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The Hurricane Simulator Game

Developer: Nostrovia, LLC
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.1.5
ID: com.nostrovia.hurricaneoutbreak


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Grow your hurricane by navigating warm waters, acquire skills and abilities. Cause destruction and death in cities along the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and United States Eastern Sea Board regions. Features thousands of simulated cities, 22 unique upgrades and realistic hurricane behavior that will make every play through different. How much destruction can you cause?

Version history

in app review prompt
fixed ads causing crashes
new enhanced ads
new enhances to UI and text
new text labels over countries
new reduced app size
new upgraded to Unity 2020 LTS
new replaced UnityAds with Yodo1 Ads
new main menu effects
new misc ui cleanup in various places
new Yodo1 banner ad
new reward ad in upgrade shop
new iOS 14.5+ tracking compliance

fixed more ui scaling Issues scenario, quest buttons, upgrade skill buttons
fixed purchased IAP not updating on iOS
fixed Music and Sound being muted on first start
fixed watch ad button always displays
fixed ui scaling bugs in menu and overlapping with pages
fixed iap prices not showing correctly
fixed number of skills available on upgraded button not updating
fixed skippable ad
fixed bug with premium purchase
removed banner ad
Corrected spelling on upgrades and quests and fixed a bug with unity ads

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Global Warming Scenario
(A global warming add-on scenario)
FA473970185✱✱✱✱✱ 8175CE8✱✱✱✱✱
(Disables ads and unlocks fast forward feature)
FA741458179✱✱✱✱✱ A73BBEE✱✱✱✱✱
500 Point Booster
(Awards 500 points for hurricane upgrades)
FA873756267✱✱✱✱✱ 5C1F3BF✱✱✱✱✱
200 Point Booster
(Awards 200 points for hurricane upgrades)
FA931419849✱✱✱✱✱ AE5976B✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
2 086 Ratings


Really fun for storm junkies
I adore this game. I’ve played it nearly everyday since I downloaded it last year in September. I’m a junkie for hurricanes and hurricane history and I like to make little storylines about the hurricanes I make in the free play section of this game. Even after having my house destroyed in Ida this year I still play it.

A few suggestions, add a season mode where the goal is to create the highest ACE you can instead of just one storm causing damage/deaths. Include water temperatures to the map as well as areas of available convective energy for the storm to tap into.

Give them names. At the end of the storm include a map of the track of the storm. Instead of the plain white trail include the color codings they use to signify the different categories. Have a new bulletin come across the screen a la some pandemic games.

But the biggest one: allow the player to remove the upgrades after they’ve already allowed them. The fully upgraded storms are too powerful considering the population doesn’t even try to escape the path. “Realistic” free play is hardly realistic if you can’t turn off all the upgrades you’ve earned/paid for.

Really want more games like this to be created. It’s really niche but I’d pay full price for something like this but scaled up with a good mix of arcade fun and scientific meteorology nerd stuff
Overall, not bad, a few improvements could be made.
Honestly, I find it somewhat enjoyable on late nights or long car rides with nothing else to do. I do feel like some aspects could be improved. For one, the hurricane shape stays the same, no matter the strength and it only increases in size.

I also find the improvements tree to be lacking. Many of the upgrades are fairly expensive, and with no way to replay levels, it can be frustrating to not be able to buy those upgrades.

