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Multiplayer Real Golf

Developer: Rising Wings, Inc.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.23.5
ID: com.pnixgames.golfkingwt


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#1 Multiplayer Real Golf at Your Fingertips! Join and Tee Off Now!

From the creators of Mini Golf King comes a new Golf game featuring real-time 1v1 matches, realistic courses of stunning graphics, customizable characters, intuitive shot control and even more fun!

Play on beautiful courses against rivals around the world in online battles! Win and collect trophies to unlock higher tours. Discover and upgrade golf clubs to improve your performance. Take on the daily and weekly leaderboards to win awesome prizes and glory. Play against your friends!

Customize your look with endless combinations of characters, hats, glasses, tops, pants and shoes. Use various emotes to brag about your victory. Collect the best clubhouses and caddies for more benefits!

Start your epic career and master your skills in your quest to become the Golf King!

- PvP Golf duel: Compete against star golfers from all around the globe
- Easy & Simple controls: Swipe and release to hit the ball, just like playing pool!
- Play on a variety of realistic 3D golf courses
- Collect trophies and unlock top stages
- Open packs to discover powerful new golf clubs and upgrade existing ones: drivers, woods, long irons, short irons, wedges, rough irons, sand wedges and putters
- Customize your look, clubhouse and caddie
- Get promoted in the Weekly Leagues for more card bonuses
- Rank high at Coin Rush for special rewards
- Play with your family and friends
- Send and request gifts with friends

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* Golf King is GDPR compliant.

* You need an internet connection to play this game.

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Premium Pass 2
(Get the premium benefits of Quest Pass!)
AA351694395✱✱✱✱✱ EA70C9C✱✱✱✱✱
Handful of Gold Bars
(160 Gold Bars)
AA495154708✱✱✱✱✱ 828A635✱✱✱✱✱
Sack of Gold Bars
(1,000 Gold Bars)
AA791550895✱✱✱✱✱ 2535018✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(Get the exclusive offer with the best value!)
AA849927715✱✱✱✱✱ AF35AE3✱✱✱✱✱
Welcome Offer
(Get the exclusive offer with the best value!)
AA091246147✱✱✱✱✱ B5154B7✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(Get the exclusive offer with the best value!)
AA849927715✱✱✱✱✱ AF35AE3✱✱✱✱✱
Shootout Chance A
(Shootout Chance small)
AA334979476✱✱✱✱✱ 8D119AA✱✱✱✱✱
Bag of Gold Bars
(2,400 Gold Bars)
AA457255648✱✱✱✱✱ 5504C54✱✱✱✱✱
Sack of Gold Bars
(1,000 Gold Bars)
AA791550895✱✱✱✱✱ 2535018✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(Get the exclusive offer with the best value!)
AA849927715✱✱✱✱✱ AF35AE3✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
31.5K Ratings


Have reasonable expectations
I don’t understand the reviews complaining about the quirks of an arcade style golf game. Yes, the wind is unrealistic; learn how to play the wind. Yes, the putting guide shortens on hilly lies; that’s part of the challenge. Yes, the view during your swing can create a blind shot; again, part of what makes the game hard. This is a golf game you have to play a lot to figure out its nuances but when you do it can be really fun. Also really frustrating. And with that, I guess it is just like real golf.
Please, however, do something about illegal software. Watching a player hit a drive 400 yards into stiff headwind takes the fun right out of the match.
Lastly, it is a disadvantage to hit first, especially on shootouts. Why not have both players’ timers run simultaneously and both shots take off as soon as both players take their swings? This will create a lot of suspense watching both shots fly toward the hole at the same time and it will level the playing field since neither player will be able to see how the other is lining up their shot.
Da' FroG,
Wind is Highly inconsistent
*Edit - Aside from wind issues this app is a 5star but gets a 3 bc the wind literally makes it no fun still Cant stop playing its Golf on my phone. At first its great but as you get to 60k holes the wind is insanely inconsistent. Literally one hole to next. Even same hole it changes. Wildly annoying considering its an app your will need to pay for sometimes. Its is great for that I can say you can play fairly cheap and progress and compete its well priced cost wise. One hole 2mp wind in the face ball goes no where no matter how hard you hit it next hols guy tees off with 3mp wind in face and it goes 375... esp on water holes. When one day to next wind does diff things you can olay it perfect but today the ball flys over the holle when yesterday same wind you barly made the front side. Its ludicrous unlike other review I absolutely understand the conplajnts. It take the fun out of the game. App would have gottne 5 stars.

