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Developer: SayGames LTD
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The pixelated apocalypse is here, and all that stands between humanity and the forces of destruction is you and your truck. So climb up to the cab, put your foot to the floor, and race straight for the action in this wildly entertaining demolition game where the only way to win is to hit the giant monsters head-on with all you've got. Then do it again, and again, and again…

◾Start the demolition derby: It's a one-way street headed straight for the monsters, pick your trajectory, hit the ramp and crash straight into the enemy, trying to cause maximum destruction.

◾Keep chipping away: Even the perfect crash isn't going to bring these giant monsters down first time, so chip away at them with multiple attacks until they finally crumble.

◾Study all angles: This is an all-action game, but it pays to use a little strategy if you want to destroy the monsters in the fewest number of moves. Judge the angle and velocity of your truck to maximize damage from each crash and try to bring your enemy tumbling down by hitting their support.

◾They won't go down without a fight: Monsters aren't just going to stand there while you keep ramming into them. Get ready to dodge a whole arsenal of fireballs, spikes on the road, and tossed bombs.

◾So hit them where it hurts: If you want to make your life easier, aim your first assaults at the monster's power source. That way you'll have less to deal with on the road to destruction.

◾And you've got something up your sleeve too: Each time you deal damage to a monster, you gain cogs, which you can spend on augmentations – including rocket launchers, giant bombs, or a size increase for your vehicle – or boosters to increase your armor, power, or bonus for the next crash.

◾Where did they come from and how did they get so big? The game has 52 different animated giant monsters to demolish, from dinosaurs to superheroes to horror legends to ancient myths. Each has their particular powers and weak points, so you'll have to adapt your smash tactics for every level to make progress in the game.

◾Fight the monsters with monster trucks: As you advance in the game, you'll be able to upgrade your pickup for even greater demolition damage, and eventually move on to bigger and better vehicles, including a police car and a full-size semi-truck.

◾Lovely views, shame about the weather: There are eight unique and beautiful locations in the game, from city high-rises to snowy mountain peaks and from abandoned parking lots to outer space, so be sure to enjoy the view while you're there. Unfortunately, you'll also have to deal with the local conditions, which include tornadoes, meteorites and lightning storms.


Looking for an original action adventure with simple but addictive gameplay and increasingly challenging opponents? Ready to demolish an awesome range of massive monsters block by block? Then download Monster Demolition now, set your GPS to Destroy and hit the highway!

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Version history

-Bug fixes, the game is now more stable
-Bug fixes, the game is now more stable
-Bug fixes, the game is now more stable
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4.7 out of 5
29.3K Ratings


Room room chicken nugget,
This game saved my life
You see one day a man walked up to my door while I was playing this game I walked up to my door looking at my phone and the man yanked my door open grabbed me by my throat and attempted to strangle me.
I’m all the commotion my phone fell and my screen shattered but it stood upwards the person who was strangle me go slightly and asked me what game I was telling the man about the game and he let go of me so I crawled back inside my house got up on my feet ran got my loaded shotgun and as he was running away from my house I shot upwards a few times to scare him off.
Thank you for saving my life game.🫡
Fun concept poorly implemented
Let me start by saying I’ve already sunk too much time in this game. It’s addictive and easy to sink hours into, but you’re not actually having fun. Just on a treadmill designed to keep you watching ads. And lord does this game load you up with ads. A perfect example of the poor implementation is the reward for breaking the monsters. It doesn’t matter if your run did massive damage or basically no damage, you get the same reward. And there’s no set amount of reward per monster, so the game actually punishes players who are quicker to destroy the monsters. The upgrades definitely make a difference over time but you can’t easily tell with individual upgrades. Almost all the monsters use the same 4 attacks, even when they look set up to do something different. For example there’s a chucky clone that stabs his knife down but never at the car or in the path of the car. So the moving knife is literally set dressing only, with no game play difference. I want this game to be good, but it’s clear it’s designed only to keep players on the ad treadmill.
A genuine review
To all of the people complaining about levels being impossible and needing ads to get by, they are just 100% false. They are people who don’t put in the bare minimum effort of experimentation to find out that you can control your car in mid-air.

That being said like any mobile game it is full of ads that will eventually start to become bothersome, I’ve certainly played games that are more heavy handed than this but if you expect an ad-free game then let’s be honest; why are you even looking on the App Store?