And one additional comment: Why should we be incentivised to slow evacuation and preparation? I thought our goal was to get people to prepare and evacuate.
Used to be better
This game was better before. Difficulty wise. The game was a little boring before but now its spiced up. The thing is that you guys have made it WAYYY TOOOOO HARD to complete the quests. I was here for the freeplay but now I find out that you HAVE to complete these quests that can take DAYS to complete. After category 1, the quest take TOO LONG to complete. They’re VERY hard and you have to circle the map multiple times for a fee quests to complete the objectives, but sometimes you cant turn anymore so you end up in land then you die after circling the map for 20 minutes. This game has very very great huge potential. There just has to be a better balance between the difficulty and just having fun. My number one favorite about this app tho is the developers. I noticed that they do listen to the reviews and add almost all suggestions, but they went a little overboard with the quests. At least make freeplay playable without completing quests or at least make the quests a lot more reasonable. Thank you
-Fellow Gamer
element fan,
Impossible to be an F5
I really like this game for the first few quests but when I reached the last quest as a category four I can’t complete it because distro federal I already passed and nothing happened I kept doing it three times and as soon as I can do a category one I shut off the game and I tried it again and nothing worked when I’m trying to say is it’s a little bug in that part I don’t wanna leave the game and delete it otherwise I’ll lose all of my information in progress when I’m trying to say here is fix that glitch and if you can actually get pass it then I don’t get it basically I’m just giving it five stars because it’s good but it definitely could be less glitchy here also I like the updates you given it
Overall I love the game in one day I got o cat2 hurricane but then the one quest Pacific Trail I don’t understand it because as a category 4 I can only go from 130mp to 160 if I go over 160 it just puts me to 120mp. The main problem is the city you have to make landfall in in California as a category4 because I always go to around 140 as soon as I make landfall in California so I can’t complete the quest. So please developer please fix this and I will rate you 5 star and btw please send a response to this review. One more note: The hurricane always moves and turns slow. But I love how if you are a tropical depression at 18mp you can pass through Haiti or the Dominican Republic and easily Puerto Rico (U.S) and the ability to recover the turn and faster speed is still SLOW.
CAT star 3
This is a great game, and a good way to pass the time. You feel like you’re Mother Nature herself, growing hurricanes to their full potential, causing damage to cities and countries. It’s entertaining in a sadistic way.

The only issue I have is after upgrading, there’s no way to take the upgrade away. If you upgrade to leech2 the hurricane will never decrease strength over land. It makes it impossible to win any of the later scenarios. You stuck replaying old scenarios which gets old after a few days. I would love to see an update where you can uncheck the upgrades, to mix and match them. As it is now once you upgrade there’s no going back and the game pretty much ends if you upgrade to much to fast.

It’s a good game, and I recommend playing it. Just don’t upgrade anything outside of the recommended until the scenarios have been beat.
This game is perfection but
I looooove this game but 3 things one the levels are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to hard although I did complete them still next I was really looking forward to free play and then finally I got free play and I found out that you have 10 min 10 MINUTES!!!!!!! I want infinite time please fix this next why is global warming 3$ I should be free if you fix the last too not only will I tell my friends to play this I will tell my whole family to play this and give it 5 stars and if you don’t fix the last one I’ll still by global warming gust please give infinite time for free play please and thank you now I’m going to play this game and ask my mom for global warming
I love this game e: please read
This game is really fun to do free play and redo levels and stuff like that but I have a few recommendations:you could add levels for different areas like being able to have typhoons cyclones, etc. also, whenever you gain strength or lose strength your hurricane doesn’t change shape it just gets better. I think this would definitely help the game. It would also be cool if you could pick the month for the hurricane for levels and stuff like that.
Good, but bug problem
This game is good, but I encountered a problem with one of the skills. I had gotten to cat 3 in a few hours and I wanted to take a break. So I did, and I came back just a few hours later, only to find out that I could no longer play the game. When I came back to the game on the Panama Canal Crossing, I had lost my land resilience and my leech skill. This gas cause me to not be able to make landfall anywhere without dying. This was such a shame to me because I was having a lot of fun with the game. Maybe this is just some random bug that no one else has encountered, but if multiple people have encountered it, then it should be fixed immediately.
Love it and asking for an Updates
Love this game. Very addictive. The Update I would love to see and I want to see it so buy; I’ll buy it if I have to. The updates I would like to see on the Realistic Freeplay is that we can make a name list like the real storms; we can choose the starting point; see all the past storm tracks; we could see watches and warnings; and if the map could be zoom out more. If we can get that; I’ll update this app quickly, even if I have to buy the update.

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