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Universe Space Simulation Game

Developer: Pocket Labs UK
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Price: Free
Version: 1.7
ID: PocketLabs.PocketUniverseFree


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If you had the power, how would you create the solar system? What planets or stars would you choose? How would you place them in orbit? Are you interested in Astronomy and looking for a powerful yet easy to use 3d simulation sandbox game, to create and simulate a whole new galaxy with realistic physics rules? Then you’ve come to the right place. My Pocket Galaxy, the 3D sandbox game, provides you the ultimate power to explore the infinite space and simulate your own universe where you customise each different planet, gas giant, and star. Destroy on an unimaginable scale.

Create Your Own Universe
Build your own universe, and simulate all the planet orbits in infinite space with this realistic physics sandbox. Customize your entire solar system down to the individual star, planet, and moon. Give your alien planet repulsive gravity or even create a replica of the Earth, your imagination is the limit.

Destroy an entire Solar System
Become the ultimate planet destroyer or solar smasher, in the best galaxy destruction game! Tap in space to unleash a barrage of asteroids on an unsuspecting world. Destroy planets using a solar ray or freeze them with the ice ray.

Realistic Gravity Simulation
See how your pocket universe plays out over time with the in built realistic physics simulator. Observe as your creations flourish or collapse into destruction. Intervene like a god with physics tools to affect the orbit of planets, heat them up, cool them down or explode them!

Explore And Unlock
With endless variations of planets, stars ,and more; you’ll never run out of creative options. Smash planets together and affect planet conditions to unlock new types. Explore how life develops in your solar system through the planet journal.

Star Features
Space game with beautiful 3d graphics, realistic gravity, and destruction simulation.
Huge variety of particles, procedural planets, gas giants and stars.
Unlimited customization.
Gravity simulator with realistic orbit physics.
Screenshot your universe and share it with family and friends.
Unlock new achievements for your world building.
Interactive journal to track your universe sandbox.
Save and load games.

The astronomy game formerly known as Pocket Universe

Version history

- Bug fixes & performance improvements
- Fixed Pluto not unlocking.
- Added data privacy consent for data protection law compliance.
Various bug fixes.
We have re-branded the app from Orbit Sandbox Universe Express to Planet Smash : Gravity Sandbox.
We have an update in the pipeline to add extra achievements, nebula painter and more objects in the near future.
We have rebranded the app from Pocket Universe to Orbit Sandbox Universe due to a recent dispute.

We have an update in the pipeline to add repulsive gravity, extra achievements, nebula painter and more objects in the near future.
In This Update:
- Special Christmas objects
- Auto-populate solar system with 1-10 planets when placing in a star
- Added heat ray power to make things hotter until they explode.
- Added cold ray power to make things colder.
- Time now pauses when launching a planet, suns, moon etc.
- When following an object, launches are now relative to the velocity of that object.
- Asteroid placement tool.
- Minor bug fixes.
Coming Soon:
- Nebula tool.
- Show/Hide user interface button.
- Better star collisions.
- Roche limit effects.
- More life mechanics.

