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Developer: Incredible Technologies, Inc.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 4.22
ID: com.itsgames.goldenteegolf


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Golden Tee Golf, the pop culture phenomenon that has been played by more than 20 million players over the past three decades, can now be played in the palm of your hand.

Whether you crave a relaxing trip through the front 9 or a teeth-grinding challenge on windy bluffs, Golden Tee Golf has it all. The contests for big prizes. The diverse equipment customization options. The varied and quirky clothing choices. The intricate, white-knuckled course design. The trademark game play that allows you TOTAL CONTROL. Make shots as quick and smooth as buttered lightning.
Golden Tee offers a mix of classic features and killer new additions to the legacy:

-The Daily 9 mode throws a series of new challenges at you every day. Take 9 shots in a 24-hour period with a chance to win prizes on each stroke. As the holes get tougher, the stakes rise higher. Check in every day to claim your rewards!

-There’s no better way to prepare for fierce contest play than the Challenge mode. You might find yourself scraping the bottom of a bunker or sweating it out over a pool of boiling lava. Survive this arena and you’ll walk away with generous rewards and the confidence to face anything these courses will throw at you.

-In the mood for more traditional Golden Tee goodness? Check out the Campaign mode. You’ll tour some of Golden Tee Live’s most famous locations, smashing golf balls and scoreboards through some of the series’ most slickly designed circuits. Bag some currency and experience along the way to elevate your game!

-Show the rest of the world what you’ve got going on in the Contest mode. You’ll match wits and weapons with players at your skill level. Advance leagues for the chance to make the highest wagers and bring home the biggest payday. Track your standings in the leader boards to see how badly you’ve crushed the competition.

-Dress yourself to express yourself! Feeling casual? Conservative? Or are you in the mood for something more outrageous or elaborate? Each day, the Pro Shop will showcase new clothing options for your golfer—from the mundane to the insane. Be sure to tune in, because you don’t want to miss your dream apparel options!

-Go beyond the arcade cabinet! Level up your equipment to enhance performance on the fairway. Improved club sets will pave the way to better scores and higher standings than ever before! And take a peek at the nifty Extra Clubs that are available for purchase.

-Use Premium Balls and Tees to give yourself an edge! Enhance your power, control the movement of the ball on landing, or even resist the mighty winds! Tactical use of these items will allow you to adapt to virtually any situation you’ll encounter on the links.

-And that’s only a snapshot of things to come! Your GT Box is your portal to everything going on in your Golden Tee universe. Gaze wistfully in the rearview mirror at the contests you’ve conquered and stay current on what’s going on in the world of Golden Tee.

Version history

* Fixing some issues with transparent hats
* Fix display bug in friends H2H section
* Fix error message when launching World Qualifier contest
- Updated replay and push notification libraries

- Updated reward cards displayed at the end of games

- Obsolete version error screen button now redirecting to app store
- Better logging uploads for support

- World Qualifier daily limit change

- Updated ad library
- Updated dev environment and support for latest Xcode & iOS version

- A number of minor bug fixes

* Fix EU & CA errors on launch
* Fix ads crashing on some iPads
* Fix ads causing game sound to stop working
* Ability to disable side view camera
* Try to send logs on every customer service ticket
* Upgrade some underlying libraries
* Add ability to remove forced ads
* Start selling bulk mulligans
* Start selling bulk Worlds/League boosts
* New GSP/GTP breakdowns on scorecards
* Make the Tall Grass on Bonnie movable
* Tweak pullback meter background
* Other bug fixes
* Bug fixes and tweaks for upcoming new course
* Allow more PRO Contest tee box options
* New analytics
* Support for single sign-on logins across more games
* Update library for ads
* Fixed Pro Replays
* Allow more PRO Contest tee box options
* New analytics
* Support for single sign-on logins across more games
* Update library for ads
* Allow more PRO Contest tee box options
* New analytics
* Support for single sign-on logins across more games
* Update library for ads
* Login bug fixes
* Dodge City tee box fix
* Updated libraries and build tools
* World/Fight Club replay bug fix

* Delete account button added
* Fixed an unplayable lie bug when the ball comes to rest some objects that are in play
* Fixed Campaign sort order bug
* Added ability to look around while setting a gold tee
* Added the ability to challenge a friend in H2H with the swipe limiter included
* Added capabilities for upcoming new course
* Added ability to enable swipe limiter in World Matches
* Added ability to block Quick Shot for streamed World Matches
* Stop selling XP chests when reach current max level
* Stop allowing Gold Tees to be reset by restarting game
* Start allowing Gold Tees to be re-set after out of bounds
* Getting ready for World Championships & new courses!
* Getting ready for World Championship Qualifiers
* New App Tracking Transparency Implementation
* Getting ready for World Championship Qualifiers
* More updates for iOS 14.5
* Updates to Facebook libraries for account login and new player invites
* New art for sale bundles
* Updated ad libraries and a new provider
* Various bug fixes
* Silver / Gold Ad Toggle added
* Fixed infrequent hard bounces out of the sand
* Fixed tee box alignment bug
* Other smaller bug fixes
* Additional iOS 14 fixes
* Fix infrequent Golfer not facing the fairway by default bug
* Updated libraries
* Minor bug fixes
* Updated panels in Events. Reordered, added gold/silver markings, gave it a bounce to highlight when more than 3
* Fixed issue with replays not saving during multiple retries of events
* Fixed some memory for Freaky Friday courses.
* Fix for Challenge hole-outs that are under rewarded
* Fix for bug where ball stops and golfer freezes
* Ability to offer additional items in sale bundles
* Updated game engine
* Updated ad library
* Fix for bug where ball stops and golfer freezes
* Ability to offer additional items in sale bundles
* Updated game engine
* Updated ad library
* Updated game engine
* Updated ad library
* Ability to offer additional items in sale bundles
* Support for more Ad options
* Fix bugs reported from players

