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Offline simulation raft ship

Developer: Dmitry Lomakin
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 12
ID: com.dmitrylomakin.submarine


Game screenshot Nuclear Submarine inc Arcade mod apkGame screenshot Nuclear Submarine inc Arcade apkGame screenshot Nuclear Submarine inc Arcade hack


Get ready to dive into the darkest depth of the sea, Captain! The marine crew awaits your command in battleship simulator Nuclear Submarine!

Explore ocean depth and find bonuses with your battleship
A new gameplay feature was added to Nuclear Submarine - exploration. Every level has 3 Stars hidden somewhere in the sea, find them all and get your reward just keep your marine crew survival in mind.

Upgrade your submersible warship!
There are 10 types of submarine upgrades in the game, every type has 6 options - choose your strategy wisely! Nuclear or diesel? Which engine you’ll pick for your battleship next time?

Navigate deadly obstructions!
Be careful, Captain! This war zone is full of mines and enemy battleship s, battle planes are trying to locate you and destroy! Survival of your marine crew and mission success is your top priority!

Have fun playing our new simulator and please make sure to share it with your friends and to send us your feedback. Your opinion is our best source to know, how to improve and develop our game.
The war has come, Captain! Good luck!

Version history

Regular bug fixes.
Fixed several bugs and improved stability
bugs fixed
Perfomance improved
Cured the application from bugs and increased its immunity :)
Performance improvement.
Some bugs fixes, performance improvement.
"Reach the end" mode added
* Graphics update.
* 3 new game mods:
- Campaign (14 missions), War mode and Save mode.
* New secret system (find hidden stars in every mission and collect your reward), collect 36 stars to unlock War and Save modes.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Disable Ads + bonus 1000 money
(Disable Ads + bonus 1000 money)
GB711540093✱✱✱✱✱ 65FDC78✱✱✱✱✱
Disable Ads + bonus 5000 money
(Disable Ads + bonus 5000 money)
GB148754344✱✱✱✱✱ AFBFA16✱✱✱✱✱
Disable Ads + bonus 20000
(Disable Ads + bonus 20000)
GB063213905✱✱✱✱✱ 0DD97DB✱✱✱✱✱
Disable Ads + bonus 50000
(Disable Ads + bonus 50000)
GB874707141✱✱✱✱✱ 5A97289✱✱✱✱✱
Disable Ads + boпus 500000
(Disable Ads + boпus 500000)
GB793236887✱✱✱✱✱ A62A9F6✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
6 246 Ratings


So far so good
I have just started playing the game and as I said before, so far so good. The only problem I am having so far is that the oxygen tank for the submarine is very small and you have to be careful and watch the oxygen level or your crew suffocates. You still get points and money for how far you did go, so that’s good. But it does make it challenging to play at first with the tiny oxygen tank and slightly expensive upgrades. But with a little grinding you can get enough cash to be the terror of the seas lol. I I’ll give you a tip for the best thing to get with your wad of cash after completing the first mission: get better oxygen tanks or you will be bobbing to the surface like a cork so your crew doesn’t suffocate. It is not like the traditional ww2 submarines that run on Diesel engines on the surface and electric underwater. You just run on electric engines, so the fuel is for the generator to recharge your batteries for the engine. These are a few tips and pointers for first time players. It is a good game, just watch the oxygen level.
Overall excellent
I’ve “completed” the submarine before and enjoyed the immersion the game gave me at that point, but I stopped because I couldn’t get the 36 stars needed to unlock the other two modes. I think rather than unlock them with stars, you could buy them with the in game currency. It’s just an idea, and I think if it were to be a good idea, the price for each of the two modes should be around 10k (10,000). Another thing I’d want to see is a VS. mode between players. Not in real time, more or less a time attack to see who can get farther and who is more skilled. No ranks, just matching up with a even opponent with a different set of skills with handling the underwater abyss. Again, awesome game and I also noticed the 3D graphics in the sub, I’d think the mines in the game deserve some appreciation though :/
📝your average reviewer📝,
Hidden gem, worth playing.
The progression in this game has been well thought out. The further you progress, the less you have to worry about, but the more things to keep track of. This game is a hidden gem. The game lasted me about 3 days so far and I have already gotten all of the upgrades, and reached the end. And all that I have left to do is get all of the stars to unlock the other modes, which seems to be a really tedious process since the stars sometimes just seem to be scattered around instead of being in places you would expect them to be, like hard to reach places and caves. Other than that I would definitely recommend this game. Not every game lets you be the captain of a nuclear submarine. 9/10
Best submarine simulator on the app store, give it time and you will agree.
If your a nerd like me, you'll enjoy this game. Theres no guide rails that strip the challenge away or tutorial that makes you want to scratch your eyes out, you just have the tools you need to have fun and you have to figure out how to use them with perfectly placed hints.