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4.6 out of 5
22.3K Ratings


I really like this game! But if you can just make a little update like if you can put inclination which the orbit of a planet goes up and down and also put farther camera zoom out and when you put a black hole very far away, it doesn’t affect any objects, and lastly, if you could make a button on the settings of a star called the end life button which will make the star end its life, if it is a yellow star, it turns into a white dwarf, if it’s a red giant, it turns into a white dwarf, if it’s a blue giant, it turns into a neutron star or black hole. And add more objects like brown dwarfs (which are failed star or burned up gas giants) red dwarfs (which is a small red star) a protostar (which is not a star or brown dwarf it is a small object with stuff coming out of the top) supergiants (which are huge stars larger then the blue giant) and neutron stars (which are stars WAY smaller than an asteroid and has very strong gravity). And add a button when you place an object and go to its settings were you can change the mass of any objects. And also in the settings of a object can you add how a planet spins.
I will tell you the problems,
Very hard to use
First, I just wanna point out to make a planet orbit in a cool and Stableway is really hard even when you make a star and click orbit planets still orbit in a really weird way and when you try to make like a black hole system and make a planet really close, its orbit becomes wacky at triple speed it starts becoming like a multiple pointed shape instead of a circle also, I would like you to make less ads every single time you restart our universe no matter even a second after you made it there’s an ad so you should also make less ads and also like you should add supergiant stars they’re just giant stars there’s no orange, giants, or anything. You should also have super giants like blue, super giants and red supergiant you should also make it easier for moons to do, another orbit problem is that whenever you try to make like a comet, you can’t even see how it orbits also when you have a certain amount of planets, stars and moons also count as planets, I think you should have like a number that says certain amount of moon certain amount and stars so basically, it’s hard to use the game and has a lot of features that are bad but it’s cool that sometimes you can make things on your own like I figured out how to make a binary system but still this game limits you a lot
jiggypuffy YT,
Glitches... and ideas
ima start with glitches, so #1 when I collide many stars it create those small black stars! (If it’s a black hole then well..) #2 same with #1, BUT it doesn’t collide stars to make the glitch. It just GETS A SPACE STATION RANDOMLY. Even without planets or stars. #3 when I collide with many stars, it forms that black thing, right? But there’s a chance that ITS FROM THE TITLE SCREEN, #4 when I place a planet so far away, the arrow thingy for the planets/stars just wiggles! #5 my brother was distracting me, messing with me (he was not messing around with the game, then after that, EVERY star in a solar system JUST dissiperre! #6 when I create a big big galaxy, and restart the app, in the galaxy, IT WILL not give you more planets by watching ads. I had 24 or 25 planets/stars there. So is 25 PLANETS is the maximum planet without the full version? moving on to ideas... #1 fix those glitches
#2 maybe when a planet is hatible and has amimals and people, maybe add buildings on the planet visible from space! #3 make a stable orbit thing so the planet doesn’t go colder and hotter!
#4 infinity planets! I really suggested that. #5 undo and redo! #6 make rockets in a hatible planet! They could go to anywhere! #7 add an asteroid belt! That’s probably all I could suggest. Bye
Suggestions: (plz read)
THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! It is very entertaining to play, I love doing both build a habitable solar system, and just destroying stars with a black hole. Sometimes both lol. Plus, it is super super battery efficient. But what would make the game 1000 times better is if you could make official gas rings around black holes, that way I could make a habitable solar system with a black hole. Another thing about black holes, is when a star gets destroyed by one, it just explodes, I would suggest that the star gets speggettified first, and creates a disc around the black hole like reality. Also, another thing, I feel like life evolves on planets really fast. Like you definitely want to speed it up from reality so the game isn’t boring, but I think it needs to be slower than it is. Another suggestion is make the fabric of space actually bend to provide a visual effect of gravity in real life. Last thing, consider putting “Time Shift” (Einstein’s theory of Realitivity)
Good game, but could use some fixes
Ok so here’s some info that the other reviews don’t usually have (because they are at least a year old most of them!) so let’s start with planet orbits. It can be frustrating but if you put drag your finger to what you want it to orbit it will go in a perfect circle (or near it if there are other stuff) unless your orbiting a planet in which there’s a chance of it failing. Everything but asteroids counts as a “planet” including black holes and if you tap something and then tap what pops up when you do you can find how to change what it is doing and also destroy it. My game also freezes at times in some areas so I can mostly just watch sadly and can you increase the starting max amount of planets to 5 and make so you only watch ads for extra planets otherwise it will stay at 3 stars. Also you should have lines between where your planets can support life and planets should be able to get life again as well for less confusion and add a tutorial. Otherwise it is a good game and there’s some things you should add like life on planets being able to explore space and fight other space explorers or make peace with them and so on.
Good game but needs work
Hey. This game is pretty cool! It’s fun destroying things with the heat blazer! But I have 1problems with this game. After you read this paragraph please make sure you fix this please so this game can be more entertaining!!! And these are not huge problems:).
I don’t really like the controls of this game because it’s very confusing. Like when your moving up and down you have one control for both. And sometimes it gets confusing. Like for example, I had only one planet remaining and one of the controls for moving made me place down the planet! >:(. And when I destroy planets they come back to the planets remaining. I destroyed the planet and it didn’t give me my planet back!!! To go with that please add more remaining planets so that this game could be better!
Everything but that is AMAZING! 😉. The planets are cool! One more small thing is that can you add a hypergiant to this game so I can have the UY Scuti :) thank you 😊. I enjoy this game very much and I am VERY strict about how many stars I give out and this has to be one of the best games I ever played! Thank you!
Love it and needs some more things
The game is great. The realistic touch is very good. However every time I place any star above the normal yellow star I can’t give life to any of the planets. Other times I couldn’t make the planets move so I had to reinstall the app twice. Other than that I love the game. Now for the suggestions. instead of that one singular planet life evolution ending when they put space stations around their planet, you should make it so they can colonize on other planets like we would do on Titan of Earth became too uninhabitable. You should also make it that if there are multiple live developed planets you should make it so they can bring peace or war and maybe create a new species. And you could make it so that you can make a customized species for a planet and even customize the water color or the food types and maybe even customize and create plant species that appear on each habituated planet.
Plz update!!!
I love this game!!!! But...could need a little fix because when I tried to make a planet orbit its star but it was going in crash in the star so.....fix it!! Also add more space stuff like a dwarf planet or a galaxy maybe realistic texture also a camera button that says “surface cam” to go on the planet’s surface and in the solar system example Mars is so close to earth so please fix this and also add walking flying or swimming life to the planets surface (Goldilocks only) also add exploring rockets and make the satellites super small and make them in different types like Hubble space telescope or voyager ll also add evolution so the signs below would make more sense and add make-a-planet so we could make our own planets so we can crash them together and add a kitten planet 🐱and add cats to it make sure to make it to survive empty space (add ears and tail) I really want you to update please and thank you 😃😃😃
Ian Hegerich,
THIS IS AWESOME but I have 4 suggestion
THIS GAME IS AWESOME! I love how the 3D effects in this game look like real space! But I do have a few suggestions. The game would be better if you made the four other dwarf planets in our solar system become part of the game. Their names are Makemake, Ceres, Eris, and Hamuea. Also, what if you made quasars in the game? THAT WOULD BE LITERALLY SUCH AMAZING CRAP PLZ DO IT! The dwarf planets should be their exact color as in space. A few more things: what if you start a new game and you have 99 planets remaining? That would be CRAZY I hope you add that to the game. One last thing: Could you make the game a bigger zoom in distance so players can see living things and non living things inside the planet? Plz do it! I hope you make those updates I suggested! Oh, and can you make a 2D pixel version of the game to look kind of like a 1985 game? I would love that! Plz do these updates to the game!
Not a bot real person,
I love this game , like the parts when it tells you how the planet is developing . But I have an idea,when it says there venturing into space,if you make a new star next to the developing star with other inhabitants planets, are you able to add like the developing planet trying to go to the other star and go into some of the other planets or maybe study the planets and the star

And it would also be nice if you can like make a rocket coming out the planet and you can see we’re the rocket is going that would be cool and it would be amazing if you added that some of the planets are shooting people and rockets into space to venture to some of the other planets in the star that would be amazing thank you and hopefully you can do this

I’m very sorry Af you can understand what I’m saying but hopefully you can. I SUGGEST THIS GAME T9 EVERYONE WHO LOVES SPACE LIKE ME!!!!!!!! C: