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Blast gangs from a helicopter!

Developer: Entity3 Limited
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.8.5
ID: com.hyperthumb.gangblast


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Gangs are roaming the city and its time to take them down!

Shoot rockets from a helicopter and blast them away!

Version history

- Some minor fixes and optimizations
- Some minor optimization!
- Some minor fixes and improvement
- Some minor fixes and optimization!
- Some minor fixes and optimization!
- Some minor bug fixes and optimization.
- bug fixes and minor optimization
*Bug Fixes
* Upgrades Added
* Bug Fixes
* New Worlds
* Rocket Upgrades

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4.5 out of 5
11.2K Ratings


bob cc pizza,
Cool game I play at school when I am at lunch like 2 years ago I loved this game
Best game I ever played at school I been playing this for 2 years now and still love it I saw this game when I was 15 and played it at school I loved it so much
ok game at first but rather boring now!!!
This game has potential, but it seems half baked and the constant ads really kill the enjoyment of this game.

- It’s free. It’s nice to see a game that it is actually free and it is not a piece of garbage
- Physics are somewhat realistic
- It’s fun watching things explode

- Game lacks variety. Even though new “cities” are introduced as you progress, they all essentially look the same except for a few landmarks
-You spend more time watching ads than the actual game which makes it frustratingly slow.
- There is now way to remove ads so you are stuck with this game model
- I know it is the style of the game, but it looks really cartonish and 2D
- Weapon choices are boringly limited. In this game the amunition (missiles) all appear to have the same effect/yield. How about heat seeking missiles, nukes, plasma guns, lightning bolts, imploding bombs, etc???
- The game is horribly unstable. It seems that after a few rounds of ads, the game crashes in between ads.

The game gets two stars for effort and concept, however the game could be so much more interesting and enjoyable.
Could be a very fun game but you must listen to an ad every time you play a game or otherwise your upgrades come only after 2-5 games and even more when the upgrades get more expensive. Someone created a cool game and added a crap ton of ads in the hopes you will pay for no ads or something like that. My upgrades were around $500 and a perfect game only played $200 and that’s after 10 upgrades to the money paid. Too slow. Great game but definitely not playing it anymore because the only thing I am doing is watching ads
Fun, for a short time
This game is fun at first, but once you earn all the bombs (which seem to have no difference), it just repeats the same scenes. Not really challenging once you get the clue of how to bomb the figures. Even the bonus level is not challenging after you figure it out. I thought the scenes would grow larger or maybe have a time limit as you advance to higher levels, but it’s just the same stuff repeated over and over.
Theo Belk,
Ads everywhere
For Pete’s sake. Play 15 seconds, 30 second ad. Play 20 seconds. Watch a 30 second ad to get more gold. Then another 30 second ad just because. Watch an ad to get some special weapon. There’re no way to pay for an ad-free experience. If you want to play this game it’s all ads all day.

Could be fun but, as this is right now, this game is an utter waste of the player’s life in 30 second increments.
Bb king 43,
Good time killer
This game is easy to play and good for killing time when waiting for something. Only problem is in Survival play as you get into the later stages the targeting is broken. I sweep the icon where I want to go but it goes completely in the wrong direction making it nearly impossible to move beyond that stage.
Love Watching Ads? This game is for you....
If you enjoy a ultra repetitive game that lets you play for 10 seconds, then watch 1 minute of ads, then you’re in luck! This is it! Beat the easy level? Watch an ad. Want to earn more coins for beating that level? Watch an ad. Don’t want to earn more coins? Too bad you’re watching an ad anyway. I wish I was joking. The only real joke here is this “game”. Do yourself a favor and don’t download it.
Add a mini gun
This game is super fun to play and kill time but make an adds free version available to purchase because they’re annoying as hell and add a mini gun so we can strafe
Shibumi Spa,
The game is great
The problem is that each level takes under a minute and you have to watch an ad after every one. You spend far more time watching ads than playing and there isn’t an ad free option.
add glados plz,
Good but......
I would rate it five stars but the ads pop up way too much I get a ad every time I complete a level so please make the ads pop up less often. Thanks!