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Tiny Space Program Hack 1.2.8 Space Station Hotfix + Redeem Codes

Manage your own space agency

Developer: Jerry Neimann
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.2.8 Space Station Hotfix
ID: com.cinnabargames.tinyspaceprogram


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What would you do if you are a billionaire? owning your own space program, managing, researching and building new space ships, mining on planets and moons, bringing tourist into space for a space walk or just sending researchers to explore what is out there.

In Tiny Space Program, like modern space companies such as Spacex, Blue origins and Virgin Galactic, you decide/manage what rockets you launch, if you want to bring tourists to Mars and The Moon, or start a mining operation on IO, Titan, Europa or Pluto. You manage and simulate the early colonization of our near future of our interplanetary society and learn what kinds of challenges exists for such an endeavor.

- Space Program Manager.
- Building off-world colonies and outposts.
- Launch Space Ships and rockets into orbit.
- Research different technologies,
- Mine resources from stellar bodies,
- Character progression of astronauts
- Spacesuits
- Based on real orbital mechanics and ship propulsion
- Establish Off-world economies

Features – to be implemented
- much more rockets and space ships.
- Space stations
- Drones and idle rovers
- Orbital Factories - Capital ships
- Facilitating space colonies
- Colonies to trade with
- Stellar bodies beyond Pluto
- Interstellar Travel.
- (idle) Trade routes and automation (idle production)

Version history

1.2.8 Space Station Hotfix
- Adjusted the visuals and text of crystal usage at spacestations
- also shows real fps when fps is toggled
- Fixed plasma fuel bug, resetting it back the old max value
- removed some text at outpost scanning
- fixed crash with ship repairs
- fixed crash with assigning workers on space stations.
1.2.5 Space Station Update
A huge update for TSP, Space Stations!
You have been building your outposts on mars and other planets, but now new tech opens up.
Lots of new research, new resources and items are introduced to craft your dream station.
Build modular space stations and use them as a refueling base, for crafting, for refining or just storage, you decide.
You can customize them as you see fit and design them how you want, be creative and build your ultimate tiny space station.

447 App Previews + pre space station update
- Mainly little tweaks and improvements
- Improved saving system
- Final version before the space station release
- Stability update
- Ship Modules
- Tweaks and bugfixes
0.1.407 hotfix
- HOTFIX: ads are loading again!

- Modular ships upgrades to customize the functionality
- tweaks to balancing
- Updates and tweaks to the UI and menus
- Several bugfixes.
- Modular ships upgrades to customize the functionality
- tweaks to balancing
- Updates and tweaks to the UI and menus
- Several bugfixes.
Halloween Update:
- New astronaut skins
- improved worker speed display
- fixed some issues with the order batching
- some textual fixes
- fixed some minor glitches
New factory building
New crafting recipes
New batch option
New crafting queue for the factory
Updated localization.
Update of other minor things
A small bugfix to provide the correct amount of colony supplies

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Supporting the game, thank you
(Help out by supporting this game.)
CE934498819✱✱✱✱✱ 0CACF3F✱✱✱✱✱
You are great! Many thanks
(Help out by supporting this game.)
CE981805445✱✱✱✱✱ 44C3519✱✱✱✱✱
Helping out, many thanks
(Help out by supporting this game.)
CE453031247✱✱✱✱✱ 4E9C982✱✱✱✱✱
Colonizer Pack
(Many useful things for your base.)
CE286957543✱✱✱✱✱ 8E60457✱✱✱✱✱
Crystal Pack 1
(A decent sized pile of crystals)
CE391874619✱✱✱✱✱ 7F4F973✱✱✱✱✱
Crystal Pack 2
(A bigger pile of crystals.)
CE439897251✱✱✱✱✱ 392DD4D✱✱✱✱✱
A big pile of credits
(You are the best! Gratefulness your way.)
CE307073342✱✱✱✱✱ 3C486DE✱✱✱✱✱
Experimental Dragon Ships
(Experimental reusable space ships.)
CE950155097✱✱✱✱✱ 566BA85✱✱✱✱✱
Crystal Pack 3
(A big pile of crystals)
CE334294754✱✱✱✱✱ 2AC0A49✱✱✱✱✱
Biggest box of credits
(Most valued credits box available!)
CE761459767✱✱✱✱✱ 71DE27E✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
884 Ratings


Great game, but needs a few things.
I’ve been playing this game a little less than a year, and from my experience I think it’s a pretty good game: there’s a decent amount of stuff to do, you feel free while playing, no forced ads, and more. However, there are a few things I think need fixed. As far as fixing, there are a few bugs I’ve ran into. When using a few big non-manned space shuttles (I don’t remember of that’s the correct name) consecutively, sometimes one or two of them will disappear. The shuttle and everything in it is just gone. I don’t know if the one I’m about to say is meant to be a feature or if it’s a bug, but if you have a ton of drilling sites available and you tap on the workers icon at the bottom of the screen, and look at the various drilling sites, you can’t scroll to see the others. It’s like the bottom of the screen is cut off. This could be intentional to force you to drill out other materials, but I wasn’t for sure. These however are just a few minor problems, nothing huge. All in all I think it’s a great game considering what it offers as a free game, especially compared to most mobile games now.
An Addicting Amazing Game!
Been playing for a couple weeks now and beside from the crashes that occur from time to time which don’t effect anything and aren't a big deal at all this game is great. Only real issues I have come across so far are;

I purchased the $8.99 crystal pack which gives you 750 crystals plus you are supposed to receive a 30% bonus for your first purchase, for that specific pack it was supposed to be 225 extra crystals which I did not receive.

When you scan or explore for mining locations on a planet or moon to find potential mining sites, whence the screen is filled up on the manage menu tab there’s no way to filter through new potential mining sites and see the icon to create a site. This is an issue because the main way to get serious credits in this game is to set up gold mining sites and when I can’t access newly found gold mining sites on a planet apart from fully depleting a formally found site it takes way to much time.

This is an addicting and fun game that I am excited to see grow, even with the above mentioned issues I’ll still be continuing to play. Shoutout to the lone creator and developer Jerry for all his hard work making this gem!
Great game / Lots of potential
I love this game so far, while it is kinda hard to get credits and things take so long it does t require lots of attention. I like playing this game to either kill a small amount of time or while playing another game. Although, can there be another way to get credits? The only way I am currently getting credits is rocks and titanium alloys. (Great way to get money) can there be a tab that tells you about most of the mechanics in the game? The tutorial is quite short and doesn’t explain everything, and I know that lots of things will be added to the game in the future, and constantly adjusting the tutorial is annoying. Also is there a way to get rid of tourists? I had a tourist go to the moon, land, go on a tour, and return to earth and they are still here. One more bug I found was sometimes clicking a button doesn’t do anything ( mainly the rocket doesn’t launch when you click the button) it has an easy fix, close the game and get back in. It doesn’t bother me much since it literally takes less than 5 seconds. Thank you for reading this far, I know this is quite long. Great game, good luck developing!
Has tons of potential but needs balance.
This game is interesting and fun but needs balance. You hit a credit wall way too early in the game. It seems like you try to force players into paying money for credits even early game to progress. Research is too expensive, sell prices drop as you sell more, and there is no real way to make a good amount of credits without selling. Decrease the research price of everything early game by 3/4, 500 credits is way too much for early game. Or increase the starting sell price of good by like 500% if you want to degrade the sell price over time and decrease the rate of sell price decay or just have a fixed price (moon rocks at 25 credits). Another suggestion, create a mission for credits (30 mins= 50 credits) not this recon bull that gives little to no credits an hour. Also decrease the purchase price of goods, 50 credits is a lot when it is difficult to make 50 credits. Honestly most of the problems can be fixed by fixing the price of sellable goods. Fix this balance problem and players will play your game longer and most likely spend more money on it giving you the profit you desire.
It’s got great potential.
•Credits are really difficult to get. Wait times for actions are quite long. Sometimes I can only play the game for a couple minutes because all my guys are busy for a while and I have no money to do anything else. •Would love to be able to track quests and crafting recipes. •UI is wonky. Pieces are cut off in the corners and doesn’t account for camera notch. •Would be cool to be able to access the map from anywhere. •Be able to see base inventory easily. Idk that’s really my only complaints. Haven’t figured out good way to earn credits while upgrading yet. Love the game’s atmosphere and the potential scale of it. I just can’t seem to get past selling rocks and unrefined ore from the moon. Like where it’s headed though, don't give up!
Goin somewhere
By far the most promising space game I’ve come across on this platform. I can’t wait to see where it goes. Something about the 8 bit style of it too makes it so much better. There are a variety of planets to colonize. Each with their challenges I would assume. I’ve only made it to the moon so far because I’m investing a lot of time in it. The only gripe anyone would probably have is with the economy. Credits are harder to earn in the early game. I’m sure with the future updates this will change but it is also not that bad currently, not impossible but not everyday. I love space, so this game is exactly what I wanted. Great concepts and everything. Who knows maybe even traveling to other galaxies will be an update. 🫡
Great game
so far it’s pretty fun and has a lot of potential. super chill and i like the music too. one improvement could definitely be the ship system, feels weird and clunky to use and can get confusing where i can find what ship and what materials. it can also get a little confusing making ships and trying to navigate to send one to another planet. room for improvement and eventually i got used to it but pretty fun. another thing that could be improved is getting credits. it’s pretty difficult to get credits and with that difficulty, i am not able to get building materials and ships. maybe make the ability to obtain them more easier/give us more things to do for credits. or even lower prices in general. i really do think this game will be great. i am excited for the future!
A Fun Game
I don’t typically write a review for games I have played, good or bad, but I felt compelled to write one for this game. It’s extremely impressive that this is a game developed by 1 person. You can play this game basically ad free, and though I chose to spend some money on coins to support the developer, it is certainly not ‘pay to win’. There is a basic tutorial but then the game leaves it up to you how to progress. I even made some bad choices early on which probably delayed my overall progress, spending my money in the wrong place, but I am happy the game lets you make those sort of decisions and then figure out how to recover from them. Overall very pleased with the gameplay, and looking forward to expanding past the moon!
Turbo Cloud,
Save options between phones
Love this game. I download it on every device I have. Only part about that is I have to start over each time I switch phones or get a new one. Needs a option where I can sign my gmail or some verified account up to this app where ever time I log back in on a new device all my progress is saved. Other then that only issues I have is how scarce gold is to make extra money (add another resource like diamonds) and needs improvements done on mine shafts because they are extremely hard to build cause finding an area that can support one is impossible. If mine shafts are updated to make them easier to make and find, do a tutorial option on how to set one up or find them.
Fun but could be better
I’ve enjoyed the game but making money is ridiculous. Workers stay at 100 yet astronauts go up every time and I currently have to pay 3,400 for the next one then it’ll go up again. That would be fine if making money wasn’t so difficult! Everything costs money yet the game gives you almost no way to make it. I found a way to make 100 ever 10-15s but if I said what it was it would probably be fixed then I would stop playing it. Because it’s the only way to actually make money. I really like it besides that one huge flaw. I have also found that with workers I can only have 5 astronauts working but if I dont have workers I can have more than 5 idk if it’s supposed to be this way but feel like it isn’t because that doesn’t make sense to me. Would love to see that fixed.