Maybe once you develop gameply where ine day 3mph wind at your back barely gets you to edge of fairway and the next game on same course a 1 mph wind get your over same fairway on one hop. And all of a sudden .8 mph wind carries over the water instead of half way and you watch your opponet make it then maybe i will upgrade to 4 stars. I will keep playing i wont stop but im not paying for anything anymore and just bc your nice reply im not gonna guve give you 5 starts to a gane that deserves 3.
Don't bother - rigged,
The game is riddled with developers and players who receive preferential treatment based on their purchases. The whole game is a trap to frustrate you into buying upgrades and packages. In the beginning they don’t manipulate your shots unless you are making progress too quickly and then the advantage goes to the opponent or not. Again the goal is to let you win only so much then you are forced to upgrade because suddenly you can only win 1 of of 5 matches. If you just want to swing at a ball and don’t care that you literally can’t improve your status in the game without buying a ton of packages have at it, but I think most enjoy playing competitive games that challenge you. This game does not allow that and in turn you will likely give up playing or give in a waste your money...either way the game wins because they don’t care if you enjoy your time playing rather their goal is to manipulate your play into making purchases. Lastly there is significant geographic bias where “certain parts of the world” seem to have an unrealistic advantage even with equal equipment. Don’t believe me...that’s the game and within a week you’ll see I’m 100% correct. Note to developers: I hope that you find complete and total fulfillment out of manipulating people who are trying to find a few minutes of enjoyment...I also truly hope some day you mature into an actually adult rather than a bratty kid.
Overall a really really good arcade style golf game
The game is all round awesome. Plenty of customization and perks/clubs etc to unlock and upgrade. The courses are really unique and a lot of fun to play.

The game is however advertised as "The Number #1 Multiplayer Real Golf" which I find slightly inaccurate, here's a simple reason as to why. I was in the middle of a game when I had to switch apps quickly, I thought that when I'd return to the app that I'd simply be back on the menu screen with a message saying I've been kicked for inactivity from the server or something like that because that's what all multiplayer games do due to the servers/real-time aspect etc. But when I came back, the game was paused with the opponent's ball in the air, then the game resumed and the ball kept going, and if it was in fact a real time multiplayer, that most definitely wouldn't have happened.

So with all that said, I'm 95% sure this game is not multiplayer, it's against AI bots. And I'm not saying that you shouldn't get it for that reason, that's not what I'm saying, but I'm just giving a fair warning so to speak that this might not be a multiplayer game like you think.

But other than that this game is definitely worth it, and it's super fun. Definitely worth the try. There are really no other downsides to it except for the fact that I don't entirely believe it's a multiplayer game, especially the fact that it's advertised as the #1 multiplayer game.
One of the better apps I’ve played. Different levels pose increasing challenges and skill. Great graphics. Well thought out holes posing different shot selections depending on conditions. Love how there are sucker shots that can break your heart if you aren’t paying attention to the wind and change in grade. Awesome how back drops and scenery mixed into holes are amazingly like holes I’ve played before in the real game.
Two complaints: head to head competition swayed greatly by ball selection. I know you have to make money by upgrading but if I’m hitting first with the beginner ball into a 5.5 wind, my opponent shouldn’t have the option of playing an upgraded ball that shrugs of the wind. Level the playing field to skill instead of who spends the most money on upgrades.
Second, pretty sure all of South Korea has cheat codes. Weird things happen every time I play someone from there. Definitely not coincidence.
Keep up the good work. Looking forward to new holes. Love your tournaments because if that. Awesome job with the Halloween tournament!!
Nice game — needs improvement
I like the game very much compared to other golf games, but I want to focus on the negatives that really need to improve.
1) in a tournament, if you opponent forfeits the game, it looks like I get the prize money, but I have to play the hole over again. Other golf apps penalize the one who forfeits with an automatic penalty (1+ par for the hole) and they can’t redo the hole. The player who stays should be assumed to get their next shot in. So if I lie 3 and my opponent forfeits, my score is 4 and I go to the next hole. It doesn’t matter if the forfeit is intentional or the result of lost connection.
2) In shootouts, it’s a huge advantage to go second. That shouldn’t be. In this game the most challenging aspect is the “feel” of how hard to hit the ball. So if you can see how much power your opponent applied and the result, your shot is then dramatically easier.
3) the effect of the wind often seems off and inconsistent
4) the tutorial for the app is pretty weak. A lot of things about play, and especially about rewards, upgrades, etc, are nowhere to be found.
5) I don’t see a feedback/question possibility from the app itself. It looks like you read reviews, so therefore I’m writing this. But this is pretty public for you — I would have been just as happy to send my comments directly without making them public.

