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Developer: Moonbit Ltd.
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Price: Free
Version: 4.0
ID: com.moonbit.mrhoppsplayhouse2


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At Blacklands Manor Orphanage, three toys arrive in a donation box for Esther and her two friends Molly and Isaac. They call the tiger toy Mr. Stripes, the panda toy Miss Bo and the rabbit toy Mr. Hopp. Not long after, Molly and Isaac disappear and a mystery begins to unravel around the three toys, as well as a dark history of the town of Blacklands.

A Survival-Horror 2D side scroller pixel art experience, the prequel story to Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 1.

Version history

- Fixed platforms in Medallion 4.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Minor bug fixes
General bug fixes.

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4.4 out of 5
1 809 Ratings


Not as creepy as the first Mr Hopp’s playhouse
This game is good for a tiny scare but it is not as creepy and scary as the first one, first of all the story and character are pretty decent, second of all the game lacks in creepiness and scares, the only thing that creeped me out was when the maid exploded that’s about it, it’s still great but not perfect, the worse thing is the controls are kinda janky sometimes, and the other thing is the jumpscares are kinda mid the other one that I found kinda decent is the Mr Hopp jump scare that’s about it, but what I like that the third game messed up is the 2d sprites there are pretty well balanced, overall if you read this moonbit please make a fourth game with 2d sprites and maybe change the story a bit.
Just finished the game!
Hi I just finished the game last night, INCLUDING THE SECRET ENDING. Honestly this is one of my favorite games and I’ve been playing it for about a week, it was so fun to play and get the notes. At first I didint get the mendallions so I got the bad ending, I died a lot of times and probably more than 200 times that I died. Anyway I must say it’s really good to get the mendallions after you “beat the game” because your a lot more skilled and know how to do everything so just a piece of advice if your playing.

Some stuff for the new game: maybe for the new game you could make it so it’s like custom characters? Also I think it would be amazing to have in the little “extra” button that you can turn the children into what you think would look like as one of the plushes it would be so cool, and even cooler if you could play as those characters.

once again I have to say it’s a great game and I really love it because it reminds me so much of the fnaf series that I’ve been playing since I was a little kid, continue to make these games because Theyr so fun and addicting, have an amazing day!
hello. there. mate.,
Make a third one pleeeease
I think this is a really cool game and you should make a third one. Like conzoncookie said, you should be able to customize your character. Here is the story you should make: One day an adult was at a garage sale. He saw a bunny doll that his children could take on there trip. His kids where going to a sleep away camp. When he gave the doll to his children they packed him in the suitcase. When they got to the camp, for some reason, there where scratches in the middle child’s suitcase.(End of intro)(insert name 1):What happened to the mess hall!?! (Insert name 2): I don’t know but there is something inside! END OF IDEAS.
But anyway you should add more and how to get out and save everybody and stuff like that but if you make another game use this idea if you read this. (Well I’m 11 so idk if you would listen)
LOVE IT ♥️♥️♥️
I love this! It’s just like the original game! It’s fun, challenging, and the jump scares got me almost every time!! So it’s amazing Except for the chapter “Three curses” I want to get the good ending so I have to get all the medallions, BUT the Special stage to get the medallion is SOOO HARD!! I haven’t gotten past it yet and have been playing that one stage for at least 30 minutes straight and haven’t been able to beat it. So please make it a little easier, like by making miss bo bounce higher, slower, or something please. Other than that it’s a great game and I love it!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😉😜😸🤩🥳😊😄🤩🥳😄😜😉 ♥️♥️♥️♥️Love Ashley ♥️♥️♥️♥️ And yes I know it’s a lot of emojis 😂
Mr hopps playhouse 3 ideas
Can you maybe like add a thing where you are the evil toys and you cannot get caught by the maids or else they will throw you outside? Also add coins make it a little harder in the idea and also can you add some secrets? Also make sure you can pause and New and Continue and even everything!!! If you used this idea I will be so happy!!! Because I never have gotten a chance to be picked as a helper for a chapter 3-4! I will only make the stuff! Also can you add a Easy Hard Medium? And also add Molly unevil Issac unevil and Esther? Make sure that the toys for this can be able to fit inside the cabinets!

Tysm For Reading!!! Have a great day! :D
Moonbit can you make a mr. Hopp’s playhouse 3 and here’s why
If you plan on making an mr. hopp’s playhouse 3 can you add where you can make your own character and people like you can choose your day oufit then night outfits and the hair you can change and you can change the skin tone and you can change the oufit and color for everything and then you can choose accessories for back and head and change the color and you can add some beads for the hair if you make pigtails and then you can name the character please can you make a mr hopps playhouse 3 with the my thing for the game please
amma aralaya,
I am obsessed
This is the prequel to the first game. It has more of a story and if you pay close attention to small details, you will find it even more riveting! It centers on Esther and her two friends. Which of course means Mr. Hopp brought his friends. I really hope a third one comes out and that anyone can enjoy the franchise as much as me. This game is more complex and has some updates but is nonetheless as great and maybe better than the first. When you learn the story you will have more questions than before you started. It is definitely worth your while!
trvfyfkfucu dx8uchtk,
One of my favorite games❤️
Well when I first downloaded the game I was a little worried, but it’s was really fun! But to get the true ending you have to find all the medallions. But the last one in three curses is impossible to get! It’s also pretty hard it took me like a month to finish the whole game. It would also be nice if everyone time I hit a chapter there’s not a commercial… But over all I love it highly recommend it! The graphics are good, there talking audio, and the medallions have mini games. That’s all I have for now, You should really download this!
fox 9267,
This game is so fun!!!!!
I already beat this game I love it I love it please play it and I have something to say the game is cool but one thing they lets kids play it but it’s 12 years old this is not a nice game for children I see the age stops at 7 to play this is a bear sing i’ll games that says 12 years old I say it have to stop at 7 two player or 12 year old games but I still love the game though is there ever going to be a third one or a fourth one? I heard that there is a third one coming I don’t know when it’s coming though I hope it comes fast
Mr. Hopps Playhouse 3 suggestions
I loved this game, and my mom forced me to delete it, saying it had “too much witchcraft” and that I might turn into a psycho or something (I plan to reinstall it tho). Anyways, I loved the story and how it’s a prequel to the first one. If there is going to be a third one, I have three suggestions:

1. Make it the sequel to the first game. I think that would add more drama to the fact that Mr. Hopps and the Entity are still around.

2. Add the spirits of all the victims the Entity has kidnapped or whatever it did to them. I think that would make it even more awesome and add more story. Maybe even have the main character save all those spirits and put an end to the Entity and Mr. Hopps.

3. Make sure there is enough story behind the third game. Maybe add Ms. Bo and Mr. Stripes back for even more story and make them each their own boss. The game might take a long time to complete, but it would be worth it.