years now, But now I didn’t even play 1 hour! Not even 5 minutes!!! Congrats on who made this game, BUT, I don’t like the fact that it’s $4.99 and it lags. Either the fact that u play on mobile always or it’s the fact that I’m putting too much stuff. Also, Can you make weapons into the game? That would be so cool! Maybe like a sword or a laser or a sniper? I would want to have a war with attackers and defenders, maybe when you fix that giant lag spike. Oh and some new cars because I don’t want to use the same old cars, and can you add weapons to the cars? And lastly speaking off cars, If you go watch sketch’s video (sketch the YouTuber, yes the blonde guy) he said in one of his vids that the default car is slower than the computer car! So yea, just fix/ add all of these if you can. I’m Sebastian signing off, Stay safe out there and don’t forget to stayyyy snazzy.
Lacking some things but great overall
So i recently got this game and it’s a really great game honestly, i love ragdolls that can fight, shoot, but there are things that can make the game better. 1. If you can allow the ragdolls to get back up after a “ragdoll” because i tried to run into bunches of people and i realized i could only crouch to have a successful tackle without having to respawn, I understand it’s because as soon as you ragdoll you are paralyzed from the neck down as the instructor said in the beginning of the game but it is funner that way, unfortunately it comes with having to rewrite or better yet restart the voice acting (the tutorial) to do so. 2. It would be nice to add guns or weapons nothing too crazy just to make it better. 3. Maybe try adding punching animations or kicking, like when you jump you can kick or something? I dont wanna put to much things on your back especially for the game devs. But those are things that im pretty sure many people would agree with me that we need those to make this game just a lot better. Thank you for reading this.
Developers Please Read
I love Fun With Ragdolls The Game. It’s very fun and I play it for hours a day, but like everybody’s saying, WE NEED AN UPDATE. This game is a whole $5, but it’s not much. We need more mini games, more places to explore, and more items for sandbox. If I were you, I’d sell this game for about $1.99. I’m a little bit tired of doing the same things again and again. And probably other people. So please, do something.

Suggestion: A Star Wars Mod

I love Star Wars, and so does a lot of other people, maybe some are playing your game. In my mind I thought it would be really cool if you were to do a collaboration with Lucasfilm or something, and add items from Star Wars to Fun With Ragdolls. Like Cars and Cannons, you choose for them to chase Ragdolls or you, and you can drive/control them. I think it would be AWESOME if you added something like Tie Fighters that can fly and have blasters. If you don’t want to do Star Wars, maybe you can do something else, like, I dunno, Harry Potter, and add wands and spells?
I recommend it but there’s no mini games
I need to be mini games there needs to be that default texture of that thing that was black away under stomach’s yes but not least the normal title screen with mini games I love this game but please just add that little text her back I would appreciate it so would you please these icons will show you a little story that I felt like when I play this game every time with no texture default texture I meant the default texture of the white and black thing on the stomachs now just turn to a Gray
thing OK Waze back to the story of icons this will show me my expression when I was playing and when all that’s over and I put a diamond that means that’s the disadvantages I felt when I put a dime in after that it’ll pretty much mean the disadvantages of that gray thing on the stomach and I want the white and black thing back on weight I’m on mobile and I am also years old and I may be miss pronouncing things OK I’m sorry back to the story🤞🤞👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻😎😂😂😂😂💎🤬😡😠😠😠😠😱😰😨😤💢💎🤬😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🤬😡😒😟😔☹️☹️😡😡👎🏻
Over the top amazing but needs a bit of stuff
I’ve played this game for I think I year now but it’s got a little boring I say that there should be a new update like online and more items such a as boats (if there’s gonna be a water update) and acid or heck even TANKS! I’d like to mess around with other people and make stuff (maybe add weapons? not sure if it will still be a kids game though) I’d also recommend that flying vehicles should be added such as planes and stuff (if you add the online update I think there should be text chat) also needs more vehicles and stuff but I’m done with the recommendations but here’s how this game is amazing first of all you can do anything you want whatever you think of you can make it! well that’s i have so yeah (P.S I don’t know what it means) I’d love to rate this a 10 stars if I could
Game suggestions
1. I feel like the glass should break into smaller pieces. 2. You should have water and it should fill up things. 3. You should make glass railings and things should break blocks. 4. Make ladders 5. You should make more updates. The game is great but if you listen to me I will be really happy. (I really want water) I really need these updates. (If you do this Fun With Ragdolls will be my favorite game FOREVER) I never can seem to find a good game and if you do this I will finally be able to stop. Please listen to me. Thank you for reading. Update soon (even if it’s not the update I’m suggesting now) please don’t add guns or my mom or dad will find out and make delete the game because they don’t approve of guns (my name is not Elizabeth but I’m playing on my mom’s account) also some attackers shout “ I’m gonna kick you in the face!”. But they don’t and I wish they would (I’m saying make attackers attack you) please do this soon.
Amazing but can improve
I think this game is amazing with the amount of creativity you can put into this game and share it with everyone else. From designing your Ragdolls to creating amazing maps. Every game has its flaws and I think I would state some of the flaws. The lack of updates can make the game boring and i think a couple of new items would be great for the game. And well this is not a flaw at all but I wish some of the old stuff returned for example the old ragdoll customizations etc. Don’t get me wrong if you are new to this game it will be a blast for at the very least a month and a half for sure but i played this game around 3 months it gets boring and all maybe its because I'm not creative or something. I hope this gives some ideas for the game and yeah thats really it so yeah.
yeeyeejuice man,
Awesome game
This game is amazing and the 2.0 update is coming soon and it is BIG, literally. Can’t wait for what’s coming next, and thank you that you are going to add a place where people could upload maps and download them. For the next update, can you add weapons like guns or you can add other vehicles other than more cars. Either way, GREAT GAME.

Edit: can you fix the glitch where you win but the win screen stays and you have to restart the app. Also can you have an option to change the controls like put the build button somewhere else because when I build half of the time I accidentally press the shop since it is next to where you MOVE.

Edit: are u gonna add it here or on steam only because if your only releasing the update on steam I am gonna hate this game because it is so hard to download anything from there
Absolutely beautiful
So I’ve been looking forward to this game since it’s teaser/ launch trailers months ago, and it was worth the wait. I love experimenting with the physics and being able to spawn in hundreds of ragdolls and not experience any lag! The lighting is gorgeous. I do have a couple suggestions though that I would like to see. Maybe you could add a directional ragdoll that when you set it down, you make it face any direction you want (like the others) and it will just walk forward in that direction. Also I’m not sure if you are planning on it, but I would love to see the vehicles in the road cross mini game be added, maybe a version that moves and a version that sits still, but if you walk into it it will roll. These are just some ideas I thought of, otherwise your game is the best rag doll game I’ve ever played!