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
IJ590957035✱✱✱✱✱ A764B22✱✱✱✱✱
IJ524668105✱✱✱✱✱ ACC0EF4✱✱✱✱✱
IJ469911166✱✱✱✱✱ F1872AF✱✱✱✱✱
18 Hole Purchase
(18 Hole Purchase)
IJ495157419✱✱✱✱✱ D385516✱✱✱✱✱
IJ646686075✱✱✱✱✱ 2AF1A82✱✱✱✱✱
90 Gold Bars
(90 Gold Bars for Golden Tee Golf)
IJ262989812✱✱✱✱✱ 830D1AD✱✱✱✱✱
IJ667196999✱✱✱✱✱ F7AB2A5✱✱✱✱✱
IJ714826760✱✱✱✱✱ F7B2829✱✱✱✱✱
IJ667196999✱✱✱✱✱ F7AB2A5✱✱✱✱✱
500 Gold Bars
(500 Gold Bars for Golden Tee Golf)
IJ413847449✱✱✱✱✱ 25D6DDF✱✱✱✱✱

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4.9 out of 5
26.5K Ratings


Almost there
I love GT and have been playing in sports bars for years... here is what I like, the app is really cool and I love playing. The courses are challenging and the graphics are really cool. The contests are good and fun. I don’t mind paying for upgrades, at all! The bad, not enough courses... again, I don’t mind spending, but not enough course options to make me feel good about the spend. Taking away the spins option is a total bummer, It’s a shame not developed with live wire and cabinet version. Would be great to play on device and when out play my profile on the cabinet version too. Give us back the spin. And why are there no options to upgrade putters? Bring more courses, give us putters to buy, bring back the spin (ditch the different balls to buy) and make it easier to upgrade. I do love GT 100% and will stick with you for a while. But make it a little more cost effective! Add both real and fantasy courses as I feel trapped with limited courses!!!! And SPIN please!!! Way more fun!! Also develop head to head to play with friends!!!!!
fun but getting frustrated,
Fun but a few problems
Overall I love the game but there are a few issues. 1. I’m a level 31 and playing in the lowest level tournaments available and I’m competing against level 49 players (which I think is the highest you can get) with the best clubs. Once you get to a certain level you shouldn’t be allowed to play in the lower tournaments. I finish -10 and I’m losing by 4 or 5 strokes. You can’t compete with someone that has all the top equipment and you can’t win enough coins in the tournaments to get better equipment because the level 49 players are getting eagles on 50-60% of the holes. I guess it’s a money grab. 2. Why do you get less Golden Tee points for hitting a better shot into the green? If you don’t get GSP’s you’re better off hitting in further away and get more points for making a longer putt. It doesn’t make any sense. In the challenges I’m purposefully hitting balls in bunkers and hoping to make the chip to get more points for a sand save. 3. I get you have to make money but get rid of the special balls. Unless you buy gold to get the best balls then you’re not going to compete. At the very least you should get to buy balls with gold or coins before the round and have them to use for that round. Not one use and lose it. Like I said, overall it’s a fun game but it’s getting to the point of getting frustrating not having a chance even at the lower tournaments unless you pay to play.
Two flaws holding it back
Having to use balls for backspin/roll ruins this game. The whole foundation of playing Golden Tee requires you to use those ball actions almost every shot for good placement and you don’t earn enough of the balls to play the shots you want in the app. It’s a clear money grab, which is nuts because of how often you need to buy more balls. I’ve already found myself turning the app off during contests because I’m out of backspin balls and I simply can’t compete with other players who can make the required shots for the holes. Nothing more frustrating than visualizing how to birdie/eagle a hole and being denied basic gameplay mechanics unless you pay.

The second issue, which isn’t gameplay related, is that you don’t earn clothes/accessories every set number of birdies/eagles/hole-in-ones like in the arcade, which is one of the reasons that game is fun! This is apparent as another money grab because you can buy the in game currency to buy clothes/accessories. I still feel like they should add that to the game, as getting a free random item here and there won’t stop folks from buying stuff they see from the shop as well. If anything, it might make people spend a little more to finish outfits if they’ve earned a single random piece to a cool set.
Great mobile game but need some adjustments
I play golden tee quite a lot, including playing my home edition often. This game is very similar to the real game which is great to see for a mobile game. However, there needs to be a few changes. The clubs do not carry as far as they indicate they will, especially going uphill (of course it’s going to play longer uphill but the ball goes substantially shorter than it should). Also, I feel like Incredible Technologies could make the spin in this game like it is in the arcade version rather than having certain balls (may be wishful thinking considering their potential to make money off of ball purchases). The last adjustment I would make is with the different type of shots. They are not very much like the ones in the arcade version and are much harder to control. All in all, great phone game.
Thoughts from a never arcade gamer
I’ve never played a Golden Tee arcade cabinet in my life. However my cousin was a developer on this game so I had to give it a try. I found it a fun and easy to learn experience that felt fun, yet challenging. As a person who plays actual golf I found a few of the built in factors in the game sort of confusing, but understandable from a, “We actually want to make money off this game,” sense. I like playing quick 9 hole contests. I really hope they add the ability to set up private tournaments and think an equalized equipment ranked system for competitive play would be fun and promote a competitive aspect to the game.
There is some bugs to fix and work out
I play the Arcade game religiously(Ticktock Man), I knew coming into the app it would be different and challenging just the same. With that said, the clubs don’t go near as far as they indicate they would(I know to factor into the wind, direction, elevation of fairways and greens), but this is consistent. I had a drive on a par 4, wind at my back(6mph), the club it gave me indication was that I’d over shoot the hole, I switched to a grabber ball for the backspin, pulled all the way back, and let it rip. It fell short of the green and into the bunker... how? I also noticed the curve (A-1/ C-3) doesn’t give as much as it should. I figure when doing the “Full Monty” the curve would be greater, yet it gives up half way. GT is ran by a great company and I know they work hard to provide great content and enjoyable playing experience... I know these bugs will get fixed, as I know this will soon be a favorite app I use to play golf.
Good game
They give you enough options to earn coins over time so you can upgrade equipment. Yeah it's slower but it's a good game. They have specials often in case you want to spend 3 or so dollars to upgrade quite a bit. You can have funplayjng totally for free or spend a few bucks and be competive. I judge how much I spend on a game based on the scale of me as a kid spending 5$ at the arcade for a few hours of game play. Yeah I'm old and 5$ was worth a lot more then. If I spend 5$ and get 5 hours of enjoyable gameplay then it's worth it.

Easy to play with friends and if you are different levels you can give strokes to even things out like a handicap.

Four stars because some of the courses you can buy are just plain stupid and you can't get a refund if you hate it.
Play Arcade version to long
Dry cool app. But very frustrating at same time. One thing the arcade version is consistent with is the gauge or shot meter on how far the ball will go. The app version is so inconsistent, the shot meter will show you front of green you club up one two clubs, give it a 100% on power meter and you fall in water... short of green!
If you have a tail wind ball does not travel as far as it projected. I’ve heard and seen talk on FB, guys saying a 150 yard club goes 140 and knock off 10 yards of distance for so much wind. There are those that live on the game and play 10-15 rounds a day and can figure out all these little nuances. As I mentioned earlier if the the arcade version say it will go 300... if you hit it hard it will go 300 maybe more.
Maybe it’s not supposed to be the same.... it worked!
All in all this is a fun game. But the difficulty is so ridiculous that there's really no point. You would think the developers would have easier courses, especially in the beginning. But once you've gone through the few courses they have then there's nothing else to do. Each course has a higher level you can try but you won't get anywhere, not without grinding yourself in the ground. Games are supposed to be fun and entertaining and this game could be. Maybe if you spend a ton of real money on upgrades you might be able to do a little better (emphasis on little). Do yourself a favor and stick with the playable golf games out there like Golf Clash. This one is nothing but ridiculous. I honestly don't understand where the positive reviews come from or why.
Fun but frustrating
Golden Tee has several things going for it: a spirited sense of fun, a decent UI that’s a fairly sellf-explanatory and decent enough graphics (middle of the road for a golf game but good enough). There ‘s also enough challenge to keep it from becoming boring.

So, why only 2 stars out of 5?

The short answer: artificial physics designed to make you pay real cash. What does this mean? The devs of this game have created impossible physics that can’t exist in any reality. For example, you have a favorable wind of 6 MPH and a 250 yard 1 Wood. You crank it straight and hard…right at the pin thats 227 yards away….and it falls into a bunker around the 212 yard mark. Additionally, the balls will take impossible bounces AWAY from the tee even with backspin. Why? Because they’ve monetized “pay to win” balls that won't bounce and stay where they first land….so they make the normal ball behave bizarrely to get you to pay more.

It’s obvious and it should be beneath the game creator. But money is all that counts - and rather than being satisfied with charging for club and clothing upgrades, they’ve created an entire line of balls that correct the intentionally faulty standard ones.