If there is one thing I really have to give props to this game for it’s the fact that it plays identical to the ads, there’s no fake-out, no alternative side games or silly things like that, it’s simple and it’s good to burn time with. I wish I could give a more precise review of 4.5 or even 4.3 but because of the ads I can’t in my right mind give it a full 5.
Has the potential of being good. Currently is more of an ad theatre than a game.
First off, very fun concept. Voxel based demolition games always tend to lean more on the fun side of things.

That being said, this game would benefit from some MAJOR updates. For example, the upgrades system. There’s hardly any kind of noticeable improvement in the performance of the vehicle for how much the upgrades end up costing overtime.
On top of that, for many of the floating bosses, progress feels almost impossible, as the airtime that the vehicle gets off the ramp is insanely inconsistent. If the ramp actually raised and lowered itself, that’d be forgivable. But as it stands right now, the only way to beat those levels with your sanity intact would be to use the power ups (which are also very inconsistent in their usefulness).

I can tell many more people would enjoy this game if there was a bit more heart put into it. Take a page out of ‘Diced Pixel’s’ book with their mobile game “Fishing Food”. That game is full of heart and it definitely shows, from the varied level design to the different gamemodes. On top of that, they don’t feel the need to show you a mandatory ad every 60 seconds (yes, I actually counted). Perhaps making the ads completely optional (like Fishing Food does) may help this game a more enjoyable experience.
Boss too high I can’t reach
(I know some people are gonna say “you still can go faster mid air idiot” but I knew that since I first played, also by the time I’m writing this I haven’t tried the free 500 for watching ad button.) Okay so I was casually playing the game until I got to level 55 (Big spider on web) I was doing fine for the first couple of minutes but then I ran into a big problem, after I got rid of both sticks on the side and the web I was surprised the spider didn’t get destroyed but then I realized my car couldn’t go too high, I decided to use the actual rockets but only like 2 hit the spider which did like nothing so please make the boss more easier or I’m gonna have to watch ads for such a long time!
It’s not very good
Lackluster, and unrewarding gameplay that gets old by the third level. The “bosses” have the exact same attacks with no difference. After the third level the amount of ads rise to the point where after every attempt an ad will play. after the first time you fully increase the upgrades of the car the amount of times you need to increase the upgrades increases not by 1 or 2 but by 3 which means now you have to collect enough money to even increase the upgrades twice which is repetitive and boring. Some bosses are stolen from different games or media but they look good and isn’t much of a big problem unless you don’t like the game or show their from. Overall the game is lazy and mediocre at best, and you have to watch the ads on top of ads to even feel like you’re progressing
Awesome game! but No ad removal
So far this game is really cool I love the graphics and everything But there is no way to pay to remove ads sadly and They do not tell you how to control your altitude SO FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE STRUGGLING you can move your finger UP when launching to get a lot more height Especially for the floating ones! Hope this helps! Would Recommend an ad remover and possibly make it when you do remove ads to have the option for maybe a color customizer or when you get far enough to customize a car just for fun!
This game isn’t that bad!
It’s a very simple game with a simple aspect, basically you’re driving a car and you gotta kill the monster in-front of you while dodging his attacks. You can upgrade the cars mass, handling, and acceleration, it doesn’t have any ads besides the “500 gold coin free reward” and after you defeat a monster which usually take about 10-20 minutes to kill. So over all, it’s pretty good for what it is!
La Fifi,
Questionable content and ads
My 12yo was having a good time playing but showed me some of the monsters that came up for demolition. One was a bruh type with a gigantic bulging crotch. You can see another of a woman in the photos for the app. Then there are the ads, which are constant (with no means to buy ad free) and also feature some sexual and violent content. It’s all sus. Also, it requires almost no skill to play and as another reviewer points out you’re basically on a hamster wheel, doing the same simple action over and over again. The only reason it gets 2 stars is that my kid enjoyed it before deciding to delete the app because he was grossed out by aforementioned content.
Game is fun, but ads ruin it
I understand as an iOS game developer you want to make money on ads and micro transactions, but you have to be more tasteful about how these things are implemented and you definitely need to make sure that your ads are mutable. I was enjoying this game until I got to an unmuteable add. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and the ads interrupt and play over the podcast audio. Whenever I run into something like this in an iOS game, I immediately delete it because I know I’m not going to be able to enjoy it and listen to my podcasts at the same time.