I really like the game, so I apologize for focusing on what I see as areas for improvement.

Good luck
Matchmaking broken
I’ll preface this by saying I really enjoy the game. The pacing is good as far as earning chests and the times you have to wait are shorter than most games allowing you to progress faster while also improving. I played this for about 3 weeks and was up to almost 400 trophies. I was winning about 70% of my games, not amazing but definitely respectable. Recently the developer changed the matchmaking algorithm. Now when I play I face players with 1000s of games but similar trophy counts instead of players with similar amounts of games. This means you play against players with 2-3 levels of clubs above you. I’ll give a for instance. In a game last night I faced a gentleman who hit a 320 yard in the face of a wind of 2.3 mph. In this game the winds has severe effects on your trajectory so being able to hit it that far compared to me being able to hit the ball 260 is crazy. That’s just the driver. The player had this advantage with every club. TLDR: Game was 5 stars before matchmaking change now I win about 20% of my games and have stopped playing until it is fixed.
Wind is very exaggerated for the speed it shows. Also I’ve seen the same exact shot do something completely different. You also get to see your opponents clubs and exact power and ball spin they apply when shooting there shot. Which is very crappy during shoot outs if you have to go first. The way the some of the courses are designed is to encourage you to buy better clubs. The starter clubs on some holes make you shoot in undesirable areas. Players with better clubs easily clear bunkers and rough areas many times when players w/o can’t. Putting is a joke. The goal of the game is to make it on the green and 90% of all putts are give mes. Putting is an extremely low difficulty. Also due to lack of player clothing options (unless you spend money), almost every player you play against looks the exact same. No single player challenges either. All tournaments require you to play against another player 1v1 on every hole with coins being wagered every hole too instead of just playing through yourself. Even with all the flaws it’s still an ok game, just misses being much better than it could be.
Drake 57633784 million,
Wind is BS. & matching player is bad
Overall I think this is a very good game. The problem I have is the only way they make this game more difficult is to add more wind but yet they provide people to pay for balls that will negate the difficulty factor because the only way they can add difficulty is to add wind. Furthermore if you don’t want to pay you can win but it is very difficult especially in the upper tiers. The matching of your opponent and all I can say about that is in my experience I am always matched up against someone who is out clubbing me so I will have an advanced driver level III and the person I am playing will have an advance driver level six. I will have a swinger level wood one and they will have continental wood level two or united wood three I will have and they will have a united wood level five. Furthermore you will come up against players who have 13,000 games against your 700 games played so obviously they have much more experience playing the game than you. I don’t understand how the matching System works reliably
Yes I love the game. It has some things to get use to like the ball is always going to draw to the left even when you chip. But the thing that i think should change is the purchases. It takes awhile to build up money, gold, and credits so when I did decide I want to look at some items if you see something and you touch on it you just purchased it. There should be some way to look at it and see what it offers and not in touch and boom you just bought it. And it didn’t even give me what I thought it was for 250 gold bars. Now I’m out of gold and I didn’t even get a new club just points towards a new club. I can do that just by playing he game. And the clothes as well. A package will get you a piece of a set that you can’t even wear until you get the whole set. That is ridiculous. Make some changes please. Listen to the fans that play the game if you want it to keep being successful.