Its a fantastic way to see how submarines actually operate, i find myself looking at the sonar and my depth and speed way more often than the actual submarine.
Its sort of like flying by the instruments.

You have to regulate power as-well as air and find a good rate of descent/ascent to reach very specific depths to be able to fit through crevices
Without losing speed, speed which you need to keep from running out of air and power.

My only complaint with this game is the lack of content.

My advice to the developer(s), let people watch ads in return for rewards to make more revenue.
And then use that revenue to quit your day job and flesh this game out, from there put it up on steam for like $5 and just focus on the future.
Good game, some minor improvement needed
Great game, spent many hours trying to see how far I could get. Bought the first nuclear reactor. I was happy to not have to worry about fuel, as the fuel consumption is not listed. I was , however, very disappointed that it still has a fuel burn percentage, and it goes down whether the reactor is on or not. Most nuclear subs can go months or even years without needing new fuel rods.
Suggestion: make it so that the reactor only burns fuel when in use, and have more stringent power operating limits, such as “no more than 40% power” like you have it now. Either that, or have a separate upgrade tree for the nuclear reactor fuel system.
Very fun!
I admit: I was skeptical at first. Nuclear powered submarine game is a bit above any of our pay grades, but this was well worth the download! It’s easy to learn, and a lot of fun if you’re interested in Submarines, or just a tricky strategy game! It’s hard to balance it all out, but someone’s gotta do it!

My only downside is this is NOT a quick game. You need to put time in to reap the rewards of a full fledged Nuclear Submarine. Unless you want to pay $14, get to work. Trial and error, as well as numerous dives are required to get cash, in order to upgrade your submarine. Although, most of the fun is watching your submarine progress, going from barely holding any fuel, no reactor, and little oxygen, all the way to terror of the seas.

(And yes, I DID tell a friend about it! I always obey the Honesty System )
Great game, some issues
First of all, this game is amazing! I love how it’s simplified enough for use, yet doesn’t feel like it’s made for 3 year olds.

My issue with the game in it’s current state is the fact that on iPhone 10+ it becomes virtually unplayable. I say this because the throttle slider on the later engines is taken up by the little bar at the bottom of your screen for exiting to the home page of your phone. A few options to fix this are either move the throttle slider or have the game register as a full screen app.

Great game, please fix this! Thanks!
Needed work on ballast tank system
The way you blow and fold the ballast tanks is not suitable for me, the buttons are just too small and I hate having to spam either of the buttons to not go down. A solution would be to have a slider on the left side (where the zoom slider is) and have the center of the slider make it so the submarine keeps its current depth to the best of its ability, and if you notch the slider up or down it will make the submarine go up or down. No more tedious smashing buttons to stay the same depth. I’m rating based on full potential, not current.
BB app,
Looking forward to finishing the submarine
I am newcomer in this game and I want to finish the submarine but the problem is it’s just the part that’s really expensive for the air it’s gonna take a really long time for me to finish The submarine and also can you please add in free play a mod that has infinite air for The submarine and it just lets you go around the place no obstacles around the place so it’s just an area where you can hang out and go deep as you want to and just get money to finish the submarine
I love it
This game has a great sense of humor and is self aware of itself. T developer of this game should be very proud of him/herself for creating this game. It doesn’t force ads on you and is quite respectful about the ads you do get. Those can be closed immediately. The gameplay is quite fun once you start to get the hang of everything and the upgrading system makes it quite addicting. I wish there were more gameplay elements, but to be honest, I don’t really know what could be added. So good job!