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Developer: Jadon Barnes
Category: Stickers
Price: $0.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.2
ID: com.JadonBarnes.Fun-With-Ragdolls-Stickers-Edition


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For the fans of Fun With Ragdolls, the Stickers Edition allows for the most expressive and action packed iMessage experience! Do you like communicating with people, but hate using words to do so? Use these colorful simulated and animated ragdolls for all your non-speaking communication needs!

With 51 animated stickers, you have a variety of options to show your emotions in any text you send. Other details include...
- Professionally Animated
- Pre-Rendered Physics Simulations
- 5 Colored Characters to Choose
- Dancing!!!

Version history

Added Animations
- Blow Kiss
- Please
- Formal Bow
- Spider Swing
- Smack 2

- Made stickers slightly smaller on some devices to fit more in the viewing area.
Added More Animations
- Boxing
- Holding On
- Kick
- Kick to Groin
- Listening to Music
- Sad
- Swim 2
- You’re Dead
- Dance Wave
- Bow
- Failed Hug

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4.4 out of 5
47 Ratings


I love the app but on the video Barnes said that you drag and drop how do you do that
I love the app and it would be cool if you could make it so they flip and flop when you drag. Also I wish it would drag anywhere on the page not just touching a message. To those who can’t drag, you have to drag it from the selection menu and it must be touching a message. I hope to have more Ragdolls added. That is all 10/10 hope you download.
Should have a simulation
Should have well you saw the title…hopefully but yea I think there should be a sticker where if you drag it around the screen it acts like a actual ragdoll and it would have 2d but 3d look and physics if literally possible k bye hehe
Goofy Ragdolls,
Ultra funny!
I love how they just flop on text lol
Only con I see is that there hasn’t be new stickers for 3 years
So if they update it will be even better!
This is an awesome app
I like these much better than emojis. I look forward anxiously to added rag dolls expressing our feelings etc. WE WANT MORE!!!! Very innovative idea Mr. Barnes.
Best Sticker Pack Ever!!! 100% would buy again, recommend to u
Gudetama is a religion,
This is awesome
I make all my friends laugh with this! I’m hyped for the game
Cool kids Big Dude,
Just like the game...
I love it just like the game and animated series!
Brenden Pohanic,
Pls pick a carrier
I think AT&T can be good
Best sticker app. Buy this one. Do it now.